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CATALOG #284: October, 2018



1) Adair, Cornelia MY DIARY: August 30th to November 5th, 1874 1965, reprint of the rare 1918 original, Austin. Illustrated by Malcolm Thurgood. Adams, HERD: “The diary of an English lady who spent part of her life on the famous JA Ranch, which her husband owned with Charles Goodnight.” HB/DJ……35.00 SOLD


2) Adams, Ramon A FITTING DEATH FOR BILLY THE KID 1960, 1st edition, Norman. Adams, SIX-GUNS: “An attempt to correct some of the false accounts that have been written about Billy the Kid for the last eighty years.” 310pp w/index. HB/DJ, fine copy, inscribed/SIGNED….55.00


3) Allhands, J. L. GRINGO BUILDERS 1931, 1st edition np. Author was a railroad contractor active in the early development of Texas’ Lower Rio Grande Valley.  Some material on the King and other south Texas ranches.  Also gives details of the births of most valley towns that now lie between Brownsville and Corpus Christi. A must for any collector of South Texas history.  Period photos. HB near fine. SIGNED…………100.00


4) Allhands, J.L. URIAH LOTT 1949, 1st edition, Naylor Co., San Antonio. Biography of the railroad magnate who was a driving force behind the economic development of South Texas and the Gulf plains. 187pp w/photos, foldout maps, index. HB/DJ..75.00


5) [ARCHEOLOGY] CLOVIS MAMMOTH BUTCHERY: The Lange/Ferguson Site and Associated Bone Tool Technology by L. Adrien Hannus [editor] 2018, 1st edition, College Station. The Lange/Ferguson site provides evidence of a Clovis-period mammoth butchering event.   Hannus provides a comprehensive look at this few New World Clovis-era site with in-place buried deposits exhibiting evidence for an expedient bone tool technology. 247pp w/maps, photos, drawings, references, index. Folio HB w/pictorial cover, new [multiple copies available]…..60.00


6) [ARCHEOLOGY] THE PREHISTORY OF THE TEHUACAN VALLEY edited by Douglas S. Byers. 1967, 1st edition, Austin. TWO VOLUMES: 1) “Environment and Subsistence;” 2) “The Non-Ceramic Artifacts”. A detailed study of  an archeo-logical site in an arid cave in east central Mexico. 331/258pp w/illustrations, tables, bib., index. Folio HB/DJ, the set =75.00 SOLD


A new great book by Ed Ashurst!

7) Ashurst, Ed CHARLIE GOULD: Memories of a Cowboy 2018, 1st edition, Douglas. Illustrated by Mike Capron. Gould, with Ed’s help, relates many adventures as a cowboy, and tells of some of the best—and worst-- characters he met along the way. Highly entertaining!  251pp w/illustrations ……..25.00


8) Babb, T.A. IN THE BOSOM OF THE COMANCHES  1923, 2nd edition, by Press of Hargraves Printing Company, Dallas.  In 1865, fourteen-year-old T.A. Babb, his younger sister, and a young Civil War widow – Mrs. Luster -- were taken captive by the Comanches. The siblings’ mother, another sister, and other victims were brutally massacred during the raid in Wise County, Texas. In this narrative, Babb tells of his life with the Comanches, of Mrs. Luster’s escape, and his promotion to warrior status with the tribe. After nearly two years, he was ransomed back to his father and returned to their home near Decatur, Texas. He also tells of another frontier Indian slaughter that took place in 1868 near what is now Chico, Texas. Included are numerous photographs of noted Indian chiefs and warriors; some information on the Texas Rangers; an account of hunting buffalo on the Texas plains; and a good deal on Quanah Parker. 146pp w/many photos. HB, red cloth with a tape repair at the hinge in the interior, very good copy and very scarce………350.00 SOLD


9) Bartlett, John Russell PERSONAL NARRATIVE of EXPLORATIONS and INCIDENTS in Texas, New Mexico, California, Sonora and Chihuahua Connected with the United States and Mexican Boundary Commission During the Years 1850-1853. 1965, facsimile reprint by Rio Grande Press, Chicago.  TWO VOLUMES.  Includes a new and lengthy introduction by Odie B. Faulk and an additional map of the disputed border area.  According to Jenkins, BASIC TEXAS BOOKS, this “is the most scholarly and scientific description of Southwest Texas of its era….and one of the most scholarly travel books ever written.” 45 chapters of chronological narrative about mines, minerals, ethnology, meteorology, topography, natural history, routing for railroads, study of the suitability of camels, much more.  506/624pp w/maps, ill, apps, index. Two volumes, HB faux leather, the set = 150.00 


10) Bell, Thomas W.  A NARRATIVE of the CAPTURE and SUBSEQUENT SUFFERINGS of the MIER PRISONERS IN MEXICO 1964, facsimile reprint  of the 1845 original, Texian Press, Waco. Edited and with a new introduction and notes by James M. Day. Bell was one of those captured, and his was the first published account of the ill-fated expedition. Includes a muster roll of the Mier prisoners. 97pp w/notes, index. HB/DJ, near fine copy…….75.00


11) Berlandier, Jean Louis JOURNEY TO MEXICO During the Years 1826 to 1834 1980, 1st printing of the English translation, Texas State Historical Association, Austin.  Two Volumes. Jenkins, BASIC TEXAS BOOKS: “This is the best scientific study of Texas during the colonial period...the student of vegetation can find invaluable historical information....[and is] the nearest approach to a well-rounded ethnography of the Comanche Indians written by an observer of that tribe during the days before the buffalo were exterminated.  [His] descriptions of the Anglo-American colonies is one of the most reliable extant.”   Of the four printings of Berlandier’s journal, this edition is “from the manuscript at the Library of Congress, with illustrations from specimens at the Gray Herbarium [and] is the most complete version printed to date.” Cloth, 2 volumes in slipcase, fine….165.00


12) Bicknell, Thomas C., & Chuck Parsons  BEN THOMPSON: Portrait of a Gunfighter  2018, 1st edition, Denton. Few Texans can claim to have crowded more excitement, danger, drama, and tragedy into their lives than did Ben Thompson. He was an Indian fighter, Texas Ranger, Confederate cavalryman, mercenary for a foreign emperor, hired gun for a railroad, an elected lawman, professional gambler, and the victor of numerous gunfights. 665pp w/notes, biblio, index. HB/DJ, new [multi-copies]..    34.95


13) [BIG BEND] CHRONICLES OF THE BIG BEND: A Photographic Memoir of Life on the Border by W.D. Smithers.1976, 1st edition, Madrona Press, Austin. Pancho Villa, bootleggers, curanderos and avisadores are among the intrigues of the Big Bend caught by Smithers’ camera in the early part of the 20th-century. 144pp. w/many period photos, map, index. Folio HB/DJ, (dust jacket has fain coffee cup stain, some soiling)…35.00


