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CATALOG #275: January, 2018
  New, used and rare

1) TEXAS ALMANAC: 2018-2019 (69th edition since 1857)  published by Texas State Historical Association. “The source for all things Texan since 1857.”  Features include: sketch of Texas pre-history to annexation to 1980; natural history;  environment; weather; recreation; sports; all county maps; foldout map of mileages/counties; agriculture; transportation, and so much more! 752pp w/photographs, color maps, data, travel information, charts, calendars,  etc. [multiple-copies available] 1a)   Hardcover…….44.95                                      
                                                                                                                                                                      1b)  Flexbound …….29.95

2) Adams, Ramon F. THE COWMAN SAYS IT SALTY  1971, 1st edition, Tucson.  Illustrated by Vic Donahue.  An interesting, and mostly humorous look at the picturesque speech of the men of the range.  163pp.  HB/DJ…….40.00SOLD

3) [ANONYMOUS] A TWENTIETH CENTURY HISTORY OF SOUTHWEST TEXAS 1907, 1st edition, The Lewis Publishing Co., Chicago. TWO VOLUMES. This massive and comprehensive two-volume work explores the history of the area of Texas south and west of the Guadalupe River, with emphasis on the Borderlands. It has many biographical accounts of local leaders and early settlers of the region, and includes accounts of Spanish occupation and the establishment of Missions; Austin’s and LaSalle’s colonies; much on Coahila-Texas colonial era; the Fredonian Rebellion; Goliad and the Alamo; the Battle at San Jacinto; the Republic years; annexation of Texas; the Civil War and Reconstruction; the cattle industry; the railroads; Laredo; and more.
Two Volumes. 504pp & 538pp w/map, photos [including several interesting early photos of Alamo Plaza]; both volumes indexed. HB both volumes bound in original black cloth and brown leather, and both have been tastefully repaired at the outer rear hinge with brown librarian’s tape, some scuffing to spines, overall a handsome set, and rare…….the set = 1,500.00SOLD

4) [ARCHEOLOGY] )  A FIELD GUIDE TO STONE ARTIFACTS OF TEXAS INDIANS by Ellen Sue Turner and Thomas R. Hester. 2011, completely revised and expanded edition, Lanham.  Identifies and describes over 200 dart and arrow points and stone tools used by prehistoric Indians. Includes charts, geographic distribution maps and reliable age dating information.  351pp w/illustrations, references, appendices. Folio softcover, new [multiple copies available]…..29.95

5) [ARCHEOLOGY] THE ROCK ART OF TEXAS INDIANS by W. W. Newcomb, Jr. 1967, 1st edition, Austin. Paintings by Forrest Kirkland, 32 in full color, 128 in black and white, plus many photos. This book is the result of a decades-long study of rock art in West Texas from the Pecos and Devil’s rivers to the Big Bend and Hueco Tanks northeast of El Paso.  Hundreds of examples of petroglyphs and pictographs are reproduced. 239pp w/appendix, biblio, index. Folio HB/DJ showing light edgewear..95.00 SOLD

6) Ashurst, Ed THE LIFE AND TIMES OF WARNER GLENN: A Glimpse Into the American West 2017, 1st edition, Douglas. Foreword by Baxter Black; pen and ink artwork by Mike Capron; cover photography by Jay Dusard. Intriguing biography of a modern day cowboy, lion hunter, fiddle player, and successful Arizona rancher. 323pp w/many photos. HB/DJ, new [multiple copies available] SIGNED]……………....27.50

7) Barbour, Barton H.  JEDEDIAH SMITH: No Ordinary Mountain Man  2009, 1st edition, Norman.  Through Smith’s logs and diaries, the author gives us an insightful look at the renowned mountain man who was the first Anglo to travel overland to California via the Southwest and roamed through more of the west than anyone of his era. 290pp w/ill, maps, appendix, index. HB/DJ….29.95 SOLD 

8) [BEXAR COUNTY] SAN ANTONIO de BEXAR: A Guide and History compiled and edited by William Corner. 1890, 1st edition, San Antonio. Howes: “Includes an historical sketch written by Sydney Lanier, extracts from Mrs. M. A. Maverick's memoirs and interviews with old settlers." Map of the city’s central portion pasted inside rear cover and a Menger Hotel ad pasted inside front cover. 166pp w/photos, plus a section of ads by many early day San Antonio businesses. HB, green cloth, very good copy…..125.00 SOLD

9) Bieber, Ralph P. [editor] SOUTHERN TRAILS TO CALIFORNIA IN 1849 1937, 1st edition, Arthur H. Clark Co., Southwest Historical Series V, Glendale. Chapter Headings:  Early News of Gold discovery; Advertising Southern Trails; Through Mexico to California; From Texas to the Gold Mines; Through Arkansas and Along the Canadian;  the Cherokee Trail; the Santa Fe Trail.  386pp w/illustrations, foldout map. HB maroon cloth, very good…….50.00

10) [BIG BEND] YONDERINGS: Trails and Memories of the Big Bend by Ben H. English. 2017, 1st edition, Fort Worth. The author grew up in the Big Bend area and looks back on his younger days of exploring the beauty and uniqueness of this remote part of Texas. 223pp w/photos. Trade paperback, new [multiple copies available]…..22.95

11) [BIG BEND]  THE ROMANCE OF DAVIS MOUNTAINS AND BIG BEND COUNTRY: A History  by Carlysle Graham Raht. 1963, 2nd edition, El Paso. An excellent history of the Big Bend and trans-Pecos region of Texas from written records, and firsthand accounts by people who were instrumental in building the region. Much on early exploration, frontier military and Indian wars, Civil War years, Texas Rangers, range history, and more.  381pp w/period photos, index.  HB/DJ…..50.00

12) [BIG BEND] BIG BEND COUNTRY: Land of the Unexpected by Kenneth B. Ragsdale. 1998, 1st edition, College Station.  Profiles many of the people – from curanderas to blood feudists – who make up the recent history of this unique region of Texas. An excellent history. 281pp w/photos, notes, index. HB/DJ……..35.00

13) Blanton, Joseph Edwin [assisted by Watt Reynolds Matthews]  JOHN LARN 1994, 1st limited edition of 502 copies, Albany.  The author of this sketch of Larn’s life was a nephew of Watt Matthews, and grandson of one of the Matthews clan that was accused of murdering John Larn in his jail cell. They take issue with previous writings about the Vigilance committee that killed Larn while he was in jail. 42pp w/photos, endpaper map, chart of Mathews and Reynolds clans. 42pp w/photos, endpaper map, chart of Matthews and Reynolds clans. HB/DJ, scarce…..200.00

14) Bradley, Rusty BRIDLEWISE AND OTHERWISE, Vol. II  1978, 1st edition, Quanah. Calf ropers and bulldoggers and cow people in general are the unwary subjects of this book of entertaining yarns. 104pp w/illustrations by the author. HB/DJ, fine…35.00 SOLD

