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HORSE BOOKS - Quarter Horses and other breeds

I recently acquired a nice collection of horse books from an original founder
of the American Quarter Horse Association. I've listed the horse related
titles below alphabetically by author with brief data.
Please feel free to call me for more details on any titles you might be
interested in purchasing.
ph: 325-659-3788; e-mail: cactusbooks@suddenlinkmail.com

hb = hardback
hb/dj = hardback with dust jacket
pb = paperback/softcover
1st = 1st edition; 2nd = 2nd printing, etc.
sgnd = signed/autographed
cc = copies

Texas residents add .0825% sales tax

Amaral, Anthony: Movie Horses: Their Treatment & Training - hb/dj 1st ed. $60.00
AQHA Composite of 1,2,3 with historical articles (hb) $65.00
AQHA Official Stud Book & Registry,Volumes 1- 9* (set of 5 hb) 1940s $250.00 set of 5
(*volumes 1-5 are in one cloth bound volume)
AQHA Stud Book & Registry- 4 vols= #1, 2, 3, 4- all 1st ed, pb--1940s $200.00 set of 4
Back, Joe: Horses, Hitches & Rocky Trails - hb/dj - 1959/reprint $20.00
Ball, Chas.: Saddle Up! Farm Book Journal of Western Horsemanship-hb/dj $15.00
Ballantine, Bill: Horses & Their Bosses - 1st/1964 - hb/dj $25.00
sold Brainard, Jack: If I Were To Train a Horse- 1st ed, sgnd, hb/dj $125.00
Clarke,Frances: Gallant Horses-Great Horse Stories of our Day hb/2nd $17.50
Close, Pat (ed) Legends-Outstanding Quarter Horses-3 vol set, 1st eds, hb/dj $100.00 set of 3
Comfort, George: Cow Horses 'n Qtr Horses- 1998, 1st, pb, 5cc $12.95 each
Crowell, Pers:Cavalcade of American Horses-1951, reprint, hb/dj $20.00
Culver,Frances: Blooded Horses of Colonial Days- 1922, 1st ed, hb $40.00
Dabney, et al: GreatWestern Rides -1961, 1st, hb/dj $30.00
sold Denhardt, Robert: Foundation Dams/Quarter Horse-1982, 1st, hb/dj $35.00
sold Denhardt: Foundation Sires/Quarter Horse-1989, reprnt, hb/dj $25.00
sold Denhardt: King Ranch Quarter Horses- 1970, 1st ed, hb/dj $65.00
sold Denhardt: Quarter Horses: A Story of Two Centuries-1967, 1st, hb/dj $85.00
Denhardt: The Horse of the Americas -1947, 1st ed, hb/dj $50.00
Denhardt: The Horse of the Americas- 1975, revised ed, hb/dj $30.00
sold Denhardt: The Quarter Horse (vol. 1) 1982, 2nd ed, hb/dj $45.00
sold Denhardt: The Quarter Horse (vol. 2) 1945, 1st ed, hb $85.00
sold Denhardt: The Quarter Horse (vol. 3) 1950, 1st ed, hb $85.00
Denhardt: The Quarter Running Horse-1979,1st ed, hb/dj $35.00
Dickinson, Darol: Photographing Livestock (pb) 1984, 2nd $20.00
Dobie, J. Frank: Mustangs and Cowhorses - 1972/3rd prntng-hb/dj $30.00
Dodge, Theodore: Riders of Many Lands - 1894/hb, worn spine $100.00
Dunning, Al: Reining- 1983, 1st, pb - $18.00
Dye, Ralph: A Tribute (2vol- pb) $15.00 set of 2
Dye, Ralph: Horse Tradin' & Other Tales- 1996, 1st, pb, 5cc $12.95 each
Eggenhofer, Nick: Horse, Horses, Always Horses- 1981, 1st, hb/dj $75.00
Fenley, Florence: Heart Full of Horses- 1975, 1st ed, hb/dj $95.00
Forester, Frank: The Horse of America (1857/1st ed) 2 volumes $600.00 set of 2
Frazier/Hunt: Horses & Heroes - 1949, 1st, hb/dj $50.00