14) Biggers, Don Hampton A BIGGERS CHRONICLE 1961, 1st limited edition of 500 copies, Lubbock. This book contains  a reprint of “History That Will Never Be Repeated,” plus a biography of its author by Seymour V. Connor. The first section was “Biggers’ first and probably his best contribution to the history of West Texas and its expanding cattle industry.”  Goodnight, Chisum, XIT, cattle drives, cowboys, etc.147pp w/photos, sources, index. HB has one-inc stain on front free endpaper, otherwise very good copy………40.00 SOLD


15) Bogener, Stephen & William Tydeman [editors] LLANO ESTACADO: An Island in the Sky  2011, 1st edition, Lubbock.  Introduction by Barry Lopez. Essays and photographs by various well-known contributors give a picturesque image and under-standing of the vast landscape that lies atop the vast Ogalalla aquifer and covers part of the Permian Basin in Western Texas and eastern New Mexico. 177pp w/index. Oblong folio HB/DJ, as new….45.00


16) Brent, William  THE COMPLETE AND FACTUAL LIFE OF BILLY THE KID  1964, 1st edition, NY.  Adams, SIX-GUNS: “This book corrects many of the legends about Billy the Kid, but the author makes quite a few mistakes himself.”  Includes Bonney family tree. 212pp. HB/DJ, near fine……35.00


17) Buenger, Walter L. & Walter D. Kamphoefner [editors] PRESERVING GERMAN TEXAN IDENTITY: Reminiscences of

William A. Trenckmann. 1859-1935 2017, 1st edition, College Station. Trenckmann created Das Wochenblatt, a German-language weekly newspaper that he edited and published for over forty years. He serialized his memoirs, and here the editors present a revised and annotated translation as a revealing window into the lives of German Texans in the late nineteenth and early twentieth centuries. 210pp w/illus, appendices, index Flexbound, new [multi-copies available]……..42.00


18) Burton, Jeffrey  THE DEADLIEST OUTLAWS; The Ketchum Gang and the Wild Bunch  2009, 2nd edition, Denton.  The newest and most complete history of Tom “Black Jack” Ketchum, his brother, Sam, and other members of the Ketchum Gang that robbed, killed and generally terrorized West Texas, New Mexico and Arizona in the last decade of the 19th century.  The material in this book comes from material diligently collected by the author over a period of forty years from mainly unpublished sources, comprising family records, trial transcripts and other court records, personal reminiscences, official correspondence and reports, census returns, and contemporary newspapers. 504pp w/photos, maps, endnotes, bib, index. Trade paperback, new.....24.95


19) Carroll, H. Bailey TEXAS COUNTY HISTORIES: A Bibliography 1943, 1st edition, Texas State Historical Association, Austin. Foreword by Walter Prescott Webb.; frontispiece by H.D. Bugbee. A useful reference book. 200pp w/bibliography, index. HB, scarce…50.00


20) Castaneda, Carlos Eduardo  OUR CATHOLIC HERITAGE IN TEXAS, 1519-1936: The Mission Era: The Winning of Texas, 1693-1731 VOLUME II only. 1936, 1st edition, Von-Boeckmann-Jones Co., Austin. This volume deals with early Spanish exploration and occupation of Texas, including chapters on missions of San Antonio, and a chapter on “Early Exploration of the Big Bend Country from El Paso to San Juan Bautista.” 390pp w/illus, index. HB blue leather, ex-library copy…..80.00 SOLD

21) Clendenin, George COMMON RANGELAND PLANTS of WEST CENTRAL TEXAS  2016, 1st edition, College Station. “This field guide and management reference to the Concho River watershed of west central Texas offers general descriptions of more than 200 plant species, including  information about the plant’s growing period, growth form, livestock and wildlife value, and special management issues. Accompanying photographs give the reader an idea of what the plant looks like on the range and which identifiable features, such as flowers, fruit, or leaf shape, are most important to that particular plant.  Several experts also cover the use of fire and the management of deer, turkey, dove, and other wildlife in this region. Includes a discussion of noxious, invasive, and toxic plants; historical accounts of the region.”  590pp w/maps, illus, charts, app index. Flexbound (with flaps), new..45.00


22) Collings, Ellsworth & Alma Miller England  THE 101 RANCH  1971, 3rd printing, Norman. Foreword by Glenn Shirley. History of the legendary ranch of Oklahoma.  255pp w/photos, appendices, index. HB/DJ, nice copy…..35.00


23) Cook, Jim (Lane) as told to T. M. Pearce  LANE OF THE LLANO 1936, 1st edition, Boston. The author’s father was a partner with John Chisum and his father made the first trail drive over the Chisum trail which Lane joined at the age of nine.  Later he was captured by Comanches and relates his life among them. During his long life he served as a government scout and as a cowboy on the Great Plains. 269pp w/illustrations, endpaper map.  HB/facsimile dust jacket, very good copy…55.00 SOLD


24) [CROCKETT COUNTY, TEXAS] A HISTORY OF CROCKETT COUNTY 1976, 1st edition, Ozona.  592pp w/photos, maps, historical articles, law enforcement, ranching and economic development, much more, plus family histories with index to families.  Folio HB w/pictorial cover, very scarce……185.00


25) Cutbirth, Ruby Nichols ED NICHOLS RODE A HORSE 1943, 1st edition, Dallas. Frontispiece by Jerry Bywaters.  “Salty reminiscences of an old-time cowboy and peace officer who has ridden through most of the history of Bosque County, Texas.”  This narrative in Nichols’ own words, as told to his daughter. 134pp.  HB/DJ, nice copy, SIGNED by Cutbirth and Nichols…150.00 SOLD


26) DeMattos, Jack  MASTERSON AND ROOSEVELT  1984, 1st edition, College Station.  This book provides a look at the relationship and correspondence between Bat Masterson and Teddy Roosevelt relating to Masterson’s appointment as a Deputy U.S. Marshal of New York.  151pp w/photos, sources, index. HB/DJ…..22.50


27) De Shields, James T. CYNTHIA ANN PARKER 1991, a special limited edition of 95 copies, by Chama Press, Dallas.  Foreword by John Graves. This book, originally published in 1886, is an account of Cynthia Ann’s abduction by Comanches in the bloody raid on Parker’s Fort, her life as a Comanche, her recapture twenty years later at the battle of Pease River, and her last unhappy years. De Shields interviewed and corresponded with people who participated in her recapture, or knew her after she returned to civilized society. 60pp with four photos [three were not in the original edition] and endnotes.  HB quarter bound by hand in American bison hide, as new, SIGNED by Graves, and the publisher, W. Thomas Taylor (Publisher’s Addendum laid in)...125.00 SOLD


28) Dethloff, Henry C. A CENTENNIAL HISTORY OF TEXAS A&M UNIVERSITY  1975, 2nd printing, College Station. TWO VOLUMES. Foreword by Joseph Milton Nance. A comprehensive history. A lot of well-known Texans have been associated with this university over the years.  712pp w/notes, tables, charts, bib, index. HB two volumes maroon cloth, in slipcase, fine…40.00


29) Dewlen, Al THE BONE PICKERS 1958, 1st edition, 1st printing, McGraw-Hill, NY. A realistic and controversial novel of Texas that reddened the faces of certain Amarillo families. 408pp. HB gray cloth