15) [BRAZORIA COUNTY] A NARRATIVE HISTORY OF BRAZORIA COUNTY by James A. Creighton. 1999, 4th printing, Waco. 533pp w/maps, photos, early history, revolution and Republic years, Civil War and Reconstruction era, muster rolls, appendices, index, much more.  HB faux leather with embossed lettering…..35.00

16) [BROWN COUNTY]. SOMETHING ABOUT BROWN (A History of Brown CountyTexasby T.R. Havins. 1958, 1st edition, Brownwood. Includes chapters on communities, cattle ranching, Texas Rangers, and some mention of John Wesley Hardin and his activities in the area. 208pp w/photos, bibliography, appendix, index.  HB/DJ, fine copy……..55.00

17) Brown, John Henry HISTORY OF TEXAS 1685-1892  1892/18931st edition, L.E. Daniel, Publisher, St. Louis. Two Volumes in original decorated cover.  Jenkins, BTB: “This is the earliest comprehensive history of Texas written by an active participant....Brown collected materials for fifty years, then devoted four entire years to writing his history of Texas.” Considered by his contemporaries as having written “the most thorough, impartial and accurate of Texas ever published” his extensive work still provides a serious tool for serious researchers.  The two volumes are 631 and 591 pages respectively, with photos and maps. Both are hardbacks and have been rebound in brown library cloth bindings with gilt lettering on the spines. The set = 175.00 SOLD

18) Burger, Janna BIRD LIFE OF THE GULF OF MEXICO  2017, 1st edition, College Station. “This is the first volume to weave together a comprehensive overview of the birds and related natural resources found in the Gulf of Mexico.  In total, there are more than 400 bird species that rely on the Gulf at some time during the year.  This landmark reference volume will be immensely important for researchers, conservationists, land managers, birders, and wildlife lovers.” 748pp w/over 900 color photographs, charts, and maps. Folio HB boards with pictorial cover, new [multiple covers available]…….75.00

19) Burrough, Bryan  THE BIG RICH: The Rise and Fall of the Greatest Texas Oil Fortunes  2009, 1st edition, NY.  This book chronicles the rise and fall of the state’s four wealthiest oil fortunes: Roy Cullen, H.L. Hunt, Clint Murchison, and Sid Richardson. 466pp w/photos, notes, bibliography, index. HB/DJ……29.95

20) Burroughs, John Rolfe WHERE the old west stayed young  1962, reprint, NY.  “The remarkable history of Brown’s Park told for the first time, together with an account of the rise and fall of the cattle-range business in northwestern Colorado and Southwestern Wyoming, and much about cattle barons, sheep and sheepmen, forest rangers, range wars, long riders, paid killers, and other bad men.”  376pp w/maps, photos, brands, index.  Folio HB/DJ (dj shipped and showing some edgewear, now in protective cover)……40.00 SOLD

21) Clark, Ira G. THEN CAME THE RAILROADS: The Century From Steam to Diesel in the Southwest  1958, 1st edition, Norman. The story of the penetration of the railroads into the Gulf Southwest. 336pp w/maps, photos, biblio, index. HB..35.00

22) Coe, George W. (as told to Nan Hillary Harrison) FRONTIER FIGHTER: The Autobiography of George W. Coe Who Fought and Rode With Billy the Kid  1934, 1st edition, Boston.  Adams, SIX-GUNS: “Though a good friend of Billy the Kid, the author was never considered an outlaw. As a participant in the Lincoln County War, he gives, I believe, a fairly accurate account of the affair and the Kid’s activities.”  220pp w/photos.  HB nice sound copy, very scarce, SIGNED by Coe in blue ink under his frontispiece portrait……275.00 SOLD

23) Cook, James H. FIFTY YEARS ON THE OLD FRONTIER: As Cowboy, Hunter, Guide, Scout, and Ranchman  1923,     1st edition, Yale University Press, New Haven. Introduction by Brigadier-General Charles King, U.S.V. A classic western frontier narrative with much on cowboys, outlaws, and the Indian wars. Dobie, LIFE AND LITERATURE: “Cook came to Texas soon after the close of the Civil War and became a brush popper on the Frio River.  Nothing better on cow work in the brush country and trail-driving in the seventies has appeared.” The author participated in the cowboy gunfight with New Mexico lawman Elfega Baca and gives a good account of that incident. 291pp w/photos, index.  HB black cloth w/gilt lettering at spine….75.00 SOLD

24) [CROCKETT COUNTY]  OZONA COUNTRY  by Allan R. Bosworth. 1964, 1st edition, NY. Author relates some history of Crockett County along with his own early day experiences in the region. Photos. 238pp w/photos, bibliography.  HB/DJ…30.00

25) [CROSBY COUNTY] Through the Years: A HISTORY OF CROSBY COUNTYTEXAS by Nellie Witt Spikes & Temple Ann Ellis. 1952, 1st  “Premier Edition,” Naylor Co., San Antonio. 493pp with many photos; historical essays and stories related by many early pioneers; ranching histories with many pages of illustrated brands; biographical sketches of many early settlers; index; and much more.  HB, SIGNED by both authors........100.00

26) Delano, Sharon & David Rieff  TEXAS BOOTS  1981, 1st edition, NY.  Preface by Stanley Marcus; photographs by Star Black.  A history of Texas boots and Texas bootmakers. Includes  a consumer’s guide, and details on how boots are made.  173pp w/photos, glossary.  Folio softcover…45.00

27) DeShields, James T. THEY SAT IN HIGH PLACES: The Presidents and Governors of Texas 1940, 1st edition, Naylor Co.,  San Antonio. Biographies of early leaders of Texas. 484pp w/portraits.  HB/DJ, very good copy, scarce……165.00

28) Dethloff, Henry C. [with John A. Adams, Jr.] TEXAS AGGIES GO TO WAR IN SERVICE OF THEIR COUNTRY 2010, 2nd expanded edition, College Station. Foreword by George H. W. Bush. This book “celebrates the school’s distinctive Corps of Cadets and its military contributions while honoring the individual sacrifices of its members. Those who fought and those who remember them will find here a comprehensive account of the distinguished war record of this school.” Includes firsthand narratives. 457pp w/maps, photos, notes, index. Trade paperback, new [multiple copies available]……29.95

29) Dobie, J. Frank THE LONGHORNS 1941, 1st edition, Boston. Illustrations by Tom Lea. A chronicle of the great days of the Longhorn and of that special breed of cowboys who worked them. Reese, SIX-SCORE: “One of the true classics of range cattle literature.” 388pp w/photos, notes, biblio, index. HB w/illustrated cover which has some foxing, lacks dust jacket….100.00

