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CATALOG #314, April, 2021



1) Alexander, Bob & Donaly E. Brice TEXAS RANGERS: Lives, Legend, and Legacy 2017, 2nd printing, Denton. A one-volume history of the Rangers that begins in 1823 up through the Republic, Mexican War, and Civil War. Then, the authors focus in detail on each company A through F, of the Frontier Battalion. Thereafter, Alexander and Brice tell the famous episodes of the Rangers that forged their legend, and bring the story up through the twentieth century to the present day in the final chapters. 650pp w/illus, notes, bibliography, index. HB/DJ, new ……34.95


2) Alexander, Bob SIX-SHOOTERS and SHIFTING SANDS: The Wild West Life of Texas Ranger Captain Frank Jones 2015, 1st edition, Denton. Foreword by Chief Kirby W. Dendy, Texas Rangers. The first full-length biography of the legendary nineteenth-century Texas Ranger. 468pp w/photos, notes, bilio, index. HB/DJ, as new, SIGNED ….34.95


3) [ARANSAS COUNTY] ARANSAS: The Life of a Texas Coastal County by William Allen & Sue Hastings Taylor. 1997, 1st edition, Eakin Press, Fort Worth. A comprehensive history of this county from its earliest days of discovery by the Spaniards to modern times. 473pp w/maps, photos, notes, sources, index. Trade paperback, as new ……26.95


4) [ARCHEOLOGY] Boyd, Carolyn E. ROCK ART OF THE LOWER PECOS 2003, 1st edition, College Station. “…a landmark volume on one of the most important bodies of rock art in the world…required reading for anyone interested in the archaic prehistory of North America.” 139pp w/illustrations, tables, appendix, bib, index. Folio HB/DJ….45.00


5) [ARCHEOLOGY] A FIELD GUIDE TO ARCHEOLOGICAL SITES OF TEXAS by Parker Nunley. 1989, 1st edition, Texas Monthly Press, Austin. Contains information, maps, drawings, and photographs of archeological sites in every region of Texas, an overview of the general concepts of anthropology and archeology, a primer on methods of identifying and recording artifacts, and much more. 256pp w/maps, appendices, index. Trade paperback……25.00 SOLD


6) [ARCHITECTURE] THE ALLEYS AND BACK BUILDINGS OF GALVESTON: An Architectural and Social History by Ellen Beasley. 1996, 1st edition, College Station. Fascinating study of an interesting city on the Gulf that presents a vivid picture of life in Galveston’s alleyways from the founding of the city into the 20th century. 170pp w/photos, appendices, index. Folio HB/DJ near fine copy…..45.00


7) [ARCHITECTURE] ALL THE HOUSES WERE PAINTED WHITE: Historic Homes of the Texas Golden Crescent by Rick Gardner. 2019, 1st edition, TAMU Press, College Station. Contributions by Gary Dunman. Offers its readers an appreciation of many stately homes in and around Victoria, Cuero, Goliad, Hallettsville, Schulenburg and Gonzales. It is also a tribute to the architects, owners, and anonymous craftspeople who built the houses—to their vision, skill, ingenuity, imagination, creativity, and endurance. 186pp w/photos, maps, notes, index. Folio HB/DJ, new [multiple copies available]………39.95


8) [ART] ODE TO EAST TEXAS: The Art of Lee Jamison by Lee Jamison. 2021, 1st edition, TAMU Press, College Station. Foreword by Frances Brannen Vick; Introduction by Carolina Castillo Crimm. “ A master artist offers visual and literary homage to his beloved East Texas…the result is an astonishing visual record of contemporary East Texas land, lore and culture as viewed through the eyes of an accomplished painter.” 161pp w/illus, notes, bib, index. Folio HB/DJ, new [multi-copies available]…34.95


9) Baker, James H. & Raymond E. Cage, II THE INDIANS IN THE HISTORY OF TARRANT COUNTY, TEXAS 1962, 1st printing, Tarrant County Archeological Society, Fort Worth. A history of Indian activity in the area of Tarrant County from its earliest days. Appendices include: a map of Comanche Territory; a firsthand account of the Battle of Village Creek by the officer in charge, General Edward H. Tarrant; and a copy of the 1843 treaty between the Republic of Texas and various tribes along the Trinity River. 38 pp w/illus, bibliographical notes. Folio cardboard cover with spiral binding, very good, a very scarce item…165.00 SOLD


10) Bandelier, Adolph & Edgar L. Hewett INDIANS OF THE LOWER GRANDE VALLEY 1937, 1st edition, “Handbooks of Archaeological History,” UNM Press, Albuquerque. Part One: The Rio Grande Pueblos Today by Edgar L. Hewett. Part Two: Documentary History of the Rio Grande Pueblos by Adolph F. Bandelier. Archeological and historical studies of the Pueblo Indians who peopled the Rio Grande region of New Mexico for millennia. 274pp many photos, app, index. Folio HB/DJ very good with minor chips to dust jacket…85.00 SOLD


11) Barrett, Neal, Jr. LONG DAYS AND SHORT NIGHTS: A Century of Ranching on the YO, 1880- 1980 1980, 1st edition, Mountain Home. Illustrated by Joe Beeler. The story of the Schreiners and their five-generation ranching dynasty at the YO Ranch near Kerrville. 192pp w/photos, index. Folio HB/DJ........85.00 SOLD


12) Barr, Alwyn BLACK TEXANS: A History of Negroes in Texas, 1528-1971 1973, 1st edition, Jenkins Publishing Co., Austin. A complete study of Blacks I Texas which includes chapters on free blacks and slaves prior to Civil War, followed by chapters on political, economic educational and social developments from 1865 to 1971. 269pp w/illus, index. HB/Dj very good…135.00 SOLD


13) [BIG BEND] WILDFLOWERS OF THE BIG BEND COUNTRY, TEXAS by Barton H. Warnock. 1970, 1st edition, Alpine. Photographs by Peter Koch. 100s of full-color plates accompany Dr. Warnock’s natural history study of the region. Long out-of-print, this is the hardest to come by of the three Warnock studies. 157pp w/map, index. Softcover, spiral binding, SIGNED..55.00 SOLD


14) [BIG BEND] CACTUSES OF BIG BEND NATIONAL PARK by Douglas B. Evans. 1998, 1st edition, UT Press, Austin. Evans describes twelve kinds of cactus and their individual species known to occur in the Park. Many folks time their travels to the region in order to witness the many colorful blooms. Profusely illustrated with color photos. 82pp w/illus, index. HB/DJ fine…45.00 SOLD


15) [BIG BEND] SUL ROSS STATE TEACHERS COLLEGE BULLETIN 44 Dec. 1, 1932, Alpine. Articles include: “Conkling Cavern: The Discoveries in the Bone Cave at Bishop’s Gap, New Mexico” by Roscoe P. Conkling; “Perishable Artifacts of the Hueco Caves” by Aileen E. Alves; “Early Border Elections” by E.E. Townsend; “Old Fort Lancaster” by Henry T. Fletcher; “Survey of the Jeff Davis-Presidio County Line” by Barry Scobee; and more. 56pp w/illustrations. Softcover, scarce……35.00


