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CATALOG #323, January, 2022



1) TEXAS ALMANAC: 2022-2023 (71st edition since 1857) published by Texas State Historical Association. Edited by Rosie Hatch. Features include natural history (with a greatly expanded article on the wildlife found throughout the state, which includes an updated and revised list of mammals and all new lists of birds, reptiles, amphibians, and fish by Dr. Travis LaDuc); “African American Texans” by Dr. Merline Pitre; environment; weather; recreation; sports; all county maps; foldout map of interstate mileages/counties; agriculture; transportation, and so much more! 736pp w/photos, color maps, data, travel information, charts, calendars, index, etc. [multiple-copies available] 1a) Hardcover…39.95 1b) Trade paperback …….24.95


2) [ARCHER COUNTY] TRAILS THROUGH ARCHER: A Centennial History—1880-1980 by Jack Loftin. 1979, 2nd printing, Austin. A comprehensive history. 578pp w/over 800 photos, historical articles, community histories, veteran lists, censuses, extensive index with over 3,000 names, and much more. HB maroon cloth w/gold lettering, very copy, SIGNED……65.00


3) [ARCHITECTURE] BRICK BY GOLDEN BRICK: A History of Campus Buildings at the University of Texas at Austin: 1883-1993 by Dr. Margaret C. Berry. 1993, 1st edition, Austin. Interesting historical details in the history of UT campus buildings—not an architectural study. 193pp w/many photos. Folio HB/DJ—dust jacket slightly worn, SIGNED……..40.00 SOLD


4) [ARCHITECTURE] ABNER COOK: Master Builder on the Texas Frontier by Kenneth Hafertepe. 1992, 1st edition, TSHA, Austin. One of Antebellum Texas’s important and prolific architects. Much of his work during the 1850s was in Austin. .210pp w/photos, plans, index. Folio HB/DJ fine copy……35.00


5) [ARCHITECTURE] TEXAS HOMES OF THE 19TH CENTURY by Drury Blakely Alexander. 1966, 1st edition, UT Press, Austin. Photographs by Todd Webb. “A visual summary of the state’s dramatic history from the time Anglo-Americans entered the region—already rich in Spanish architectural heritage—until the close of the century.” 276pp w/photos, bib, index. Folio HB..35.00


6) [ARCHITECTURE] O’NEIL FORD, ARCHITECT by Mary Carolyn Hollers George. 1992, 1st edition, TAMU Press, College Station. Foreword by Hugh A. Stubbins, FAIA. Color photos by W. Eugene George. “Traces Ford’s life and work, as well as the cast of characters who peopled his world.” His work appears all over Texas. 276pp w/illustration, notes, index. Folio HB/DJ,SIGNED by the author……….75.00


7) [ARCHITECTURE] THE ART AND ARCHITECTURE OF THE TEXAS MISSIONS by Jacinto Quirarte. 2002, 1st ed, Austin. A comprehensive study of the original art and architecture of the six remaining Spanish missions in Texas, including the Alamo and others in San Antonio, and the mission in Goliad. A chapter on their historical background and purpose. 241pp w/maps, photos, appendices, bibliography, index. Folio HB/DJ fine copy….60.00


8) [ARCHITECTURE] TEXAS TOWNS AND THE ART OF ARCHITECTURE: A Photographer’s Journey by Richard Payne. 2006, 1st edition, TSHA Austin. Foreword by Stephen Fox. Payne traveled throughout Texas to find and photograph those buildings that best conserve a sense of the past. An interesting study of some beautiful Texas architecture. 152pp w/map, biblio, index of photos by county. Oblong folio, HB/DJ, fine condition…….45.00


9) [ARCHITECTURE] PIONEER TEXAS BUILDINGS: A Geometry Lesson by Clovis Heimsath. 1968, 1st edition, Austin. Foreword by Louis Kahn; photographs by Maryann Heimsath. An architectural study of early Texas buildings, written and diagrammed in layman’s terms. Interesting! 158pp w/photos, map, index to illustrations. Folio HB/DJ fine copy…..45.00


10) Ashurst, Ed & Mike Capron SOME OF THEM DALLIED, SOME TIED HARD AND FAST 2021, 1st edition, Granite Peak Productions. Illustrations by Mike Capron. “An anthology of short stories that paints a vivid panoramic vista of the American West as lived by Cowboys of the current generation. Every story is true and will take the reader into situations that only cowboys experience.” Good read! Folio HB w/pictorial boards, new [multiple copies available]…..34.95 SOLD


11) Bailey, Anne J. [editor] IN THE SADDLE WITH THE TEXANS: Day-By-Day With Parson’s Brigade, 1862-1865 2004, 1st ed, McWhiney Foundation Press. This compilation of the unit’s original orders gives an intimate look at the everyday life of the Texas cavalryman as he served the Confederacy. 414pp w/index. HB w/illustrated cover, no dust jacket as issued, new.....29.95 SOLD


12) Baker, Helen Dow (Mrs. O.E. Baker) TEXAS STATE HISTORY of the DAUGHTERS OF THE AMERICAN REVOLUTION 1991, reprint of the 1929 original, no place. A history of the Texas DAR Chapter, with biographical sketches of many of its charter members. 269pp w/photos, plus an extensive index that the original edition did not have. HB blue cloth..50.00 SOLD


13) Banning, Captain William & George Hugh Banning SIX HORSES 1930, 1st edition, NY. Foreword by Major Frederick Russell Durnham (Chief of Scouts under Lord Roberts). An interesting history of the old six-horse stage lines, with sections on each of these pioneers in the field: James E. Birch; the Butterfields; Majors and Russell; and Ben Holladay. 410pp w/illustrations, endpaper map, appendix, index. HB blue cloth……45.00 SOLD


14) [BASTROP COUNTY] HISTORY OF BASTROP COUNTY, TEXAS 1846-1865 by Kenneth Kesselus. 1987, 1st edition, Jenkins Publishing, Austin. This second volume of Kesselus’ excellent history of the Central Texas county from its inception as a state until the end of the Civil War—discussions on slavery, jails and justice, political battles, lists of soldiers, much more. 261pp w/map, photos, bibliography, index. HB/no dj as issued, SIGNED, ……..85.00 SOLD


15) [BELL COUNTY] STORY OF BELL COUNTY edited by E.A. Limmer, Jr. TWO VOLUME SET. 1988, 1st edition, Bell County Historical Commission. Volume I consists of many historical articles covering Bell County history from its earliest exploration by Spaniards; Indian fights and depredations; Ku Klux Klan; feuds and gunmen; buried and lost treasures; secession and reconstruction; town and community histories; cattle trails through; and the last half of this large volume gives family histories from Adams through Forrester. Volume II gives Family histories Fowler through Zschiesche. 1057pp w/illus, index. Folio HB green cloth, thee set of two volumes = $250.00


