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1) Alexander, Bob & Donaly E. Brice TEXAS RANGERS: Lives, Legend, and Legacy 2017, 2nd printing, Denton. A one-volume history of the Rangers that begins in 1823 up through the Republic, Mexican War, and Civil War. Then, the authors focus in detail on each company A through F, of the Frontier Battalion. Thereafter, Alexander and Brice tell the famous episodes of the Rangers that forged their legend, and bring the story up through the twentieth century to the present day in the final chapters. 650pp w/illus, notes, bibliography, index. HB/DJ, new ……34.95


2) Alexander, Bob SIX-SHOOTERS and SHIFTING SANDS: The Wild West Life of Texas Ranger Captain Frank Jones 2015, 1st edition, Denton. Foreword by Chief Kirby W. Dendy, Texas Rangers. The first full-length biography of the legendary nineteenth-century Texas Ranger. 468pp w/photos, notes, bilio, index. HB/DJ, as new, SIGNED ….34.95


3) Alexander, Bob OLD RIOT, NEW RANGER: Captain Jack Dean, Texas Ranger and U.S. Marshall 2018, 1st edition, Denton. Biography of Dean, who is one of only five men to be a Texas Ranger and a President-appointed United States Marshall. His story includes details of many true-crime calamities: double murders, single murders, negligent homicides, suicides, jailbreaks, manhunts, armed robberies and home invasions, kidnappings, public corruption, sexual assaults, illicit gambling, car-theft rings, dope smuggling, and arms trafficking. 522pp w/photos, endnotes, index. HB/DJ, new, SIGNED….34.95


4) Allred, B. W. PRACTICAL GRASSLAND MANAGEMENT 1950, 1st edition, San Angelo. “Provides much of the basic information necessary to understand the problems of grassland management. It effectively describes the practices that will lead to more grass and better-fed livestock.” 307pp w/illustrations, appendix, index. HB/DJ dj edgeworn w/small chips…..45.00SOLD


5) [ARCHITECTURE] Bailey, Ben P. BORDER LANDS SKETCHBOOK (Libro de Bosquejos Fronterizos) 1976, 1st edition, Waco. Written in both English and Spanish, with translations by Channing Horner and Louise Bailey Horner. A detailed study of the architectural diversity along Texas’ southern border from Laredo to the mouth of the Rio Grande that reflects the region’s inherent cultures. 170pp w/drawings by the author, and an illustrated glossary of architectural terms. Folio HB/DJ near fine..125.00


6) [BANDERA COUNTY] A BRIEF HISTORY OF BANDERA COUNTY: Covering More Than Eighty Years of Intrepid History by J. Marvin Hunter. 1936, 1st edition, Bandera. Early settlers, Indian atrocities, and more. 95pp. Wrprs very good..50.00 SOLD


7) Barker, Elliott S. WHEN THE DOGS BARK ‘TREED’ A Year on the Trail of the Longtails 1946, 1st edition, Albuquerque. Stories of trapping and hunting lions, turkey, elk, and other wildlife in the Vermejo Park region of New Mexico. 209pp w/photos. HB/DJ, very good copy, SIGNED…….75.00 SOLD

7b) Another copy – When the Dogs Bark Treed – 1946, 1st edition. HB/DJ, very good, not signed….65.00


8) [BEE COUNTY] HISTORY OF BEE COUNTY by J.G. Rountree II. 1960, 1st edition, published by the author. Historical articles; Indians massacre Irish colonists; list of 1959 landowners; a long list of earliest settlers (genealogy); interesting letters from various landowners; also an account of the author’s road trip through Mexico in the 1959s. 200pp. Folio wrappers, fine…65.00 SOLD


9) [BIG BEND] Clayton NEVER AGAIN by Clayton Williams. 1969, 1st edition, San Antonio; THREE VOLUMES. An extensive and well-written overview of the history of the Texas’ Trans-Pecos frontier from B.C to the beginning of the Civil War. He devotes considerable attention to the Coahuiltecan and Jumano Indian tribes during the Spanish colonial period, and the Comanches during the 19th century. Includes a lot on U.S. Army activities in western Texas during the period between the War with Mexico and the Civil War. 3 volumes HB/DJ in slipcase, very good, SIGNED…135.00