16) [BIG BEND] Sul Ross State College Bulletin Vol. XLIII, No. 3, Sept. 1, 1963. Includes the following articles: “Don Milton Favor” by Barry Scobee; “Early Settling of the Big Bend” by Mrs. Joel E. Wright; “The Glenn Springs Raid” by Captain C.D. Wood; “Bandit Raids in the Big Bend Country” by W.D. Smithers; Capt. Sul Ross” by Ray Osborne; plus several biographical sketches of early-day Big Benders by Bryan Wildenthal. 138pp w/photos. softcover……25.00


17) Biggers, Don Hampton A BIGGERS CHRONICLE History That Will Never Be Repeated 1961, 1st limited edition of 500 copies, Lubbock. This book contains a reprint of “History That Will Never Be Repeated,” plus a biography of its author by Seymour V. Connor. The first section was “Biggers’ first and probably his best contribution to the history of West Texas and its expanding cattle industry.” Goodnight, Chisum, XIT, cattle drives, cowboys, etc.147pp w/photos, sources, index. HB very good copy, SIGNED by Connor………45.00 SOLD


18) Bolton, Herbert Eugene THE HASINAIS: Southern Caddoans as Seen by the Earliest Europeans 1987, 1st edition, Norman. Edited and with an introduction by Russell M. Magnaghi. “Bolton’s ethno-historical analysis includes chapters on the Hasinai inter-action with the Spanish and the French; their economic life and social and political organization; their housing, hardware, and handicrafts; their dress and adornment; their religious beliefs and customs; and their war customs and ceremonials.” 194pp w/map, illustrations, notes, bibliography. HB/DJ as new condition….40.00 SOLD


19) [BREWSTER COUNTY] Mirages, Mysteries and Reality--BREWSTER COUNTY, TEXAS: The Big Bend of the Rio Grande by Clifford B Casey. 1972, 1st limited edition, Hereford. Illustrations by Ron Reynolds. A good history of the remote Trans-Pecos county which includes many well-rounded and interesting historical essays, plus biographical sketches of many early county residents. 485pp w/photos; maps; appendices [which include lists of county officials and registered county brands]; references; index. Folio hardback w/pictorial covers, fine copy , SIGNED ……175.00


20) [BREWSTER COUNTY] THE MAGNIFICENT MARATHON BASIN: A History of Marathon, Texas, Its People and Events by Annejo P. Wedin. 2014, 2nd edition, Chapman and Sons, Abilene. A well-rounded history of the ranch country around Marathon in far West Texas: frontier military with Fort Pena Colorado; histories of nearby settlements; cemetery inventory; cattle brands; some natural history; nearly 300 pages of family biographies; much more. 598pp w/photos, endpaper maps, bibliography, index. HB blue cloth w/photo pastedown and gilt lettering…….125.00 SOLD


21) Britton, N.L. & J.N. Rose THE CACTACEAE: Descriptions and Illustrations of Plants of the Cactus Family 1963, reissue of the original 1920 edition, Dover Publications. Four volumes bound as two. The first exhaustive and definitive study of the cacti family ever made. The authors recognize three major classifications of cacti under which they arrange and describe 124 genera and 1,235 species, giving complete details of each. 1054pp w/1279 illustrations,, 137 plates, 1142 text-figures, 125 identification keys. Folio HB/DJs two volumes, the set = $85.00


22) Bunton, Mary Taylor A BRIDE ON THE OLD CHISHOLM TRAIL IN 1886 1939, 1st edition, Naylor Co., San Antonio. Author accompanied her husband on a cattle drive from Nolan County, Texas, to Coolidge, Kansas.77pp w/illus. HB/DJ ….50.00


23) [CALHOUN COUNTY] INDIANOLA SCRAP BOOK: Fiftieth Anniversary of the Storm of August 20, 1886 1974, reprint of the 1936 original with Table of Contents and Index added, The Jenkins Publishing Co., Austin. A collection of stories published in newspapers and other publications that provide a complete history of the gateway seaport that was wiped out by the Hurricane of 1886. Includes a number of old period photos both before and after the tragic storm. There’s chapters on the early La Salle Colony, and about the decades-long Taylor-Sutton feud that raged not far away in Dewitt County, and much more. 198pp w/map, photos. Hardback, tan cloth w/brown lettering, fine copy, SCARCE……..125.00 SOLD


24) Campa, Arthur L. TREASURE OF THE SANGRE DE CRISTOS: Tales and Traditions of the Spanish Southwest 1963, 1st edition, Norman. Illustrations by Joe Beeler. Folktales of lost mines, silver stashes, other legends. 223pp w/illus, biblio, index. HB/DJ [dust jacket slightly worn at edges]…….40.00 SOLD


25) Cancelmo, Jesse TEXAS CORAL REEFS 2008, 1st edition, TAMU Press, College Station. A colorful and enlightening look at the two coral reefs together called the Flower Garden Bank off the coast of Texas, and two nearby reefs called Stetson Bank and Geyer Bank. A superb photographic study of the natural history. 132pp w/photos, index. Folio HB/DJ, as new…..24.95


26) Capstick, Peter Hathaway WARRIOR: The Legend of Colonel Richard Meinertzhagen 1998, 1st edition, NY. “A powerful chronicle that follows the tracks of a 20th-century legend.” Meinertzhagen served in India and Africa during the glory days of the British Empire; did covert missions and daring raids against the Germans in WWI; worked as an OSS agent in WWII; and much more.295pp w/photos, maps, notes, index. HB/DJ fine copy…….50.00 SOLD


27) Casement, Dan D. RANDOM RECOLLECTIONS: The Life and Times – and Something of the Personal Philosophy – of a 20th Century Cowman 1955, 1st edition, Kansas City. Casement ranched in Western Colorado from the 1890s through the mid-1900s. He was a breeder of Hereford cattle, and was instrumental in the development of the Quarter Horse. 11pp. HB, maroon cloth w/gold lettering, very good copy with som,e blisters along the front edge of the cloth cover…….100.00


28) Cavazos, Bobby THE COWBOY FROM THE WILD HORSE DESERT 2000, 1st edition, np. Historical fiction set on the King Ranch in South Texas. 271pp w/illustrations, glossary. Trade paperback, inscribed/SIGNED…..25.00


29) Cavazos, Bobby THE COWBOY FROM THE WILD HORSE DESERT Book Two 2002, 1st printing, Kerrville. The Saga continues…396pp w/photos. Trade paperback, inscribed/SIGNED……27.50 SOLD


30) Cavazos, Lauro F. A KINENO REMEMBERS: From the King Ranch to the White House 2006, 2nd printing, College Station. As Secretary of Education under George H.W. Bush, Cavazos became the first Hispanic to hold a cabinet position. 284pp w/photos, index. Trade paperback, fine…..22.50 SOLD


31) Chamberlain, Kathleen P. VICTORIO: Apache Warrior and Chief 2007, 1st edition, Norman. An academic’s biography of the Apache Chief who marauded and murdered Anglos and Mexicans on both sides of the border before finally being killed by Mexican soldiers in the desert of northern Mexico. 242pp w/photos, maps, index. HB/DJ as new….35.00