16) Benson, Norman THE LIFE OF A COTTON-PICKING COWBOY 1980, 1st edition, San Angelo. Memoirs of a cowboy who worked on ranches around West Texas. 265pp w/photos. HB/DJ very good copy, SIGNED…..50.00 SOLD


17) [BIG BEND] WILDFLOWERS OF THE BIG BEND COUNTRY, TEXAS by Barton H. Warnock. 1970, 1st edition, Alpine. Photographs by Peter Koch. 100s of full-color plates accompany Dr. Warnock’s natural history study of the region. Long out-of-print, this is the hardest to come by of the three Warnock studies. 157pp w/map, index. Softcover, spiral binding….45.00 SOLD


18) [BIG BEND] TALES OF THE BIG BEND by Elton Miles. 1976, 1st edition, College Station. 11 stories of the Big Bend including “The Steer Branded ‘Murder’,” “The Marfa Lights,” “Old Fort Leaton,” “Ghosts of the Chisos.”189pp w/photos, index. HB/DJ [dust jacket has two chips at spine and some tape repairs, now in protective cover]….…….….35.00 SOLD


19) Blanton, Joseph Edwin [assisted by Watt Reynolds Matthews] JOHN LARN 1994, 1st limited edition of 502 copies, Albany. The author of this sketch of Larn’s life was a nephew of Watt Matthews, of the Lambshead Ranch, and grandson of one of the Matthews clan that was accused of murdering John Larn in his jail cell. They take issue with previous writings about the Vigilance committee that killed Larn while he was in jail. 42pp w/photos, endpaper map, chart of Mathews and Reynolds clans. HB/DJ, fine copy, exceedingly scarce…..275.00 SOLD


20) Bowden, J.J. UNCERTAIN RICHES: The Discovery and Exploitation of the Yates Oil Field 1991, 1st trade edition, Austin. A detailed history of West Texas’ oil and gas industry from its beginnings in 1926. 186pp w/maps, photos, index. HB/DJ, fine copy……125.00


21) Brandimarte, Cynthia A. INSIDE TEXAS: Culture, Identity, and Houses, 1878-1920 1991, 1st edition, Fort Worth.296 photographs pictured in this book reveal how Texans lived, how they saw themselves, what they bough and what they treasured during the years between 1878 and 1920. Folklore of interior decorating? 460pp w/photos, appendices, glossary, notes, index. Oblong folio HB/DJ, near fine copy….35.00 SOLD


22) [BRAZORIA COUNTY] A NARRATIVE HISTORY OF BRAZORIA COUNTY by James A. Creighton. 1975, 1st edition, Waco. 533pp w/maps, photos, early history, family biographies, revolution and Republic years, Civil War and Reconstruction era, land grants and headrights, muster rolls, appendices, index, much more. HB faux leather w/embossed lettering, SIGNED….125.00


23) Brooks, Connie THE LAST COWBOYS: Closing the Open Range in Southeastern New Mexico, 1890s-1920s 1993, 1st edition, Albuquerque. This book tells what became of many of the range cowboys after the trail drives ended in 1890. 129pp w/photos, maps, notes, bibliography, index. HB/DJ……30.00 SOLD


24) [BROWN COUNTY] FROM THE MEMORIES OF MEN by T.C. Smith, Jr. Interesting historical highlights of Brown County: Camp Cooper, Indian fights, pioneer memories; much more. 66pp. Wrappers…..35.00 SOLD


25) Bunton, Mary Taylor A BRIDE ON THE OLD CHISHOLM TRAIL IN 1886 1939, 1st edition, Naylor Co., San Antonio. Author accompanied her husband on a cattle drive from Nolan County, Texas, to Coolidge, Kansas.77pp w/illus. HB/DJ ….45.00 SOLD


26) Burrough, Bryan THE BIG RICH: The Rise and Fall of the Greatest Texas Oil Fortunes 2009, 1st edition, NY. This book chronicles the rise and fall of the state’s four wealthiest oil fortunes: Roy Cullen, H.L. Hunt, Clint Murchison, and Sid Richardson. 466pp w/photos, notes, bibliography, index. HB/DJ near fine……29.95 SOLD


27) [CAMERON COUNTY] Bay, Bettie HISTORIC BROWNSVILLE: Original Township Guide by Betty Bay.1980, 1st edition, Brownsville Historical Association. A guide book with interesting histories of many of the old locations and buildings of Brownsville. 212pp w/illustrations, footnotes. 1908 map of Brownsville laid in.. Folio wrappers, very good....45.00 SOLD


28) Carmony, Neil B. [editor] APACHE DAYS & TOMBSTONE NIGHTS: John Clum’s Autobiography 1997, 1st edition, Silver City. Clum was in charge of San Carlos Reservation in Arizona where he dealt exclusively with Geronimo and Victorio. He moved to Tombstone in 1880, founded the Tombstone Epitaph newspaper, and supported the Earps in their feud with the Clantons. 185pp w/ maps, photos, sources, notes and index. HB/DJ, SIGNED by the editor, fine condition……85.00


29) Chabot, Frederick C. WITH THE MAKERS OF SAN ANTONIO: Genealogies of the Early Latin, Anglo-American, and German Families With Occasional Biographies… 1937, 1st edition, San Antonio. “Early Latin, Anglo-American, and German Families with Occasional biographies, each group being prefaced with a brief historical sketch and illustrations.” Includes many useful genealogical references for areas in and around San Antonio. 412pp w/illustrations, HB w/marbled red boards, very good condition, exceedingly scarce in this edition…..450.00 SOLD


30) Chaput, Don VIRGIL EARP: Western Peace Officer 1994, 1st edition, Encampment. The first book-length biography of Virgil Earp and his family that traces their history from the prairie states to Arizona Territory. 255pp w/map, photos, appendices, bibliography, index. HB/DJ fine copy with unclipped dust jacket….40.00


31) Clarke, Mary Whatley JOHN CHISUM: Jinglebob King of the Pecos 1984, 1st edition, Austin. Biography of the Texas cattleman who followed the Goodnight-Loving Trail and set up a huge ranching operation in the Pecos Valley of New Mexico. Much on the Lincoln County War. 170pp w/photos, endnotes, bibliography, index. HB/DJ, fine copy….95.00


32) Cochran, Mike JOHN B. DENTON: The Bigger-than-Life Story of the Fighting Parson and Texas Ranger 2021, 1st edition, UNT Press, Denton. An in-depth look at the life of John B. Denton, pioneer preacher, Indian fighter and Texas Ranger for whom Denton County and the City of Denton are named for.243pp w/map, illus, ref, index. HB/DJ new[multi-copies]…..29.95