sold Gard, Wayne: Fabulous Quarter Horse Steel Dust-1958, 1st, sgnd, hb/dj $55.00
Gard: The Quarter Horse (article in SW Review) 1940 $16.00
Gorman, John A.: The Western Horse - 1958, 5th ed, hb/dj $22.50
Graham, R.B.C.: Horses of the Conquest- 1949, 1st Am'n ed, hb/dj $45.00
Gray, Bob: Great Horses of the Past-1967, 1st, hb/dj $75.00
Green, Ben K.: Color of Horses -1974, 1st, hb/dj $225.00
Green: Horse Conformation - hb- revised edition/1991 $35.00
sold Green: The Color of Horses - 1983, 2nd prntg - hb/dj $60.00
Haines, Francis: Appaloosa: The Spotted Horse in art and History -2nd $25.00
Haines, Francis: Horses in America- 1971, 1st ed, hb/dj $16.00
Harris: Horse Breeds of the West (pb) 1973 $17.50
Haynes, Glyn W.: The American Paint Horse- 1976, 1st, hb/dj $23.00
Hedgpeth, Don: They Rode Good Horses - history AQHA-1st-hb/dj $85.00
Hendricks: Internat'l Ency of Home Breeders- 2007, 1st, hb $24.95
sold Hoofs and Horns Magazine - 1958- 6 vols bound in cloth $15.00
sold Hoofs and Horns Magazine - 1959- 6 vols bound in cloth $15.00
sold Hoofs and Horns Magazine - 1960- 6 vols bound in cloth $15.00
sold Hoofs and Horns Magazine - 1961- 6 vols bound in cloth $15.00
sold Hudson/Graham: Gauchos o/t Pampas and their Horses-1963, lmtd, hb/dj $65.00
Huntington, Barbara: Saga of the American Quarter Horse - 1991, 2nd, hb/dj $65.00
Huntley, Paul: A Cowboy and his Horses- 1977, 1st, pb-bound upside down $35.00
Jennings, Jim: Best Remudas - 2006, 2006, 1st, hb/dj $39.95
Kays, D.J.: The Horse:Judging, Breeding, Feeding...1st/hb/dj $20.00
Kays: The Horse:Judging, Breeding, Feeding...rev'd ed -hb $16.00
Knisley, Vera: A Kingdom for my Horse (pb) 1988 $18.00
Laune, Paul: America's Quarter Horses-1973, reprint, hb/dj $20.00
Laune: Mustang Roundup - 1964, 1st, hb $17.00
LeBlanc, T.S.: Cajun-Bred Running Horses- 1978, 1st, signed, hb/dj $125.00
sold Lindeman, M.H.: The Quarter Horse Breeder -1959, 1st, sgnd, hb/dj $50.00
Livingston/Roberts: War Horse (Remount Svc) 2003, 1st, signed, hb/dj $75.00
Magner's Classic Encyclopedia of the Horse - hb/dj 2004 $18.00
Mason, Richard: The Gentlemen's New Pocket Farrier -hb/reprint $16.00
Mattson, Andrea- Roots: Foundation Qtr Horse Bloodlines -1992/sgnd $45.00
Mattson, Paul: The Real American Quarter Horse-1991, 1st, sgnd,pb $30.00
Mattson: The Stallion Finder (breeder's directory, 1996) pb $40.00
McLean, Malcolm- Fine Texas Horses: Their Pedigrees & Performance-pb/1st $40.00
Moss, Pete: How to Ride and Train the Western Horse - 7 vols/pb $35.00
Moulton: Steamboat: Legendary Bucking Horse- pb/1992 $14.95
Muse, Barbara: The Grand Twenty (Quarter Horses)- 1971, 1st ed, hb $125.00
Nettles, Gala: Just Shorty (bio Shorty Freeman)1990, 1st, hb/dj $45.00
Nettles, Gala: King Ranch & Little Peppy-1996, 1st ed, hb/dj $85.00
Nye, Nelson: Champions of the Quarter Tracks-1950, 1st, hb/dj $50.00
Nye: Complete Book of the Quarter Horse-1964, 1st, hb/dj $25.00
Nye: Great Moments in Quarter Raciing History-1983, 1st, signd, hb/dj $45.00
Nye: Outstanding Modern Quarter Horses-1948, 1st, hb/dj $45.00
