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Catalog #286: December, 2018

       CATALOG #286: December, 2018

  For the little guys on your gift list, go to my website and click on “CHILDREN’S CLASSICS.” You’ll find a list of over fifty newly published hardback reprints of children’s stories that have been enjoyed for generations: Winnie-the-Pooh; Dr. Seuss; Charlotte’s Webb; The Velveteen Rabbit; Peter Rabbit; A Little Princess; The Jungle Book; Mike Mulligan and His Steam Shovel; Roald Dahl titles; Alice’s Adventures in Wonderland; many more!  All illustrated, all at DISCOUNTS! Great gifts for Christmas!


1) Adams, Ramon A FITTING DEATH FOR BILLY THE KID 1960, 1st edition, Norman. Adams, SIX-GUNS: “An attempt to correct some of the false accounts that have been written about Billy the Kid for the last eighty years.” 310pp w/index. HB/DJ, fine copy, inscribed/SIGNED………………….55.00

               1b) Another copy – A Fitting Death for Billy the Kid – 1st edition, HB/DJ, not signed….45.00 

2) Adler, Dennis  COLT SINGLE ACTION: From Patersons to Peacemakers 2007, reprint edition by Chartwell Books, NY. This book chronicles the entire history of Sam Colt’s developments in handguns from the very beginning. Illustrated w/full-color photographs. Includes tale of soldiers, lawmen and lawbreakers. 309pp w/illus, index. Oblong folio HB/DJ…27.50 SOLD 

3) [AMERICAN REVOLUTION] THE WINTER SOLDIERS by Richard M. Ketchum. 1987, reprint edition by Easton Press, Norwalk. Chronicles the pivotal military events during the first six months of the American Revolution. 435pp w/maps, illus, bib,notes, index. HB bound in dark blue leather w/gold decorations, fine condition….35.00 

4) [AMERICAN REVOLUTION] THE BATTLE FOR NORTH AMERICA by Francis Parkman (edited by John Tebbell.) 1987, abridged reprint edition by Easton Press, Norwalk. A detailed study of the War of Rebellion, with insight into the political conditions of France and Britain. 775pp w/map, index. HB dark brown leather w/gold decorations, fine copy……40.00 SOLD 

5) [AMERICAN REVOLUTION] DECISIVE DAY: The Battle For Bunker Hill by Richard M. Ketchum. 1987, an expanded and fully illustrated edition by Easton Press, Norwalk. A full account and the full implications of the first major battle of the Revolutionary War. 282pp w/map, illus, bib, index. HB blue leather w/gold decorations, fine copy……..35.00 SOLD 

6) Andrews, Michael J. HISTORIC TEXAS COURTHOUSES 2006, 1st edition, Albany. Photography by Paul Hester and Lisa Hardaway. A beautifully illustrated book that features 100 Texas courthouses that have historical and architectural significance.  276pp w/photos, bibliography, index.  Folio HB/DJ, fine copy……75.00 

7) [ARCHITECTURE]  EARLY TEXAS HOMES  by Dorothy Kendall Bracken & Maurine Whorton Redway  1956, 1st edition, Dallas.  A study of Texas’ diverse architectural styles, with photos of many structures that survived into the mid-twentieth century. 180pp w/photos. Folio HB/DJ near fine copy……35.00 SOLD 

8) Ball, Eve MA’AM JONES OF THE PECOS 1973, 2nd printing, Tucson. Mother of ten, this frontier woman persevered during extreme hardships and saw members of her family caught up in the violence of New Mexico’s Lincoln County War.  328pp w/photos, index.  HB/DJ [dust jacket has some miner scuffing, otherwise very good copy, inscribed/SIGNED….50.00 SOLD 

9) Bell, Major Horace REMINISCENCES OF A RANGER, or Early Times in Southern California  1927, early reprint of the 1881 original, Santa Barbara.  Much on the early lawlessness of Southern California. 499pp w/ills, index. HB/DJ (dj showing some light wear around edges, book is in very good condition)…….35.00


10) Barker, Elliott S. WHEN THE DOGS BARK ‘TREED’ A Year on the Trail of the Longtails  1946, 1st edition, Albuquerque. Stories of trapping and hunting lions, turkey, elk, and other wildlife in the Vermejo Park region of New Mexico. 209pp w/photos. HB/DJ, NEAR FINE COPY, SIGNED……..85.00 

11) Benson, Norman  THE LIFE OF A COTTON-PICKING COWBOY  1980, 2nd edition, San Angelo.  Memoirs of a cowboy who worked on ranches around West Texas.  265pp w/photos. Softcover w/illustrated cover, inscribed/SIGNED….35.00 SOLD 

12) Betenson, Lula Parker [as told to Dora Flack] BUTH CASSIDY, MY BROTHER 1975, 3rd printing, Provo. Foreword by Robert Redford.  Family member looks at the life and times of the notorious outlaw who was immortalized by the Paul Newman/Robert Redford film Butch Cassidy and the Sundance Kid. 265pp w/photos, bib, index. HB brown cloth, West Texas Boy’s Ranch stamp and library card............35.00 

13) [BEXAR COUNTY] SIXTY-FIVE NOTABLE MILESTONES in the HISTORY of MEDICINE in the BEXAR COUNTY LIBRARY compiled by Harry Schuman. 1961, 1st printing, San Antonio. This bibliography includes “A Short Account of the Bexar County Library” by Pat Ireland Nixon, M.D. 53pp. Softcover with illustrated cover…..25.00 SOLD 

14) [BIG BEND] BOSQUE BONITO: Violent Times Along the Borderland During the Mexican Revolution by Robert Keil. 2002, 1st ed, Alpine.  A firsthand account of activities along the U.S./Mexican border by a U.S. Cavalryman stationed in the Big Bend during the Mexican Revolution. 85pp with maps, period photos, notes, bibliography. Softcover…..25.00 

15) [BIG BEND]  THE ROMANCE OF DAVIS MOUNTAINS AND BIG BEND COUNTRY: A History  by Carlysle Graham Raht. 1963, 2nd edition, El Paso. An excellent history of the Big Bend and trans-Pecos region of Texas from written records, and firsthand accounts by people who were instrumental in building the region. Much on early exploration, frontier military and Indian wars, Civil War years, Texas Rangers, range history, and more.  381pp w/period photos, index.  HB/DJ, fine copy…..50.00 SOLD 

16) [BIG BEND] QUICKSILVER: Terlingua and the Chisos Mining Company by Kenneth Baxter Ragsdale. 1976, 1st edition, College Station. A good history of Howard Perry’s mining empire in the Big Bend. 327pp w/photos, map, bibl, index. HB/DJ, slightly edgeworn……....45.00 SOLD 

17) [BIG BEND] WILDFLOWERS OF THE BIG BEND COUNTRY, TEXAS by Barton H. Warnock. 1970, 1st edition, Alpine.  Photographs by Peter Koch. 100s of full-color plates accompany Dr. Warnock’s natural history study of the region. Long out-of-print, this is the hardest to come by of the three Warnock studies. 157pp w/map, index. Softcover, spiral binding, SIGNED..55.00 SOLD   