33) Cox, Jerry R., Ph.D. GHOSTS OF THE GUADALUPES: A Factual History of Agriculture, Families and Violence Between 1905 and 1955 in Southern New Mexico 2005, 1st edition limited, Carlsbad. From the review by New Mexico Governor Bill Richardson and published in the book as an introduction: “Ghosts of the Guadalupes is several distinct works wrapped into one volume: ecological history, regional social history, a 100-year snapshot of the livestock industry, and the drama of the hardscrabble ranch life. It will become a staple on the history shelves for Southern New Mexico and West Texas.” An interesting history of human activity in the Guadalupe Mountains and surrounding area. 528pp w/many photos, map, appendices, index. Oblong folio, brown leather w/gold embossed lettering on cover and spine, very good copy, SIGNED by the author, very scarce…..375.00 SOLD


34) Daughters of the Republic of Texas FOUNDERS AND PATRIOTS OF THE REPUBLIC OF TEXAS: Lineages of the Members of the Daughters of the Republic of Texas, Book II 1974, 1st edition, Austin. 523pp w/members index, ancestors index. Folio HB, red, white and blue cloth……85.00


35) [DELTA COUNTY] LOOSE LEAVES: A History of Delta County by Ikie Gray Patteson. 1935, 1st edition, Dallas. Early history of the East Texas county: Indians, first trial in court house, first physician, tread-wheel mill and gin, freeing the Negroes, executions, railroads, newspapers, organizations, some natural history, much more. 221pp w/foldout map, some great period photos. HB/DJ, near fine copy, very scarce………..150.00


36) Dobie, J. Frank THE LONGHORNS 1941, 1st edition, Boston. Illustrations by Tom Lea. A chronicle of the great days of the Longhorn and of that special breed of cowboys who worked them. Reese, SIX-SCORE: “One of the true classics of range cattle literature.” 388pp w/photos, notes, index. HB/DH very good copy, dj has minor edgewear, SIGNED by Dobie with his brand..395.00 SOLD


37) Dobie, J. Frank UP THE TRAIL FROM TEXAS 1955, reprt, NY. Trail driving stories for young readers. HB/DJ ex-lib..25.00


38) Dobkins, Betty Earle THE SPANISH ELEMENT IN TEXAS WATER LAW 1959, 1st edition, UT Press, Austin. The water rights which go with original Crown of Spain land grants determine the rights on these lands even today. This is a study of those rights in Texas. 190pp w/illustrations, foldout of 1804 New Spain, notes, bibliography index. HB tan cloth, fine…..35.00 SOLD


39) Dyer, John [photographer] EL VAQUERO REAL: The Original American Cowboy—John Dyer Photographs 2007, 1st edition, Bright Sky Press, Albany. Introduction by Elmer Kelton; paintings by Lionel Sosa. This book is a beautiful mosaic of images, impressions and history that honor the vaquero tradition. 159pp. Folio HB/DJ, fine copy……………..65.00 SOLD


40) Elder, Jane Lenz & David Weber TRADING IN SANTA FE: John M. Kingsbury’s Correspondence with James Josiah Webb, 1853-1861 1996, 1st edition, Dallas. “For aficionados of New Mexico’s history and Santa Fe Tail enthusiasts, Kingsbury’s letters contain a wealth of firsthand glimpses into the social and economic conditions of a Mexican town, deep in Indian-controlled territory recently conquered by the U.S. in the war with Mexico.” 326pp w/map, illus, appendix, biblio, index. Folio HB/DJ near fine copy, SIGNED by both editors…….45.00


41) Emory, William H. REPORT ON THE UNITED STATES AND MEXICAN BOUNDARY SURVEY: Made Under the Direction of the Secretary of the Interior 1987, facsimile reprint edition limited to 750 copies, published by Texas State Historical Association, Austin. [Originally published in 1857-1859, Wash., D.C.] THREE VOLUMES. Intro by William H. Goetzmann; designed by William R. Holman. Jenkins, BASIC TEXAS BOOKS: “This is one of the most significant of all government reports on western and southern Texas. According to J. Frank Dobie, ‘Emory’s great report is, aside from descriptions of borderlands and their inhabitants, a veritable encyclopedia, wonderfully illustrated, on western flora and fauna.’ …Emory was accompanied by a varied group of scientists and explorers, who examined the unknown parts of western Texas…. Emory himself worked on the cartographic reports, which [were said] to be the best specific cartographic reports of the area.” Includes folding maps, folding chart, folding profile, 346 illustrated plates. All three volumes hardback in slipcase, near fine……the set = 375.00


42) Emmett, Chris TEXAS CAMEL TALES 1969, 2nd edition, Austin. With a new introduction by James M. Day. Jenkins, BASIC TEXAS BOOKS: “The best account of the famous camel experiment in Texas, this volume is also a successful blend of the numerous official records of the experiment with the memoirs and anecdotes of the people involved.” 275pp with photos, notes, bibliography, index. H/DJ, fine condition………..45.00


43) Exley, Jo Ella Powell FRONTIER BLOOD: The Saga of the Parker Family 2001, 1st edition, College Station. A chronicle of the Parker clan, with some new insight into the last “white” years of Comanche captive, Cynthia Ann. 331pp w/photos, genealogies, notes, bibliography, index. HB/DJ, fine copy…..35.00


44) [FAYETTE COUNTY] AN EARLY HISTORY OF FAYETTE COUNTY by Leonie Rummel Weyand & Houston Wade. 1936, 1st edition, La Grange. Includes much material on the Texas Revolution, including Kuykendall’s eyewitness account of the San Jacinto campaign; Republic days and the Perote prisoners. Also a lot on Civil War days and Reconstruction years. One of the best Texas county histories. 383pp w/illus, index. HB, green cloth with foxing to endpapers, otherwise a fine copy, SIGNED by Wade, very scarce……120.00 SOLD


45) [FORT BEND COUNTY] WHARTON’S HISTORY OF FORT BEND COUNTY by Clarence R. Wharton. 1964, facsimile reprint by W.M. Morrison, Waco. A comprehensive history of the county from its earliest days as part of Austin’s Old 300 through the end of the 19th Century. Historical articles, biographies of many early settlers, muster roll of Terry’s Rangers; much more. 353pp w/illustrations, endpaper map, appendices, index. HB red cloth, very good……45.00


46) Frantz, Joe B. THE DRISKILL HOTEL 1973, 1st edition, Encino Press, Austin. Drawings by J. Roy White.; designed by William D. Wittliff. The author shares fond reminiscences with other Texans about the Austin landmark hotel. 73pp. HB w/illustrated cover/clear plastic dj, fine copy, SIGNED by Frantz, White and Wittliff……65.00


About Robert E. Lee, A Great American!

