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Elmer Kelton Titles

(prices listed for titles that are in-print and in stock.)

Below is an alphabetical check list of all books by Elmer Kelton, including omnibus reprints. There are two sections: NOVELS (fiction) and NON-FICTION TITLES. 
Where a price is posted next to a title, then you know I have either new books available in that format, or I have a supply of unused out-of-print books which are designated with an asterisk (*). 
(See Abbreviations used here.
For first editions, see my note at the end of this section.

Abbreviations used here:
pb= mass market paperback
tp = trade paperback (regular size book with softcover)
hb = hardback/with dust jacket
op = out-of-print/not currently available

TO ORDER BY MAIL:  Texans add .0825% sales tax to total order before shipping. 
For shipping and handling add:
Hardbacks and Trade Paperbacks: $4.50 for the first book plus $1.10 for each additional book.
Mass Market Paperbacks: varies – I try to stay close to actual shipping cost on paperbacks.
To place your order contact me by phone (325-659-3788) or e-mail cactusbooks@suddenlinkmail.com

After The Bugles: pb= 6.99 (see also Texas Sunrise)
Badger Boy: hb= 23.95*
Barbed Wire: pb= 5.99  (see also Brush Country)    
Big Brand:  op
Bitter Trail: pb= 5.99
Bowie’s Mine: pb= 5.99
Brush Country: hb= 24.95  (2-in-one omnibus that  includes 2 novels, LlanoRiver and Barbed Wire)
Buckskin Line: hb= 23.95*; pb= 6.99
Buffalo Wagons: op
Captain’s Rangers: pb= 5.99
Cloudy In The West: hb= 21.95*
Dark Thicket: hb=21.95; pb = 7.99 (2-in-one omnibus with Donovan)
Day the Cowboys Quit, The:  hb= 21.95; tp= 16.95; pb= 6.99                                  
Donovan: pb = 7.99 (2-in-one omnibus with Dark Thicket)
Eyes Of The Hawk: pb= 6.99
Far Canyon:  hb = 26.50; tp= 18.95 
Good Old Boys, The: pb= 6.99; pb movie tie-in= 5.95*;  tp= 16.95; hb= 29.95 
Hanging Judge: pb= 5.99
Hard Trail To Follow: hb=24.95; pb= 5.99 
Honor At Daybreak: hb= 25.00*;  pb= 5.95*;
Horsehead Crossing: (see Texas Showdown and Pecos Crossing)
Hot Iron: pb= 5.99
Jericho’s Road:hb=23.95*; pb= 5.99
Joe Pepper: pb= 5.99
Llano River: pb= 5.99 (see also Brush Country)
Lone Star Rising: tp=  24.99 (3-in-one omnibus with Buckskin Line, Badger Boy, and  Way of the Coyote)
Long Way To Texas: pb= 5.99
Man Who Rode Midnight, The:  tp= 19.95; pb= 5.95*                                         
Manhunters: pb= 5.95*
Many A River: hb = 24.95; pb = 5.99
Massacre At Goliad: pb= 7.99 (2-in-one omnibus with Texas Rifles) (See also Texas Sunrise)
Other Men’s Horses: hb= 24.99; pb= 6.99
Pecos Crossing (aka Horsehead Crossing) pb = 5.99
Pumpkin Rollers, The: hb= 35.00*; pb= 5.95*
Ranger’s Law: hb= 24.95*; tp= 18.95  (3-in-one omnibus with Ranger’s TrailTexas Vendetta, and Jericho’s Road)
Ranger’s Trail: hb= 25.00*; pb= 5.95*
Shadow Of A Star: pb= 5.99
Shotgun: op (originally published as Shotgun Settlement under house name Alex Hawk,) pb = 7.99  (w/Six Bits A Day)
Shotgun Settlement:  (see Texas Showdown)
Six Bits A Day: hb = 23.95*; pb= 7.99 (w/Shotgun)
Slaughter: pb= 5.95*; tp= 18.95; hb = 26.50; 
Smiling Country, The: hb=22.95 (TCU); hb (earlier reprint)= 19.95*; tp= 16.95; pb= 6.99  
Sons Of Texas: hb=  24.95*; pb= 5.99
Sons Of Texas, The Raiders:  hb= 24.95; pb= 5.99
Sons of Texas, The Rebels:  hb= 24.95; pb= 5.99 
Stand Proud: pb= 6.99; tp= 19.95
Texas Rifles: pb= 7.99 (w/Massacre At Goliad)
Texas Showdown: hb= 24.95 (2 novels: Horsehead Crossing and Shotgun Settlement under new titles.)
Texas Standoff: hb = 24.99; pb= 6.99 (Kelton’s last book)
Texas Sunrise: hb: 24.95 (2 novels: Massacre At Goliad and After The Bugles)
Texas Vendetta: hb= 23.95*; pb= 5.99; 
There’s Always Another Chance: hb= 19.95*
Time It Never Rained, The: pb= 7.99; tp= 21.95;  hb= 32.95
Wagontongue: tp= 19.95; pb= 5.95*
Way of the Coyote: hb= 23.95*; pb= 5.99
Wolf and The Buffalo, The:  tp= 21.95


Art of Frank C. McCarthy: op
Art of Howard Terpning: hb= 60.00*
Art of James Bama: hb= 60.00
Christmas At The Ranch: hb= 14.95
Elmer Kelton Country: tp= 23.95
Frank C. McCarthy: The Old West, A Portrait In Paintings: op
Indian In Frontier News, The: hb= 32.50
Living & Writing in West Texas: 90.00 (limited edition)
Looking Back West: op
My Kind Of Heroes: hb= 14.95
Permian: A Continuing Saga: op
Sandhills Boy: Memoirs (autobiography)  hb= 23.95; pb= 7.99
Texas: op
Texas Cattle Barons: hb= 49.95*
Tom Lovell: Storyteller With A Brush: hb=45.00

I also have a large inventory of Kelton first editions and used out-of-print titles, but I don’t try to keep a list of those because the inventory is constantly changing.  So, if you’re looking for first editions by Elmer Kelton, or titles that are out-of-print, contact me by phone (325-659-3788) 
or e-mail (cactusbooks@suddenlinkmail.com)