          17b) Another copy – Wildflowers of the Big Bend Country, Texas – 1st edition, spiral binding, not signed…..45.00 

18) Boatright, Mody C. [editor] THE SKY IS MY TIPI: Kiowa-Apache Tales and Lore  1949, 1st edition, Austin; Texas Folklore Society Publication No. XXII.  Contributors include several stories J. Frank Dobie; and ethnologist J. Gilbert McAllister who lived among the Kiowa-Apache Indians in Western Oklahoma; and others.  243pp w/notes, index.  HB/DJ [dj has light scuffing]…35.00 SOLD 

19) Brandimarte, Cynthia [with Angel Reed] TEXAS STATE PARKS and the CCC: The Legacy of the Civilian Conservation Corps 2015, 2nd printing, College Station. This book explores the history of the Corps which, from 1933 to 1942, built cabins, bath-houses, concession buildings, dance pavilions, and other iconic structures in state parks throughout Texas. 167pp w/illustrations, notes, bibliography, index. Folio flexbound, new ……..24.95 

20) Burns, Mamie Sypert THIS I CAN LEAVE YOU: A Woman’s Days on the Pitchfork Ranch 1986, 1st edition, College Station. The author’s husband became manager of the Pitchfork in 1942, and for 23 years she jotted down and later published these memoirs about Pitchfork cowhands, cooks and gardeners, ranch guests, and her own family. 281pp w/photos. HB/DJ….35.00 SOLD 

21) Burton, Harley True A HISTORY OF THE JA RANCH 1928, 1st edition, Von Boeckmann-Jones Co., Austin.  A history of the famed J A owned by Charles Goodnight and his partner, John Adair. The ranch once covered over a million acres, surrounding the Palo Duro Canyon in the Texas Panhandle.  It operates today, although somewhat reduced in size. Reese, SIX-SCORE: "One of the first ranch histories, and one of the rarest and most important.  It is not known how many copies of this book were printed, but it certainly was no more than several hundred." 147pp w/ map, illustrations, bibliography, index. HB, red cloth w/gold lettering, fine condition, exceedingly scarce in this edition……$1,150.00 SOLD 

22) Carter, James David  EDUCATION AND MASONRY IN TEXAS, 1846-1861 1964, 1st edition, Waco. From the introduction by Frederick Erby: “This volume clearly demonstrates that Freemasonry was a major instrument in meeting and overcoming the crisis in education of a century ago.” 753pp w/bibliography, index. HB light blue cloth w/decoration………37.50 

23) [CARTOGRAPHY] ) THE MAPPING of the ENTRADAS into the GREATER SOUTHWEST edited by Dennis Reinhartz & Gerald B. Saxon. 1998, 1st edition, Norman. Five leading scholars in history, geography, and cartography discuss the role Spanish explorers and mapmakers played in bringing knowledge of the new world to Europe. The entradas of Narvaez, Cabeza de Vaca, de Niza, Coronado, Desoto, and Moscoso into the southwest of North America were crucial in the dissemination of information and images of the newly discovered lands. 227pp w/121 black-and-white and 20 color reproductions of early maps, carto-bibliography, index. HB/DJ, fine copy…...30.00 [out-of-print in hardback]  

24) Clarke, Mary Whatley THE SLAUGHTER RANCHES & THEIR MAKERS  1979, 1st edition, Austin. A good history of the Slaughter ranching empire which was important in the development of ranching in Texas and the Southwest. Clarke traces  the Slaughter clan through the Texas Revolution, through the Cherokee Indian War and later the Civil War, and then tells of cattle drives up the Chisholm Trail with Indian attacks, stampedes. 254pp w/photos, notes, bib, index. HB/DJ, fine copy……325.00 

25) Collings, Ellsworth & Alma Miller England  THE 101 RANCH  1971, 3rd printing, Norman. Foreword by Glenn Shirley. History of the legendary ranch of Oklahoma.  255pp w/photos, appendices, index. HB/DJ, nice copy…..35.00 

26) [CONCHO COUNTY] CONCHO COUNTY HISTORY, 1858-1958 compiled by Hazie Davis LeFevre. 1959, 1st edition, Eden. This county history includes historical articles about Eden and Paint Rock and the surrounding ranching area; Col J. Earl Rudder, WWII hero; Indian raids; and more. Also includes valuable genealogical information not found elsewhere: 1880 census; marriage records; cemetery inventories;  more. 297pp w/index. HB blue cloth binding for one-sided typescript pages, rare….275.00 [NOTE: Mrs. LeFevre notes in her foreword that the typing was done by a volunteer and that she and her husband duplicated the pages on a “duplicating machine” [xerox?] borrowed from the Commissioner’s Court.] SOLD

27) Corbusier, William. T. VERDE TO SAN CARLOS: Recollections of a Famous Army Surgeon and His Observant Family on the Western Frontier 1869-1886 1968, 1st edition, Tucson. A family chronicle of military affairs in Arizona. Tells of meeting Benteen, Moylan, DeRudio, Varnum, Edgerly; the infamous wintertime trek of Apaches and Yavapai from the Verde Valley to the San Carlos Reservation; Tom Horn, etc. 310pp w/many photos, foldout map, index. HB/DJ, near fine copy…..55.00 SOLD 

28) Daughters of the Republic of Texas DEFENDERS OF THE REPUBLIC OF TEXAS Vol. I: Texas Army Muster Rolls, Receipt Rolls, and other Rolls, 1836-1841 1989, 1st edition, Austin. Abstracts of 133 Texas Army Muster rolls, payroll records and other military documents, plus information on Texas pioneers and veterans of the Republic never published before. Includes a concise and factual history of the Army of the Republic. Invaluable research tool.  318pp w/map, illus, index. Folio softcover, scarce, SIGNED by Janet Shannon, one of the credited researchers…..60.00 SOLD 

29) Day, Jack Hays THE SUTTON-TAYLOR FEUD 1937, 1st edition, San Antonio. Adams, SIX-GUNS: “This scarce little booklet tells some of the inside facts of the feud from the Taylor side by one of the participants and a kinsman of the Taylors.” 40pp w/photos. Stiff softcover, very good copy, and very scarce in this edition……85.00 SOLD 

30) Dearen, Patrick PORTRAITS OF THE PECOS FRONTIER: Revised Edition 1999, 2nd ed, Lubbock. Foreword by Elmer Kelton. An outstanding and interestingly written history of  Texas’ Trans-Pecos country. 358pp w/map, photos, appendix, notes, index.  Trade paperback, as new….22.50 

31) Debo, Angie A HISTORY OF THE INDIANS OF THE UNITED STATES  2003, special reprint by the Folio Society, Palatino. Intro by Shirley Leckie. A comprehensive history of the Native Americans. 490pp w/photos, index. HB green cloth w/pictorial cover in a green slipcase, fine copy…40.00 SOLD 