10) [BIG BEND] LETTERS: Past and Present by Mrs. O. L. Shipman. Nd [circa 1940s], 1st edition, np. Through letters to her nieces and nephews, the author relates her life in the Big Bend area, telling of Indian fights, some famous outlaws and lawmen, Billy the Kid, Pat Garrett, Tom O’Folliard, and others; plus there’s material on Pancho Villa and bandit raids along the border during the days of the Mexican Revolution. [Mrs. Shipman wrote and published the rare “Taming the Big Bend” in 1926.] Softcover..75.00


11) [BIG BEND] IN THE SHADOW OF THE CHINATIS: A History of Pinto Canyon in the Big Bend by David W. Keller. 2019, 1st edition, College Station. This book “combines the rich narratives of history, natural history, and archeology to tell the story of the landscape as well as the people who once inhabited Pinto Canyon—a remote and rugged place near the border with Mexico in the Texas Big Bend.” 252pp w/maps, photos, bibliography, index. HB/DJ, new [multi-copies available]…….34.95


12) [BIG BEND] CHRONICLES OF THE BIG BEND: A Photographic Memoir of Life on the Border by W.D. Smithers. 1977, 2nd printing, Madrona Press, Austin. Pancho Villa, bootleggers, curanderos and avisadores are among the intrigues of the Big Bend caught by Smithers’ camera in the early part of the 20th-century. 144pp w/many period photos, index. Folio HB/DJ fine..35.00


13) [BIG BEND] RIBBONS OF TIME: The Dalquest Research Site by Douglas Preston. 2006, 1st edition, Midwestern State University Press, Wichita Falls. Photographs by Walter W. Nelson. A photographic and textual study of the remote canyon in the Big Bend known as The Devil’s Graveyard, located just north of Big Bend Ranch State Park. This region was donated to Midwestern State by Walter and Rose Dalquest to be used as a research site. This book combines photographic art, history and science to provide an exploration of this unique and relatively unknown canyon. 101pp. Oblong folio, fine copy SIGNED by Nelson…125.00 SOLD


14) [BIG BEND] VOICE OF THE MEXICAN BORDER edited and produced by Jack [Mrs. O.L.] Shipman, author of Taming the Big Bend. Original publications, Marfa Texas, seven separate issues:

14a) November, 1933—articles include: “Our Vice President (Jack Garner)”; “Pistol and Spur” about early days in Uvalde County; “Lt. Charles Nevill” telling of the last Ranger-Apache fight in the Diablo Mountains near Van Horn; “A Ranger Captain” (Fort Inge); all preceding articles by the editor. Also “The Indian Tells His Story” (Battle of Dove Creek) by John W. Hunter..60.00

14b) December, 1933—articles include: “El Paso The Hub of Texas History;” “Mexican Payrolls and American Bandits”; “The Camels Come To Big Bend” by Judge O.W. Williams; “Fort Quitman”; “The Salt War of San Elizario”; “Fort Davis And Indians”; “The Robbery of the Valentine Store” and “Van Horn Wells” by E.E. Townsend; “Early History of Presidio” more.60.00

14c) January, 1934 –articles by various authors include: “Old San Elizario”; “The Salt War of San Elizario”; “Brief Career of Tom O’Folliard, Billy the Kid’s Partner”; “A Real Cowboy Preacher (Rev. R.L. Millican)”; “A Story of Two Brothers ” (George & William Brooks); “Among Austin’s Original 300”; and more.……60.00

14d ) April-May, 1934 – articles by various authors include: “The Ghosts and Their Wealth” (Chisos Mountains); “Spanish Explorations Along the Conchos and Rio Grande” (17th and 18th century explorations); and more…….60.00

14e ) February-March, 1934 – articles by various authors include: “My Yaqui Friends”; “Travel in West Texas 84 Years Ago”; “U.S. and Mexican boundary Survey” (as it pertains to the Big Bend region); “The Lost Gold Mine in the Guadalupe Mountains”; “The History of Presidio County”; “Early West Texas Cattle and Horse Brands”; and more……60.00

14f ) 1936 “Centennial Edition” – articles about the Brites of Capote; Presidio County; Indian fights; Fort Leaton; Fort D.A. Russell, Marfa; Pancho Villa; and much more. 111 pages. ……..75.00