30) [DOBIE, J. FRANK] AN AMERICAN ORIGINAL: The Life of J. Frank Dobie by Lon Tinkle. 1978, 1st limited edition of 250 copies, Boston. 264pp w/photos, index. Laid in is a portrait of Dobie by Tom Lea. HB bound in green leather in slipcase, numbered and SIGNED, as new condition…..185.00 SOLD

31) Dorsey, R. Stephen  THE AMERICAN MILITARY SPUR  2000, 1st printing, Eugene. A detailed, well-illustrated guide for the collector of American military spurs, from the earliest worn during the Revolutionary War, through the Civil and Indian Wars, and into the early 20th century.102pp w/illus, bibliography. Trade paperback, as new, SIGNED………35.00

32) Edwards, Dr. Charlie UP TO MY ARMPITS: Adventures of a West Texas Veterinarian  2002, 1st edition, Marathon.  A cow-doctor’s entertaining memoirs of a practice that spanned fifty years and covered a 200 mile radius around Marfa, Texas. 349pp w/photos, map, illustrations. HB/DJ, …….40.00

33) Elliot, W. J. THE SPURS  1939, 1st edition, Spur.  Adams, RAMPAGING HERD: “A history of this famous ranch by one connected with it.  Privately printed and now quite difficult to come by.”  William Reese in, SIX SCORE, wrote that this book “gives more of the flavor of the Spur ranch than any other book.  The author worked for the Spur outfit, and there are many tales of his own personal experiences and those of his comrades.”  274pp illustrated with original photographs by the author, and brands drawn by Mrs. Cecil Scott. Hardback, green cloth, very good copy…325.00

34) Exley, Jo Ella Powell FRONTIER BLOOD: The Saga of the Parker Family  2009, reprint, College Station. A chronicle of the Parker clan, with some new insight into the last “white” years of Comanche captive, Cynthia Ann.  331pp w/photos, genealogies, notes, bibliography, index. HB/DJ, fine copy…..29.95 SOLD

35) Furukawa, Sam  Durango & Silverton: A Photographic Celebration of America’s Favorite Narrow Gauge Train 
Ride 2009, 1st edition, Santa Fe. A beautiful photographic tour of the railroad. 176pp w/photos, endpaper map. Oblong folio HB…..25.00 SOLD

36) Garrard, Lewis H. WAH-TO-YAH AND THE TAOS TRAIL  1968, reprint edition, Palo Alto. Introduction by Carl Wheat; woodcuts by Mallette Dean A classic memoir about the author’s travels and adventures on the Southern Plains and in the Mexican War.  289pp w/illustrations, endpaper map. HB/DJ…….30.00

37) Gelo, Daniel J. et al COMANCHES AND GERMANS ON THE TEXAS FRONTIER: The Ethnology of Heinrich Berghaus 2017, 1st edition, College Station. A translation of an important 19th-century study of German-Native American relations that reveals valuable insights into Native American languages, and cultural anthropology of three tribes: the Comanches, Soshones and Apaches. 256pp w/maps, ill, Comanche language glossary, bibliography, index. HB/DJ, new [multi-copies available]…34.95

38) Gipson, Fred RECOLLECTION CREEK 1959, 1st printing of this edition “revised for young people by the author,” NY.  Pictures by Carl Burger. A delightful novel about a boy growing up in the Texas Hill Country. 248pp w/illus. HB/DJ, fine copy of a very scarce edition (and a real treasure for Fred Gipson collectors)…..150.00

39) Gipson, Fred HOUND-DOG MAN  1949, 1st edition, NY. Popular novel by the author of Old Yeller. 247pp. HB/DJ very good copy…………55.00

40) Gipson, Fred  THE “COW KILLERS” With The Aftosa Commission in Mexico 1956, 1st edition, Austin.  Drawings by Bill Leftwich who is also the subject of the book. Leftwich worked with the commission in Mexico in the early 1950s to eradicate the hoof-and-mouth epidemic that was coming across the border.  He recorded his experiences--some quite dangerous--with pen-and-ink. 130pp with 40 illustrations.  Folio HB/DJ w/edgewear, INSCRIBED/SIGNEDand an original drawing by Leftwich…….55.00 SOLD

41) Glasscock, C.B. THEN CAME OIL: The Story of the Last Frontier 1938, 1st edition, Bridgeport. A lot of early Oklahoma history and the advent of oil and its affect on the state. 239pp w/endpaper maps, photos, index. HB…30.00SOLD

42) Gore, Thomas, et al HORSE OWNER’S VETERINARY HANDBOOK 2008, 3rd edition, Hoboken. Comprehensive horse care book: infectious disease; alternative therapies; breeding and foaling; behavioral findings; toxins; cancer & parasites; much more. 686pp w/illus, appendices, index. HB/DJ….30.00 SOLD

43) Goyne, Minetta Altgelt A LIFE AMONG THE TEXAS FLORA: Ferdinand Lindheimer’s Letters to George Engelmann  1991, 1st edition, College Station. Lindheimer, a German emigrant to the Republic of Texas, became known as “The Father of Texas Botany.”  His letters offer a unique view of his excitement in finding new species and oddities, and his frustrations with immigration politics and the difficulties of life on the frontier. 236pp w/illustrations, notes, bibliography, index. HB/DJ, as new….44.50

44) Green, Ben K. THE VILLAGE HORSE DOCTOR: West of the Pecos 1971, 1st limited edition of 250 copies, NY.  Doc Green spins humorous yarns about his time spent around Fort Stockton, Texas, as a practicing horse doctor. 306pp. HB fine in a fine slipcase, numbered and  SIGNED…..145.00

45) Green, Ben K. A THOUSAND MILES OF MUSTANGIN’  1972, 1st edition, Flagstaff.  Illustrated by Joe Beeler. Author recounts a raucous adventure when he went after Mustangs in Texas’ Big Bend country and ended up in the mountains of Mexico.  145pp w/illustrations. HB/DJ, very good copy…..55.00
                45b) Another edition – A Thousand Miles of Mustangin’—1972, 2nd printing, Flagstaff. HB/DJ dust jacket chipped at top 
                       around spine, otherwise very good…..25.00 SOLD

46) Green, Ben K. HORSE CONFORMATION as to Soundness and Performance  1975, 1st printing of the revised edition, Flagstaff. Robert A. Wilson, in his Ben K. Green bibliography: “This work is the separately published collection of Green’s articles on the structure and function of the horse which he published serially in issues of The Tally Book…[and in 1963] the articles were published together, in different format, as the first part of the book Horse Conformation [and] Hoss Trades of Yesteryear.” This edition contains an additional chapter, “How to Tell the True Age of a Horse by the Teeth,” which did not appear in the first edition. 80pp w/illustrations. HB/DJ fine copy…..50.00

47) [GREEN, BEN K.] BEN K. GREEN: A Descriptive Bibliography of Writings By and About Him by Robert A. Wilson (with a forward by Jenkins Garrett) 1977, 1st edition, Flagstaff.  An indispensable source book for Ben Green collectors.  Throughout, Wilson “renders warm, personal glimpses of Doc Green as a writer and individual.”  HB/DJ…..40.00