32) [CISNEROS, JOSE] THE SPANISH HERITAGE OF THE SOUTHWEST by Francis Fugate. 1952, 1st limited edition of 525 copies; El Paso. Featuring twelve drawings by Jose Cisneros; typography and book design by Carl Hertzog. Lowman, Printer At The Pass: “This book was the first publication of the Texas Western Press at what is now The University of Texas at El Paso.” 33 unnumbered pages. Folio HB/DJ, #14 of 525 copies, SIGNED by Cisneros, Hertzog, Fugate. Folio HB/DJ fine copy…295.00


33) Cox, James HISTORICAL and BIOGRAPHICAL RECORD of the CATTLE INDUSTRY and the CATTLEMEN OF TEXAS and Adjacent Territory Two Volumes. 1959, 2nd facsimile edition limited to 550 copies, Antiquarian Press, LTD., NY. With a new introduction by J. Frank Dobie. Jenkins, BASIC TEXAS BOOKS: “Conceived as a mug book to be sold primarily to the people whose biographies appeared in it, the final published book contained so much of value on the cattle industry that it has become a classic in its field. Nearly 400 pages are devoted to biographies of some 449 Texas cattlemen, and these sketches are a goldmine for research into the cowboy and cattle industry. Jeff Dykes has called it ‘an unequalled source of information and pictures of pioneer cattlemen.’ The other half of the volume, written by Cox, provides one of the two or three best contemporary accounts of the history of the Texas cattle trade. Thirteen chapters are devoted to the subject, and include sections on barbed wire, mavericks, cattle drives, economics of the industry, improving the longhorn breed, and Indian depredations on the cattle range.” 743pp w/photos, indices. Two volumes, half calf, in slipcase, near fine…..495.00


34) Daughters of the Republic of Texas DEFENDERS OF THE REPUBLIC OF TEXAS Vol. I: Texas Army Muster Rolls, Receipt Rolls, and other Rolls, 1836-1841 1989, 1st edition, Austin. Abstracts of 133 Texas Army Muster rolls, payroll records and other military documents, plus information on Texas pioneers and veterans of the Republic never published before. Includes a concise and factual history of the Army of the Republic. Invaluable research tool. 318pp w/map, illustrations, index. Folio softcover, has some miniscule chips at spine and edges, scarce…….65.00


35) Daughters of the Republic of Texas THE ALAMO HEROES AND THEIR REVOLUTIONARY ANCESTORS 1984, 4th printing. San Antonio. An important contribution to the genealogy of the men who died at the Alamo, with interesting anecdotes about many of them. 88pp w/extensive bibliography. Softcover……30.00 SOLD


36) Day, James M. CAPTAIN CLINT PEOPLES: Texas Ranger, Fifty Years A Lawman 1980, 1st edition, Waco. The story of Peoples who began his law enforcement career in 1930, and served as a Ranger from 1953 to 1973. 201pp with many photos, notes, references, index. Folio HB/DJ very good CLEARANCE: 40% OFF = $30.00 (was $50.00)


37) Dobie, J. Frank A VAQUERO OF THE BRUSH COUNTRY 1929, stated “Fourth Edition,” The Southwest Press, Dallas. Author’s first book. Jenkins, BASIC TEXAS BOOKS: “Based on oral memoirs of John Young, the text includes, in addition to Young’s life as a pioneer cowman and outlaw chases, sections on roundups and cattle drives, on the hide and tallow business in Texas, on Billy the Kid and the Mexican outlaw Cortina, on life in the South Texas brush country, on Mexican and Indian warfare along the border after the Civil War, and on the folk ways of the Texas cattle industry.” 314pp w/endpaper map, many interesting period photos, index. HB w/simulated rattlesnake cover, this copy SIGNED by Dobie with an inscription to George A. Hill, Jr. owner of the Hill Ranch on Buffalo Bayou and dated June, 1938, very good condition……..225.00 SOLD


38) Dobie, J. Frank JOHN C. DUVAL: First Texas Man of Letters 1939, 1st limited edition of 950 copies Dallas. With nine illustrations by Tom Lea. Dobie offers a biographical look at Duval (best known for his early books Early Times in Texas and Adventures of Big-Foot Wallace) plus a bibliographical critique. In the last section, a number of Duval’s heretofore unpublished works are provided. 105pp. HB/DJ near fine copy …..165.00


39) Dobie, J. Frank STORIES OF CHRISTMAS AND THE BOWIE KNIFE 1953, 1st ed, Austin. Full- color illustrations by Warren Hunter. In the first section, Dobie relates three childhood memoirs; in the second he tells the historical background of the legendary Bowie knife. HB, ex-library copy w/decimal on spine and title page, overall a sound copy…..42.50 [condition noted]


40) Dobie, J. Frank GUIDE TO LIFE AND LITERATURE OF THE SOUTHWEST With a Few Observations 1943, 1st printing, UT Press, Austin. Jenkins, BTB: “A delightful, intensely subjective guide to Dobie’s favorite books…It will always be an essential volume in any Texas library.” 111pp w/illustrations. Wrappers w/extended edges, very good……24.00


41) [DOBIE, J. FRANK] MY DOBIE COLLECTION by Jeff Dykes. 1971, 1st limited edition of 300 copies, College Station. Foreword by Dudley R. Dobie. Dykes, a renowned Texana collector, discusses his extensive collection of Dobie first editions, and gives a bibliography that includes many items not described in McVickers. HB brown cloth, with drawing of Paisano by Dobie, numbered and SIGNED.....55.00 SOLD


42) Drake, Annie Nicholson CLEAR FORK KINSHIP 2005, 1st edition, Fort Worth. An interpretive history of the life of Daniel Waggoner. He founded the Waggoner Ranch which, at its zenith, numbered more than a half-million acres. 247pp w/genealogy, sources, index. HB/DJ, fine copy, SIGNED……….85.00 SOLD


43) Elliot, W. J. THE SPURS undated reprint of the rare 1939 original, Buffalo Gap. With a new introduction by Eric Swenson. Adams, HERD: “A history of this famous ranch by one connected with it.” William Reese in, SIX SCORE, wrote that this book “gives more of the flavor of the Spur ranch than any other book. The author worked for the Spur outfit, and there are many tales of his own personal experiences and those of his comrades.” 274pp w/illus. HB/DJ, new…….24.95


44) [EASTLAND COUNTY] “GATEWAY TO THE WEST” Eastland County History 1989, 1st edition, Taylor Publishing. A massive 748 page Texas county history w/photos, endpaper map, historical articles, family histories, and more. Folio HB red cloth with cover decorations in silver, near fine copy, exceedingly scarce…..325.00 SOLD


45) [EL PASO COUNTY] THE PONCE DE LEON LAND GRANT by J. J. Bowden. 1969, printing, [Southwestern Studies Monograph No. 24], El Paso. A history of the 1827 land grant which includes the territory now occupied by El Paso, Texas. 56pp w/maps, notes, references. Softcover…………20.00