32) Dobie, J. Frank JOHN C. DUVAL: First Texas Man of Letters 1939, 1st limited edition of  950 copies, Southwest Review, Dallas.  With nine illustrations by Tom Lea.   Dobie offers a biographical look at Duval (best known for his early books Early Times in Texas and Adventures of Big-Foot Wallace) plus a bibliographical critique. In the last section, a number of Duval’s heretofore unpublished works are provided. 105pp. HB/DJ fine copy …..150.00 

33) Dobie, J. Frank THE LONGHORNS 1942, 4th printing, Boston. Illustrations by Tom Lea. A chronicle of the great days of the Longhorn and of that special breed of cowboys who worked them. Reese, SIX-SCORE: “One of the true classics of range cattle literature.” 388pp w/photos, notes, biblio, index. HB/DJ [dust jacket edgeworn and chipped, now in protective cover] SIGNED by Dobie with an encouraging inscription to a Texas Longhorn player…….150.00 

34) Dobie, J. Frank TALES OF OLD-TIME TEXAS 1955, 1st edition, Boston. Illustrated by Barbara Latham.  Dobie relates some of his favorite tales and legends about well-known characters and animals. 336pp w/notes and credits, index. HB…..40.00 SOLD


35) Eckhardt, C.F. THE LOST SAN SABA MINES: One Man’s Search for Ancient Treasure in the Hills of Texas  1982, 1st edition, Austin.  “Eckhardt proves once and for all that there was not only one San Saba but several, and that they were never ‘lost’ at all.”  HB/DJ near fine, SIGNED……..55.00 

36)  Emory, William H.  REPORT ON THE UNITED STATES AND MEXICAN BOUNDARY SURVEY: Made Under the Direction of the Secretary of the Interior 1987, facsimile reprint edition limited to 750 copies, published by Texas State Historical Association, Austin. [Originally published in 1857-1859, Wash., D.C.]  THREE VOLUMES. Intro by William H. Goetzmann; designed by William R. Holman.  Jenkins, BASIC TEXAS BOOKS: “This is one of the most significant of all government reports on western and southern Texas. According to J. Frank Dobie, ‘Emory’s great report is, aside from descriptions of borderlands and their inhabitants, a veritable encyclopedia, wonderfully illustrated, on western flora and fauna.’ …Emory was accompanied by a varied group of scientists and explorers, who examined the unknown parts of western Texas…. Emory himself worked on the cartographic reports, which [were said] to be the best specific cartographic reports of the area.” Includes folding maps, folding chart, folding profile, 346 plates. All three volumes hardback in slipcase, near fine……the set = 375.00 SOLD 

37) Erickson, John THROUGH TIME AND THE VALLEY 1978, 1st edition, Shoal Creek Publishers, Austin. An entertaining look at the history and lore of the Canadian River valley in the Texas Panhandle. 185pp w/photos, app, bib, index. HB/DJ…..35.00

               37b) Later printing—Through Time and the Valley –1995, 2nd edition, Denton. HB/DJ, SIGNED……..25.00 SOLD 

38) Erickson, John R. LZ COWBOY: A Cowboy’s Journal 1996, 1st edition, Denton. An entertaining look at the daily life of a modern day cowboy. (Erickson is the creator of the popular “Hank the Cowdog” series.) 181pp w/photos, index. HB/DJ….30.00 SOLD 

39) Erickson, John r. ACE REID: Cowpoke 1984, 1st limited edition of 400 copies, Perryton. A fascinating and very humorous look at the cartoonist’s life. Includes a hilarious anecdote by Elmer Kelton.  156pp w/photos, illustrations, bibliography, index.  Many photos.  . HB/DJ, SIGNED….35.00 SOLD

 40) Estes, Pam BILLIE SOL: King of Texas Wheeler-Dealers 1983, 1st edition, Abilene. Biography of the political fundraiser and con man who went to prison after a complex web of mortgage fraud and agriculture swindles came to light in the early 1960s. 205pp w/photos, appendix, index. HB/DJ very good copy…..45.00 SOLD 

41) [FALLS COUNTY] MARLIN, TEXAS: Beautiful—Busy—Growing undated reprint of the 1909 original, Nortex Press, Quanah. Great period photos, and many business biographies.  28pp w/photos. Folio HB tan cloth….20.00 

42) Fehrenbach, T.R. COMANCHES: The Destruction of a People  1974, 1st edition, NY. An authoritative and complete history of one of the most powerful Plains Indian tribes.  Illustrated w/2 maps, 37 black- and-white photographs, and 8 color plates by George Catlin. 557pp w/bibliography, index. HB/DJ, very good, inscribed/SIGNED…….135.00 SOLD

               42b) Another edition – Comanches: The Destruction of a People – 4th printing, HB/DJ…..37.50 SOLD 

43) Ferber, Edna GIANT 1979, reprint edition by Franklin Library. Illustrated by Peter Cox. Classic novel of oil-rich Texans. 398pp w/illustrations. HB brown leather w/gold decorations………48.00 

44) Ferguson, Walter Keene GEOLOGY AND POLITICS IN FRONTIER TEXAS, 1845-1909 1968, 1st edition, Austin. Examines the relation between politics to geological exploration during this critical period in Texas history. 233pp w/map, bib, index. HB/DJ very good, SIGNED…..45.00 SOLD 

45) Fisher, O.C. THE TEXAS HERITAGE OF THE FISHERS AND CLARKS  1963, 1st limited edition, Salado.  Adams, SIX-GUNS: “Has a section on John King Fisher and gives some new information on his early life.”  Don’t think of this book as being a family genealogy, as there is a lot of Texas Hill Country history interwoven with the stories of the author’s ancestors.  242pp w/photos, appendix, index..  Folio hardback with pictorial cover in slipcase, fine copy………65.00 

46) Fisher, O.C. CACTUS JACK  1982, 2nd printing, Waco.  Biography of the vice-president whose colorful life spanned 99 years, 44 of which were in public office.  Folio HB/DJ…..40.00

 47) [FLOYD COUNTY] THE EARLY HISTORY OF FLOYD COUNTY by Claude V. Hall.   1947, 1st edition, Panhandle-Plains Historical Society Publication No. XX, Canyon. Indian Wars, ranching, early settlement, and more. 147pp w/notes, bibliography, index. HB blue cloth with illustrated cover (only a limited number of this issue were bound in cloth)………….75.00

               47b) Another issue—The Early History of Floyd County – 1947, 1st edition, issued in paperback w/extended edges..45.00 

48) Frantz, Joe & Mike Cox LURE OF THE LAND: Texas County Maps and the History of Settlement  1988, 1st edition, published for the Texas Land Office by Texas A & M Press, College Station.  Mike Cox, More Basic Texas Books: “Only 2,000 copies of this book were published...It sold out within a short period of time and has not been republished...The book is the only place color plates of original county land grant maps have been published.  Not all of the counties are represented, but the maps of the major counties are reproduced.  And the format is large enough for the maps to be useful.”  228pp w/bibliography, index. Elephant folio HB/DJ, a nice copy with dust jacket in protective cover, very  scarce, inscribed/SIGNED by Frantz......165.00 SOLD