48) Haley, J. Evetts THE HERALDRY OF THE RANGE: Some Southwestern Brands 1949, 1st edition, Canyon.  Designed and printed by Carl Hertzog; illustrations by H. D. Bugbee. Chronicles the origins of seven noted ranch brands, including the JA, XIT, Matadors, 101, Cross L, JJ, and the Bells of New Mexico. 35pp. Folio HB/DJ, very good, quite scarce in cloth……..350.00

  49) Haley, J. Evetts  THE XIT RANCH OF TEXAS, and the Early Days of the Llano Estacado  1929, 1st edition, Lakeside Press, Chicago. Chandler Robinson, J. EVETTS HALEY and the Passing of the Old West:  “The first edition consisted of 1,380 copies, and was withdrawn from circulation soon after it was published.” Jenkins, BASIC TEXAS BOOKS: “Haley’s first book, this is nevertheless one of the best examples of his scholarship. John L. McCarty called it ‘a monumental work’ and Chandler Robinson [Haley bibliographer] termed it ‘an epic account of the largest and most famous ranching operation of the early West.  It is one of the most highly regarded landmarks in the literature of the cattle country.’... Shortly after publication, Haley and the owners were sued for libel by members of the Spikes family, about whom defamatory remarks were made in the chapter entitled “A Long Fight For Law.” The book was withdrawn from circulation and lawsuits ensued.” One of the rarest and most highly sought after books on the cattle range. 261pp w/photos, appendix, index. Hardback, green cloth w/decoration (no dust jacket, as issued), rear hinge partially cracked, and there’s tiny nick at bottom of spine, otherwise a very good copy, and very scarce…..975.00

50) Haley, J. Evetts SOME SOUTHWESTERN TRAILS 1948, 1st “El Paso Edition” limited to 750 copies with the standard Bugbee title page (see Chandler Robinson, J. Evetts Haley and the Passing of the Old West) San Angelo. Designed and printed by Carl Hertzog; illustrations by Harold D. Bugbee. 30pp unnumbered. Oblong folio HB, tan cloth with two tiny 1/4 inch spots on back cover, otherwise a very good copy…..125.00

51) Haley, J. Evetts GEORGE W. LITTLEFIELD: Texan 1943, 1st edition, Norman. Drawings by Harold D. Bugbee. Adams, SIX-GUNS: “Another good biography of a well-known Texas cattleman.”  Littlefield was a Confederate veteran (rode with Terry’s Rangers) who “trailed Longhorns to Kansas, opened huge ranges in the Texas Panhandle, grazed thousands of cattle on the Pecos, and discovered that money could also be made across a bank counter.” [He was a prolific benefactor to the University of Texas, and they took down the statues he donated.] 287pp w/ill, index. HB/DJ, SIGNED…………..225.00
                51b) Another copy – George W. Littlefield: Texas – 1943, 1st edition, HB/DJ (dj slightly worn)  not signed....125.00

52) Haley, J. Evetts THE ALAMO MISSION BELL 1974, 1st limited edition of 1000 copies, Midland.  Haley recounts the story of five Texans who, in 1974, pooled their credit and bought back the Alamo Mission Bell that had somehow wound up with an antique dealer in Tennessee. There is also a retelling of the Alamo’s part in the Texas Revolution.  HB, (no jacket as issued)….40.00 SOLD

53) Hassrick, Peter H. FREDERIC REMINGTON: Paintings, Drawings, and Sculpture in the Amon Carter Museum... 1973, 1st edition, NY. Foreword by Ruth Carter Johnson. 94 illustrations, including 60 in full-color--some are foldouts.   Large folio HB/DJ nice copy………………..35.00 SOLD

54) Hodge, Richard D. TEXAS BLOOD: Seven ‘Generations Among the Outlaws, Ranchers, Indians, Missionaries, Soldiers and Smugglers of the Borderlands 2017, 1st edition, NY.  An illuminating history of the author’s family who settled along the border in Val Verde County.  Included in this memoir he gives his impressions of other parts of Texas. 353pp w/biblio, photos, index. HB/DJ, new [multiple copies available]………28.95

55) Hopkins, Ellen M.  YATES: A Family, A Company, and Some Cornfield Geology  2000, 1st edition, np. A history of the Yates Petroleum Corporation of West Texas and New Mexico, and the family that made it successful. 144pp w/photos, index, and foldout Yates genealogical chart in rear. Folio HB blue cloth w/silver decorations, SIGNED…….70.00 SOLD

56) Hulse, J.F. TEXAS LAWYER: The Life of William H. Burges 1982, 1st edition, Mangan Books, El Paso. Burges began his law practice in El Paso in 1889.  His long career lasted until afterworld War II, and he was active in many important cases, including The Chinese Exclusion Act case, extradition case, cases involving international law growing out of the Mexican Revolution, the I.W.W. deportation case, antitrust suits, and many others. Also recounts a confrontation with John Wesley Hardin. 394pp w/photos, index. HB/DJ, fine copy, SIGNED……35.00 SOLD

57) Hunt, Frazier  CAP MOSSMAN: Last of the Great Cowmen  1951, 1st edition, NY. Illustrations by Ross Santee.  Life story of Mossman who, in his younger days, worked on ranches in New Mexico and Arizona–including the Hash Knife outfit, where he routed a deadly gang of rustlers–before forming his own vast cattle company.  277pp. HB lacks dust jacket…..55.00

58) Ivey, Darren L. THE RANGER IDEAL: Texas Rangers in the Hall of Fame, Volume 1  2017, 1st edition, UNT Press, Denton. This volume presents capsule biographies of the seven inductees who served Texas before the Civil War. He begins with Stephen F. Austin, “the Father of Texas,” who laid the foundations of the Ranger service, and then covers John C. Hays, Ben McCulloch, Samuel H. Walker, William A. A. “Bigfoot” Wallace, John S. Ford, and Lawrence Sul Ross. It is the first of a planned three-volume series covering all of the Texas Rangers inducted into the Hall of Fame and Museum in Waco, Texas. 672pp w/illus, endnotes, biblio, index. HB/DJ, new [multi-copies available]………39.95

59) Jacobs, Pat OUTLAWS, OUTCASTS, AND Second Chance Horses: The Pat Jacobs Story 2008, 1st edition, Azle. An enter-taining autobiography of a “true legend in the cutting horse business,” with a look back at cutting horse competition during the “good old days.” 384pp w/illustrations. Softcover…….25.00