15) Boatright, Mody C. TALL TALES FROM TEXAS 1934, 1st ed, Southwest Press, Dallas. (The paste-on to the front cover reads: Tall Tales from Texas Cow Camps.) Foreword by J. Frank Dobie; illustrations by Elizabeth E. Keefer. [In 1934 the Texas Folklore Society didn’t publish its regular annual book, so this title was sent to members in lieu of the regular publication.] 100pp. HB ¼ cloth with rattlesnake patter, title pasted on front boards, a very good copy in clear plastic protective cover….85.00 SOLD


16) Boessenecker, John RIDE THE DEVIL’S HERD: Wyatt Earp’s Epic Battle Against the West’s Biggest Outlaw Gang 2020, 1st edition, Hanover Square Press. “The Cowboys were the largest outlaw gang in the history of the American West. After battles with the law in Texas and New Mexico, they shifted their operations to Arizona. There, led by Curly Bill Brocius, they ruled the border, robbing, rustling, smuggling and killing with impunity until they made the fatal mistake of tangling with the Earp brothers.” 512pp w/illus, index. HB/DJ, new [multiple copies available]……29.99


17) Boethel, Paul C. THE BIG GUNS OF FAYETTE 1965, 1st edition, Von Boeckmann-Jones Co., Austin. History of Creuzbaur’s Battery, or Welhausen’s Battery, C.S.A., which was one of the units engaged in defending the Texas coast. Includes a detailed account of the Battle at Calcasieu Pass in Louisiana, and a roster with biographical sketches of the unit’s members. 98pp w/maps, notes, index. Softcover with pictorial cover, fine copy and SIGNED…….100.00


18) Bolt, Richard FORTY YEARS BEHIND THE LID 1974, 1st printing, Guthrie. A chuck wagon cook tells of his life as a range cook for the Four Sixes, with some genuine recipes thrown in. 40pp w/photos, recipes. Wrappers……22.50 SOLD


19) [BOSQUE COUNTY] A HISTORY OF BOSQUE COUNTY, TEXAS by William C. Pool. 1954, 1st edition, San Marcos. Early history of the county. Includes descriptions of the county’s topography; geology; early settlements; and early development in the 20th century; more. [NOTE: Interestingly, the Bosque County Militia was mustered and sent to aid Gillentine’s pursuit of Indians in West Texas. This ended in disaster for the Confederate troops in Irion County at the Battle of Dove Creek, and there’s a detailed account of that incident.] 74pp w/maps, bibliography. Softcover, nice copy, SIGNED, very scarce……..85.00 SOLD


20) [BOSQUE COUNTY] ) WITHOUT THE SHEDDING OF BLOOD: The Story of Dr. U.D. Ezell and of Pioneer Life at Old Kimball by Ray McDearmon. 1953, 1st edition, Naylor Co., San Antonio. A country doctor tells about pioneer life at a now defunct community situated where the Chisholm cattle trail crossed the Brazos River in northeast Bosque County. Indian raids, vigilante action, square dancing, and more. 81pp w/biblio. HB/DJ very good copy …35.00 SOLD


21) Brewer, J. Mason DOG GHOSTS and Other Texas Negro Folk Tales and THE WORD ON THE BRAZOS 1976/1953, reprint, Austin. A collection of delightful tales of black folklore from the Brazos River bottom.. Religious tales; farm & ranch tales; animal tales; tales of slavery. 124/109pp w/ill. Trade paperback……19.95 SOLD


22) Brown, Mark H. & W.R. Felton BEFORE BARBED WIRE: L.A. Huffman, Photographer on Horseback c1956, reprint, NY. Wm. S. Reese, SIX SCORE: “L.A. Huffman was the premier photographer of the northern range...Brown and Felton have supplied an excellent text to accompany [his] superb photographs.” 254pp w/photos, bib, index. Folio HB/DJ (dj worn)…..25.00


23) Brown, Mark H. & W.R. Felton THE FRONTIER YEARS 1955, reprint, NY. A companion volume to Before Barbed Wire. 272pp w/chapter notes, notes on photographs, bibliography, index. HB/DJ (dj worn around edges, now in protective cover)…...25.00


24) [BURNET COUNTY] JACOB WOLF: Burnet County Pioneer by R.S. Crawford. 1969, 1st edition, Waco. Chronicles the life of the Wolf family who were early-day settlers in Burnet County. Includes a short history of the county from 1848 to 1860 presented by the Burnet County Historical Society. 103pp w/photos, map, appendices. HB/DJ, SIGNED ….55.00


25) [CALLAHAN COUNTY] I REMEMBER CALLAHAN: History of Callahan County, Texas 1986, 2nd printing, Dallas. 475pp with many photos; historical articles; church & community histories; family histories; index. Folio HB tan cloth….85.00