30) Dobie, J. Frank  BOB MORE: Man and Bird Man  1965, 1st limited edition of 550 copies, Encino Press, Austin. Introduction and design by William D. Wittliff.  More managed the vast Waggoner ranch and estate in the early decades of the 20th-century, and was a knowledgeable bird enthusiast and egg collector. 27pp w/illustrations. Folio HB in slipcase, SIGNED by Wittliff….95.00


31) Dobie, J. Frank  et al [ed’rs] MUSTANGS AND COW HORSES 1940, 1st edition, Austin. Texas Folklore Society Publication No. XVI (1940).  Horse lore by many well-known contributors, including Dobie, Florence Fenley, George Catlin, Robert Denhardt, Badger Clark, John A. Lomax, Riley Aiken, and others. Illustrations by many western artists, including Charles M. Russell, Will James, Ross Santee, and endpaper drawings by H.D. Bugbee. Highly sought after as "the richest assemblage of material on range horses ever published." (Dobie/Dykes 44 & 44). 429pp w/illus, index. HB mustard cloth w/blue lettering/lacks dust jacket…85.00 SOLD


32) Dobie, J. Frank  THE VOICE OF THE COYOTE  1949, 1st edition, Boston. Illustrated by Olaus J. Murie. Dobie spent thirty years gathering material for this entertaining and enlightening book. He wrote of the coyote “both as he is biologically and as he exists in human imagination.” 386pp w/illustrations, notes, index.  HB brown cloth, lacks dust jacket……85.00 SOLD


33) Dobie, J. Frank THE MUSTANGS  1952, 1st edition, Boston. Illustrations by Charles Banks Wilson. Classic folklore and history of the Mustang.  376pp w/notes, index. HB/DJ, near fine copy………100.00 SOLD


34) Dykes, J. C. BILLY THE KID: The Bibliography of a Legend 1952, 2nd revised edition, Albuquerque. A useful bibliography of books about the infamous outlaw. Adams, SIX-GUNS: “…each entry contains much information on the content of the book listed, and the author points out many false and inaccurate statements made by the various authors. It is the first complete list of materials on this young outlaw and includes songs, plays, motion pictures, phonograph records, and magazine articles."186pp w/index. HB, red cloth, very good copy……75.00


35) [EDWARDS & REAL COUNTIES] PIONEER DAYS IN THE BREAKS OF THE BALCONES: A Regional History by Alan A. Stovall.  1967, 1st  edition, Barksdale. This follow-up to the author’s earlier book, Nueces Headwater Country (1959), gives us historical events and episodes of the Upper Nueces country in Edwards and Real counties: early military history, Indian fights, exploits of Texas Rangers, and one chapter relates an eyewitness account of the Nueces Massacre of the Civil War. 365pp w/bib, index, folded map laid in. HB/DJ (book and dust jacket are fine except for a faint coffee cup ring on front cover of dust jacket.) SIGNED, exceedingly scarce…….350.00


36) Exley, Jo Ella Powell TEXAS TEARS AND TEXAS SUNSHINE: Voices of Frontier Women 1985, 1st edition, College Station. Accounts of pioneer life on Texas’ frontier by 16 women give a “gripping history of the state from its first Anglo settlement through the taming of its last frontier.” HB/DJ….35.00 SOLD


37) Falconer, Thomas LETTERS AND NOTES ON THE TEXAN SANTA FE EXPEDITION, 1841-1842  1930, 1st printing of this combined edition of three narratives, Dauber & Pine Bookshops, Inc., NY [see Jenkins, BASIC TEXAS BOOKS, p.307] 159pp w/notes, index. HB paperboards with cloth at spine…….75.00 SOLD


38) Furber, George C.  THE TWELVE MONTHS VOLUNTEER; or, Journal of a Private in the Tennessee Regiment of Cavalry, in the Campaign, in Mexico, 1846-7   1857, 5th edition, Cincinnati. The author, of Company G, tells of his experiences in the Mexican War. Four sections: I. A Soldier’s Life in Camp; II. A Description of Texas and Mexico; III. Manners, Customs, Religious Ceremonies of the Mexicans; IV. The Operations of All the Twelve Months Volunteers. Drawings by the author. 640pp w/23 engravings, foldout map, appendix. HB green cloth, a tight, sound copy w/foxing to most pages….100.00


39) Gage, Jack R. THE JOHNSON COUNTY WAR: Ain’t A Pack of Lies/THE JOHNSON COUNTY WAR: Is a Pack of Lies   An uncommon dos-a-dos (meaning the two volumes are back to back and reversed) study of the deadly range war of Johnson County, Wyoming that flared from 1889 to 1893. Presents both sides of the story. 79/89pp w/photos. HB/DJ, near fine copy, inscribed/SIGNED on the front pastedown……..75.00


40) Garrison*, George P. TEXAS: A Contest of Civilizations 1903, 1st edition, Boston. A comprehensive history of Texas from Spanish exploration through its acceptance as a state of the U.S.A. Much on the Revolution and Republic years. Tipped in is a map of the Republic, and a foldout facsimile of Travis’s “Victory or Death” letter. 320pp w/index. HB red cloth w/gild deco….45.00 SOLD


41) Gelo, Daniel J. & Scott Zesch “EVERY DAY SEEMED TO BE A HOLIDAY” The Captivity of Bianca Babb 2003, 1st printing, offprint of article in Southwestern Historical Quarterly, Vol. CVII, No. 1, July 2003. An often overlooked narrative of a captive’s life with the Comanches by the younger sister of Dot Babb [In The Bosom of the Comanche].67pp w/photos, notes. HB bound in brown cloth, ¼ leather, fine copy…….85.00 SOLD


42) Ginn, John Edward & William Alexander McWhorter  PALMITO RANCH: From Civil War Battlefield to National Historic Landmark 2018, 1st edition, College Station. During the Civil War, the two battles were fought on what is now the Palmito Ranch. The authors offer new information about these battles while chronicling the efforts to save and preserve the battlefield site, one of the few places in Texas where the war was contested. 116pp w/maps, photos, bib, index. Flexbound, new [multi-copies]….26.00


43) Gooch-Iglehart, Fanny Chambers THE BOY CAPTIVE OF THE TEXAS MIER EXPEDITION 1909, “Revised, reprinted and republished by the author,” Press of J. R. Wood Printing Co.  A fictionalized account of John C. C. Hill’s experiences as a thirteen year old boy with the Mier Expedition as related to Mrs. Gooch-Inglehart by Hill himself before his death. She also completed research, and includes a source bibliography. 331pp w/illustrations, glossary. HB maroon cloth w/raised decorations, some soiling to front cover, overall a very good, sound book…….135.00


44) Green, Gen. Thomas J. JOURNAL OF THE TEXIAN EXPEDITION AGAINST MIER: Subsequent Imprisonment of the Author, His Sufferings, and Final Escape from the Castle of Perote. 1935, facsimile reprint of the 1845 original by Steck Co., Austin.  Edited by Sam W. Haynes.  Dobie said this account is “one of the most vivid and vigorous personal narratives associated with Texas history.” Recounts the abortive expedition in 1842 under William S. Fisher and Thomas J. Green into Mexico after the withdrawal of the Somervell Expedition. An important piece of Texas History. HB green cloth….45.00