60) Jennings, N.A. A TEXAS RANGER  1930, 3rd printing of the  revised edition, Dallas. Forward by J. Frank Dobie. “An authentic account of McNelly’s famous Rangers--by a member of the company.”  Adams, SIX-GUNS: “The first edition is exceedingly scarce, and the reprints are also becoming scarce. The book contains much material on Texas gunmen, such as John Wesley Hardin and King Fisher, and the Taylor-Sutton Feud and other border troubles.” Plus material on Sam Bass and Ben Thompson. HB/DJ (dust jacket has large chip at flap crease, in protective cover)……45.00 SOLD
                60b) Another edition – A Texas Ranger by N.A. Jennings –1960 facsimile reproductions published by Ed Bartholomew’s 
                       Frontier Book Co., Ruidoso. This edition lacks the Dobie intro. 321pp SIGNED by Bartholomew….30.00

61) Jennings, Nathan A. RIDING FOR THE LONE STAR: Frontier Cavalry and the Texas Way of War, 1822-1865  2016, 1st edition, Denton. “Drawing upon military reports, participants’ memoirs, and government documents, Jennings analyzes the evolu-tion of Texan militarism from tribal clashes of colonial Tejas, territorial wars of the Texas Republic, the Mexican-American War, border conflicts of antebellum Texas, and the cataclysmic Civil War.” Emphasis on the historic rise of the Texas Rangers. 402pp w/illus, notes, biblio, index. HB/DJ, new …..32.95

62) Jones Tom [engraved, printed and copyrighted by] THE LAST OF THE BUFFALO Comprising a History of the Buffalo Herd of the Flathead Reservation and an account of the Great Roundup, With Illustrations  1909, 1st edition, Scenic Souvenirs, Cincinnati. Documents the story of the foundation and development of the Flathead Buffalo herd along with numerous photos of the actual roundup. 32pp w/photos. 5-1/8” by 13-1/2” string-tied decorative wrappers—the over-sized fore-edges a little worn, otherwise a very good copy in a protective sleeve, very scarce….150.00

63) Kelton, Elmer PERMIAN: A Continuing Saga  1985, 1st limited edition of 300 copies, Midland. Kelton traces the rich  history of the vast Permian Basin region and describes the action taking place in each of fourteen full-color illustrations by artist, Tom Lovell. [The paintings are: “Salt Bearers at Lake Juan Cordona,” “Trading at the Pecos Pueblo,” “Cabeza de Vaca,” “Coronado’s Expedition,” “Governor’s Palace, Santa Fe,” Horsehead Crossing of the Pecos River,” “Camels in Texas,” “Captain Pope’s Well,” “Comanche Moon,” “Fast Mail to Carlsbad,” “Free Lunch on the Slaughter Ranch,” “Plane Table Party Northeast of McCamey,” “A Bride’s Home at a Wildcat Well,” “A Trade at Midnight.”]  Includes a history of the Petroleum Museum in Midland, and biographical sketches of the members of the “Petroleum Hall of Fame.”  127pp Oblong folio HB, black cloth w/gold embossed lettering in black slipcase, fine copy,  SIGNED by Lovell……..225.00

64) Kime, Wayne R. [editor] THE INDIAN TERRITORY JOURNALS OF COLONEL RICHARD IRVING DODGE 2000, 1st edition, Norman. These journals provide an important account of conditions on the Cheyenne-Arapaho reservation in Indian Territory from 1878 to 1882.486pp w/illus, bibliography, appendices, index. HB/DJ, near fine copy……35.00 SOLD

65) King, Grace, et al  FROM MUSKETS TO MOHAIR: The History of Fort Terrett  1992, 1st limited edition of 1500 copies, Waco. Original drawings by Clyde Heron. This book gives a complete history of this little known pre-Civil War frontier outpost (1852-1854). Located in Sutton county, it has long been a part of the Fort Terrett Ranch headquarters.  Includes frontier military routine and fort operations; biographical sketches of men who served at the fort; background of the ranch and its landowners; one chapter on “Redskins, Rustlers, and Rangers;” cowboys and sheepherders; and a look at the ranch in modern times.  An important contribution to the history of West Texas’ settlement and ranching.  In two sections-- Part One: The Fort; Part Two: The Ranch. 301pp w/many photos (some in color), maps, notes, bibliography, index. Hardback w/gilt lettering and design, scarce…..75.00

66) Kuhlman,  Jim W.THE HISTORY of the NANCE HEREFORD RANCH 1996, 1st edition, privately printed by the author.  A history of the ranch east of Canyon Texas and which made up part of Palo Duro Canyon.  The Owners came to Randall County from Lavaca County and raised Herford cattle. Includes some history on the development of Randall County, much on the Hereford line developed by the Nance family; and genealogy of the Nances and offshoots; much more. 593pp w/ills. Notes. Folio softcover in a protective cover, uncommon…….150.00

67) Lackey, Jerry HOMESTEAD: Pioneers of Texas’ Frontier, Volume V  2017, 1st edition, Ballinger. In this newest edition of Lackey’s successful series of ranching biographies he describes the history of several famous cattle trails, including the Goodnight-Loving Trail, the Chisholm and Chisum Trails, and the Western. Many of the family ranching biographies in this issue are located in Texas’ Trans-Pecos region. 290pp w/illustrations, index. Trade paperback, new [multiple copies available] SIGNED…..24.95
[NOTE: SIGNED copies of Volumes I through IV are also available at $24.95 each]

68) [LAMB COUNTY, TEXAS] THE HERITAGE OF LAMB COUNTY, TEXAS compiled by Mardema Ogletree. 549pp w/map endpaper, photos, historical articles, many family biographies, index. Folio HB black cloth w/pictorial cover……..85.00

69) Lehmann, Val W. BOBWHITES IN THE RIO GRANDE PLAIN OF TEXAS 1984, 1st edition, College Station. Illustrated  by Nancy McGowan. A complete guide to the bobwhite quail of South Texas: life habits and needs, environmental controls,  predators; recommendations, much more. 371pp w/maps, illustrations, photos, appendices, index. Folio HB/DJ…..85.00

70) [LUBBOCK COUNTY] A PICTORIAL HISTORY OF LUBBOCK, TEXAS, 1880-1950 1976, #52 of a limited 1st edition, Lubbock. A good history of the plains town, which is the hub of the Texas Panhandle. Many period photos. 80pp w/bibliography. Folio HB bound in leather with decorated cover, fine copy……75.00

71) Lummis, Charles [edited by James W. Byrkit] LETTERS FROM THE SOUTHWEST: September 20, 1884, to March 14, 1885  1989, 1st edition, Tucson. Introductory essay by Byrkit.  Lummis set out on foot in the fall of 1884 and chronicled his thoughts and observations of the Southwest. These letters published in an Eastern newspaper established Lummis as the most active promoter of the Southwest.  309pp w/endpaper map, illus, Lummis bibliography, index. HB/DJ, fine copy…..30.00

72) [MADISON COUNTY, TEXAS] A HISTORY OF MADISON COUNTY, TEXAS 1984, 1st edition, Dallas. 657pp w/many photos, historical articles, family histories, index.  Folio HB black leather binding w/pictorial front cover....125.00