 49) Gatewood, Jim BENNY BINION: The Legend of Benny Binion: Dallas Gambler and Mob Boss 2002, 1st edition, Garland. Binion’s activities—mostly illegal—left in indelible imprint on the history of Dallas, Texas, and its gambling underworld. 283pp w/photos. HB/DJ, as new, inscribed/SIGNED……….85.00 SOLD 

50) Gilliland, Maude T. HORSEBACKERS OF THE BRUSH COUNTRY: A Story of the Texas Rangers and the Mexican Liquor Smugglers 1968, 1st edition, np. Part One gives detailed accounts of numerous gunfights between state and federal officers and horseback smugglers in the Lower Rio Grande Valley during the Prohibition era of the 1920s and ‘30s. Part Two is an album of photos and biographical sketches of South Texas law enforcement officers of bygone days. 175pp with many historical photos, line drawings by the author, maps, bibliography, index.  HB/DJ (dust jacket has a light moisture stain around the spine that did not affect the book) SIGNED, very scarce…..350.00 SOLD 

51) Gilliland, Maude T. WILSON COUNTY TEXAS RANGERS 1837-1977 1977, 1st edition, np. An account of the records and deeds of 44 men from Wilson County who served in the Texas Rangers. 139pp w/66 Ranger photographs, plus maps, documents, bibliography, index. HB/DJ, fine copy, exceedingly scarce. SIGNED…….375.00 SOLD 

52) Gipson, Fred  OLD YELLER 1956, 1st edition, Harper & Brothers, NY (bound in green cloth with black spine and the copyright page states “1956” and contains a Library of Congress catalog number.) An American classic. 158pp. HB/DJ [dust jacket has very light wear along edges, now in protective cover]......225.00 

53) Gipson, Fred  SAVAGE SAM  1962, 1st edition, NY. “The story of the son of Old Yeller.”  214pp w/illus. HB/DJ…55.00 

54) Gipson, Fred  LITTLE ARLISS  1978, 1st edition, NY. Illustrations by Ronald Himler. Sequel to Old Yeller. 83pp w/illustrations.  HB/DJ……75.00 

55) Gipson, Fred  RECOLLECTION CREEK  1955, 1st edition, NY.  Gipson’s novel about nine-year-old Hopper Creech. HB/DJ, near fine copy.......185.00 

56) Greathouse, Charles H. RANCH LIFE IN THE OLD WEST  1971, 1st limited edition of 1000 copies, Hollywood. Memoirs of an early settler in New Mexico. He tells of his life as a rancher, sportsman, taxidermist. Much on deer, elk and pronghorn hunting in the southwest. 286pp w/illustrations. HB/DJ fine, numbered and SIGNED……35.00 

57) Greene, A.C. THE LAST CAPTIVE 1972, 1st edition, 2nd state, Encino Press, Austin. Greene’s study is a third version of the story that was originally published as INDIANOLOGY in 1899, and again in 1927 by J. Marvin Hunter as NINE YEARS AMONG THE INDIANS. Jenkins, BASIC TEXAS BOOKS: “One of the most remarkable accounts of life among hostile Texas Indians, this is also one of the few surviving accounts of life in 19th century Texas from the Indian point of view…Greene issued a version combining the two earlier versions as well as other accounts of Lehmann into a single narrative...a triumph of editing and scholarship ..At the end of each chapter, Greene analyzes the previous text, compares the previous two versions, introduces supporting material from other sources, and offers cogent commentary.” 161pp w/photos, bib.  HB/DJ, near fine, SIGNED..95.00 SOLD 

58) Greene, A.C. A PERSONAL COUNTRY 1979, 1st edition, NY. Author writes about West Texas, its people, and where his roots were. Bill Porterfield said this about the book: “It’s all here, time, place, treasure, blood, sex, success, failure, death and, of course, God and the devil and grief, and the going on, as people must.” HB/DJ, nice copy….40.00 

59) Greene, A.C. 900 MILES ON THE BUTTERFIELD TRAIL 1994, 1st edition, Denton. The author and his wife traveled the route of the Texas portion of the famous Butterfield Mail route and recorded the history of this short-lived frontier road to the west, with myths and legends included. 293pp w/bibliography, index. HB/DJ, fine condition…..30.00 

60) Greer, James K. [editor/biographer]  BUCK BARRY: Texas Ranger and Frontiersman  1978, revised edition limited to 1,000 copies, Waco [Possibly an overrun as the colophon page is not numbered or signed].  Biography of a Texas Ranger who fought in the Mexican War and later commanded the Texas Frontier Regiment against Indians on the frontier. He was later sheriff of Navarro County; then established his family on a cattle and horse ranch in Bosque County, where he was busy chasing and fighting Indian marauders. His recollections give one of the best accounts of frontier life in Texas.  254pp w/maps, illus, bib, index. HB…...55.00 

61) Haley, J. Evetts CHARLES GOODNIGHT: Cowman and Plainsman 1936, 1st edition, Boston. Illustrations by H.D. Bugbee. One of the best of the cowman’s biographies.  Much of Haley’s material came from first-hand interviews with Goodnight over a period of years. Reese, SIX SCORE: “Goodnight’s career spanned the history of the development of West Texas, from Indian fighting to oil wells…Haley’s beautifully written biography, perhaps his best book, is an ample vehicle for a mighty figure, and a classic of American biography.” 485pp w/bib, index. HB/DJ—a near fine copy in rare original dust jacket…..875.00 

62) Haley, J. Evetts THE ALAMO MISSION BELL 1974, 1st limited edition of 1000 copies, Midland.  Haley recounts the story of five Texans who, in 1974, pooled their credit and bought back the Alamo Mission Bell that had somehow wound up with an antique dealer in Tennessee. There is also a retelling of the Alamo’s part in the Texas Revolution.  HB, (no jacket as issued)….30.00 

63) Hamilton, Holman ZACHARY TAYLOR: Soldier of the Republic  and  ZACHARY TAYLOR: Soldier in the White House, TWO VOLUME SET, 1989, reprint editions by Easton Press, Norwalk. A biography of “Old Rough and Ready” which covers his early years, through his service in the Black Hawk and Second Seminole War campaigns, and his well-known service in the War with Mexico which propelled him to be America’s twelfth President. The second volume covers his days in the White House when anti-slavery was becoming a divisive issue. 335pp w/photos, maps, notes, bibliography, index.  HB, both volumes bound in black leather, beautiful set………..75.00 SOLD 

64) Harris, Joel Chandler UNCLE REMUS: His Songs and Sayings 1981, reprint edition, Easton Press’s Masterpieces of American Literature series, NY. Foreword to this edition by Marc Connelly; woodcut illustrations by Seong Moy. A classic contribution to American folklore. (Sadly, literature such as this has been being censured by the politically correct crowd.) 158pp w/illus. HB black leather w/gold decorations, fine copy……..60.00 SOLD 