45) Grissom, Michael Andrew SOUTHERN BY THE GRACE OF GOD  1995, 7th printing, Gretna. In this best-selling book the author boldly proclaims the traditions, the culture, and the values that distinguish the South from the rest of the nation. He also issues a clarion call for those who share in his love of the South to defend and maintain that heritage, a call we need to heed today, nearly thirty years later. God bless him for writing this book! 572pp w/many photos, index. Softcover, new [multi-copies]…29.95


46) Gregory, Jack & Rennard Strickland SAM HOUSTON WITH THE CHEROKEES, 1829-1833 1967, 1st ed, Austin.  A scholarly and chronological study of Houston’s life before he came to Texas; it disputes many myths. 206pp w/illus, maps, appendix, sources, index. HB/DJ, fine copy…..30.00 SOLD


47) Haley, J. Evetts  THE ALAMO MISSION BELL  1974, 1st edition, Encino Press, Austin. Drawings by E.M. “Buck” Schiwetz. A history of the historical old bell that was bought by five West Texans and donated to the Nita Stewart Haley Memorial Library.  30pp. Softcover with overlaying pictorial dust jacket, inscribed/SIGNED…..45.00 SOLD


48) Harris, Charles H & Louis R. Sadler  THE PLAN DE SAN DIEGO: Tejano Rebellion, Mexican Intrigue 2013, reprint, Lincoln. The Plan of San Diego [Texas], was a rebellion proposed by hispanic racist radicals in 1915 to overthrow the U.S. government in the Southwest and establish a Hispanic republic in its stead. The plan called for Mexicans, Mexican-Americans, and African Americans to wage a racial genocide against Anglos. 338pp w/ill, notes, index. Trade paperback, new [multi-copies]..45.00


49) Henderson, Margaret McLaurin TRAGEDY AT McLAURIN RANCH  1994, 1st edition, Austin.  The McLaurin and Lease families, settlers in Central Texas’ Frio Canyon, were attacked by Lipan-Apache Indians in 1881, with two family members being brutally killed. This booklet gives the background of the two families, the story of the killings and the following pursuit, and details of the descendants.  88pp w/photos, bibliography, index. Softcover………19.50 SOLD


50) Hilton, H.W. WESTWARD to the PECOS  and RIO GRANDE  1982, 1st edition, np. The author recalls his family’s trip to West Texas and the Rio Grande Valley in 1926-1927 from Pennsylvania in their Model T Fords. The family settled in McAllen and opened a fur storage and taxidermy business. 158pp w/many period photos. Trade paperback w/pictorial cover……….20.00 SOLD


51) Holden, Curry HILL OF THE ROOSTER  1956, 1st edition, NY. Novel about the fiercely independent Yaqui Indians of northern Mexico during the early 1900s.  319pp w/endpaper map. HB/DJ, SIGNED…..25.00 SOLD


52) Hunter, J. Marvin HORRORS OF INDIAN CAPTIVITY 1954, 1st edition, Bandera. Eighteen “true accounts of cruel torture and treatment of captives taken by Indians on the Frontier of Texas.” The author states that he obtained some of the narrative first-hand from the captives themselves—Cynthia Ann Parker, Dot Babb, Frank Buckelew,  Matilda Lockhart, Herman Lehmann, and several others. 106pp.  Softcover, pictorial cover, nice copy, very scarce……135.00 SOLD


53) Hunter, J. Marvin THE STORY OF LOTTIE DENO: Her Life and Times 1959, 1st ed, Bandera. Intriguing story of a gambling lady who left the gambling dens of San Antonio to ply her trade in the rough and tumble frontier town of Old Fort Griffin.  There she crossed paths with the likes of Doc Holliday and Big Nose Kate, among others. Hunter tracked her down and found she spent her later days in obscurity in Deming, New Mexico. 199pp w/photos.  HB/DJ…….55.00 SOLD


54) Karr, Lee and Lela  ROPE BURNS….a fair likeness of a few good COWBOYS who know the meaning of the words  1975, 1st edition, San Angelo. A photo gallery of many old-time and contemporary steer-roping competitors from around the Southwest, mostly from West Texas. 112pp w/photos.  Folio HB bound in leather with decorated cover, exceedingly scarce…375.00


55) Kavanagh, Thomas W. [compiler/editor]  COMANCHE ETHNOGRAPHY: Field Notes Of E. Adamson Hoebel, Waldo R. Wedel, Gustav G. Carlson And Robert H. Lowie  2008, reprint edition, University of Nebraska Press, Lincoln. In the summer of 1933 in Lawton, Oklahoma, a team of six anthropologists met with eighteen Comanche elders to record the latter's reminiscences of traditional Comanche culture. Much of the Comanches' earlier world is presented here: religious stories, historical accounts, auto-biographical remembrances, cosmology, the practice of war, everyday games, birth rituals, funerals, kinship relations, organization of camps, material culture, relations with other tribes, more. 542pp w/photos, figures, notes, app, ref, index. HB new….60.00 SOLD


56) Kemp, Louis Wiltz  THE SIGNERS OF THE TEXAS DECLARATION OF INDEPENDENCE  1944, 1st edition limited to 500 copies, Salado.  Jenkins, BASIC TEXAS BOOKS: “The volume begins with what is still the most extensive account of the Convention of 1836.  The bulk of the work, however, is devoted to lengthy, well-annotated biographies of the men who actually signed the Texas Declaration of Independence…Kemp’s research is of immense value in analyzing this most important council in Texas history.  [And] scholars will draw upon his work over and over again in coming to a fuller understanding of the convention and its delegates.”   398pp w/facsimiles of the original Declaration, notes, index. HB green cloth with a couple of scuff marks on front cover, otherwise very good copy, SIGNED by Kemp with a warm inscription to historian/author Eugene C. Barker, and a signed letter to Dr. Barker has been tipped in also has Barker’s signature on the front free endpaper,  exceedingly scarce….575.00 SOLD


57) [KENDALL COUNTY] A HUNDRED YEARS OF COMFORT IN TEXAS, 1854-1954  1974, revised and updated edition, Naylor Co., San Antonio. This history of Comfort, Texas, includes material on early settlement activities; the Camel Experiment; three versions of the Battle of the Nueces (otherwise known as the Nueces Canyon Massacre); Indian depredations; biographical sketches, and much more. 245pp w/photos, index. HB/DJ, faint remnants of coffee cup ring on dj, otherwise near fine copy…85.00


58) King, Frank M. MAVERICKS:The Salty Comments of an Old-Time Cowpuncher 1947, 1st edition, Pasadena. Introduction by Ramon F. Adams. Adams, HERD: “The material in this book was selected from the author’s column ‘Mavericks,’ which ran in the Western Livestock Weekly...” Interesting essays by a cowhand author who knew many of the Old West’s characters.  Endpaper illustration and color frontispiece by Charles M. Russell. 275pp index. HB/DJ very good……55.00