73) Malsch, Brownson LONE WOLF: Captain M. T. Gonzaullas  1980, 1st edition, Austin. During his tenure, Gonzaullas was the only hispanic captain in the ranger force, and this book chronicles his long and eventful career from 1920-1951. 224pp w/photos,  index. HB/DJ. Very good copy………45.00

74) Martin, James C. & Rodney Sidney Martin MAPS OF TEXAS AND THE SOUTHWEST, 1513-1900 1999, 2nd edition, TSHA, Austin. Reproduced here are fifty maps that represent every historically significant map of Texas and the Southwest from 1513 to 1900. 174pp w/sources, suggested reading, index. Oblong folio HB/DJ, …..45.00

75) McAfee, W.R. THE CATTLEMEN 1989, 1st edition, Alvin. The story of the Reid brothers who founded the Eleven Bar 11 ranch in the Barrilla Mountains northeast of Fort Davis.  266pp w/map, photos, index. HB/DJ, SIGNED……..55.00

76) McDowell, Catherine W. [editor] NOW YOU HEAR MY HORN: The Journal of James Wilson Nichols, 1820-1887  1967, 1st  trade edition, Austin. Designed by Carl Hertzog; map by Jose Cisneros.  Jenkins, BASIC TEXAS BOOKS: “This most spirited and forthright of all Texas memoirs is one of the most delightful American pioneer narratives ever written. Frontiersman Nichols gives us an unvarnished account of life in frontier Texas, with no holds barred. His narrative is humorous, bold, gruesome, opinionated, and revealing.”  Nichols served under McCulloch in the Mexican War, was a Ranger under Jack Hays and fought in many Indian battles. HB/DJ nice copy…..85.00 SOLD

77) Meinzer, Wyman with Henry Chappell UNDER ONE FENCE: The Waggoner Ranch Legacy 2010, 1st edition, Benjamin. A modern look at legendary Waggoner Ranch through the lens of Meinzer’s camera: the landscape, working cowboys, much more. Includes some black-and-white period photos from the ranch’s earlier days.180pp. Folio HB/DJ, fine copy……185.00

78) [MENARD COUNTY] FOREVER MENARD: The Story of Menard County, Texas, and the City of Menard edited by Gus Clemens.  2016, 1st edition, San Angelo. A collection of stories, historical articles, and folklore written by students of Menard High School from 1979 to 1988. The project was directed by English teacher Patsy Miller, who was inspired by the popular 1970s era FOXFIRE books, an education effort in a rural county school in Georgia. There are four sections: 1) Menard History; 2) Menard Places; 3) Menard Stories; 4) Menard History.  448pp w/endpaper maps, two additional maps inside, index. Beautiful hardback bound in faux leather with gold lettering on front and spine, new [multiple copies available]…………….39.95
79) [MENARD COUNTY] FOREVER MENARD: The Lost Stories  edited by Gus Clemens. 2017, 1st edition, San Angelo. More stories, historical articles and folklore about Menard county that were inspired by Patsy Miller, English teacher at Menard High School. 252pp w/endpaper maps, index. Bound in faux leather with gold lettering on front and spine, new [multi-copies available]……34.95

80) Miller, W. Henry PIONEERING NORTH TEXAS 1953, 1st edition, Naylor Co., San Antonio. The story of the author ancestors who settled in the Republic of Texas in 1844, and their many hardships—Indian massacres and depredations, droughts, outlaws and cattle rustling, white renegades and army deserters, political intrigue, and the “hovering black clouds of the Civil War.” Also gives a good look at everyday life of the pioneers. 303pp w/map, bibliography, index. HB/DJ very good…..150.00

81) Mount, Houston Faust, II OILFIELD REVOLUTIONARY: The Career of Everette Lee DeGolyer 2014, 1st edition, College Station. “This account of DeGolyer’s life covers the period from his training with the United States Geological Survey in the American West, to his geological exploration of Mexico during the Revolution of the 1910s, his pioneering investment in geophysical prospecting technologies, and his work on behalf of the United States government in World War II, including a ground-breaking mission to the Middle East.” His estate forms the heart of the Dallas Arboretum near White Rock Lake. 330pp w/maps, photos notes, index. HB/DJ, as new……..32.95

82) Murrah, David J. THE PITCHFORK LAND AND CATTLE COMPANY: The First Century  1983, 1st edition, Lubbock.  A study of the Texas ranch with 60 photographs, many that had never before been published. 78pp w/map endpapers, notes, historical chronology, index. Oblong folio HB/DJ, SIGNED….70.00
                82b) Another copy – Pitchfork Land And Cattle Company – 1st edition, HB/DJ, not signed……55.00

83) Murrah, David J. C.C. SLAUGHTER: Rancher, Banker, Baptist 1981, 1st edition, Austin. Biography of the innovative West Texas rancher who, from 1877 to 1905, increased his holdings to over a million acres. 173pp w/photos, map, index. HB/DJ [dust jacket scuffed, lightly worn]……50.00 SOLD

84) Nettles, Gala DOC BAR 2002, reprint edition, Boyd. A quote from the cover by Don Dodge: [Doc Bar] “brought to the cutting horse world the quickness and lateral movement that was not previously seen. By doing so, he increased the demand for cutting horses as well as their value.” 125pp w/color and black-and-white photos. Folio softcover, fine …………….35.00 SOLD

85) Newhall, Beaumont & Diana E. Edkins  WILLIAM H. JACKSON 1974, 1st edition, Amon Carter Museum, Fort Worth. This monograph of one of America’s greatest photographers includes more than 100 of Jackson’s photographs; a chronology of his career; and an extensive bibliography of his work. 158pp w/photographs. Folio HB/DJ, near fine copy….35.00

86) Nye, Nelson C. CHAMPIONS OF THE QUARTER TRACKS 1950, 1st edition, NY. “A practical study, a reference book and breeding guide, and an illustrated biography of the ‘short horse’.” Includes biographical sketches of 31 of the most memorable horses in racing: Pelican, Shue Fly, Barbra B, Miss Panama, etc. 240pp w/photos, appendix, index. HB/DJ….50.00 SOLD

87) Oates, Stephen B. [editor] RIP FORD’S TEXAS 1987, 2nd printing, Austin. Jenkins, BASIC TEXAS BOOKS: “...personal memoirs of one of the most colorful Texans of his time.” Ford came to Texas just after San Jacinto and participated in the Republic era, the Indian wars, the Mexican War, the South Texas border wars, the Civil War, and the post-war Reconstruction era. A detailed biography of Ford precedes his personal memoirs. 519pp w/appendices, bibliography, index.  HB/DJ……..30.00

88) O’Keeffe, Georgia  GEORGIA O’KEEFFE: A Studio Book  1976, 1st edition, NY. This comprehensive volume consists of 108 color plates along with text written by the author. Elephant folio (12” X 17”) cloth, HB/DJ…50.00 SOLD