47) Freeman, Douglas Southall R. E. LEE: A Biography 1936, “Pulitzer Prize Edition,” NY. FOUR VOLUMES. The complete and most extensive biography of Robert E. Lee a great American. Includes many illustrations, maps, appendices, bibliography and indices. All four volumes blue cloth w/embossed spine and covers, fine condition. The set of 4 volumes = 175.00


48) Freeman, Douglas Southall LEE’S LIEUTENANTS 1944/1945, reprints, NY. Three Volumes. The impressive stories of the leading generals in Lee’s command, and their campaigns. 772/862/760pp w/illus, many maps, appendices, biblio, index. Three volumes HB/DJ, two volumes have exterior scuffing……3 volumes = 95.00


49) [FREESTONE COUNTY] A HISTORY OF FREESTONE COUNTY: Its Communities, Its People by Freestone County Genealogical Society. 2006/2009, 1st edition, np. THREE VOLUMES. This massive,3-voulume history includes a reprint of History of Freestone County originally published by Lewis Publishing Company 1893. Also, many historical articles, pioneer biographies, individual memoirs; each volume indexed. Three volumes in blue cloth w/gilt lettering, as new..….250.00 SOLD


50) [GILLESPIE COUNTY] FREDERICKSBURG, TEXAS: 150 Years of Paintings and Drawings text by Jerry Maguire. A look at many Fredericksburg artists and their works from the past to the present; many full-color reproductions. 112pp w/illustrations. Folio HB/DJ light edgewear…..35.00


51) [GOLIAD COUNTY] HISTORY OF GOLIAD by Irene Hohmann Friedrichs. 1967, 2nd edition, Victoria. This history focuses on the Presidio La Bahia and other missions in the area, with some information on other historic landmarks in the area. Includes a list of Col. J. W. Fannin’s men. 54pp w/photos. Softcover w/some foxing…….30.00 SOLD


52) [GONZALES COUNTY] HISTORY OF GONZALES COUNTY, TEXAS 1986, 1st edition, Dallas. 557pp w/photos, map endpapers, historical articles, 334 pages of family histories, sources, index. Folio HB black cloth w/pictorial cover, fine copy, exceedingly scarce……....250.00 SOLD


53) Good, Marilyn J. [editor] THREE DOLLARS PER MILE: Accounts of Early Surveying in Texas 1981, 1st edition, Burnet. Some interesting accounts of working in the Texas wilderness from journals, diaries and official reports. Includes brief biographies of many of the surveyors. 455pp w/photos and illustrations, index. HB/DJ, fine copy, very scarce……165.00


54) Greene, Jeffrey WATER FROM STONE: The Story of Selah, Bamberger Ranch Preserve2008, 2nd printing, College Station. Illustrations by Margaret Bamberger. The story of the ranch and nature conservancy in Blanco County. 218pp w/map, illus, index. HB/DJ, as new….27.95 SOLD


55) Guinn, Jeff WAR ON THE BORDER: Villa, Pershing, The Texas Rangers and an American Invasion 2021-, 1st edition, NY. “This is the dramatic story of how a century ago the United States and Mexico went to war over their border—a conflict that still resonates today.” A riveting and entertaining narrative! 350pp w/maps, bib., index. HB/DJ new [multi-copies available]..28.00


56) Henn, Nora True LINCOLN COUNTY AND ITS WARS 2017, 1st edition, Roswell. A well-researched and illuminating study of the Lincoln County War, and the men who were involved.347pp w/photos, note, references, appendices, index. Folio wrappers, fine copy……60.00


57) [HOWARD COUNTY] GETTIN’ STARTED: Howard County’s First 25 Years by Joe Pickle. 1980, 1st edition, Big Spring. This history of Howard County tells of explorer Captain R.B. Marcy who pinpointed the spring; traces Texas & Pacific Railroad’s westward thrust through the area; tells of fabled cattlemen like Col. C.C. Slaughter and the Long S. Ranch; chronicles the introduction of barbed wire and farming; the establishment of government, commerce and institutions; and more.. 436pp w/photos, appendices, index. HB/DJ, as new, inscribed/SIGNED……..40.00


58) [HOUSTON COUNTY] THE HISTORY OF HOUSTON COUNTY, TEXAS by Armistead Albert Aldrich. 1943, 1st edition, Naylor Co., San Antonio. Historical articles about the Edens-Madden Indian Massacre, Old Spanish Missions, creation of the county, Newspaper, schools, Churches, and many biographical sketches of early day pioneers. 225pp w/photos, index. HB/DJ the rare dust jacket has small chip at tope of spine, otherwise a near very good copy. SIGNED……..175.00


59) Huff, Staff Sergeant Richard A. [editor] A PICTORIAL HISTORY of the 36th TEXAS INFANTRY DIVISION circa 1946, 1st edition, Austin. A pictorial study showing the Texas Division in combat, firsthand accounts, etc. This fighting unit was originally composed of the Texas National Guard and was mobilized in November, 1940. The unit participated in five major campaigns and two amphibious assaults during nineteen months of service. The 36th suffered the third highest casualty rates of any American division and was awarded 15 Medals of Honor. A unit with a proud heritage and outstanding service. Approximately 210 unnumbered pages w/maps, photos, plus 150 pages of a complete roster listed by company, much more. Folio HB black cloth with gold and blue unit patch (“T”); front and back hinges have been repaired, overall a very good copy, and very scarce…200.00 SOLD


60) Hughes, W.J. REBELLIOUS RANGER: Rip Ford and the Old Southwest 1964, 1st ed, Norman. Ford, best known for his service in the Texas Rangers, had a varied career including service in the Mexican and Civil Wars, newspaper editor, Mexican revolutionary, mayor of Brownsville, Sunday school teacher, and other endeavors. Jenkins, in BASIC TEXAS BOOKS [p. 168] referred to this as “a fine biography of Ford.” 300pp w/map, photos, bibliography, index. HB/DJ…….55.00


61) [JEFF DAVIS COUNTY] JEFF DAVIS COUNTY, TEXAS by Lucy Miller Jacobson & Mildred Bloys Nored. 1993, 1st edition, Fort Davis. A massive, detailed history of this Trans-Pecos border county from prehistoric to present times: Espejo Expedition; Fort Davis; Civil War days; Victorio campaign; Jesse Evans gang, and other outlaws; cattle ranching; more. 676pp w/many photos, endpaper maps, many family histories chronologically by era, notes, bib, index. Folio HB, fine copy….225.00


62) Johnson, David THE MASON COUNTY “HOO DOO” WAR, 1874-1902 2006, 1st edition, Denton. Foreword by Rick Miller. Johnson analyzes the myths and legends surrounding the feud and presents the first definitive account of what happened in Mason County during that bloody era. 360pp w/photos, maps, notes, bibliography, index. HB/DJ, fine copy…….40.00 SOLD


63) Jones, Oakah L., Jr. LOS PAISANOS: Spanish Settlements on the Northern Frontier of New Spain 1979, 1st edition, Norman. Excellent history of the Spanish civilian colonists who settled the frontier in what is now northern Mexico, Texas, New Mexico, Arizona and California. They began arriving on the American continent a century before the English arrived on the eastern seaboard. 351pp w/illus, notes, bibliography, index. Folio HB/DJ………45.00 SOLD


64) Jones, Ralph F. LONGHORNS NORTH OF THE ARKANSAS 1960, 1st edition, Naylor Co., San Antonio. A history of the Great Plains cattle industry of Montana, Wyoming, Colorado, and part of the Texas Panhandle, told by an ex-cowboy/cattleman who draws on his own experiences and on authentic records to tell the story. 372pp w/endpaper maps; photos; illustrated list of brands. HB/DJ, a fine copy…..50.00