46) Erickson, John ACE REID: Cowpoke 1984, 1st edition, Perryton. A fascinating and very humorous look at the cartoonist’s life. Includes a hilarious anecdote by Elmer Kelton. 156pp w/photos, illus, bib, index. Many photos. HB/DJ: I have a limited number of as new, unread copies SIGNED by Erickson……….24.95


47) Ericson, Joe E. JUDGES OF THE REPUBLIC OF TEXAS: A Biographical Directory 1980, 1st limited Collectors Edition of 100 copies, Dallas. Gives biographical and genealogical data on approximately 1500 Texans who were judges in the Republic from 1836 to 1846. 350pp with some portraits, index. HB maroon leather w/gold decoration, SIGNED…..75.00 SOLD


48) [GEOLOGY] GEOLOGY OF THE PLATA VERDE MINE, HUDSPETH COUNTY, TEXAS by Jonathan G. Price. 1982, 1st printing, UT Press, Austin. A geological study of two vertical mine shafts in the foothills of Van Horn Mountain that were active silver-copper mines in the 1930s and 1940s. w/maps [one large foldout map in rear pocket] tables, figures. Folio wrappers..25.00


49) Gipson, Fred FABULOUS EMPIRE: Colonel Zack Miller’s Story 1946, 1st edition, Boston. [Gipson’s first book.] Intro by Donald Day. The story of the 101 Ranch in Oklahoma and its famous Wild West Show. 411pp. HB/DJ [bright dj has light edgewear, overall a very good copy] SIGNED…….100.00 SOLD


50) Goetzmann, William H. EXPLORATION AND EMPIRE: The Explorer and the Scientist in the Winning of the American West 2000, reprint edition, Austin. This Pulitzer Prize winner, first published in 1957, offers a masterful overview of America’s Western expansion. 648pp w/photos, maps, sources, index. HB/DJ fine….29.95


51) Govenar, Alan PORTRAITS OF COMMUNITY: African American Photography in Texas 1996, 1st edition, Texas State Historical Association, Austin. “Using a century of photographs taken by black photographers and detailed interviews with the men and women behind the cameras, [this book] is an eloquent visual history of African American life.” Includes autobiographical essays by several black photographers. 272pp w/photos, appendices, index. Folio HB/DJ, as new….45.00


52) Gracy, David B. II A MAN ABSOLUTELY SURE OF HIMSELF: Texan George Washington Littlefield 2019, 1st edition, Norman. Foreword by J. Phelps White III In this retelling of the successful rancher and business entrepreneur, the author provides new information about Little-field’s term as University of Texas regent. Proud of his Civil War service in Terry’s Texas Rangers, Littlefield funded one of the nation’s first centers for Southern history. He also underwrote the school’s purchase of its first rare book library and its training programs preparing troops for World War I’s new combat roles. 450pp w/maps, illus, bibliography, index. HB/DJ, as new…………….34.95


53) Grann, David KILLERS of the FLOWER MOON: The Osage Murders and the Birth of the FBI 2017, reprint, NY. In the 1920s members of an Osage Indian nation in Oklahoma began to be killed off after oil was discovered beneath their land. As the death toll rose to twenty-four, the relatively new FBI took over the investigation. The badly bungled investigation led the director, J. Edgar Hoover, to turn to Texas Ranger Tom White to unravel the mystery. White’s undercover investigation exposed one of the most chilling conspiracies in American History. 338pp w/photos, endpaper map, bibl. HB/DJ, as new…...28.95


54) Hamner, Laura V. LIGHT ‘N HITCH: A Collection of Historical Writing Depicting Life on the High Plains 1958, 1st trade edition, Dallas. Paintings by Dord Fitz. A panorama of High Plains history, with vivid accounts of events, people and places in the history of the Texas Panhandle from the 1870s through the 1920s—Adobe Walls, Charles Goodnight, Quanah Parker, law and order, transportation, pioneer women, town building, ranching, more. 350pp w/photos, index. HB/DJ very good copy…..75.00


55) Harris, Charles H III & Louis R. Sadler THE TEXAS RANGERS IN TRANSITION: From Gunfighters to Criminal Investigators, 1921-1935 2019, 1st edition, Norman. “This book takes up the Rangers’ story at a time of political turmoil, as the largely rural state was rapidly becoming urban. At the same time, law enforcement was facing an epidemic of bank robberies, an increase in organized crime, the growth of the Ku Klux Klan, Prohibition enforcement—new challenges that the Rangers met by transitioning from gunfighters to criminal investigators.” 640pp w/map, photos, notes, bib, index. HB/DJ, as new..34.95


56) Harris, Charles H., Frances E. Harris & Louis R. Sadler TEXAS RANGER BIOGRAPHIES: Those Who Served 1910-1921 2009, 1st edition, Albuquerque. Foreword by Byron A. Johnson, director of the Texas Ranger Hall of Fame in Waco. The best-selling research and writing team of Harris and Sadler have compiled a reference book that presents the biographies of all 1,782 Rangers who served along the Texas-Mexico border during the period of the Mexican Revolution, some who gained fame and notoriety, and many who did not. 432pp w/photos, bibliography, index. Great genealogical information! HB/DJ, as new….39.95


57) Harris, Chas. H, & Louis R. Sadler THE TEXAS RANGERS and the MEXICAN REVOLUTION: The Bloodiest Decade, 1910-1920 2004, 2nd printing, Albuquerque. A massive volume that concentrates on activities of Texas Rangers patrolling the border during the era of the Mexican revolution. 673pp w/maps, photos, bibliography, notes, appendix, index. [From the forward, “In undertaking this study, our purpose is neither to justify nor condemn but rather to paint as accurately as possible a portrait of the Rangers, warts and all...” HB/DJ, fine copy …….45.00 [out-of-print in cloth]


58) Heath-Agnew, E. A HISTORY OF HEREFORD CATTLE and their breeders 1983, 1st edition, London. Covers the history of the breed from Saxon times to modern. Includes a year by year analysis of the progress of Herefords from 1900 to 1970. 334pp w/map, photos, appendices, index. HB/DJ fine copy, inscribed/SIGNED……55.00


59) Hillerman, Anne SPIDER WOMAN’S DAUGHTER 2013, 1st edition, NY. A continuation of the Joe Leaphorn mysteries originated by the author’s father, Tony Hillerman—“with bold new characters.” 305pp. HB/DJ, as new, SIGNED….35.00 SOLD


60) Hillerman, Anne THE TALE TELLER 2019, 1st edition, NY. Another Leaphorn, Chee & Manuelito novel. 302pp. HB/DJ as new, SIGNED…….35.00 SOLD


61) Hinton, Harwood P. [intro by] HISTORY OF THE CATTLEMEN OF TEXAS 1991, Texas State Historical Association, Austin. DeGolyer Library Cowboy and Ranch Life Series. This volume is a reprint of the 1914 original volume which was privately printed for the families of the Cattle Raisers’ Association of Texas. It was sold by subscription and contained sketches of sixty individuals who were either pioneers of the livestock industry or “progressive” ranchers who had expanded into other fields of endeavor. 350pp w/portraits, index. HB, brown leather w/stamped title block on the front cover w/gilt lettering, scarce….265.00 SOLD