89) Overton, Joice I.  COWBOY BITS AND SPURS: With Values  1997, 1st edition, Atglen. In this book the author describes in detail the actual usage, background and value of cowboy bits and spurs and many other accessories. 160pp with over 430 photographs, helpful illustrations, and diagrams. Folio HB/DJ…….40.00 SOLD

90) [PALO PINTO COUNTY] THE PALO PINTO STORY by Mary Whatley Clarke.  1952, 1st edition, Fort Worth.  A pioneer history of the county with accounts of Indian fights and depredations; includes information on Oliver Loving and Charles Goodnight who were early ranchmen in the county; much more. 172pp with photo section, index. HB/DJ very good copy, SIGNED….250.00

91) Parsons, Chuck  CAPTAIN JOHN R. HUGHES: Lone Star Ranger 2011, 1st edition, Denton. Foreword by Robert K. DeArment. This newest biography of the intrepid Ranger sheds new light on his life before he became a Texas Ranger, including information on his love interest, though he never married. He served from 1887 until his retirement in 1915, after receiving more awards and honors than any other Texas Ranger, before or since. 416pp w/photos, notes, bib, index. HB/DJ…….29.95

92) [PRESIDIO COUNTY] MARFA: The Transformation of a Texas Town 2017, 1st edition, Austin. “…explores how small-town Marfa, Texas, has become a landmark arts destination and tourist attraction, despite—and because of—its remote location in the immense Chihuahuan desert.” 196pp w/illustrations, notes, index. HB/DJ, new [multi-copies available]….24.95

93) Rak, Mary Kidder A COWMAN’S WIFE 1993, 1st printing of the 2nd edition, Texas State Historical Association, Austin. A new introduction by Sandra L. Myres. A Range classic.  A significant addition to the literature of the Western experience and the important role of women in that experience. The author and her husband ranched near Douglas, Arizona, beginning in 1919. 301pp w/illus, index. HB/DJ, new [multiple copies available]…..29.95

  94) [RANDALL COUNTY] THE RANDALL COUNTY STORY from 1541 to 1910 by Mrs. Clyde W. Warwick. 1969, 1st edition,  Hereford.  Includes information on Charles Goodnight and the JA Ranch; Palo Duro Canyon; the Marcy expedition; Gen. Ranald Mackenzie; pioneers, ranching; more. 357pp w/photos, index to pioneers. Folio HB w/pictorial cover......85.00 SOLD

95) Rathmell, William  LIFE OF THE MARLOWS: A True Story of Frontier Life of Early Days Edited and with an introduction and annotations by Robert K. DeArment. 2004, reprint edition, University of North Texas Press. This book recounts the violent lives of the five Marlow brothers of Young County who were the inspiration for the John Wayne movie, The Sons of Katie Elder. 206pp w/photos, biblio, index. Trade paperback, new……14.95

96) Remley, David  BELL RANCH: Cattle Ranching in the Southwest, 1824-1947  1993, 1st edition, Albuquerque. A detailed study and history of  this northeastern New Mexico ranch that once encompassed three-quarters of a million acres. 393pp w/map. photos, notes, index. HB/DJ, very good copy…….85.00

97) Rister, Carl Coke SOUTHERN PLAINSMEN  1938, 1st  edition, Norman. A resourceful history of how pioneers coped with life and hardships on the Great Plains--Indian raids and buffalo hunting, wagon trains, sod house hospitality, frontier justice, frontier schools, and more. 289pp w/photos, biblio, index.  HB/DJ, faint water stain at bottom margin of most of text, SIGNED….45.00 as is

98) ROBERTS COUNTY] A HISTORY OF MIAMI AND ROBERTS COUNTY  1976, 1st edition, np. 461pp w/photos, maps,  historical articles, many family histories. Folio HB bound in leather w/pictorial cover…..125.00

99) Robertson, Frank C. A RAM IN THE THICKET 1959, 1st edition, NY. The compelling story of a roaming family on the Mormon frontier in Idaho at the turn of the 20th century. Introduction by Mari Sandoz. 312pp w/frontispiece. HB/DJ this copy SIGNED by the author with am inscription to cartoonist Ace Reid………27.00

100) Robinson, Charles M., III THE BUFFALO HUNTERS  1995, 1st edition, State House Press. A well-written account of the extermination of the American bison, with photos of range photographer L.S. Huffman, and rare reproductions of the long-lost plates of photographer George Robertson taken during an 1874 hunt. 162pp w/notes, bibliography, index.  Folio HB/DJ….48.00 SOLD

101) Rogers, Mondel OLD RANCHES OF THE TEXAS PLAINS 1976, 1st edition, College Station.  Foreword by Mitchell A. Wilder. With 80 beautiful paintings--57 in full-color--Mondel presents a unique record of the development of ranch architecture on the West Texas Plains. Many old historical structures are here in artistic detail: Palo Duro Camp, the old LX dugout; Matador Ranch headquarters, the Four Sixes barn, many old ranch mansions, and more. 124pp. Oblong folio HB/DJ, nice copy….55.00

102) Rolle, Andrew  JOHN CHARLES FREMONT: Character as Destiny 1991, 1st edition, Norman. Fremont’s adventurous and controversial career included exploration, in which he led five expeditions into the American West, as a Republican candidate for president, as one of Californian’s first two senators, as a Civil War General, and the territorial governor of Arizona.351pp w/illus-trations, notes, bibliography, index. HB/DJ…..35.00

103) Rollinson: John K. WYOMING CATTLE TRAILS: History of the Migration of Oregon-Raised Herds to Mid-Western Markets  1948, 1st limited edition of 1000 copies, Caldwell. The story of the eastward movement of Oregon cattle, the later destruction of open-range grazing, the development of the Wyoming Cattle Growers’ Association, and the final influx of sheep growers and dry farmers. Includes a chapter on the Johnson County War, plus information on the hanging of Cattle Kate and Jim Averill. and material on Tom Horn and the Wild Bunch.  366pp w/3maps and forty photos, many by L.A. Huffman, appendices, index. HB/DJ nice copy, numbered and SIGNED…..175.00

104) Rozelle, Ron EXILED: The Last Days of Sam Houston  2017, 1st edition, College Station. This masterful biography focuses on Houston’s twilight years while he lived in Huntsville. “This book is aimed at a general audience, not an academic one.” 205pp w/notes, index. HB/DJ, new [multiple copies available]……29.95

105) Saum, Lewis O. THE FUR TRADER AND THE INDIAN  1965, 1st edition, Seattle. A comprehensive study of the old-time fur traders and their relationship with the Indians they traded with.  324pp w/map, notes, biblio, index. HB/DJ…28.00 SOLD