65) Jordan, Terry G. TEXAS GRAVEYARDS: A Cultural Legacy 1982, 1st edition, Austin. A unique look at Texas history and folk culture with many interesting photos of Texas cemeteries. 147pp w/map, photos, bibliography, index. HB/DJ fine….40.00


66) Jordan, Terry G. GERMAN SEED IN TEXAS SOIL: Immigrant Farmers in Nineteenth-Century Texas 1966, 1st edition, Austin. This study focuses on Germans, the largest group of European immigrant farmers that settled in Texas in the 19th century. 237pp w/maps, tables, illus, biblio, index. HB/DJ fine copy…..40.00 SOLD


67) [KAUFMAN COUNTY] KAUFMAN: A Pictorial History, 1840-1980 1981, 2nd revised edition, np. Interesting photos with captions that tell the history of Kaufman, Texas. Includes a section tha has the city ordinances of Kaufman. 239pp w/photos, index. HB white cloth with pictorial cover…..45.00


68) Keleher, William A. MEMOIRS: 1892-1969 A New Mexico Item 1969, 1st edition, Santa Fe. Recollections of the author’s days as a reporter, telegraph operator and lawyer. Includes chapters on Eugene Manlove Rhodes and Elfega Baca, and has material on Albert J. Fountain, Billy the Kid, much more. 293pp with photo, index. HB/DJ….50.00



69) Kelton, Elmer LAW OF THE LAND 2021, 1st edition, NY. Sixteen stories of the Old West collected together for the first time, including the never-before-published short story “Biscuits for a Bandit.”! Great stories. 306pp, new [multi-copies]………27.99


70) Kolb, Joseph J. BLOOD TIES: How A Texas Prison Gang Became a Mexican Cartel Proxy 2021, 1st printing, TCU Press, Fort Worth. In the late 1980s and 1990s, street gang members from the impoverished Segundo Barrio in El Paso, Texas, united in the Texas prison system to create the Barrio Aztecas gang. This is the story of that gang. 189pp w/ref, index. Trade paperback, new [multiple copies available]…..24.95


71) [LEA, TOM] THE TWO THOUSAND YARD STARE: Tom Lea’s World War II Paintings, Drawings, and Eyewitness Accounts edited and with introductions by Brendan M. Greeley, Jr.; foreword by Adair Margo. 2008, 1st edition, College Station. Greeley has collected virtually all of Tom Lea’s firsthand accounts of his assignments for Life Magazine during World War II, “along with his powerful sketches and unforgettable paintings, and placed them in context, along with photographs and research focusing on the people, places, and wartime events encountered by Tom Lea.” Sources include his personal diary, oral interviews, and letters to Texas historian J. Frank Dobie. A realistic depiction of war. 228pp w/illus, bibliography, index. Folio HB/DJ..40.00


72) Loomis, John A. TEXAS RANCHMAN: The Memoirs of John A. Loomis edited by Herman J. Viola & Sarah Loomis Wilson. 1982, 1st edition, Chadron. Loomis was a West Texas cattleman, sheepman, hunter, and keen observer. He partnered with his half-brother and formed the Ostrander-Loomis Land and Cattle Co. headquartered in Concho County. Information on sheriffs and outlaws in the area, including Clay Allison, John Hardin, Tom Ketchum & Will Carver.94pp, photos. Wrprs. Pict cover..35.00


73) [MARION COUNTY] CARPETBAGGERS, SCALAWAS & OTHERS by Traylor Russell. 1973, 1st limited edition of 750 copies, Waco. A history of Marion County that focuses on Reconstruction years. The “& Others” in the title refers to many who contributed to the development of the county. 137pp w/notes, index. HB w/decorated cover….30.00


74) Metz, Leon DALLAS STOUDENMIRE: El Paso Marshall 1969, 1st edition, Pemberton Press, Austin. The story of Stoudenmire’s tumultuous two-years as El Paso marshal in early 1880s. Jim Gillette (later to be a well-known Texas Ranger) served as Marshall’s deputy for two years. 162pp w/photos, notes, bib, index. HB/DJ dj has tape repair at upper right front..50.00


75) [MIDLAND COUNTY] A HISTORY OF CHARACTER: The Story of Midland, Texas by Jimmy Patterson. 2014, 1st edition, Midland. “Patterson’s rich narrative history of Midland, Texas, follows the town’s progress from the late 1800’s to today. What started as a cow camp on the side of a railroad track is now a big city that retains its small-town flavor, and a key contributor to the energy industry.” Includes many biographical sketches of notable Midlanders. 442pp w/photos, notes, biblio, appendix, index.

HB/DJ, a handsome regional history book in fine condition, SIGNED…..55.00


76) Miller, Thomas Lloyd BOUNTY and DONATION LAND GRANTS OF TEXAS, 1835-1888 1967, 1st edition, Austin. Jenkins, BASIC TEXAS BOOKS: “This work is the most important published guide to early military service records in Texas …a mine of information on the land system and land grants.” Includes an explanation of the complicated sources consulted, an authoritative treatment of the legislative history of military land grants, and history of the Court of Claims. 894pp w/illus, lists of grantees for bounty and donation land grants, appendices, biblio, glossary, index. HB/DJ, very good copy, very scarce…..165.00 SOLD


77) Mullin, Robert N. STAGECOACH PIONEERS OF THE SOUTHWEST 1983, 1st edition, El Paso (No 71, Southwest Studies.) A look at entrepreneurs along the Butterfield Trail through New Mexico. 48pp w/map, illustrations, notes. HB orange cloth, gold lettering, fine copy…..28.00


78) Nolan, Frederick TASCOSA: Its Life and Gaudy Times 2007, 1st ed, Lubbock. “The true, detailed, down-and-dirty story of Tascosa, the “cowboy capital of the Texas Panhandle” and “the hardest place on the frontier.” Pat Garrett’s “Home Rangers;” the 1883 Cowboy Strike; and the war between the corporation ranchers led by ‘Alphabet’ Lee and the group of rustlers led by Tascosa town boss Jesse Jenkins; buffalo hunters; Billy the Kid; ‘Poker Tom’ Emory; Bill Gatlin; Cap Arrington; Jim East; much more. 361pp w/photos, notes, bibliography, index. HB/DJ fine copy….39.95 SOLD


79) Nottingham, Earl, et al WILD FOCUS: Twenty-five Years of Texas Parks & Wildlife Photography 2022, 1st edition, TAMU Press, College Station. “Nottingham, chief photographer for the Texas Parks & Wildlife Department and its magazine, provides a unique perspective on Texas featuring images of the woods, waters, and wildlife of the Lone Star landscape.” 225pp w/photos, index. Folio HB/DJ, new [multiple copies available]…..34.95