59) King, Frank M. PIONEER WESTERN EMPIRE BUILDERS: A True Story of the Men and Women of Pioneer Days  1946, 1st edition, Pasadena.  Over 75 stories and biographies of many Western pioneers: lawmen, pioneer women and men, cattle barons, and others.  383pp w/photos.  HB, maroon cloth with gold lettering, scarce…..50.00


60) King, Frank M. WRANGLIN’ THE PAST: The Reminiscences of Frank M. King  1946, “First revised edition after limited edition, privately published in 1935, by the author for his friends,” Pasadena.  Cattle drives, outlaws, politics, Indian fighting, Jeff Milton, Billy the Kid and Jim East, the Earps, much more. 284pp w/photos.  HB red cloth w/gold lettering…55.00


61) Kramer, Ken [editor] w/photos by Charles Kruvand THE LIVING WATERS OF TEXAS  2010, 1st edition. About the single most important resource issue of our time: water.138pp w/index. Folio HB/DJ, CLEARANCE $50% OFF =$15.00 (was $30.00)


62) Krueger, Max Amadeus Paulus SECOND FATHERLAND: The Life and Times of a German Immigrant 1976, 1st  printing of the revised edition, College Station. Edited and with an introduction by Marilyn McAdams Sibley.  The author recalls, among other things, the murderous “Helena Duel”, brutal Indian massacres, a cattleman’s war, and the thrills of a mustang or buffalo hunt. 161pp w/illus, map, index.  HB/DJ, nice copy…30.00


63) Lawrence, F. Lee & Robert W. Glover  CAMP FORD, C.S.A. The Story of Union Prisoners in Texas 1964, 1st limited edition of 550 copies, published by Texas Civil War Centennial Advisory Committee, Austin. Map and frontispiece by Jose Cisneros; designed by Carl Hertzog. A detailed history of the largest Confederate prisoner-of-war camp at Tyler, Texas: Living conditions; units and morale; escapes; treatment and punishment; last days at the camp. Contains 13 pages of contemporary illustrations and facsimile reproductions. 99pp w/appendices, sources, index. HB in clear mylar cover. inscribed/SIGNED, very scarce……250.00


64) Lea, Tom WESTERN BEEF CATTLE 1967, limited edition of 850 copies, Encino Press, Austin. Book designed by William D. Wittliff.  A series of eleven paintings related to the history and development of western beef cattle. At the close of World War II, before terminating his wartime employment, these paintings were commissioned by LIFE Magazine and presented to the Dallas Museum of Fine Arts.  (Originally published as a softcover booklet in 1950. Reese, SIX-SCORE: “A beautiful series of paintings illustrating the development of the Texas range stock and the progress of a steer from range to slaughterhouse.”) Large folio brown cloth hardcover in cloth slipcase…..125.00


65) Linex, Ricky L. RANGE PLANTS OF NORTH CENTRAL TEXAS: A Land User’s Guide to their Identification, Value and Management 2016, 4th printing, Weatherford. The information printed here covers vegetation in the Rolling Plains, Cross Timbers and Prairies, Blackland Prairie and Post Oak Savannah areas of Texas. Each plant has 3-4 photos, and full identification info.  A useful guide for the ranch, wildlife manager or naturalist. 345pp w/illus, index. Folio softcover w/stiff wrappers, spiral binding…....45.00


66) Ludwig, Wayne THE OLD CHISHOLM TRAIL: From Cow Path to Tourist Stop 2018, 1st edition, Texas A&M Press, College Station.  Ludwig has provided “the first comprehensive examination of the Chisholm Trail since Wayne Gard’s 1954 classic study, The Chisholm Trail, and makes an important—and modern—contribution to the history of the American West.” 307pp w/maps, photos, appendix, notes, index. HB/DJ, new [multiple copies available] SIGNED copies available……….37.00


67) Maberry, Robert, Jr. TEXAS FLAGS  2003, 2nd printing, College Station. Foreword by Peter C. Marzio. A history that traces the ascent of the recognizable Lone Star and many lesser known variations, unveiling an incredibly colorful history that spans more than a hundred years. 198pp w/photos, notes, index. Oblong folio HB/DJ, CLEARANCE: 50% OFF= $19.96 (was $39.95)


68) Malm, Gerhard A., D.V.M. BITS AND BRIDLES: An Encyclopedia 1996, 1st limited edition of 250 copies, Grasshopper Pub., Valley Falls. An illustrated guide to bits and bridles, with history and information on controlling a horse with these accoutrements. 549pp w/illus, ref, index. Folio HB leather w/pictorial cover, numbered and SIGNED handsome book!....140.00


69) Marvins, Michael H. THE TEXAS HILL COUNTRY: A Photographic Adventure 2018, 1st edition, TAMU Press, College Station. “Traveling the back roads of the Texas Hill Country, Marvins has captured the excitement of small-town rodeos, savored the mesquite-smoked atmosphere of local eateries, observed the daily lives of people on the land, and admired the scenic beauty of the landscape and its natural denizens.” 242pp w/map, photos, index. Beautiful Photo book! Folio HB/DJ, new [multi-copies]…..37.95


70) Maxwell, Samuel L., Sr. LEVER ACTION RIFLES: Derived from the Patents of Andrew Burgess 1976, 1st edition, Dallas. Chapters include: Andrew Burgess and His Early Magazine Rifles; The Whitney Arms Company; The 1878 Burgess Magazine Rifles; The Kennedy Magazine Rifle; The 1881 Marlin Repeating Rifle; The Colt-Burgess Magazine Rifles; The 1886 Whitney Magazine Rifle, and a brief biography of Maxwell.  Excellent study. The Book is in Fine condition, showing only the lightest use. 368pp w/illus., index. Folio HB brown leather w/gold lettering, fine copy….90.00


71) McConnell, Joseph Carroll THE WEST TEXAS FRONTIER: A Descriptive History of Early Times in Western Texas 1933, 1st edition, Jacksboro. An excellent history of West Texas, with descriptions of old frontier forts and military outposts, firsthand accounts of Indian fights mostly involving Texas Rangers; Indian depredations and raids on cattle ranches; Indian reservations, French and Spanish activities.  One section discusses early roads and overland transportation including military roads, the San Diego Mail and Old Butterfield routes, and others.  A lot of the material came from personal interviews with old-time settlers and pioneers. One section gives descriptions and brief histories of the many counties that make up Texas’ western region including much of  what is known today as Central Texas and the Hill Country.  334pp with a number of very interesting old photos. HB, scuffed at spine edges, otherwise a near fine, rare……595.00


72) McQueen, Clyde BLACK CHURCHES IN TEXAS: A Guide to Historic Congregations 2000, 1st edition, College Station. Photos, directions and brief histories of 374 black congregations, each at least one hundred years old, in the parts of Texas where most blacks were likely to have settled—east of Interstate Highway 35 and from the Red River to the Gulf of Mexico.253pp w/notes, photos, index. HB/DJ, as new……24.95