62) Holden, W. C. ROLLIE BURNS or An Account of the Ranching Industry of the South Plains 1932, 1st edition, 1st state, limited to 500 copies [see Adams, Rampaging Herd] Dallas. Wm. Reese, in SIX-SCORE: “An excellent picture of ranching in the 1870s, 80s, and 90s in West Texas. Burns first work as a cowboy was in 1873. He worked for several outfits and managed three before this narrative ends in 1896.” HB, tan cloth w/decorated cover, very good condition (front and back endpapers have “ghost” fo dj flap, which is missing) SIGNED AND DATED BY Rollie Burns (8-26-19320…..275.00


63) Hollon, W. Eugene BEYOND THE CROSS TIMBERS: The Travels of Randolph B. Marcy 1955, 1st edition, Norman. A biography of the 19th-century trail blazer, geographer, Mexican fighter, Indian authority, and author. 270pp w/illustrations, bibliography, index. HB/DJ, very good…..55.00 SOLD


64) [HOWARD COUNTY] HISTORY OF HOWARD COUNTY, 1882-1982 1982, 1st edition, np. 592pp w/many photos, maps, historical articles, family histories, extensive cemetery inventories, and much more. Folio HB leatherette w/decorated cover..125.00


65) Huffines, Alan C. BLOOD OF NOBLE MEN—The Alamo Siege and Battle: An Illustrated Chronology 1999, 2nd printing, Austin. Foreword by Stephen L. Hardin; illustrated by Gary S. Zaboly. “Texas military historian Huffines assembles extracts from letters and other primary, or at least contemporary, sources to detail the activities and thoughts of the defending Texans and attacking Mexicans during the fatal 13 days in February and March 1836 that have become part of US mythology. Zaboly contributes line drawings and sketches of characters, scenes, weapons, dress, and other aspects and begins each chapter with an aerial view pointing out positions and salient features.” Folio HB/DJ, fine, SIGNED….35.00 SOLD

65b) Another copy – BLOOD OF NOBLE MEN – also 1st edition, HB/DJ not signed…..29.95 SOLD


66) Hutton, Harold DOC MIDDLETON: Life and Legends of the Notorious Plains Outlaw 1974, 1st edition, Chicago. Biography of the outlaw with a Robin Hood reputation, who ruled over a five-county area of Nebraska, known as ‘Doc Middleton’s Country.’290pp w/endpaper maps, illus, notes, bib, index. HB/DJ fine copy…….35.00 SOLD


67) John, Elizabeth A.H. STORMS BREWED IN OTHER MEN’S WORLDS: The Confrontation of Indians, Spanish, and French in the Southwest, 1540-1795 1975, 1st edition, College Station. A critical history of the interaction between the native peoples and European explorers in Texas and surrounding area. 805pp with illus, maps, biblio, index. HB/DJ fine copy…50.00


68) Johnston, Eliza Griffin TEXAS WILD FLOWERS 1972, Deluxe edition—1st printing, Shoal Creek Publishers, Austin. Contains full color reproductions of the author's wild flower paintings which she did for her husband, General Albert Sidney Johnston, in the 1840s and ‘50s. Includes a biography of the author by Dr. Mildred Mayhall. 206pp w/100 full-page plates, index to flowers. Folio HB, leatherette w/decorated cover, scarce…….90.00


69) Keating, Bern AN ILLUSTRATED HISTORY OF THE TEXAS RANGERS 1980, reprint, NY. Interesting history of the Rangers with many period photos. 192pp, index. Folio HB/DJ near fine….30.00


70) Kelton, Elmer ELMER KELTON COUNTRY: The Short Nonfiction of a Texas Novelist 1993, 1st edition, Fort Worth. These true stories reflect the themes and characters that inspired Kelton’s award-winning novels. 312pp w/illustrations. HB/DJ uncommon in hardback…….65.00 SOLD


71) Kemp, Louis Wiltz THE SIGNERS OF THE TEXAS DECLARATION OF INDEPENDENCE 1944, 1st edition limited to 500 copies, Salado. Jenkins, BASIC TEXAS BOOKS: “The volume begins with what is still the most extensive account of the Convention of 1836. The bulk of the work, however, is devoted to lengthy, well-annotated biographies of the men who actually signed the Texas Declaration of Independence…Kemp’s research is of immense value in analyzing this most important council in Texas history. [And] scholars will draw upon his work over and over again in coming to a fuller understanding of the convention and its delegates.” 398pp w/facsimiles of the original Declaration, notes, index. HB/DJ [books is near fine/dust jacket has small chips at top of spine, top edges and front flap, now in protective cover, this is #59,SIGNED w/inscription to Blanche Horn Jenkins, exceedingly scarce……….725.00 SOLD


72) Kinard, Knox HISTORY OF THE WAGGONER RANCH 2011, limited edition of 325 copies, Four-O Publishing, Abilene. (This history of the legendary ranch first appeared in The Panhandle-Plains Historical Review, Vol. XVI, 1943.) Foreword by Larry McMurtry; 16 tintype photographs by Robb Kendrick; designed by Jace Graf. 61pp w/photos, not. HB, fine, SIGNED by Kendrick and Graf……125.00 SOLD


73) [KING RANCH] BOB AND HELEN KLEBERG OF KING RANCH by Helen Kleberg Groves. 2004, 1st edition, Albany. Researched and written with Bill Benson; foreword by Anne & Tobin Armstrong. This massive volume chronicles the memoirs of Helen King Kleberg Alexander-Groves, only child of Bob and Helen Kleberg, and gives an insiders view of life on the much-storied ranch, and of the Kings and the Klebergs. Includes some early history of the Kings and Klebergs, and over 200 photographs by Toni Frissell and Helen Campbell Kelberg. 273pp w/many photographs, genealogy and endnotes. Folio HB/DJ fine copy, SIGNED by Benson and Helen Groves..………………….125.00

73b) Another copy –Bob and Helen Kleberg of King Ranch – also 1st edition, HB/DJ not signed….85.00


74) Krueger, Max Amadeus Paulus SECOND FATHERLAND: The Life and Times of a German Immigrant 1976, 1st printing of the revised edition, College Station. Edited and with an introduction by Marilyn McAdams Sibley. The author recalls, among other things, the murderous “Helena Duel”, brutal Indian massacres, a cattleman’s war, and the thrills of a mustang or buffalo hunt. 161pp w/illus, map, index. HB/DJ, near fine copy…30.00 SOLD


75) Laird, James R. THE CHEYENNE SADDLE: A Study of Stock Saddles of E.L. Gallatin, Frank A. Meanea and the Collins Brothers 1982, 1st limited edition of 200 copies, Cheyenne. The principals featured in this book were post-Civil War saddle makers in Cheyenne, Wyoming. Includes biographical sketches. 55 pages, profusely illustrated. Folio bound in genuine saddle leather in slipcase, numbered and SIGNED, a fine copy, very scarce……..250.00 SOLD


76) [LEA, TOM] THE ART OF TOM LEA 1989, 1st edition, College Station. Compiled by Kathleen G. Hjerter, with an introduction by William Weber Johnson; a new. This volume makes available, in black and white and full-color reproductions, the full range of Lea’s work. 256pp w/index. Oblong folio HB/DJ, fine copy, SIGNED by Lea (no inscription) ………225.00