26) Carmony, Neil B. [editor] BEN LILLY’S TALES OF BEARS, LIONS AND HOUNDS 2017, reprint, Silver City. The legendary outdoorsman of the 19th century recounts his adventures in the West hunting bears and lions. Wonderful tales! 212pp w/photos, sources, index.HB w/photo cover, new [multiple copies]……….29.95


27) Caro, Robert A THE YEARS OF LYNDON JOHNSON: The Path To Power 1982, 1st edition, NY. This biography of the power-hungry Johnson looks at his early years. 882pp w/maps, illus, bibliography, index. HB/DJ very good copy…..50.00 SOLD


28) [CASTRO COUNTY] Bowden, Ernestine Loudder THIS LAND WE HOLD 1971, 1st edition, Nortex Pub. A history of the Sunnyside community in Castro County, Texas. Has information on the XIT Ranch; C.C. Slaughter; other pioneer ranching families. 402pp w/maps, photos, index. HB/DJ…35.00 SOLD


29) Clark, O.S. CLAY ALLISON OF THE WASHITA 1954 reprint of the 1920 original, Frontier Press, Houston. Adams, SIX-GUNS: “The author tells of his experiences in meeting Clay Allison on the trail and of some of Allison’s subsequent killings. He also quotes a long story about Allison from Alfred Henry Lewis’ Sunset Trail.” 32pp w/photos. Wrappers……40.00


30) Clark, Penny [editor] ON OUR WAY TO “THE BIG DAY” (and beyond): The Hundredth Anniversary of the Lucas Gusher at “Spindletop”2002, 1st edition limited, Nortex Press, Austin. “This is the account of the Centennial Anniversary Celebration of a single event that changed the world forever—the discovery of the Spindletop Oil Field with its famous Lucas Gusher and the subsequent birth of the modern oil industry.” Includes a history of the discovery and boom. 230pp w/photos, index. Folio HB black cloth with pictorial cover and gilt lettering in black slipcase, fine copy…..250.00


31) Clayton, Lawrence WATKINS REYNOLDS MATTHEWS: A Biography 1990, 1st edition, Hardin-Simmons University Press, Abilene. Drawings by Paul Cameron Smith. Compelling biography of a unique West Texas rancher, better known as Watt Matthews. 123pp w/illus, biblio, index. [This true first edition is not to be confused with the 1994 edition published by Eakin Press.] Folio HB tan cloth with brown cloth spine/no dust jacket as issued, fine copy………250.00


32) Cool, Paul SALT WARRIORS: Insurgency on the Rio Grande 2008, 1st edition, College Station. A detailed study of El Paso’s infamous “Salt War” of 1877. The author has used previously untapped sources—first-person accounts, the U.S. Govern-ment report, and newspaper items—to create a day-by-day account of the San Elizario battle, including the location of the Texas Ranger positions. 360pp w/maps, illustrations, bibliography, index. HB/DJ, as new……24.95


33) [CONCHO COUNTY] CONCHO COUNTY HISTORY, 1858-1958 compiled by Hazie Davis LeFevre. 1959, 1st limited edition of 300 copies*, Eden. TWO VOLUMES. This county history includes historical articles about Eden and Paint Rock and the surrounding ranching area; Col J. Earl Rudder, WWII hero; Indian raids; and more. Also includes valuable genealogical information not found elsewhere: 1880 census; marriage records; cemetery inventories; more. 297pp w/index. TWO VOLUMES bound in blue cloth binding for one-sided typescript pages, Fine copy, rare….375.00 [NOTE: Mrs. LeFevre notes in her foreword that the typing was done by a volunteer and that she and her husband duplicated the pages on a “duplicating machine” [xerox?] borrowed from the Commissioner’s Court. *Limitation of 300 copies quoting the author in newspaper article pasted inside front cover.]