73) Mellard, Evelyn SPUR RANCH--and Other Circles of Time 1977, 1st limited edition of 500 copies, Salado. Essays and memoirs of a West Texas ranch lady. Most stories center around Spur Ranch; also a story of Pancho villa; meeting Mrs. Brite of the Brite Ranch; observations on wildlife; and much more. 206pp w/illustrations. HB/no dust jacket as issued……….35.00


74) Methvin, J.J. ANDELE, or THE MEXICAN-KIOWA CAPTIVE 1899, states “Second Edition,” Pentecostal Herald Press, Louisville. The story of Andres Martinez, a Mexican youth who was captured by Mescalero Apaches in the 1866, then sold to Kiowas where he lived many years. Includes some insight into camp life with the Indians during this period. 184pp w/photos..75.00 SOLD


75) Metz, Leon Claire ROBERT E. McKEE: Master Builder 1997, 1st edition, El Paso. A biography of McKee, an architect wo helped create the skylines of Houston, Dallas, El Paso, Denver, San Diego, and Phoenix, to name a few. He was also instrumental in assembling the facilities and laboratories at Los Alamos, New Mexico. And, as an art aficionado, he made a portion of the famous Kress collection available to the public by way of the El Paso Museum of Art. 399pp w/many color an black-and-white photos, bibliography, index. Folio HB black cloth w/silver lettering and pictorial cover in a black slip case, beautiful book….100.00


76) Michno, Gregory & Susan  A FATE WORSE THAN DEATH: Indian Captives in the West, 1830-1885 2009, 1st edition, Caldwell. “This book is the most extensive collection ever assembled of what it was like to be an Indian captive in the west.” It contains graphic descriptions of what happened to the victims, and provides profiles of them before they were captured, how they became prisoners, how they survived, and the effects those events had on the remainder of their lives.  Many of the grim events chronicled were in Texas and the Great Plains. 527pp w/photos, maps, appendices, bib, index. HB/DJ (out-of-print in cloth)..45.00 SOLD


77) Myers, Lois E. & Rebecca Sharpness ROCK BENEATH THE SAND: Country Churches in Texas 2003, 1st edition, College Station. An enlightening oral and photographic study of rural churches of various denominations in Central Texas, includes Texas’ oldest Norwegian Lutheran church; African-American churches established soon after Emancipation; and white southern Baptist,  Protestant and Catholic churches founded by early immigrants, more. 197pp, w/photos, map, index. Oblong HB/DJ..(35.00 )..17.50


78) Nolan, Frederick [editor] PAT GARRETT’S THE AUTHENTIC LIFE OF BILLY, THE KID: An Annotated Edition 2000, 1st edition, Norman. Nolan, an authority on the American Southwest, examines the legends introduced by Garrett’s “biography” of the Kid, and shows how that book is responsible for misconceptions about the Kid’s early life and short career as an outlaw.  Many inaccuracies can be attributed to Garrett’s ghostwriter, M.A. “Ash” Upson, but the sheriff glossed over events that made him look less than perfect.  198pp w/illustrations, notes, suggested reading list, index. HB/DJ, fine copy….40.00


79) Nolan, Frederick THE WEST OF BILLY THE KID  1998, 1st edition, Norman. A photo gallery--with text and 250 images--of the life of Billy the Kid. A unique look at the life of one of New Mexico’s most noted characters, and the people who revolved around him. 350pp w/maps, illustrations, notes, bibliography, index. Folio HB/DJ, fine copy……..85.00 SOLD


80) Nolte, Elleta  A PLACE SET APART: The History of Ransom Canyon (and Bits of West Texas History)  1996, 1st printing, Lubbock. A history of the community of Ransom Canyon  and the lake of the same name (near Lubbock) that is laced with events of the past that pertain to the Southern Plains. An interesting book that is well-researched and documented. 199pp w/photos, sources, index. Trade paperback, new [multi-copies] SIGNED……16.95


81) Northouse, Cameron [compiler] (with additional entries by David Grossblatt 1982, 1st edition, Dallas. A source of basic information on the works of contemporary forty Texas authors. 93 pp w/illus. Folio HB white and red cloth, fine….35.00


82) Osgood, Ernest Staples THE DAY OF THE CATTLEMAN 1954, 2nd printing, Minneapolis. How the range cattleman helped achieve the settling of the West. 283pp w/maps, illustrations, index. HB/DJ……..27.50


 83) [PALO PINTO COUNTY] HISTORY of PALO PINTO COUNTY (Word of Mouth Family History)  1978, 1st edition, Dallas. 304pp w/photos, historical articles, biographical sketches of many early pioneer families, family histories, and more. Folio HB blue leather w/decorated cover, tiny “pull” tear at top of spine, otherwise a very good copy, very scarce.......185.00 SOLD


84) Paine, Albert Bigelow CAPTAIN BILL McDONALD: Texas Ranger 1909, 1st edition, NY.  Biography of the rough-and-ready lawman who came to Texas from Mississippi in 1866. He was deputy sheriff of Wood County, and was appointed special ranger and U.S. Marshal in Hardeman County in the 1880s. He served as a Ranger captain from 1891 to 1907. 448pp w/illus. HB, blue cloth, very good copy w/faded spine…....85.00 

               84b) Another copy – Captain Bill McDonald: Texas Ranger 1909, 1st edition in variant red cloth binding, HB, cracked

                     hinge that has been taped………65.00


85) Petrone, Gerard S. JUDGEMENT AT GALLATIN: The Trial of Frank James 1998, 1st edition, Lubbock. “An objective and thorough account of the most controversial trial of 19th-century America.”  222pp w/illus., bibliography, index. HB/DJ, fine..22.50 SOLD


86) Pierce, Michael D. THE MOST PROMISING YOUNG OFFICER: A Life of Ranald Slidell Mackenzie 1993, 1st edition, Norman. Biography of the Civil War veteran who became an accomplished Indian fighter and was instrumental in the defeat of the brutal Comanches and the opening of the West to white settlement. 288pp w/photos, maps, notes, bib, index. HB/DJ, fine…..35.00


87) Plummer, Rachael  RAHCAEL PLUMMER’S NARRATIVE o Twenty-one Months Servitude as a Prisoner Among the Comanchee Indians 1977, 1st printing of 400 copies, a facsimile reprint of the 1844 original, Jenkins Publishing Co., Austin. Ms. Plummer was taken in the same Comanche raid as Cynthia Ann Parker. Preface to this edition by Archibald Hanna; intro by William S. Reese. 26 unnumbered pages. HB gold and brown cloth w/gilt lettering, SIGNED by Hanna and Reese…….225.00


88) Reagan, John H. MEMOIRS: With Special Reference to Secession and the Civil War  1968, 2nd edition, Pemberton Press, Austin.  An insightful memoir by the last surviving member of the Confederate government.  Reagan also tells of his involvement in the Cherokee Campaign and other Indian problems in the 1830s, and his early career as a lawyer and legislator. 351pp w/appendices. HB/DJ very good copy………..45.00