77) Lea, Tom BATTLE STATIONS: a Grizzly From the Coral Sea and Peleliu Landing 1988, 1st thus, Still Point Press, Dallas. Introduction by Al Lowman. Two stories by Lea about his experiences as a Life Magazine correspondent during World War II. 75pp w/illustrations by Lea, endpaper maps. Folio HB/DJ fine copy…..60.00


78) [LEA, TOM] TOM LEA: An Oral History edited by Rebecca Craver & Adair Margo. 1995, 2nd printing, El Paso. A compil-ation of fifteen hours of taped interviews with Lea. Included are family photographs and papers, and full-color reproductions of some of his work. 185pp w/bibliography, index. Folio HB/DJ, as new…..29.95


79) Llewellyn, K.N. & E. Adamson Hoebel THE CHEYENNE WAY: Conflict and Case Law in Primitive Jurisprudence 1953, 2nd printing, Norman. An interesting case by case analysis of the law ways of a non literate Plains tribe, as told by the individual tribesmen.360pp w/illustrations, index. HB/DJ very good….45.00


80) Lindsey, Ellis & Gene Riggs BARNEY K. RIGGS: The Yuma and Pecos Avenger 2002, 1st edition, np. Both authors are descendants of Barney Riggs, and have diligently researched to give a balanced overview of his controversial life. Riggs was pardoned from Yuma prison in 1887 after risking his life to save that of the superintendent. He returned to the Pecos/Fort Stockton area, and became embroiled in a feud with Jim Miller and his gang of killers. There is considerable material on Jim Miller, sheriffs A.J. Royal and Bud Frazier, John Wesley Hardin, Dee Harkey, and other well-known characters of the era. 342pp with photos, appendix, bibliography, index. HB/DJ, out-of-print, SIGNED by Lindsey…..50.00


81) Loving, James C. THE LOVING BRAND BOOK 1965, 1st edition, Pemberton Press, Austin. With an introduction by Charles Goodnight II*I; illustrations by William D. Wittliff. Reese, SIX-SCORE: “Reproduces James C. Loving’s original manuscript brand book of Texas cattle brands, compiled in 1884. Loving was the son of Charles Goodnight’s partner Oliver Loving and one of the founders of the first Texas stock association. This reproduction makes available to all a picture of how brands were recorded by a working cattleman on the range, besides preserving an important brand book for prosperity.” 118pp w/index. HB/DJ (light dis-coloration of front free endpaper from dust jacket flap which is common with this book) overall a near fine copy, scarce…225.00


82) Lowman, Al PRINTING ARTS IN TEXAS 1975, 1st limited edition of 25 copies bound in natural cloth, Austin. Forward by Stanley Marcus; illustrations by Barbara Holman; design by William R. Holman. Jenkins, BASIC TEXAS BOOKS: “This is the best history of fine printing in Texas...Al Lowman provides careful description and studied analysis of the best books published in Texas.” 107pp w/illustrations, index. Folio HB beige cloth in slipcase, SIGNED by Lowman & Holman….295.00


83) Mackay, James ALLAN PINKERTON: The First Private Eye 2007, reprint edition, Castle Books, NY. Biography a this interesting character who blazed the trail of the private detective industry. 256pp w/photos, notes, bib, index. HB/DJ fine..22.50


84) Maissin, Eugene THE FRENCH IN MEXICO AND TEXAS (1838-1839) 1961, 1st English translation, limited to 500 copies, The Anson Jones Press, Salado. Translated from the French with introduction and notes by James L. Shepherd, III. Jenkins, BTB, p. 174: “Maissin’s journey to Texas occurred about the same time as [Theodore Frederic] Gailladet’s and provides an interesting alternative French view of the new [Texas] Republic.” While on an expedition, Maissin recorded his observations on its history, the people he encountered, climate, geography, and prospects for the infant republic. Several chapters devoted to the Mexican war with France, Santa Anna. 254pp w/illus, notes, app, index. Folio HB turquoise cloth w/black & gold decorations, SIGNED by translator and publisher…….75.00 SOLD


85) Meeks, Beth Thomas [w/Bonnie Spear] HECK THOMAS, MY PAPA 1988, 1st edition, Norman. A family chronicle of the life of Marshal Heck Thomas, one of the legendary ‘Three Guardsmen’ of Oklahoma lawmen. 78pp w/photos. Wrprs, fine ..25.00


86) Meinzer, Wyman & Henry Chappell HORSES TO RIDE, CATTLE TO CUT: The San Antonio Viejo Ranch of Texas 2016, 1st edition, Benjamin. With Meinzer’s stunning photography and Chappell’s historical interpretation we get an intimate glimpse into one of the oldest ranches in South Texas’ “Wild Horse Desert”. Folio HB/DJ, new…………75.00


87) Micallef, A.M. TEXAS SAFARI: World Class Big Game Hunting in the State of Texas 1986, 1st edition, Fort Worth. “A vivid picture of hunting in Texas that describes all aspects of the hunt from planning and booking a trip to taxidermy of your trophy.” Includes a list of contemporary hunting facilities, outfitters and taxidermists 256pp w/photos, appendix. HB/DJ....25.00


88) Muir, Andrew Forest [editor] TEXAS IN 1837: An Anonymous, Contemporary Narrative 1958, 1st edition, Austin. Jenkins, BASIC TEXAS BOOKS: “The unknown author of this work left us the earliest written account of Texas as a Republic....the best description of the Republic during its first year as an independent nation...” 232pp w/chapter notes, illus, maps, index. HB/DJ..45.00 SOLD


89) Nolan, Frederick TASCOSA: Its Life and Gaudy Times 2007, 1st ed, Lubbock. “The true, detailed, down-and-dirty story of Tascosa, the “cowboy capital of the Texas Panhandle” and “the hardest place on the frontier.” Pat Garrett’s “Home Rangers;” the 1883 Cowboy Strike; and the war between the corporation ranchers led by ‘Alphabet’ Lee and the group of rustlers led by Tascosa town boss Jesse Jenkins; buffalo hunters; Billy the Kid; ‘Poker Tom’ Emory; Bill Gatlin; Cap Arrington; Jim East; much more. 361pp w/photos, notes, bibliography, index. HB/DJ….39.95 SOLD


90) Oden, Bill EARLY DAYS ON THE TEXAS-NEW MEXICO PLAINS 1965, 1st limited edition of 750 copies, Canyon. Edited with introduction and notes by J. Evetts Haley; designed by Carl Hertzog; sketches by H. D. Bugbee; map endpapers by Jose Cisneros. 69pp w/some fine old period photos. Frontier life experiences of a cowboy/rancher on the Plains of West Texas and New Mexico from the 1880s through the turn of the century. HB, dark blue cloth, scarce…..95.00


91) Oliver, Harry DESERT ROUGH CUTS: A Haywire History of the Borego Desert 1938, 1st edition, Ward Ritchie Press, Los Angeles. Illustrated with woodcuts by the author. Humorous stories of old-timers and prospectors that once populated the Borego Valley in California. 64pp w/illustrations. Wrappers….50.00