34) [CORYELL COUNTY] CORYELL COUNTY SCRAPBOOK by Mildred Watkins Mears. 1985, revised edition, Texian Press, Waco. A good history of the county and its people with chapters on development, Gatesville, Indian depredations, education, social life, men in uniform, and much more. 286pp w/photos, index. HB/DJ near fine…..45.00


35) Cox, James HISTORICAL and BIOGRAPHICAL RECORD of the CATTLE INDUSTRY and the CATTLEMEN OF TEXAS and Adjacent Territory Two Volumes. 1959, 2nd facsimile edition limited to 550 copies, Antiquarian Press, LTD., NY. With a new introduction by J. Frank Dobie. Jenkins, BASIC TEXAS BOOKS: “Conceived as a mug book to be sold primarily to the people whose biographies appeared in it, the final published book contained so much of value on the cattle industry that it has become a classic in its field. Nearly 400 pages are devoted to biographies of some 449 Texas cattlemen, and these sketches are a goldmine for research into the cowboy and cattle industry. Jeff Dykes has called it ‘an unequalled source of information and pictures of pioneer cattlemen.’ The other half of the volume, written by Cox, provides one of the two or three best contemporary accounts of the history of the Texas cattle trade. Thirteen chapters are devoted to the subject, and include sections on barbed wire, mavericks, cattle drives, economics of the industry, improving the longhorn breed, and Indian depredations on the cattle range.” 743pp w/photos, indices. Two volumes, half calf, in slipcase, near fine…..495.00


36) [CROCKETT COUNTY] YESTERYEAR IN OZONA AND CROCKETT COUNTY by V.I. Pearce. 1980, 1st edition, Talley Press (San Angelo) Editing by Elmer Kelton. Author recounts his days as a youngster on his ranch in Crockett County in the early part of the 20th-century: cowboys, sheepmen and cattlemen, much more. 137pp w photos, map endpapers. HB/DJ, very good..75.00


37) Crofford, Ava THE DIAMOND YEARS OF TEXAS PHOTOGRAPHY 1975, 1st edition, Austin. An interesting history of the Texas Professional Photographers Association from 1898 to 1973. Great photos of times gone by. 336pp w/photos, index. HB/DJ minor edgewear, SIGNED…….60.00 SOLD


38) Croy, Homer WHEELS WEST: The Story of the Donner Party 1959, 1st edition, NY. An account of the ill-fated Donner Party when only forty-four of eighty-seven people survived a harsh winter on their way to California’s Promised Land. 242pp w/map, sources, index. HB/DJ, minor edgewear along top edge, very good, inscribedSIGNED….50.00


39) [CULBERSON COUNTY] HISTORY OF VAN HORN and CULBERSON COUNTY, TEXAS by Rosa Lee Wylie. 1973, 1st edition, Hereford. A well-rounded history of a desolate county out west of the Pecos. 184pp w/photos, historical articles, family biographies, and more, with index. Folio HB w/decorated cover, near fine copy, SIGNED very scarce….135.00 SOLD


40) Dearen, Patrick APACHE LAMENT 2019, 1st edition, Farmington Hills. Dearen’s newest novel is based on the 1881 battle between Texas Rangers and Mescaleros in the Sierra Diablo near Van Horn.  That fight marked the last military-Indian engagement in Texas. HB/DH, new [multiple copies available]……….25.95


41) [DELTA COUNTY] LOOSE LEAVES: A History of Delta County by Ikie Gray Patteson. 1935, 1st edition, Dallas. Early history of the East Texas county: Indians, first trial in court house, first physician, tread-wheel mill and gin, freeing the Negroes, executions, railroads, newspapers, organizations, some natural history, much more. 221pp w/foldout map, some great period photos. HB/DJ, near fine copy, very scarce………..175.00


42) [DENTON COUNTY] GEOGRAPHY OF DENTON COUNTY by Mary Jo Cowling. 1936, 1st edition, Banks Upshaw and Co., Dallas. Don’t let the title mislead, as this book is actually a good history of the North Texas county with some references to its geography. Chapters on the county’s organization, early settlements and cattlemen; John Chisum; Sam Bass; a list of 140 cattle brands and their owners; schools; physical characteristics, and more. 132pp w/maps, photos, bib, index. HB red cloth, scarce…60.00


43) Dobie, J. Frank COW PEOPLE 1964, 1st edition, Boston. Dobie tells the human side of many legendary, old-time cattlemen: Ab Blocker, Shanghai Pierce, Ike Fridge, Charles Goodnight, and others. 305pp w/photos, sources, index. HB/DJ…..65.00


44) Dorsey, George A. THE CHEYENNE INDIANS: The Sun Dance 1976, facsimile reprint of the 1905 original by Rio Grande Press, Glorieta. A comprehensive study of the Cheyenne social organization with sections on Ceremonial Organization and the Sun (or Medicine) Dance. 186pp w/many photos, 17 plates, full-color endpaper illustrations. Folio HB w/decorated cover…..75.00