89) Rister, Carl Coke ROBERT E. LEE IN TEXAS 1946, 1st edition, Norman. Recounts Lee’s 25 months on the Texas frontier just prior to the breakout of the Civil War. He spent time at Camp Cooper, in San Antonio, and at Fort Mason. 183pp w/illustrations, biblio, index. HB/DJ very good copy with minor wear at dust jacket edges..............65.00


90) Roberts, Capt. Dan W.:  RANGERS AND SOVEREIGNTY  and  Mrs. D.W. Roberts: A WOMAN’S REMINISCENCES of SIX YEARS in CAMP with the TEXAS RANGERS  1987, two-books-in-one reprint by State House Press, Austin. This edition includes a new introduction by Robert Wooster, and a new index not available in the 1st editions.  The two books give two unique perspectives of Texas Ranger life on the frontier in the 1870s and 1880s. 189/64pp w/illustrations, index. HB/DJ….65.00


91) Roberts, Ken THE CEDAR CHOPPERS: Life on the Edge of Nothing  2018, 1st edition, TAMU Press, College Station. Thoughtful and entertaining, this book weaves together the lively, gritty story of mostly Scots-Irish migrants who settled on the west side of the Balcones Fault during the mid-19th century, subsisting mainly on hunting, trapping, moonshining, and, by the early twentieth century, cutting, transporting, and selling cedar fence posts and charcoal. 280pp w/maps, photos, appendices, index. HB/DJ, new [multiple copies available]…..27.95


92) [RUSSELL, CHARLES M.] CHARLES M. RUSSELL: Photographing the Legend by Larry Len Peterson. 2014, 1st edition, Norman. “This biography makes use of hundreds of images of Russell, many never before published, to explore the role of photography in shaping the artist’s public image and the making and selling of his art. More than that, the book shows how the Cowboy artist personified what he portrayed.” 294pp w/photos, notes, bib, index.  Folio HB/DJ, as new….60.00


93) [SAN PATRICIO COUNTY]  PIONEERS ON THE NUECES by Lena H. Crofford. 1963, 1st edition, Naylor Co., San Antonio. Stories about the early days in the Texas Republic along the lower reaches of the Nueces in San Patricio county-- outlaws, Indians, ranches, epidemics, wild animals, some family histories, more. 185pp w/photos, index. HB/DJ, inscribed/SIGNED70.00


94) [SCHLEICHER COUNTY] A HISTORY OF SCHLEICHER COUNTY, TEXAS 1979, 1st edition, San Angelo. 647pp w/photos, numerous historical articles, early community and pioneer histories; brands; civic organizations; churches; over 400 pages of family histories; index; much more. Folio hardback w/pictorial covers…..135.00


95) Scifres, Charles J. BRUSH MANAGEMENT: Principles and Practices for Texas and the Southwest 1980, 1st edition, College Station. An identification guide to 523 species of Texas grasses. 360pp w/photos, tables, appendices, bibliography, index. HB/DJ, very good copy…..45.00 SOLD


96) Schmidly, David J. THE MAMMALS OF TRANS-PECOS TEXAS: Including Big Bend National Park and Guadalupe Mountains National Park 1977, 1st edition, College Station. Illustrated by Chester O. Martin.  Documents 96 varied species that abide in the region with a detailed description and illustration of the animal, its geographic distribution with maps, and a discussion of its reproduction and food habits. HB/DJ, near fine copy…..35.00


97) Schoen, Harold, et al [compilers] MONUMENTS ERECTED BY THE STATE OF TEXAS TO COMMEMORATE THE CENTENARY OF TEXAS INDEPENDENCE  1939, 1st edition, Austin. Published by the Commission of Control for Texas Centennial Celebrations.  From the Preface: “This report is an attempt to present in picture and legend a brief resume of the operations of the Commission of Control for Texas Centennial Celebrations to furnish a general accounting of the funds entrusted to the Commission.”  Photographs and descriptions of hundreds of exposition buildings, memorial museums, community centers, statues, monuments, historical markers, grave markers, and highway markers, and includes muster rolls of any military operations that were memorialized. Folio HB, dark blue-green leather w/raised state seal and title, near fine copy, exceedingly scarce…..495.00


98)  [SCURRY COUNTY] FOOTPRINTS ACROSS SCURRY COUNTY  by Scurry County Book Committee. 1984, 1st edition limited, Lubbock. 580pp w/photos, historical articles, 405 pages of family histories, index. Folio HB decorated blue boards w/leather spine, fine condition……165.00


99) Sibley, Marilyn McAdams [editor/intro] SAMUEL WALKER’S ACCOUNT OF THE MIER EXPEDITION 1978, 1st edition, TSHA. This volume published Walker’s account in full for the first time. It is short, factual and unadorned; his descriptions of death and suffering are terse and graphic. 110pp w/illus, notes, index. HB/DJ fine copy…….60.00 SOLD


100) Smith, Michael & Clint King HERPING TEXAS: The Quest for Reptiles and Amphibians 2018, 1st edition, College Station. Organized by eco-region, this book describes some of the state’s most spectacular natural places, from Big Bend to the Big Thicket. Each chapter contains photographs of the various snakes, lizards, toads, and turtles Smith and King have encountered on their trips. 336pp w/map, 156 color plates, bib, index. Flexbound, new [multiple copies available]…….29.95


101) Smithwick, Noah  THE EVOLUTION OF A STATE, or Recollections of the old Texas Days  circa 1935, facsimile repro-duction of the original 1900 edition, The Steck Co., Austin.  Jenkins, BTB: “Of all Texas memoirs, this is the most fun to read.  J. Frank Dobie called it the ‘best of all books dealing with life in early Texas’.”  Texas Rangers, Comanches, pioneer social life, James Bowie, S.F. Austin, Sam Houston, much more. 354pp.  HB w/decorated cover….35.00 SOLD


102) Sowell, A.J. EARLY SETTLERS AND INDIAN FIGHTERS OF SOUTHWEST TEXAS 1900, 1st edition, Ben C. Jones & Co., Printers, Austin. Jenkins, BASIC TEXAS BOOKS: “The work contains 132 accounts of early pioneers, mostly as told to them directly to Sowell…Most of the work pertains to Indian fights and Texas Rangers.” 844pp with a 3-page table of contents that serves as index. HB, this first edition has been professionally rebound in red cloth, exceedingly scarce…..750.00


103) [STANLEY, F.] THE F. STANLEY STORY by Mary Jo Walker. 1985, 1st limited edition of 700 copies, Santa Fe. A biography of Father Stanley F. Crocchiola, who wrote and published 177 historical books and pamphlets focusing on the Texas Panhandle and eastern New Mexico. 97pp w/footnotes and a bibliography of Stanley’s work. HB/DJ… 35.00


104) [STOECKLEIN, DAVID R.] THE TEXAS COWBOYS: Cowboys of the Lone Star State—A Photographic Portrayal text by Tom B. Saunders, photography by David R. Stoecklein.. 1997, 1st edition, Ketchum. Includes drawings by Bob Moline. A photographic study of the modern-day cowboy and his life on the range. 249pp w/illus, biblio, and notes. Large folio HB/DJ….55.00