65) Holden, William Curry A RANCHING SAGA: The Lives of William Electious Halsell and Ewing Halsell 1976, 1st edition, San Antonio. Two Volumes. Drawings by Jose Cisneros.  Biographies of two generations of the leading men who founded and carried on a vast ranching empire that began in Texas in 1854. Includes information about the Three D Ranch, Cimarron Ranch, Bird Creek Ranch, Big Creek Ranch, Decatur and Dan Waggoner, the Civil War, Texas Ranch, Farias, Heel Flies, cattle rustlers, outlaws and more. 568pp w/illus, source references, index. Two volumes hardback in slipcase, SIGNED by Holden and Cisneros…..150.00 

66) Hofsommer, Don L. THE SOUTHERN PACIFIC, 1901-1985 1989, 2nd printing. Excellent railroad history, profusely illustrated. 373pp w/illus, notes, bibliography, index. Folio HB/DJ very good copy……28.50 SOLD 

67) Hranicky, Wm Jack  RECORDING CLOVIS POINTS: Techniques, Examples and Methods 2010, 2nd edition, Bloomington. This publication contains sections on Clovis distributions, identifying Clovis points, Clovis position in prehistory, recording Clovis, lithic materials, over one thousand Clovis point examples, and an extensive set of references. One major topic is identifying the true Clovis point. 368pp w/illus, maps, index. Folio softcover with a few pages having highlighting…..40.00 SOLD 

68) Hutson, Jan  THE CHICKEN RANCH: The True Story of the Best Little Whorehouse in Texas 1980, 1st ed, NY.  The chicken ranch was probably the longest operating bordello in the country, founded in 1844 and closed in 1974 after a media battle between a sheriff who fought to keep it open, and a television reporter who fought to close it down.115pp w/photos. HB/DJ…45.00 SOLD 

69) Johnson, David  THE MASON COUNTY “HOO DOO” WAR, 1874-1902 2006, 1st edition, Denton. Foreword by Rick Miller. Johnson analyzes the myths and legends surrounding the feud and presents the first definitive account of what happened in Mason County during that bloody era. 360pp w/photos, maps, notes, bibliography, index. HB/DJ, fine copy…….40.00 

70) Johnson, Dave  THE HORRELL WARS: Feuding in Texas and New Mexico  2014, 1st edition, Denton. Foreword by Bill O’Neal, who says: “Johnson has compiled a meticulous, richly detailed account of the [Horrell-Higgins] feud and its participants, including a thorough examination of the background of everyone involved….the author challenges many popular assumptions about that feud, and his fresh approach provides an intriguing read.” 249pp w/illus, sources, index. HB/DJ, as new……..24.95 SOLD

 71) Karr, Lee and Lela  ROPE BURNS….a fair likeness of a few good COWBOYS who know the meaning of the words  1975, 1st edition, San Angelo. A photo gallery of many old-time and contemporary steer-roping competitors from around the Southwest, mostly from West Texas. 112pp w/photos.  Folio HB bound in leather with decorated cover, SIGNED by Lee and Lela Karr, exceedingly scarce…….375.00 

   72) Kelton, Elmer HARD RIDE 2018, 1st edition, Forge Press, NY. More of Kelton’s early short stories, now published together for the first time. Hardback = $27.99 [a companion volume to last year’s Wild West.] 

73) Kelton, Elmer [writing as Lee McElroy]  LONG WAY TO TEXAS  1976, 1st edition, NY. 184pp.  HB/DJ, fine copy, SIGNED……..150.00 SOLD 

74) Kelton, Elmer LOOKING BACK WEST 1992, 2nd edition, San Angelo. From June, 1970 through October, 1974, Kelton edited and published a monthly, Pioneer News-Observer.  For each of the 53 issues he wrote the lead historical article. This book includes fifteen of those special feature articles, including: The Buffalo Hunter, Texas Feud [Shelby County], The Killing of Dora Hand, Race Riot at Fort Concho, The  Frontier Army, Train Wreck, others. 120pp w/illus. HB/DJ, fine copy, SIGNED …..60.00 

75) Kelton, Elmer  TEXAS CATTLE BARONS: Their Families and Their Legacy 1999, 1st edition, Berkeley.  Photography by Kathleen Jo Ryan; foreword by Tommy Lee Jones. A firsthand look at the operations of thirteen modern Texas ranches, including the Four Sixes, Spade, Williams, CF, Broseco, and others. 192 pages w/color photography. Oblong folio HB/DJ, very good copy, inscribed/ SIGNED…..50.00 SOLD 

76) Kelton, Elmer SLAUGHTER  1992, 1st edition, NY. Entertaining historical novel about buffalo hunters on the Texas Plains. Winner of 1992 WWA Spur Award for best western novel. 369pp. HB/DJ, fine……..35.00 

77) Kelton, Elmer FAR CANYON 1994, 1st edition, NY. Sequel to SLAUGHTER.1994 WWA Spur Award. 323pp. HB/DJ…40.00 

78) Kelton, Elmer BUFFALO WAGONS 1956, 1st edition, NY. Kelton’s 2nd novel, and winner of WWA “Best Western Novel” award, with “winner” notification pasted on front cover. Paperback original, SIGNED (no inscription)...75.00 

79) Kelton, Elmer  MY KIND OF HEROES 1995, 1st trade edition, Austin. Introduction by F. Lee Lawrence; sketches by the author. A collection of four speeches by Kelton. 93pp w/illus. HB marbled boards/no dj as issued. SIGNED (no inscription)..125.00 

80) [KIMBLE COUNTY] IT OCCURRED IN KIMBLE AND HOW: The Story of a Texas County by O. C. Fisher. 1937, 1st limited edition of 500 copies, Houston. Considered one of the more interesting Texas county histories with accounts of Indian fights, early day murder cases, outlaw roundups, and more. 237pp w/photos and appendix.  Hardback with decorated cover, this copy in very good condition w/some foxing to end papers, very scarce………..275.00  

             80b) Another edition – It Occurred in Kimble and How: The Story of a Texas County – 1984, 2nd edition, published by

                     Talley Press, San Angelo. HB/DJ [dust jacket edgeworn w/tape repairs, overall a very good copy]……….125.00         SOLD 

81) Knowles, Thomas W.  THEY RODE FOR THE LONE STAR: The Saga of the Texas Rangers 1999, 1st edition, Dallas. A comprehensive and fully illustrated history of the Texas Rangers from their earliest days through the Civil War. 234pp w/maps, photos, bibliography, appendix, index. Folio HB/DJ, fine copy……40.00 

82) [KNOX COUNTY, TEXAS] KNOX COUNTY HISTORY circa 1978, 2nd edition, Haskell. The book’s contents are sectioned by community, with a historical essay on the community’s background, then biographical sketches of each community’s residents. 364pp w/photos.  HB/no dust jacket as issued—two long scratch marks on front cover………45.00 

83) LeJeune, Keagan ALWAYS FOR THE UNDERDOG: Leather Britches Smith and the Grabow War 2010, 1st edition, Denton. Tells the story of the Sabine Strip between Louisiana and Texas, and the legend of an outlaw named ‘Leather Britches Smith.’ 220pp w/notes, illustrations, bilio, index. HB/DJ, new……….29.95 SOLD 