45) [DUVAL COUNTY] OIL, MUD & GUTS: Birth of a Texas Town by Dorothy Abbott McCoy. 1977, 1st edition, Freer. A history of Freer, Texas, during and after its wild and woolly oil boom days: pioneers and homesteaders; cattlemen and sheepmen; roughnecks and roustabouts; Texas Rangers and bandits; a chapter on the Parr family; and more.187pp w/photos, notes, bib. HB/DJ, fine copy, SIGNED……..75.00 SOLD


46) Dyck, Paul BRULE: The Sioux People of the Rosebud 1971, 1st edition, Northland Press, Flagstaff. A photographic history of the Sioux people with 175 photographs by pioneer photographer John Anderson, taken in the late 1800s to early 1900s. 365pp w/photos. Folio HB/DJ very good, SIGNED by the author…..75.00 SOLD


47) [EASTLAND COUNTY] THE SANTA CLAUS BANK ROBBERY 1958, 1st edition, published by the First National Bank of Cisco. The true story of the bizarre and tragic bank robbery that occurred in Cisco, Texas, in 1927. 32pp w/photos. Softcover...25.00


48) Ellis, George F. BELL RANCH As I Knew It 1973, 1st limited edition of 250 copies, Kansas City. Historical overview by Donald R. Ornduff; illustrations by Robert Lougheed. Ornduff sets the historical stage by tracing the ownership of the ranch beginning in the early 1800s. Ellis was one of only six managers of the Bell Ranch in its 150-year-old history, and his narrative gives an intimate view of the people, of roundup and branding operations, and of herd improvement operations and marketing practices, and he blends personal vignettes of the people whose sweat helped build the Bell reputation. 161pp w/illustrations, photographs, maps [including foldout map of the ranch tucked into a rear pocket; and index to photographs [lacks the print by Lougheed] Oblong folio HB cloth and ¼ leather in slipcase, SIGNED by Ornduff and Lougheed..150.00 SOLD

48b) Another edition – BELL RANCH As I Knew It – 1973, 1st trade edition. Folio HB/DJ (dj slightly worn)…70.00


49) [GALVESTON COUNTY] GALVESTON: A History of the Island and the City by Charles W. Hays. 1974, Jenkins-Garrett Press, Austin. TWO VOLUMES. Jenkins, BTB: “This is one of the most comprehensive histories of any area of Texas, written and set in type in the 1870s but never published. The author had access to documents now lost, as well as to early settlers and pioneers of Galveston Island…contains much primary and secondary historical information…and reaches far beyond the Galveston region. 1044pp w/173 pages of biographies, including many early pioneers; much on the Texas Revolution, the Texas Navy, invasions, and the Civil War. Both volumes HB bound in white cloth in brown slipcase with gold lettering, near fine, very scarce, the set = $395.00 SOLD


50) Gipson, Fred OLD YELLER 1956, 1st edition, Harper & Brothers, NY (bound in green cloth with black spine and the copyright page states “1956” and contains a Library of Congress catalog number.) An American classic. 158pp. HB/DJ near fine [dust jacket has tiny chips at spine, now in protective cover]......225.00


51) Gipson, Fred THE TRAIL-DRIVING ROOSTER 1955, 2nd printing, NY. Novel. 80pp w/illustrations. HB/DJ, scarce, especially in dust jacket!……125.00 SOLD


52) Gooding, Ed [and Robert Nieman] ED GOODING: Soldier, Texas Ranger 2001, 1st edition, Longview. Gooding tells of his service at Normandy in WWII, and of his interesting career as a Texas Ranger beginning in 1957. 269pp w/photos, index. HB/DJ…35.00


53) Green, Ben K. A THOUSAND MILES OF MUSTANGIN’ 1972, 1st edition, Flagstaff. Illustrated by Joe Beeler. Author recounts a raucous adventure when he went after Mustangs in Texas’ Big Bend country and ended up in the mountains of Mexico. 145pp w/illustrations. HB/DJ, dj has small i/4 inch chip at spine, otherwise very good…..55.00


54) Haley, J. Evetts ROBBING BANKS WAS MY BUSINESS: The Story of John Harvey Bailey, 1973, 1st edition, Canyon. Illustrations by Theda Ray. The life story of a bank robber whose heyday was during the 1920s and ‘30s. 210pp w/photos, index. HB/DJ, [dust jacket has some light scuffing around the edges, otherwise a very good copy] inscribed/SIGNED.…450.00 SOLD


