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Elmer Kelton Titles

( I have most of the titles listed here alphabetically. Please call or email for prices)

Below is an alphabetical check list of all books by Elmer Kelton, including omnibus reprints. There are two sections: NOVELS (fiction) and NON-FICTION TITLES. 
Abbreviations used here:

pb= mass market paperback
tp = trade paperback (regular size book with softcover)
hb = hardback/with dust jacket
op = out-of-print/not currently available

TO ORDER BY MAIL:  Texans add .0825% sales tax to total order before shipping. 
For shipping and handling add:
Hardbacks and Trade Paperbacks: $4.95 for the first book plus $1.20 for each additional book.
Mass Market Paperbacks: varies – I try to stay close to actual shipping cost on paperbacks.
To place your order contact me by phone -325-659-3788

or email = [email protected]

After The Bugles: pb (see also Texas Sunrise)
Badger Boy: hb
Barbed Wire: pb (see also Brush Country)    
Bitter Trail: pb
Bowie’s Mine: pb
Brush Country: hb(2-in-one omnibus that  includes 2 novels, LlanoRiver and Barbed Wire)
Buckskin Line: hb; pb
Buffalo Wagons: op
Captain’s Rangers: pb
Cloudy In The West: hb, pb
Dark Thicket: hb; pb  (2-in-one omnibus with Donovan)
Day the Cowboys Quit, The:  hb; tp; pb                                  
Donovan: pb (2-in-one omnibus with Dark Thicket)
Eyes Of The Hawk: pb
Far Canyon:  hb, tp
Good Old Boys, The: pb;  tp; hb
Hanging Judge: pb
Hard Trail To Follow: hb; pb 
Honor At Daybreak: hb;  pb
Horsehead Crossing: pb (see Texas Showdown and Pecos Crossing)
Hot Iron: pb
Jericho’s Road:hb; pb
Joe Pepper: pb
Llano River: pb (see also Brush Country)
Lone Star Rising: tp (3-in-one omnibus with Buckskin Line, Badger Boy, and  Way of the Coyote)
Long Way To Texas: pb                                  
Manhunters: pb
Massacre At Goliad: pb (2-in-one omnibus with Texas Rifles) (See also Texas Sunrise)
Other Men’s Horses: hb; pb
Pecos Crossing (aka Horsehead Crossing) pb 
Pumpkin Rollers, The: hb; pb
Ranger’s Law: hb; tp (3-in-one omnibus with Ranger’s TrailTexas Vendetta, and Jericho’s Road)
Ranger’s Trail: hb; pb
Shadow Of A Star: pb
Shotgun: op (originally published as Shotgun Settlement under house name Alex Hawk,) pb (w/Six Bits A Day)
Shotgun Settlement:  (see Texas Showdown)
Six Bits A Day: hb ; pb (w/Shotgun)
Slaughter: pb; tp; hb  
Smiling Country, The: hb (TCU); hb (earlier reprint); tp; pb  
Sons Of Texas: hb; pb
Sons Of Texas, The Raiders:  hb; pb
Sons of Texas, The Rebels:  hb; pb
Stand Proud: pb; tp
Texas Rifles: pb (w/Massacre At Goliad)
Texas Showdown: hb (2 novels: Horsehead Crossing and Shotgun Settlement under new titles.)
Texas Standoff: hb; pb (Kelton’s last book)
Texas Sunrise: hb (2 novels: Massacre At Goliad and After The Bugles)
Texas Vendetta: hb; pb
Time It Never Rained, The: pb; tp;  hb
Wagontongue: tp; pb
Way of the Coyote: hb; pb
Wolf and The Buffalo, The:  tp


There's Always Another Chance: hb 

Big Brand: pb

Hard Ride  pb

Wild West  pb 

 The Cowboy Way pb

Law of the land, hb, pb  


Art of Frank C. McCarthy: hb
Art of Howard Terpning: hb
Art of James Bama: hb
Christmas At The Ranch: hb
Elmer Kelton Country: tp
Frank C. McCarthy: The Old West, A Portrait In Paintings
Indian In Frontier News, The: hb
Living & Writing in West Texas: hb (limited edition)
Looking Back West: hb
My Kind Of Heroes: hb
Permian: A Continuing Saga: pb;hb
Sandhills Boy: Memoirs (autobiography)  hb; pb
Texas: hb
Texas Cattle Barons: hb
Tom Lovell: Storyteller With A Brush: hb

If you’re looking for first editions by Elmer Kelton, or titles that are out-of-print, contact me by phone=325-659-3788: email ([email protected])

 [It's an ever-changing inventory!]

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