84) [LIMESTONE COUNTY] 1890 LIMESTONE COUNTY, TEXAS CENSUS: Uniquely Reconstructed & Annotated  1988, 1st printing, Arlington. A useful reference for genealogy. 272pp w/index. Folio in stiff wrappers, fine…..40.00 

85) Loving, James C. THE LOVING BRAND BOOK 1965, 1st limited edition of 119 copies, Pemberton Press, Austin. With an introduction by Charles Goodnight III; illustrations by William D. Wittliff.  Reese, SIX-SCORE: “Reproduces James C. Loving’s original manuscript brand book of Texas cattle brands, compiled in 1884.  Loving was the son of Charles Goodnight’s partner Oliver Loving and one of the founders of the first Texas stock association.  This reproduction makes available to all a picture of how brands were recorded by a working cattleman on the range, besides preserving an important brand book for prosperity.” 118pp w/index. Laid in is a framed original manuscript leaf written in the hand of J. C. Loving in 1884 [the leaf has some tears and is framed and now  in a protected poly sleeve]. Oblong HB full leather with embossed lettering, housed in a brown cloth slipcase, SIGNED by Wittliff on colophon page…....1,250.00 SOLD 

86) [MASON COUNTY] MASON COUNTY HISTORICAL BOOK compiled by Mason County Historical Commission. 1978, 2nd printing, Mason. First published in 1976, this county history includes numerous historical articles, cemetery map, and many family histories arranged alphabetically. 384pp w/many illustrations. HB speckled beige leather w/brown decoration and lettering, fine copy, extremely scarce……….150.00 

87) Massengill, Fred I. TEXAS TOWNS 1936, 1st edition, Terrell. A handy little reference book that gives the origin of name and location of each of the 2,148 post offices in Texas. Some interesting miscellanea in the back. 222pp. HB blue cloth w/deco….25.00 SOLD 

88) Matthews, Sallie Reynolds  INTERWOVEN: A Pioneer Chronicle  1958, 3rd edition, Austin. Introduction by Robert Nail; drawings by E. M. Schiwetz. Reese, SIX-SCORE: “The author’s husband and father were both prominent ranchers, and this book gives one of the best portraits of ranch life from a woman’s point of view.” 226pp w/ill, index.  HB/DJ….25.00 

89) McCarthy, Cormac  NO COUNTRY FOR OLD MEN 2005, 1st edition, NY. Novel. 309pp. HB/DJ, fine copy..25.00 SOLD 

90) McCarthy, Cormac  THE ROAD 2006, 1st edition, NY. Novel. 241pp. HB/DJ, very good…………………22.50 SOLD 

91) [McCULLOCH COUNTY] HANDBOOK OF McCULLOCH COUNTY HISTORY Vol. I compiled by Wayne Spiller. nd, 2nd printing, Seagraves.  A comprehensive history of this Central Texas county that includes its creation, community histories,  ranching, pioneer life, evolution of education, weather, election registers, medical registers, census data, and much more. 618pp with numerous photos, index.  Folio HB …..75.00

92) [McCULLOCH COUNTY] HANDBOOK OF McCULLOCH COUNTY HISTORY Vol. II  compiled by Wayne Spiller. Undated 2nd printing. More historical articles, and many more McCulloch county family biographies; Masonic history; 1900 county census; and much more. [This volume also includes errata and a supplemental index for Volume I.] 493pp w/photos, appendix, index. Folio HB ……….75.00

93) [McCULLOCH COUNTY] HANDBOOK OF McCULLOCH COUNTY HISTORY Vol. III  compiled by Wayne Spiller. 1999, 1st edition, Abilene.  This volume includes more general history; another large family biographical section; military section, and more. 418pp w/photos, appendix, index.  Folio HB……75.00 

94) McMurtry, Larry  LEAVING CHEYENNE  1963, 1st edition, NY. Award-winning novel, author’s second book. HB/DJ near fine copy, with a clean white card laid in which McMurtry has SIGNED in his early legible signature……..750.00 

95) McMurtry, Larry IN A NARROW GRAVE: Essays On Texas  1968, 3rd printing of the first edition [with “c” on copyright page]  Austin.  Author’s first published non-fiction book. He takes on several Texas authors, his contemporaries.  His early elitism showed in this book when he takes on several Texas authors, his contemporaries.  177pp w/bibliography.  HB/DJ, fine copy….50.00 

96) Miner, H. Craig THE ST. LOUIS-SAN FRANCISCO TRANSCONTINENTAL RAILROAD: The Thirty-fifth Parallel Project, 1853-1890 1972, 1st edition, Lawrence. The fascinating history of the massive railroad project. 236pp w/illus, maps, appendix, index. HB/DJ very good……25.00 SOLD 

97) Moore, Ben, Sr. BUTTERFIELD: 7 Years With the Indians  1945, 1st edition, O’Donnell. The Rev. A. E. Butterfield was a great nephew of the Butterfield Stage and Mail route founder.  In this book he relates his experiences as a missionary on the Indian Reservations in what is now Oklahoma. Info on Quanah Parker, Geronimo, Butterfield, more. 131pp w/photos. HB gray cloth..60.00 

98) Myres, S. D. (editor) PIONEER SURVEYOR--FRONTIER LAWYER: The Personal Narrative of O.W. Williams  1966, 1st edition, El Paso. Maps and sketches by Jose Cisneros; designed by Carl Hertzog; introduction by C.L. Sonnichsen.  A collection of writings by O. W. Williams who surveyed across the Plains of Texas, worked in the mines of New Mexico, and eventually settled in the Big Bend country of Texas. He was a keen observer of the world around him, and his writings give insightful details of events involving both human and animal during the eventful period of 1877 to 1902. 350pp w/photos, illustrations, maps, appendices, index. HB fine copy lacking dust jacket…..35.00 

99) Newcomb, W.W., Jr. THE INDIANS OF TEXAS: From Prehistoric to Modern Times  1961, 1st edition, Austin.  Jenkins, BASIC TEXAS BOOKS: “The best work on Texas Indian cultures, this volume is also an important work on Texas prior to the coming of the white man.”  404pp w/photos, bib, index. HB/DJ, [dust jacket has light edgewear, otherwise a very good copy..50.00 SOLD 

100) Noyes, Stanley LOS COMANCHES: The Horse People, 1751-1845 1993, 1st edition, Albuquerque. “A sweeping history of the Comanche Indians, who dominated the Southern plains from the mid-18th to the mid-19th century….Rich in social and cultural vignettes of women, captivity, warrior rituals, family life, courtship, sexual attitudes, and adaptation of the horse.” 364pp w/maps, illustrations, notes, bibliography, index. Trade paperback…….22.50 [out-of-print] SOLD 

101) [O’KEEFFE, GEORGIA] O’KEEFFE AND TEXAS by Sharon Udall. 1998, 1st edition, San Antonio.  A study of the artist’s early years in Texas. 119pp with 50 color plates and supporting images, plus photos of O’Keeffe, endnotes. HB/DJ, fine….35.00 SOLD 