105) [TEXAS PANHANDLE] MEMORY CUPS OF PANHANDLE PIONEERS by Millie Jones Porter.  1945, 1st edition, Clarendon.  A rare history centered around Wheeler County and her relationship with surrounding counties, filled with first person memories, biographies, stories of Indian depredations and fights, pioneer negroes, ranching and cowboys, religion, prohibition, oil industry, newspapers, a chapter on brands, much more. Excellent source for researching pioneers of the Eastern Texas Panhandle.  648pp w/illustrations, appendix, index. HB, brown cloth w/minor scuffing at top of spine, exceedingly scarce, SIGNED…350.00


106) Tharp, Benjamin Carroll TEXAS RANGE GRASSES 1952, 1st edition, Austin. Drawings by Clare Y. Whaley. This book is a noteworthy key to the identification and distribution of the more important grasses in Texas.  125pp w/illustrations, maps, appendices, bibliography.  HB/DJ….40.00 SOLD


107) Thomas, Alfred Barnaby [editor/translator] FORGOTTEN FRONTIERS: A Study of the Spanish Indian Policy of Don Juan Bautista de Anza, Governor of New Mexico, 1777-1787 1932, 1st edition, OU Press The Civilization of the American Indian Series No. 1, Norman. The Comanche Campaign, the conquest of the Moqui, the Spanish attack the Gila-Navajo, and much more.421pp w/foldout maps, plates. HB silver stamped blue cloth……..50.00


108) [THROCKMORTON COUNTY] THROCKMORTON COUNTY HISTORY 1984, 1st limited edition, Lubbock. 460pp w/photos, general historical articles, family histories, index, and more. Folio HB ¼ leather w/pictorial cover…185.00


109) Valley By-liners  RIO GRANDE ROUNDUP Book III  1980, 1st edition, Burnet. Stories that reflect the diverse cultures of the Rio Grande Valley were contributed by several longtime residents. 370pp w/photos, index. HB/DJ nice copy....25.00


110) Walker, Dale L. DEATH WAS THE BLACK HORSE: The Story Of Rough Rider Buckey O’Neill 1975, 1st limited edition of 200 copies, Madrona Press, Austin.  Designed by Carl Hertzog; frontispiece by Jose Cisneros; foreword by Barry Goldwater. This special edition includes two original short stories by O’Neill that were not published in the trade edition. Traces the career of  O’Neill, a peace officer and politician in Arizona Territory before joining Teddy Roosevelt’s Rough Riders. He was killed at San Juan Hill during the war with Spain. 218pp w/photos, sources, index. HB leather spine and blue cloth in tan marbled slipcase, numbered and SIGNED by Walker, Hertzog, and publisher, Robert S. Weddle, fine condition…..150.00


111) Weber, David J. [editor]  TROUBLES IN TEXAS, 1832: A Tejano Viewpoint from San Antonio 1983, 1st limited edition of 400 copies, printed by the Wind River Press for DeGolyer Library, Dallas. Translated by Conchita Hassell Winn and David J. Weber; and with an introduction by the editor. Translation and facsimile of an original petition by the city of Bexar to the Mexican state legislature. It provides a contemporary description of Mexican-Texas from the viewpoint of Tejanos. 60pp w/illustrations., endpaper map, footnotes. Folio HB/D the plain tan dust jacket is in mylar protector, SIGNED by Weber, fine copy….65.00


112) Weddle, Robert S. THE SPANISH SEA: The Gulf of Mexico in North American Discovery, 1500-1685  1985, 1st edition, College Station. This critically acclaimed work sheds new light on early exploration efforts by the Spanish in the Gulf of Mexico.  In this first of three volumes, Weddle challenges assumptions that were based on inaccurate readings of medieval maps and navigational instruments. 457pp w/maps, illustrations, bibliography, index. HB/DJ, fine copy…..85.00


113) Weddle, Robert S. THE FRENCH THORN: Rival Explorers in the Spanish Sea, 1682-1762 1991, 1st edition, College Station. This second volume details the intense competition and occasional collusion between French opportunists and the Spanish guardians of their vulnerable New World. “A thoughtful and lively work on Spanish-French adventures and misadventures…” 435pp w/maps, notes, bibliography, index. HB/DJ, fine copy ……75.00


114) Weddle, Robert S. CHANGING TIDES: Twilight and Dawn in the Spanish Sea, 1763-1803 1995, 1st edition, College Station. This third volume discusses the series of territorial transfers that ended with the French withdrawing, and the Spanish and English both eagerly surveying their new territories. It concludes with Spain’s retrocession of Louisiana to France, and the immediate sale of that territory to the United States, a milestone toward the young nation’s concept of Manifest Destiny. 352pp w/maps, illustrations, bibliography, index. HB/DJ, fine copy ….75.00


115) Wilkinson, Andy CHARLIE GOODNIGHT: His Life in Poetry and Song 1994, 1st edition, Grey Horse Press, Lubbock. A collection of poems about the intrepid westerner who founded the JA Ranch in the Texas Panhandle. Illustrated by Duward Campbell. 46pp w/map, illus. There is also a musical cassette still in the publisher’s wraps…….25.00


116) Winningham, Geoff  TRAVELING THE SHORE OF THE SPANISH SEA: The Gulf Coast of Texas & Mexico  2010, 1st edition, College Station (Number9: Charles & Elizabeth Prothro Texas Photography Series.)  Winningham traveled along the Gulf Coast from High Island, Texas, to Playa Escondido, Mexico, near the Yucatan Peninsula. His narrative of the 1200 mile journey reveals history and culture of the people he met along the way, and includes more than 200 photos of natural landscapes, roadside architecture and signage, the people. 348pp w/maps, bib., index. Oblong folio, HB/DJ, CLEARANCE:50% OFF= $17.00 ($45.00)


117) Wortham, Louis J., LL.D A HISTORY OF TEXAS: From Wilderness to Commonwealth  (FIVE VOLUMES) 1924, 1st edition, Wortham-Molyneaux Co., Fort Worth. A complete history of the Lone Star State from the days of Spanish and French exploration and conflict through the early 20th Century. V. I=430pp; II = 432pp; III = 448pp; IIII (sic) = 400pp; V = 377pp w/index to all volumes. All volumes illustrated with b & w photographs.  All volumes green cloth boards w/black leather spine and corners, some light scuffing to spines of  some volumes, overall a nice set. Five volumes, the set = 175.00 SOLD


New arrival

118) Carter, Capt. Robert G. THE OLD SERGEANT’S STORY: Winning the West From the Indians and Bad Men in 1870 to 1876  1926, 1st edition, NY.  The reminiscences of Sergeant John B. Charlton who served with Carter in the 4th Cavalry under Col. Ranald S. Mackenzie. The regiment conducted a series of successful operations against the Kiowa, Comanche and Kickapoo Indians on the Texas frontier.  The unit also chased and captured fugitives and deserters and some of these incidents are included. 220pp w/photos. HB red cloth, a clean, tight copy w/faded spine, light wear along the cover boards, exceedingly scarce…….475.00


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