80) Nye, Nelson OUTSTANDING MODERN QUARTER HORSE SIRES 1948, 1st edition, NY. Chronicles the successes of about two dozen outstanding quarter horses. 221pp w/photos, genealogies. HB/DJ dust jacket edgeworn, now in protective cover…55.00 SOLD


81) O’Neal, Bill ENCYCLOPEDIA OF WESTERN GUNFIGHTERS 1979, 1st edition, Norman. Biographical sketches of 225 men that gives us a virtual “Who’s Who” of western gunfighters. 386pp w/photos, bibliography, index. HB/DJ minor wear…37.00


82) Ornish, Natalie PIONEER JEWISH TEXANS 2011, reprint edition, College Station. With a new foreword by Sara Alpern. “More than 400 photographs, extensive interviews with pioneers’ descendants, a collection of rare Texana, and more than twelve years of research went into this” first history of pioneer Jews in Texas. 362pp w/photos, maps, appendices, bibliography, index. Folio HB/DJ near fine, SIGNED…..40.00 SOLD


83) Parsons, Chuck CLAY ALLISON: Portrait of a Shootist 1983, 1st edition, Pecos. Biography of the controversial rancher who some have called a “gentleman gunfighter,” while others have dubbed him a “notorious corpse-maker.” 130pp w/many photos, bibliography. HB w/pictorial cover. SIGNED author, and a signed inscription by the publisher…45.00 SOLD


84) [PAREDES, AMERICO] FOLKLORE AND CULTURE on the TEXAS-MEXICAN BORDER edited by Richard Bauman. 1993, 1st edition, UT Press, Austin. Eleven of Paredes’ most significant articles concerning the lore and legend of South Texas and northeastern Mexico. Includes a bibliography of Paredes’ works. 287pp……30.00 SOLD


85) Price, B. Byron IMAGINING THE OPEN RANGE: Erwin E. Smith, Cowboy Photographer 1998, 1st edition, Fort Worth. A biography of the early 20th-century cowboy turned range photographer, along with many reproductions of his compelling photo-graphs. 186pp w/bibliography, index. Folio HB/DJ, SIGNED, fine copy……65.00


86) Reagan, Rocky ROCKY’S YARNS 1973, 1st edition, Naylor Co., San Antonio. “A barrelful of yarns, experiences, and accounts of early Texas cattle raising.” 160pp w/photos. HB/unclipped DJ, near fine copy…..30.00 SOLD


87) [RED RIVER COUNTY] THE HISTORY OF CLARKSVILLE & OLD RED RIVER COUNTY by Pat B. Clark. 1937, 1st edition, Mathis, Van Nort & Co., Dallas. Foreword by James T. DeShields. A comprehensive history of the “Mother County of Texas.” Indian encounters; economic and social history; Muster Roll of Whitfield’s Legion of Texas Cavalry (Civil War); pioneer family biographies; much more. 259pp w/photos, maps appendix. HB/DJ, a near fine copy of this scarce county history……185.00


88) Reece-Hughes, Shirley TEXAS MADE MODERN: The Art of Everett Spruce 2020, 1st edition, TAMU Press, College Station. “Traces Spruce’s artistic evolution from his early experimental work of the 1920s through the mysterious, surrealist-imbued landscapes of the 1930s. The work addresses his boldly expressionistic imagery of the 1940s and his abstract expressionist–inspired paintings of the mid-twentieth century.” 159pp w/full-color reproductions, index. Folio HB/DJ, new ……..35.00


89) Ridings, Sam P. THE CHISHOLM TRAIL: A History of the World’s Greatest Cattle Trail 1936, 1st edition, Guthrie. Reese, SIX-SCORE: “The best book on the Chisholm Trail. The scope of the book actually extends beyond the trail to encompass much cattle lore from Texas and elsewhere.” Adams, in SIX-GUNS, comments on that which is not necessarily about the trail: “...this book contains much on outlaws, the killing of Ed Short and Charlie Bryant, the Talbot raid, the Lincoln County War, and a chapter on Henry Brown.” 591pp w/photos, index, foldout map. HB black cloth w/pictorial cover, very good…….125.00


90) Roosevelt, Theodore HUNTING TRIPS OF A RANCHMAN: Sketches of Sport on the Northern Cattle Plains 1886, 1st trade edition, London. Roosevelt recalls some of his memorable hunting trips in the area of his two ranches along the Missouri river in the Dakotas. A chapter on his ranching experience, then hunting water-fowl, grouse, deer, mountain sheep, buffalo, elk, antelope, and more. 26 full-page illustrations by various artists. 347pp.HB maroon cloth w/gold lettering, very good, sound condition..325.000


91) [RUNNELS COUNTY] THE PEARCES’ PIONEERING DAYS IN TEXAS by Velma (Hayley) Strom. 1976, 1st edition, np. The story of Henry and Lizzie Pearce who settled in West Texas after the Civil War. Pearce operated a hotel and wagon yard and livery stable, operated stage lines, and hauled mail. He was instrumental in organizing Runnels County. 186pp w/photos, and biographical sketches of several of the early Pearces. HB/DJ, SIGNED………40.00


82) Schubert, Frank N. VOICES OF THE BUFFALO SOLDIERS: Records, Reports, and Recollections of Military Life and Service in the West 2008, reprint edition, Albuquerque. A good history that covers the legislative origin of enlisting black soldiers in the army, the campaigns in which the they fought, their daily lives and interactions with white communities, the few black chaplains and line officers who were permitted to serve, and the bravery of some Buffalo Soldier heroes. 281pp w/maps, photos, bibliography, index. Trade paperback, new [multiple copies available]….24.95


93) Shirley, Glenn SHOTGUN FOR HIRE: The Story of “Deacon” Jim Miller, Killer of Pat Garrett 1970, 1st edition, Norman. The story of Miller from the time he was eight years old when he murdered his own grandparents to 1909 when he died by lynch mob in Ada, Oklahoma. 131pp w/photos, bibliography, index. HB/DJ dust jacket has some scuffing, very scarce……125.00 SOLD


94) Simpson, Harold B. HOOD’S TEXAS BRIGADE in four (4) volumes, republished 1999 by Landmark Pub., FortWorth. Frank Vandiver says it quite nicely: “These splendid volumes first appeared in the 1960s and 70s and they not only tell the full story of Hood’s Texas Brigade, but they tell also of its legend, its achievements, sketch its people and follow it as a veteran’s organization after the war.” (Jenkins, BTB see entry #165) The 4 volumes are: In Poetry and Song; Lee’s Grenadier Guard; In Reunion and Memory; and A Compendium. A beautiful set of four volumes, all hardbacks w/dust jackets, gray cloth slipcase, fine copy..275.00 SOLD


95) Sonnichsen, C.L. COWBOYS AND CATTLE KINGS: Life on the Range Today 1950, 1st edition, Norman. “Presents a highly important evaluation of what has happened to the cattle raiser of the High Plains and Rocky Mountains since the fencing of the open range.” 316pp w/illus, sources, index. HB/DJ very good, inscribed/SIGNED….55.00 SOLD


96) Sonnichsen, C.L. TULAROSA: Last of the Frontier West 1960, reprint, NY. Adams, SIX-GUNS: “This excellent book gives some new history on the life and feuds of the Tularosa country of New Mexico, with material on Billy the Kid, Pat Garrett, the murder of Albert J. Fountain, the feud between Garrett and Oliver Lee, and more.” 336pp w/photos, bib, index. HB/DJ…25.00


97) [STARR COUN TY[ ROMA 1971-19971, 1st edition, Thesis for Texas Historic Resources Fellowship, UT School of Architecture., Austin. This study of Starr County’s Roma includes history, architecture, historical museum, retrospect. 93pp w/map, photos, drawings, bibliography, index. Folio wrprs, fine copy, SIGNED….100.00.