102) Olien, Roger M. & Diana Davids  LIFE IN THE OIL FIELDS  1986, 1st edition, Austin. An interesting look at the everyday life of oil field workers and their families, told through oral recollections and many photographs. 263pp w/photos, sources, index. [Laid in this copy are a thick packet of notes and sketches done by Elmer Kelton while researching background material for his 1991 novel, Honor at Daybreak.] Oblong folio HB/DJ (dust jacket has small sticker residue, otherwise a near fine copy)……40.00 SOLD 

102) O’Neal, Bill ENCYCLOPEDIA OF WESTERN GUNFIGHTERS  1983, 3rd printing, Norman.  Biographical sketches of 225 men that gives us a virtual “Who’s Who” of western gunfighters.  386pp w/photos, bib, index. HB/DJ [light edgewear]..25.00 

103) Pattie, Jane CATTLE BRANDS: Ironclad Signatures  2002, 1st edition, Albany. Foreword by Elmer Kelton.  According to Kelton, this is a history “fashioned around the best collection of branding irons anywhere--the Leonard Stiles Collection at the Cattle Raisers Museum...in Fort Worth, Texas.” 164pp w/photos and illustrations, biblio, index. Folio HB/DJ SIGNED….55.00 SOLD 

104) Peavey, John R. ECHOES FROM THE RIO GRANDE: From the Thorny Hills of Duval to the Sleepy Rio Grande 1963, 1st edition, Brownsville. Peavey served as a peace officer under various jurisdictions in South Texas along the Texas-Mexico border from 1905 until the 1960s. Here he recounts many encounters with the lawless breed. 320pp w/map, photos. HB/DJ (dust jacket has tape repair, now in protective cover, overall a very good copy) SIGNED…….50.00 

105) [PECOS COUNTY] PECOS COUNTY HISTORY by Marsha Lea Daggett. 1984, 1st edition, Fort Stockton. Two Volumes  583 and 438 pages with photos, historical articles, and many family histories. The volume containing family histories has table of contents to families listed, and the second volume with historical articles is indexed. [Includes biographies of the noted surveyor, pioneer and judge, O.W. Williams, and his son, author/historian Clayton Williams, Sr.] 2 volumes set folio HB/DJ…165.00 

106) Rister, Carl Coke FORT GRIFFIN ON THE TEXAS FRONTIER 1956, 1st edition, Norman. A history of the fort that was established in the heart of Comanche country near present-day Albany, Texas.  Includes a lot on the town that sprang up near the fort. 216pp w/photos, index.  HB/DJ – very light edgewear, SIGNED by Mrs. Rister….50.00 

107) Robinson, Willard B. TEXAS PUBLIC BUILDINGS OF THE NINETEENTH CENTURY 1974, 1st edition, Austin. Photographs by Todd Webb; Foreword by Drury Blakely Alexander.  An architectural study of many historic buildings throughout the state covering all periods: Spanish, Mexican, Republic, antebellum, post-Civil War, and turn-of-the-century periods.  290pp w/171 photo plates, plus many other illustrations and plans, map, bibliography, index.  Folio HB red cloth……..35.00 

108) Rundell, Walter, Jr. OIL IN WEST TEXAS & NEW MEXICO: A Pictorial History of the Permian Basin  1982, 1st edition, College Station. Early day photos and history of the petroleum industry in southeast Oklahoma and West Texas. 183pp w/photos, bibliography, index. Folio HB/DJ [dust jacket has a couple of sun spots, otherwise near fine]....45.00 

109) Sanders, Christine Moor SPINDLETOP: The Untold Story 2000, 1st edition, Beaumont. The story of the Spindletop discovery and subsequent boom as seen through the eyes of  George W. O’Brien and the Gladys City Oil, Gas & Manufacturing Company.  332pp w/map, photos, endnotes, appendix, bibliography, index. HB/DJ, fine copy, SIGNED……60.00 SOLD 

110) Selden, Jack K. RETURN: The Parker Story  2006, 2nd printing, Palestine. “The true story that inspired the classic John Wayne film, The Searchers.” In addition to retelling the story of Cynthia Ann Parker’s captivity, this book traces the lives of many members of the extended Parker family. 311pp w/photos, maps, notes, index.  HB/DJ, SIGNED….39.95 

111) Serven, James E.  COLT FIREARMS [1836-1960] 1991, reprint edition by Wolf Publishing Co., Prescott. History of Colt firearms. A sourcebook for serious Colt arms collectors. 401pp w/illus, model index, general index. Folio HB black leather w/gold lettering, fine copy….45.00 SOLD


112) Sharpe, Philip B.  THE RIFLE IN AMERICA 1995, “Special edition of the Firearms Classic Library,” Fairfax. [Originally published in 1938.] “The most competent general coverage of the American rifle, and an essential acquisition for anyone interested in the crucial role rifles have played in the unfolding panorama of America’s Manifest Destiny.” The rifle was a key element in this westward expansion. 641pp w/illus, index. Folio HB black leather w/gilt decorations and edges, fine copy………40.00 

113) Sheffy, Lester Fields THE FRANCKLYN LAND & CATTLE COMPANY: A Panhandle Enterprise, 1882-1957  1963,1st edition, Austin.  Jenkins, BASIC TEXAS BOOKS: “…one of the best accounts of international corporate development of Texas lands.  [The Francklyn Company] was organized in 1882 and began operations with the purchase of a little over a half million acres of Texas land.” 402pp w/photos, maps, appendix, index. HB tan decorated cloth……….35.00 SOLD 

114) Smith, Thomas Tyree FORT INGE: Sharps, Spurs, and Sabers on the Texas Frontier 1849-1869 1993, 1st ed, Austin. Interesting history of the old military post near Uvalde. The 2nd Dragoons, Mounted Rifles, 2nd Cavalry, and Buffalo soldiers were stationed at the post, as well as Confederate troops during the Civil War. Half of the post’s pre-1860 officers rose to the rank of general. 246pp with maps, illustrations, notes, bibliography, index.  HB/DJ, near fine….65.00 

115) Sowell, A.J. EARLY SETTLERS AND INDIAN FIGHTERS OF SOUTHWEST TEXAS 1986, facsimile reproduction of the 1900 original, State House Press, Abilene. Jenkins, BASIC TEXAS BOOKS: “The work contains 132 accounts of early pioneers, mostly as told to them directly to Sowell…Most of the work pertains to Indian fights and Texas Rangers.”861pp with index. HB blue cloth w/decorated cover…….45.00 

116) Starr, Emmet OLD CHEROKEE FAMILIES: Old Families and Their Genealogy 1968, reprinted from History of the Cherokee Indians and their Legends and Folk Lore., Norman. An important and useful genealogical record. Includes index compiled by J.J. Hill. Folio softcover, fine……..50.00 SOLD 

117) Stoecklein, David R.[photography] COWBOY GEAR: A Photographic Portrayal of the Early Cowboys and their Equipment  1993, 1st edition, Ketchum. A guide to cowboy gear that shows how it looks, how it was used, and why certain craftsmen’s gear was preferred over others. It covers everything from branding irons to ropes. 228pp w/photos, endpaper map, glossary, bibliography, technical notes. Oblong folio softcover, fine copy……85.00 SOLD 