92) O’Neal, Bill THE ARIZONA RANGERS 1987, 1st edition, Austin. “From 1901 to 1909, outlawry in Arizona Territory was countered by a hard-riding, quick-triggered little band of men who carried into a new century the traditions of Pat Garrett, Wild Bill Hickock, Commodore Perry Owens, and other gun-fighting members of an earlier generation of frontier lawmen.” 222pp w/illus, notes, biblio, index. Trade paperback, as new, SIGNED…..24.95


93) Parsons, Chuck CAPTAIN JOHN R. HUGHES: Lone Star Ranger 2011, 1st edition, Denton. Foreword by Robert K. DeArment. This newest biography of the intrepid Ranger sheds new light on his life before he became a Texas Ranger, including information on his love interest, though he never married. He served from 1887 until his retirement in 1915, after receiving more awards and honors than any other Texas Ranger, before or since. 416pp w/photos, notes, bib, index. HB/DJ…….29.95


94) [PECOS COUNTY] FRONTIER DAYS IN SHEFFIELD by H.A. Holmes. 1973, 2nd edition, np. An interesting history of the people who settled in Sheffield, located in the hills between Ozona and Fort Stockton, and only a short drive from the Pecos River. 92pp w/historical articles, residents list, many photos. Folio HB red cloth, very scarce………125.00 SOLD


95) Preece, Harold LONE STAR MAN: Ira Aten, Last of the Old Texas Rangers 1960, 1st edition, NY. Aten served as a Texas Ranger in the 1880s, mostly along the Mexican border, and was part of the team that captured and killed Sam Bass. He was later sheriff in two Texas counties, and then division manager of the XIT Ranch before retiring to southern California. 256pp w/photos, biblio, index. HB/DJ near fine…..45.00 SOLD


96) [PRESIDIO COUNTY] LA JUNTA DE LOS RIOS: The Life, Death and Resurrection of an Ancient Desert Community in the Big Bend Region of Texas 2007, 1st edition, Boerne. Chronicles the region’s history from prehistory through the 1830. “A tale of three distinct cultures – La Juntan, Spanish and Apache.” 193pp w/maps, notes, bib, index. Wrappers, fine, scarce…..135.00 SOLD


97) Raymond, Dora Neill CAPTAIN LEE HALL OF TEXAS 1940, 1st edition, Norman. Illustrations by Louis Lundean and Frederic Remington. Biography of a famous 19th-century Texas Ranger. Adams, SIX-GUNS: “A well-written biography which shows scholarly research. There are reliable chapters on Sam Bass and the Taylor-Sutton Feud and a good account of the killing of Ben Thompson.” 350pp w/foldout map, index. HB tan cloth, very good copy lacking dust jacket….45.00


98) Reid, Jan CLOSE CALLS: Jan Reid’s Texas 2000, 1st edition, College Station. Reid’s writings include profiles of Texans from all walks of life and going on beats with Texas police officers, attending church with George Foreman in New York, and meeting Kickapoo Indians in the Sierra Madres. He also gives a dramatic account of his hijacking and near-fatal shooting by bandits in Mexico. 247pp. HB/DJ, as new…29.95


99) Robinson, Charles M., III THE FALL OF A BLACK ARMY OFFICER: Racism and the Myth of Henry O. Flipper 2008, 1st edition, Norman. In this deeply researched book, the author concludes that Flipper was the author of his own problems, and not a victim of prejudice as most 20th-century revisionists would have you believe. 197pp w/notes, biblio, index. HB/DJ as new….29.95 SOLD


100) [ROOSEVELT, THEODORE] THE WORKS OF THEODORE ROOSEVELT 1927/1926, “National Edition,” Charles Scribner’s Sons, NY. TWENTY VOLUMES. Edited by Hermann Hagedorn. This versatile collection includes his hunting and outdoor adventure books; history; essays; letters to his children; Rough Riders; and his autobiography. Most volumes include new introductions by friends, colleagues and other notables of the era.Volume 20 has index for the entire set. The twenty volumes are all hardbacks bound in dark brown faux leather w/cloth Roosevelt portrait in yellow imbedded in front covers, all volumes in very good condition, overall a handsome set. The complete set of 20 volumes =$295.00 (estimated shipping probably around $10-$12.50) SOLD


101) Simmons, Marc [editor/translator] BORDER COMANCHES: Seven Spanish Colonial Documents, 1785-1819 1967,

1st limited edition of 400 copies, Santa Fe. Early Spanish reports on the Comanches in New Mexico and Texas which reflect on their Plains military prowess. 41pp w/notes, suggested reading list. HB/DJ, scarce, SIGNED by publisher……75.00 SOLD


102) Sims, Judge Orland L. COWPOKES, NESTERS, & So Forth 1970, 1st edition, Encino Press, Austin. This autobiography, by one of West Texas’ most colorful and outspoken inhabitants, is a good history of Concho County from the end of the trail driving days through the oil boom to modern times. Pioneers, herders, shearers, freighters, railroaders, the horseless carriage, oil and oilers, banks and bankers, courts and lawyers, politicos and preachers are samplings of subjects covered. 297pp w/photos. HB/DJ...45.00 SOLD


103) Simpson, Col. Harold B. HOOD’S TEXAS BRIGADE IN POETRY AND SONG 1999, 2nd printing, Fort Worth. A compilation of lyrical compositions usually written for special occasions centering on the Brigade and its past history. Many of the songs and poems came from actual participants who composed them for later reunions. 296pp w/photos, illus, appendices--which include a biographical sketch of General John Bell Hood, and various versions of “Dixie”--bib, index. HB/DJ fine copy…55.00


104) Smallwood, James M. THE FEUD THAT WASN’T: The Taylor Ring, Bill Sutton, John Wesley Hardin, and Violence in Texas 2008, 1st edition, College Station. Chronicles the bloody nineteenth-century vendetta between two Texas factions in South Texas that lasted for decades. 229pp w/photos, maps, appendix, sources, index. HB/DJ, as new..29.95


105) Spinks, S.E. LAW ON THE LAST FRONTIER: Texas Ranger Arthur Hill 2007, 1st edition, Lubbock. Hill became a Texas Ranger in 1947 and spent a decade in the Trans-Pecos region. In 1957 he was promoted to sergeant of Co. B in Dallas, where he spent a year investigating the “Dixie Mafia,” Lone Star Steel Strike, Dallas/Fort Worth gambling enterprises, and the KKK. Then he returned to the Big Bend Country where he chased drug smugglers and killers in that rugged country until mandatory retirement in 1974. 265pp w/photos, notes, bibliography, index. HB/DJ…….29.95


106) Swanson, Donald A. ENLISTMENT RECORDS OF INDIAN SCOUTS WHO SERVED IN ONE OF THE SCOUT ATTACHMENTS AT FORT CLARK, TEXAS Three sections: Seminole Negro-Indian Detachment, August 1872-September 1914; Lipan Indian Scout Detachment, Dec. 1878-Dec. 1879; Lipan Indian Scout Detachment, Nov. 1880-June 1881.The service records of many individual listed include brief biographical data with descriptions of their services and some action reports. 57pp, typewritten on one side, index. Folio softcover, spiral binding…..25.00