98) Steinfeldt, Cecilia & Donald Lewis Stover EARLY TEXAS FURNITURE and DECORATIVE ARTS 1974, 2nd printing, San Antonio. Published in conjunction with an exhibition of early Texas furniture held at the Witte Memorial Museum in San Antonio in 1973. An important guide for collectors and admirers of antique Texas furniture and decorative arts. 263pp, illustrated w/notes, index. Folio HB brown cloth w/photo pasted to front cover, very scarce, near fine copy…….250.00


99) Stockel, H. Henrietta & Marian D. Kelley DRUMBEATS FROM MESCALERO: Conversations With Apache Elders, Warriors, and Horseholders 2011, 1st edition. Twelve insightful interviews with Apache elders.188pp w/photos, index. HB/DJ CLEARANCE: 50% off: $14.98 (was $29.95)


100) [TEXAS CENTENNIAL] MONUMENTS ERECTED by the STATE OF TEXAS to COMMEMORATE the CENTENARY OF TEXAS INDEPENDENCE compiled by Harold Schoen, et al. 1939, 1st edition, Austin. Published by the Commission of Control for Texas Centennial Celebrations. Photographs and descriptions of hundreds of exposition buildings, memorial museums, community centers, statues, monuments, historical markers, grave markers, and highway markers. Includes muster rolls of any military operations that were memorialized. Folio HB, dark blue leather w/raised state seal and title in gold, near fine copy with minor scuffing along edge of spine, exceedingly scarce. Rare Texana…..295.00


101) Thorp, N. Howard (Jack) [with Neil McCullough Clark] PARDNER OF THE WIND: Story of the Southwestern Cowboy 1945, 1st edition, Caldwell. Stories of the cattle trail and cattle camp, and experiences that brought the author in contact with some notable westerners. Adams, SIX-GUNS: “One of the best later western books. The author gives frank opinions of Billy the Kid, Sam Bass and other outlaws. His chapter on Billy the Kid is more reliable than most.” 309pp w/photos. HB/DJ small chips at top edge of dust jacket, now in protective cover……..45.00 SOLD


102) Thrapp, Dan L. AL SIEBER: Chief of Scouts 1964, 1st edition, Norman. Biography of the renowned chief of scouts and details the many expeditions that eventually led to victory over the Apaches. 432pp w/map, photos, bibliography, index. HB/DJ –near fine dj showing very light edgewear………125.00


103) Tilley, Nannie M. [editor] FEDERALS ON THE FRONTIER: The Diary of Benjamin F. McIntyre, 1862-1864 1963, 1st edition, Austin. A day-by-day record of a keenly observant Union soldier telling of his war experiences in the Trans-Mississippi, and detailing his observations of the conditions and characteristics of the civilian populations of Missouri, Arkansas, and Louisiana. He also spent time in Brownsville, Texas, where he recorded facts about Texas Unionists, Confederate trade with Mexico, the activities of General Cortina in Matamoras, and much more. 429pp w/maps, illus, index. HB/DJ [dj edgeworn, now in protective cover] overall a very good copy….45.00 SOLD


104) [UVALDE COUNTY] A PROUD HERITAGE: A History of Uvalde County, Texas “Written by the people of Uvalde County.” 1975, 1st edition, El Progresso Club. 496pp w/photos, comprehensive history of the county, community histories, family biographies, and more. Folio HB w/decorated cover, very scarce…….225.00


105) Valenza, Janet Mace TAKING THE WATER IN TEXAS: Springs, Spas, and Fountains of Youth 2000, 1st edition, Austin. An interesting history of the rise and fall of Texas’ healing springs from the 1830s to current times. 265pp w/map, illus, appendices (including a list by county of medicinal spas), bibliography, index. HB/DJ, as new (out-of-print in cloth)……..45.00


106) [VICTORIA COUNTY] VIGNETTES OF OLD VICTORIA by Sidney R. Weisiger. 2001, 1st limited edition of 200 copies, Victoria County Heritage Department. Editor’s foreword by Robert W. Shook. This massive, well-rounded history of Victoria and its environs includes the author’s memoirs; history of settlements of county sites and communities; private and public enterprise; old stagecoach lines, telegraph and telephone; railroads; fire department; holidays and past times; life on farm and ranch; and much more. 528pp w/maps, many photos and illustrations, notes on further reading; extensive index. Folio HB brown leather w/photo pasted on front cover, fine condition, inscribed/SIGNED………..160.00


107) [VICTORIA COUNTY] MURDER & MA,ICE: Crimes of Passion From Victoria County, Texas, 1891-1913 by Gary D. Hall. 2006, 1st edition, Victorian Preservation Inc. Foreword by Gary Dunman. A fascinating account of the dark underbelly of Victoria’s Golden Years. Liberally illustrated with photos of the people and places involved. Covers twenty-0ne case. 224pp w/photos, bibliography, index. Folio HB black leather photo pasted on front cover and gold lettering, fine copy…..50.00


108) Webb, James Josiah (edited by Ralph P. Bieber) ADVENTURES IN THE SANTA FE TRADE 1844-1847 1931, 1st edition, Arthur H. Clark Co., Glendale. In this memoir, the author tells the story of his career as a Santa Fe trader from 1844 through the early part of the Mexican War. An entertaining and important source of first-hand information about the Santa Fe Trail and trade; trappers, Mexicans, and Indian tribes of the Old Southwest; and the impact of the Mexican War on southwestern trade. 301pp w/illus., foldout map, notes. HB maroon cloth, very good……65.00 SOLD


109) Webb, Walter Prescott THE TEXAS RANGERS: A Century of Frontier Defense 1935, 1st edition, 1st state [photo on page 565 mistakenly identifies Ray and Arch Miller as being the men on the right], Boston. Jenkins, BTB, said this is the most important work on the Texas Rangers, and quotes Rupert Richardson, “Wisely conceived, profusely illustrated, and beautifully written, the book is a fitting monument to a great institution.” 584pp w/photos, biblio, index. HB/DJ (about 1/3 of dust jacket spine is missing, otherwise bright with edgewear and small chips, now in protective cover) exceedingly scarce, especially with dust jacket…295.00