118) Stoecklein, David R. [photography] CATTLE: Symbol of the Great American West [Cattle history and text by Jack Goddard] 2005, 1st edition, Ketchum.  “This beautiful pictorial essay is a tribute to the very foundation of a cowboy’s liff—working with cattle.” 267pp w/photos. Folio HB/DJ, near fine copy…..75.00 

119) Sutton, Robert C., Jr. THE SUTTON-TAYLOR FEUD  1974, 1st edition, Quanah.  This book tells about the famous feud from the viewpoint of a Sutton descendant. 82pp w/photos, sources, index. Folio HB/DJ very good copy…….85.00

               119b) Another copy – The Sutton-Taylor Feud – 1974, 1st edition. Folio HB lacks dust jacket…75.00 

120) Sweetman, Luke D. BACK TRAILING ON OPEN RANGE 1951, 2nd printing, Caldwell. Illustrated by L. D. Cram. The author came to Miles City, Montana in 1885 and tells of his many years as a cowboy, cattleman and horse dealer in that area. 248pp w/illus. Rampaging Herd. HB/DJ, nice copy……45.00 SOLD 

121) Tennant, Alan, et al THE SNAKES OF TEXAS  1984, 1st edition, Austin. “A complete review of all 106 species and subspecies of snakes found in Texas. All species are illustrated in full color with detailed distribution maps as well as comprehensive key and detailed notes on physiology and habits.” 561pp, fully illustrated, w/glossary, biblio, index. Folio HB/DJ internal hinge repaired w/clear tape, otherwise very good copy…..70.00 

122) Thomason, Lt. Col. John W., Jr. LONES STAR PREACHER: Being a Chronicle of the Acts of Praxiteles Swan, M.E. Church South, sometimes Captain, 5th Texas Regiment, Confederate States Provisional Army 1941, 1st edition NY. Illustrated by the author. A narrative account of the interesting life of Swan. 296pp w/illus. HB blue cloth, has a stain on the outside of the text block that did not bleed inside………….45.00 

123) Wagner, Robert L. THE TEXAS ARMY: A History of the 36th Division in the Italian Campaign 1972, 1st edition, Austin. “The Italian Campaign represented the first major front of World War II, and the Texas Army was destined to play a conspicuous part in its operation.” 285pp w/maps, photos, bibliography, index. HB/DJ [dust jacket has some edgewear, now in protective cover]…….70.00 

124) Ward, Hortense Warner CATTLE BRANDS AND COW HIDES 1953, 1st edition, Dallas.  History and lore of cattle brands and marks. 218pp w/illustrations, bibliography, glossary.  HB/DJ, fine copy, inscribed/SIGNED……..70.00 

125) Williams, J. W. THE BIG RANCH COUNTRY 1954, 1st edition, Wichita Falls. The author traveled to and collected colorful stories about many of the big ranches in the Southwest, primarily in West Texas and the Panhandle, including the Four Sixes, Pitchfork, Waggoner, XIT, LX, McElroy, Kokernot, Matador, and others. 307pp w/photos, index. HB/DJ (dust jacket chipped and edgeworn, now in protective cover) SIGNED……55.00 SOLD

               125b) Another copy – The Big Ranch Country – 1954, 1st edition. HB lacking dust jacket, not signed…..35.00 SOLD 

126) Willock,  Roger LONE STAR MARINE: A Biography of the Late Colonel John W. Thomason, Jr., U.S.M.C. 1961, 1st edition, Princeton. Thomason entered the Marine Corps in World War I, and his service career ranged from France through the Caribbean to North China. He was a distinguished Marine Officer as well as an author and illustrator of considerable acclaim. 195pp w/photos. HB red cloth………40.00 

127) Wittliff, Bill THE DEVIL’S FORK 2018, 1st edition, Austin. Illustrations by Edward Carey.  The third and final volume of Wittliff’s charming Papa Stories trilogy. 153pp w/illustrations. HB/DJ, new, SIGNED copies available ….29.95

[NOTE: I still have a few signed copies of the first two volumes, The Devil’s Sinkhole & The Devil’s Backbone, @ $29.95 each. 

128) Wright, Solomon Alexander MY RAMBLES as East Texas Cowboy, Hunter, Fisherman, Tie-Cutter 1942, 1st edition, Austin. Designed by Carl Hertzog. Intro by J. Frank Dobie. Memoirs of early day cattle drives, hunting and fishing, and woodcutting. 159pp w/illustrations by B. E. Lewis. HB tan cloth, a fine copy lacking dust jacket….65.00 

129) [YOUNG COUNTY]  FORT BELKNAP: Frontier Saga—Indians, Negroes and Anglo-Americans on the Texas Frontier by Barbara A. Neal Ledbetter. 1982, 1st edition, Austin.  A history of Fort Belknap, in Young County, that was one of a line of Texas forts in the mid-1800s.  Includes information on frontier race relations; Indian captives; also information on Fort Griffin, Mobeetie, and Tascosa in West Texas.  300ppw/maps, illus, notes, biblio, appendix, index. HB/DJ, near fine, very scarce…..350.00 

130) Zesch, Scott  THE CAPTURED: A True Story of Indian Abduction on the Texas Frontier 2004, 3rd printing, NY.  A riveting, untold history of eight Hill Country children who were captured by Indians and suffered a ‘fate worse than death’ including the author’s own ‘white Indian’ ancestor. 320pp w/maps, photos, bibliography, index. HB/DJ, inscribed/SIGNED……25.00 SOLD


131) Brant, Irving  THE FOURTH PRESIDENT: A Life of James Madison 1985, reprint by Easton Press. Madison was the chief architect of the Constitution; and he initiated the War of 1812 against Britain.  681pp w/index. HB brown leather, gold deco..35.00

132) Burner, David HERBERT HOOVER: A Public Life  1996, reprint by Easton Press. Hoover’s legacy is linked forever with the dark hours of the Great Depression. 433pp w/index. HB maroon cloth w/gold deco. …….35.00 SOLD

133) Freeman, Donald, David Herbert LINCOLN  1996, reprint by Easton Press. A biography based on letters and writings of  President Lincoln. . 714pp w/index.  HB red leather w/gold decorations……….35.00

134) Klein, Philip Schriver  PRESIDENT JAMES BUCHANAN  1987, reprint by Easton Press. Buchanan was president just before the Civil War broke out. 506pp w/index. HB maroon leather, gold deco..35.00

135) Trefousse, Hans L. ANDREW JOHNSON: A Biography 1996, reprint by Easton Press. Johns served at the end of and after the Civil War. Impeached by Congress. 463pp w/index. HB dark blue leather w/gold decorations……..35.00

136) White, William Allen  A PURITAN IN BABYLON: Biography of Calvin Coolidge 1986, reprint by Easton Press. Coolidge served during the Jazz Age and Prohibition between the World Wars.460pp  w/index.  HB maroon leather, gold decorations…..35.00 SOLD




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