Nye: Speed and the Quarter Horse- 1973/1st ed - hb/dj $75.00
Nye: Your Western Horse-1968, 3rd prntng, hb/dj $14.95
Osborne, Walter D.: The Quarter Horse-1967, 1st ed, hb/dj $18.00
Palomino Progress Stud Book & Registry- Vol 1, #1 - 1942, hb $100.00 leatherette
Palomino Progress Stud Book & Registry- Vol 3- 1944, pb $85.00
Palomino Progress Stud Book & Registry- Vol 5 - 1946, hb $75.00 spine taped
Patent, Dorothy: Quarter Horses (photos)-1985, 1st, hb/dj $14.95
Pittenger, Peggy: Morgan Horses - HB/DJ-1967 damp stain $20.00
sold Pitzer, Andrea: Most Influential Quarter Horse Sires (pb) 1987/sgnd $50.00
Porter, Willard H.: How To Enjoy the Quarter Horse-1973, 1st, hb/dj $30.00
Price, Jack: Wild Horse Robbins - hb - 1990/1st $35.00
Quarter Horse Directory 1970 edition- hb $25.00
Quarter Horse Directory Internationale 1971 - hb $40.00
Ramsdale: Gen. Robt E. Lee's Horse Supply - Article/1930 $25.00
Reynolds, James: A World of Horses - 1947, 1st, hb/dj $25.00
Richardson, Bill: The Appaloosa - hb/dj - 1975 $20.00
Rubin, Deborah: If Wishes Were Horses- quotes for horse people (pb) $14.95
Russell, George: Hoofprints in Time- 1966, 1st ed, hb $20.00
Ryden, Hope: America's Last Wild Horses - 1970, 2nd prtng, hb/dj $20.00
Self, Margaret: American Quarter Horse in Pictures- 1969, 1st, hb/dj $25.00
Shook (ed'r) Old Time Cow Horses -1988, pb, 9cc $9.95 each
Shook: Dillon (ed'r): Quarter Horses In The Beginning-1989, pb 7cc $9.95 each
Shook: Foundation Qtr Horse Directory, V. 2-1994, pb (2cc) $12.95 each
Shook: Foundation Qtr Horse Directory, V. 3-1995, pb (5cc) $12.95 each
Shook: Foundation Qtr Horse Directory, V. 4,1997, pb (5cc) $12.95 each
Shook: Foundation Qtr Horse Directory, V. 5, 1999, pb (5cc) $12.95 each
Shook: Foundation Quarter Horse Director, V. 1-1992, pb (5cc) $12.95 each
Shook: Horse Sense n Horse Men- 1990, 1st, pb 2cc $12.95 each
Shook: Poco Bueno 'n Pine-1987, 2nd, pb- 11cc $12.95 each
Short: The First Twenty Quarter Horses-1996, 1st, pb $45.00
Small, Joe (ed'r) Horse Tales magazine - 1970s - 5 assorted issues $5.00 each
Sponenberg, Phillip: Horse Color - hb/dj - 1st ed/1983 $30.00
Stoecklein, David R.: The American Quarter Horse- 2004, 1st, sgnd, hb/dj $50.00 photography
Stong, Phil: Horses and Americans (1st trade edition-1939) - hb $65.00
Sutherland, Bob: The Quarter Horse as I See Him - hb/dj - 1st $65.00
Sweetman, Luke D.: Gotch--The Story of a Cowhorse $35.00
Tinker, Edwar L.: The Horsemen of the Azmerica's- 1953, 1st, hb/dj $45.00
Wagoner: Quarter Horse Racing Digest 1940-1970- 1st, hb $35.00
Wagoner: Quarter Horse Reference 1972- 1st, hb $30.00
Widmer, Jack: Practical Guide for Horse Owners - hb/dj 1957 $17.50
Widmer: The American Quarter Horse- 1959, 1st, hb/dj $20.00
Widner: Practial Horse Breeding and Training - HB/1942 $17.50
Wiggins, Wilt: Great American Speedhorse: Guide-1978, 1st, hb/dj $25.00
Williamson, Chas.: Breaking & Training the Western Horse -hb-1980 $30.00
Worcester, Don: The Spanish Mustang- 1986, 1st, hb $35.00
Yoder, Sanford: Horse Trails Along the Desert - hb/3rd/1963 - memoir $20.00