110) Webb, Walter Prescott THE GREAT PLAINS 1936, 1st edition, 2nd state, Boston. Jenkins, BTB “Webb’s masterpiece. An essential book in any Texas or Western collection…” Wm. Reese, SIX-CORE: Webb surveys all life on the Plains, and much of what he discusses relates directly or indirectly to the range industry. The sections on water and fencing are two of the best.” 434pp w/biblio, index. HB black cloth, very good…….100.00 SOLD


111) [WEBB, WALTER PRESCOTT] WALTER PRESCOTT WEBB: His Life and Impact by Necah Stewart Furman. 1976, 1st edition, Albuquerque. “From modest beginnings on the West Texas Plains, Webb became a historian of international renown.” HB/DJ fine copy….40.00


112) Webb, Walter Prescott THE GREAT FRONTIER 1952, 1st edition, Boston. A scholarly interpretation of the last 450 years of Western exploration. Jenkins, BASIC TEXAS BOOKS, said this about Webb: “[The Great Plains by Webb] is the most brilliant book ever written by a Texan, and with The Great Frontier made Webb the most influential of all Texas authors. …Until the end of his life, Webb was a scholar, historian, and philosopher of world standing.” 434pp w/biblio, index. HB/DJ [dj is rough, now in protective cover] interior has some underlining, SIGNED by Webb under his name on title page….45.00 SOLD


113) Weiner, Hollace Ava & Kenneth d. Roseman LONE STARS OF DAVID: The Jews of Texas 2007, 1st edition, Waltham. Forward by Robert S. Strauss. Written by historians, journalists, and rabbis, this book is an anthology of narratives on the history and culture of Texas Jews. “It’s a fascinating scholarly work written by some talented storytellers.” Tumbleweed Smith, Texas Folklorist. 328pp w/photos, index. Folio HB/DJ, fine copy……35.00


114) Williams, J.W. OLD TEXAS TRAILS 1979, 1st edition, 2nd printing, Burnet. Edited by Kenneth F. Neighbors. This book is the result of Williams’ life-long search for the truth about Texas trails and the men who carved them out of the wilderness. Jenkins, BTB [p292]: “…a wealth of information on trails, roadways, and routes of early travelers in Texas between 1716 and 1886.” 447pp w/22 maps of Texas trails including two foldouts, more than 60 photos, bib, index. HB brown cloth, lacks dust jacket…110.00


115) Wilson, R.L. THE WORLD OF BERETTA: An International Legend 2000, 1st edition, Random House, NY. A richly illustrated history and identification guide to the world’s oldest gunmaker. 370pp w/photos, notes, appendices, bibliography, index. Oblong folio HB/DJ fine copy…….55.00


116) Wilson, R.L. COLT: An American Legend 1985, reprint, NY. “The definitive and official history of Colt Firearms from 1836 to the present.” Profusely illustrated with over 300 full color photos. 405pp w/illus, index. Oblong folio, HB/DJ…35.00


117) Wilson, John H. (as told to Sue Wilson) LAND OF THE HIGH SKY: Stories Along the Rio Pecos 1992, 1st edition, np. Wilson remembers his days as a cowboy in the Pecos River country of West Texas in the early days of the 20th-century. Also a 62pp w/photos. Folio softcover, SIGNED by Sue……..45.00


118) Winegarten, Ruthe & Cathy Schecter DEEP IN THE HEART OF TEXAS: The Lives & Legends of Texas Jews, A Photographic History 1990, 1st edition, Austin. Not only the stories of many Jewish individuals, but a pioneering study of Jewish institutions—cemeteries, synagogues, lodges and women’s clubs, and generous philanthropists. An enlightening look at the accomplishments of the Texas Jewish community. 253pp w/photos, notes, index. Folio HB/DJ fine…….55.00


119) Wood, Richard G. STEPHEN HARRIMAN LONG, 1784-1964: Army Engineer, Explorer, Inventor 1966, 1st edition, The Arthur C. Clark Co., Glendale. “Long contributed much to technological advancement I a wide filed of endeavor ranging from topography, to the design of steam engines and bridges, and including pioneer efforts for improving the navigability of rivers, and the development of river craft.” 292pp w/maps, illus, biblio, index. HB blue cloth, near fine……….35.00


120) Wooster, Robert [editor] RECOLLECTIONS OF WESTERN TEXAS: Descriptive and Narrative, Including An Indian Campaign, 1852-1855, Interspersed With Illustrative Anecdotes by Two of the U.S. Mounted Rifles 1995, limited edition of 300 copies, Book Club of Texas, Austin. Preface by Robert M. Utley; illustrated with wood engravings from William H. Emory’s Report on the United States and Mexican Boundary Survey.. This volume provides an interesting, informative, and often forgotten account of military activities in mid-nineteenth century South Texas. Also provides good information on flora, fauna and people of the era. 109pp w/illustrations, annotations, index, foldout map. HB, fine copy, SIGNED by Wooster…….85.00 SOLD


121) Young, Roy B. COCHISE COUNTY COWBOY WAR: A Cast of Characters 1999, 1st limited edition of 500 copies, Apache. A reference tool with much information on the people and places of Arizona’s Cochise County and the Earp-Tombstone saga. Includes a bibliography of Wyatt Earp/Cochise County era sources. 181pp w/illustrations, appendices. Folio HB/DJ, fine copy, SIGNED……….75.00


122) [YOUNG COUNTY] YOUNG COUNTY: History and Biography by Carrie Johnson Crouch. 1937, 1st edition, Dallas. Has many articles covering the county’s early history, cattle ranching, outlaws and lawmen, the Marlowe Brothers; Indian depredations, Civil War days, Fort Belknap, town histories, a section with family biographies. 343pp w/photos, endpaper map, biblio, index. HB, bound in red cloth with gold lettering, fine copy, clean and bright, very scarce……225.00 SOLD


123) ZANE GREY FIRST EDITIONS (All state “First Edition” and I’ve provided the publisher’s code):

123a) MAJESTY’S RANCHO 1942 [publisher’s code c-r] HB/DJ has edgewear, now in protective cover….100.00

123b) WEST OF THE PECOS 1937 [c-m] HB/DJ minor edgewear, now in protective cover………………..100.00 123c) FIGHTING CARAVANS 1929 [H-D] HB w/later issue dust jacket, very good condition…………….. 85.00

123d) THE VANISHING AMERICAN 1925 [I-Z] HB/unclipped dust jacket, very good condition………….100.00

123e) KNIGHTS OF THE RANGE 1939 [m-n] HB/DJ very good, some damage to endpapers……………......50.00

123f) THE DRIFT FENCE 1932 [K-O] HB/facsimile dust jacket……………………………………………….50.00

123g) WESTERN UNION 1939 [I-O] HB/DJ very good………………………………………………………..100.00


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