107) Tennant, Alan, et al THE SNAKES OF TEXAS 1984, 1st edition, Austin. “A complete review of all 106 species and subspecies of snakes found in Texas. All species are illustrated in full color with detailed distribution maps as well as comprehensive key and detailed notes on physiology and habits.” 561pp w/illus, glossary, bib, index. Folio HB very good, lacks dj…..90.00


108) [TEXAS RANGERS] RANGERS OF TEXAS 1978, 2nd printing, Waco. Foreword by Colonel Wilson E. Speir; intro by Rupert N. Richardson; original paintings by David Sanders. Includes “John Coffee Hays” by Dorman H. Winfrey; “Samuel Walker” by James M. Day; “Ben McCulloch” by Ben Proctor; “John Salmon (Rip) Ford” by Harold B. Simpson; “Lawrence Sullivan Ross” by Richard N. Conger; and “Leander H. McNelly” by Joe B. Frantz. 159pp. Folio HB/DJ very good…..27.50


109) Thompson, Richard A. CROSSING THE BORDER WITH THE 4th CAVALRY: Mackenzie’s Raid Into Mexico, 1873

1986, 1st edition, Waco. An account of Colonel Mackenzie’s secret expedition into Mexico to punish a hostile band of Kickapoo and Lipans in 1873. Included with this detachment were the famous Seminole-Negro Indian Scouts who had served with Bullis.

93pp w/photos, bibliography, notes. HB/DJ, fine copy….65.00


110) Tilghman, Zoe A. QUANAH: The Eagle of the Comanches 1938, 1st edition, Oklahoma City. An early biography of the last war chief of the Comanches. 196pp w/illustrations; a chronology; genealogy of the Parker family, bibliography. HB/DJ near fine copy, rarely offered with dust jacket….375.00 SOLD


111) Tompkins, G.C. A COMPENDIUM OF THE OVERLAND MAIL COMPANY ON THE SOUTH ROUTE 1858-1861 and the Period Surrounding It 1985, 1st edition, Talina Corporation, El Paso. “A compendium of the complete story of the Overland Mail Company and John Butterfield and the events leading up to and surrounding the first truly transcontinental mail and stagecoach service on the North American continent. 399pp w/maps, ill, sources, index. HB faux leather w/gilt lettering….55.00


112) Tracy, Milton Cook & Richard Havelock-Bailie THE COLONIZER: A Saga of Stephen F. Austin 1941, 1st ed, El Paso. A study of Austin’s colonizing days during Texas’ early years. Included is a complete roster of the “Old Three Hundred” which gives the name of the settler, the location of his settlement (giving the present county name), the amount of land assigned, and the date the titles were issued. HB/DJ fine…..45.00 SOLD


113) Tyler, Ronnie C. & Lawrence R. Murphy THE SLAVE NARRATIVES OF TEXAS 1974, 1st edition, Encino Press, Austin. The material in this book comes from interviews conducted during the 1930s by the Federal Writer’s Project of the WPA. Topics include the slaves’ coming to Texas, their masters, their work, runaways, their beliefs, and recollections of the Civil War. 143pp w/photos, biblio. HB/DJ near fine….45.00


114) [WEBB, WALTER PRESCOTT] A TEXAN’S STORY: The Autobiography of Walter Prescott Webb edited by Michael L. Collins. 2020, 1st edition, OU Press, Norman. A manuscript discovered among Webb’s personal archives. Topics include rural living, teaching, discussions of his major works, Texas and world history, and much more. 226pp, w/photos, bib. HB/DJ new [multi copies]……..29.95 SOLD


115) White, Benton R. THE FORGOTTEN CATTLE KING 1986, 1st edition, College Station. Biography of F.G. Oxsheer, a West Texas cattleman who at one time owned a network of ranches that stretched from Oklahoma and the Texas Panhandle into northern Mexico. 138pp w/photos, maps, appendix, bibliography, index. HB/DJ, very good….45.00


116) Whitlock, V.H. (Ol’ Waddy) COWBOY LIFE ON THE LLANO ESTACADO 1970, 1st edition, Norman. Entertaining stories about pioneer life and the author’s adventures as a young cowpuncher on the Causey ranch in eastern New Mexico. 278pp w/photos, index. HB/DJ, near fine…….55.00


A range and cattle rarity!

117) Williams, J.E. (Jim) FIFTY-EIGHT YEARS in the PANHANDLE of TEXAS 1944, 1st edition, Firm Foundation Publishing House, Austin. As a young man toward the end of the 19th-Century, Williams worked on several ranches in the Texas Panhandle, including the Bar X, Quarter Circle Heart, and Z Bar Z. He gives brief histories and his thoughts on these and many other Panhandle ranches he either worked on or had dealings with. A lot of Panhandle ranching history is packed into these pages. 137pp w/photos, brands. HB blue cloth, very good copy, clean and sound with intact hinges, rare, SIGNED……..675.00 SOLD


118) Wilson, John P. MERCHANTS, GUNS & MONEY: The Story of Lincoln County and Its Wars 1987, 1st edition, Santa Fe. “…a compelling portrait of a town and its times [and] a major contribution to the history of New Mexico by a highly acclaimed historian.” Includes much on the Lincoln County War; The Horrell War; Civil War on the Rio Bonito; A.J. Fountain; early settlement; development; much more. 226pp w/illustrations, appendix, notes, sources, index. HB/DJ very good….45.00


119) Wilson, R.L. SAMUEL COLT PRESENTS: A Loan Exhibition of Presentation Percussion Colt Firearms 1961, 1st edition, Hartford. Brought together for the first time under one roof are presentation pistols once owned by some of the world’s best known Colt collectors of both handguns and longarms. Over 200 photographs show models from the 1830s through the 1860s. 293pp w/photos, appendices. Folio HB/DJ near fine copy…..100.00 SOLD


120) Wilson, R.L. with Greg Martin BUFFALO BILL’S WILD WEST: An American Legend 1998, 1st edition New Jersey. “A panoramic celebration of the colorful characters who created the image of the West for Americans, and for the world.” This work covers a fascinating period in entertainment history. 312pp w/photos, notes, index. Oblong folio HB/DJ, near fine…….35.00


121) Wooster, Ralph A. LONE STAR GENERALS IN GRAY 2000, 1st edition, Eakin Press, Austin. Biographies and contextual descriptions of service of many of the Confederate generals who had Texas roots. 330pp w/illus, note, bib, index. HB/DJ fine..40.00 SOLD


122) [YOUNG COUNTY] FORT BELKNAP: Frontier Saga—Indians, Negroes and Anglo-Americans on the Texas Frontier

by Barbara A. Neal Ledbetter. 1982, 1st edition, Austin. A history of Fort Belknap, in Young County, that was one of a line of Texas forts in the mid-1800s. Includes information on frontier race relations; Indian captives; also information on Fort Griffin, Mobeetie, and Tascosa in West Texas. 300ppw/maps, illus, notes, biblio, app, index. HB/DJ, near fine, exceedingly scarce SIGNED…..375.00 SOLD



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