106) Sheehy, Sandy  TEXAS BIG RICH: Exploits, Eccentricities, and Fabulous Fortunes Won And Lost  1990, 1st edition, NY. The fantastic stories of the oil-rich, the cattle-rich and the computer-rich. 415pp w/illus, biblio, index. HB/DJ…..18.00 SOLD

107) Sprague, Kurth  THE PROMISE KEPT 1975, 1st edition, Encino Press, Austin. Drawings by John Groth. A series of narra-tive poems that give a negative view of the white man’s conquest of the West. 97pp w/notes, bib. Folio cloth w/acetate cover..40.00

108) Stanley, F. THE EARLY DAYS OF THE OIL INDUSTRY IN THE TEXAS PANHANDLE, 1919-1929  1973, 1st edition, Borger.  Explores the history and boom days of oil discovery and development in the Texas Panhandle towns of Amarillo, Borger and Pampa. 414pp w/index.  HB/DJ near fine copy, SIGNED; very scarce……185.00 SOLD

109) Steffen, Randy UNITED STATES MILITARY SADDLES, 1812-1943 1973, 1st edition, Norman. A detailed reference work on all types of saddles used by the military up through World War II.  Includes text and 74 line drawings by the author. 158pp, w/index.  Folio HB/DJ,  very good……45.00

110) Sterling, William Warren TRAILS AND TRIALS OF A TEXAS RANGER  1968, 2nd edition, Norman. Sterling spends the first half of the book telling of his Ranger service during the early part of the 20th-century along the Mexican border and in the Texas oilfield boomtowns. The balance of the book has chapters on L. S. Ross, Sam Bass, John H. Rogers, Capt. John R. Hughes, Frank Hamer, James B. Gillett, Gregorio Cortez, and other notables. 524pp with many photos, biblio. HB/no DJ…..55.00

111) Stoecklein, David R.[photography] COWBOY GEAR: A Photographic Portrayal of the Early Cowboys and their Equipment  1993, 2nd edition, Ketchum. A guide to cowboy gear that shows how it looks, how it was used, and why certain craftsmen’s gear was preferred over others. It covers everything from branding irons to ropes. 228pp w/photos, endpaper map, glossary, bibliography, technical notes. Oblong folio softcover……40.00 SOLD

112) [TEXAS PANHANDLE] MEMORY CUPS OF PANHANDLE PIONEERSby Millie Jones Porter.  1945, 1st edition, Clarendon.  A rare history centered around Wheeler County and her relationship with surrounding counties, filled with first person memories, biographies, stories of Indian depredations and fights, pioneer negroes, ranching and cowboys, religion, prohibition, oil industry, newspapers, a chapter on brands, much more. Excellent source for researching pioneers of the Eastern Texas Panhandle.  648pp w/illustrations, appendix, index. HB, brown cloth w/minor scuffing around the spine, exceedingly scarce……350.00 SOLD

114) Thorp, Raymond W. & Robert Bunker  CROW KILLER: The Saga of Liver-Eating Johnson  1958, 1st edition, Bloomington.  Johnson was a recluse mountain man whose Indian wife was killed by Crow warriors. History, laced with legend and folklore about him, alleges he tracked down, killed, scalped, and ate the livers of over 300 Crow Indians in retaliation. 190pp w/endpaper maps. HB/DJ [dust jacket has a 1 inch chip at spine, otherwise a near fine copy] scarce…55.00 SOLD

115) [TOM GREEN COUNTY]  TOM GREEN COUNTY: Chronicles Of Our Heritage TWO VOLUMES  2003, 1st edition, Abilene.  Volume One (566pp): “General History” with maps and photos. Includes historical articles about Fort Concho; pioneer biographical sketches; community histories; farming and ranching; much more. Volume Two (528pp): “Family Histories.” 
Each volume indexed. Both volumes folio hardbacks bound in green cloth with gold embossed lettering, as new, the set = 125.00

116) Ulph, Owen THE FIDDLEBACK: Lore of the Line Camp 1995, reprint, San Francisco. The author was a cowboy for the central Nevada Ranch, Fiddleback. This collection of his memoirs “has become a classic of cowboy lore, filled with unforgettable characters, acid wit, and cosmic good humor.” 186pp.  HB/DJ, very good……..35.00 SOLD

117) [UVALDE COUNTY] OLDTIMERS: Their Own Stories by Florence Fenley. 1939, 1st edition, Uvalde..  “Frontier days in Uvalde Section of South West Texas.”  Early day pioneers recall their lives on the South Texas frontier. The many firsthand frontier stories in this book are great for browsing. 266pp w/photos, index. HB/DJ, a very good copy in the rare dust jacket, scarce…..175.00 SOLD

118) Wilkinson, D. Marion NOT BETWEEN BROTHERS 1996, 1st edition [1/5,500], Albany.  Epic novel set in early Texas.  680pp. HB/DJ, author’s first book, SIGNED……….35.00

119) Williams, Clayton W. TEXAS’ LAST FRONTIER: Fort Stockton and the Trans-Pecos, 1861-1895 1982, 1st  edition, College Station. A chronological, narrative history of the settling of the Texas frontier from the time the Fort Stockton post was abandoned to Confederate units in 1861 through the Indian battles for control of the region, to the time when frontier order arrived.  457pp w/maps, illustrations, photos, biblio, index. HB/DJ, inscribed/SIGNED……..55.00

120) ALL SOLD NATIONAL LIVE STOCK GROWERS--The following publications were published by the Denver, Colorado, Chamber of Commerce and presented to the Live Stock Association.  They contain the full text of speeches and presentations at each convention, along with tables, graphs, maps and photos.  The first four listed contain a lot of information on Denver and Colorado resources, including a lot on the railroad companies of the area. 
                120a) Proceedings for the Convention....January 25, 26 & 27, 1898 (Includes organization of  the National Live Stock 
                        Association of the United States.) Softcover, covers tattered and loose, all text is intact......25.00
                120b) Proceedings of the Second Annual Convention...Jan. 24, 25, 26 & 27, 1899. 453pp. hardcover w/one loose 
                         signature, all text intact.....35.00
                120c) Proceedings of the Third Annual Convention... Jan. 16, 17, 18 & 19. 1900. 528pp. Softcover, covers tattered and 
                         loose, all text intact.......25.00
                120d) Proceedings of the Fifth Annual Convention...Dec. 3, 4, 5, 6. [Title Page has 1901; cover           spine has 1902] 
                         Chicago., IL.  601pp. Hardback......35.00
                120e) Proceedings of the Sixth Annual Convention and Annual Report...Jan. 13, 14, 15, 16, 1903. Kansas City, Mo. 
                         462pp. Hardback.....35.00
                120f) Proceedings of the Eighth Annual Convention...Including a report of the Conference between Special Land 
                        Commission and Stockmen, Aug. 3-5, 1904....Jan 10, 11, 12, 13, Denver. 400pp, Softcover......35.00