55) Haley. J. Evetts ON HIS NATIVE HEATH…IN HIS NATURAL ELEMENT: A Collection of the Essays of J. Evetts Haley From 1927 to 1989 1992, 1st edition, Midland. 287pp. HB/DJ [dust jacket has faint stain on front cover] SIGNED…….50.00 SOLD


56) Hedgpeth, Don COWBOY ARTIST: The Joe Beeler Story 1079, 1st edition, Flagstaff. Includes man full-color reproductions of the artist’s works; biography. 115pp. Folio wrappers, inscribed/SIGNED, very good….35.00


57) [HIDALGO COUNTY] EL SAL DEL REY by Walace Hawkins. 1947, 1st edition, Austin. Illustrations and maps by Jose Cisneros; designed and printed by Carl Hertzog. Lowman, Printer at the Pass: “This book recounts the historical development of Spanish and Texan mineral law and the role played by this famed salt lake” in Hidalgo County. 68pp w/notes, index. HB/DJ (dust jacket has faded)…..85.00 SOLD


58) Hightower, Brantley THE COURTHOUSES of CENTRAL TEXAS 2015, 1st edition, UT Press, Austin. A detailed in-depth architectural survey of fifty Texas county courthouses. 167pp w/photos, drawings, maps, notes, bibliography, index. Folio HB/DJ, new, [multiple copies available]………..45.00


59) Hoig, Stan JESSE CHISHOLM: Ambassador of the Plains 1991, 1st edition, Niwot. A thoroughly researched biography of Chisholm, a trailblazer, ranchman, scout, and friend of the Indian who served as liaison between various tribes and the U.S. gover-nment. 226pp w/map, photos, bibliography, index. HB/DJ (a few pages have underlining, else a very good copy)…30.00 SOLD


60) Hunter, J. Marvin OLD CAMP VERDE: The Home of the Camels 1936, 1st edition, Bandera. “A romantic story of Jefferson Davis’ plan to use camels on the Texas frontier.” 32pp. Wrprs very good…..37.50


61) [IRION COUNTY] IRION COUNTY HISTORY compiled by Irion County Historical Society. 1978, 1st edition, Mertzon. 581pp w/maps, photos, community histories; historical articles; much on farming, ranching, petroleum history; over 270 pages of family histories; much more, including historical essay, “Sherwood Land Rush,” by Elmer Kelton. Folio HB w/pictorial cover, very good copy….185.00


He watched Lee Harvey Oswald shoot the President!

62) [JFK ASSASSINATION] EYEWITNESS TO HISTORY: The Kennedy Assassination As Seen By Howard Brennan by Howard L. Brennan [with J. Edward Cherryholmes]. 1987, 1st edition, Waco. Brennan was at Dealey Plaza and actually watched as Lee Harvey Oswald fired the shots that killed Kennedy on that fateful day in November, 1963. 128pp w/photos, appendices. HB/DJ, light scuffing, SIGNED…..30.00


63) [KARNES COUNTY] A HISTORY OF KARNES COUNTY AND OLD HELENA by Hedwig Krell Didear. 1969, 1st edition, Austin. A history of the county which also includes information about the first Polish settlement in Texas, Panna Maria.124pp with map, photos, index. HB red cloth….70.00 SOLD


64) Kelsey, Mavis R., Sr. & Robin Brandt Hutchinson ENGRAVED PRINTS OF TEXAS, 1554-1900 2005, 1st edition, College Station. Introduction by Ron Tyler; Foreword by Donald H. Dyal. “Presents the whole range of early Texas history as portrayed in published engravings: from the first printed representation of a buffalo in 1554 to a 1900 view of the University of Texas Medical School in Galveston. Entries include information on more than two thousand engravings, 470 of which are illustrated in this volume.” 478pp w/illus, notes, references, index. Folio HB/DJ, as new…60.00



65) Kelton, Elmer [editor] PIONEER NEWS-OBSERVER FOUR VOLUMES bound in gray cloth: Volume 1, 2, 3 & 4/5

Complete set of 53 issues: June, 1970 (Vol.1, No. 1) through October 1974 (Vol. 5, No. 5). The lead article in each issue is a special NON-FICTION historical feature by Elmer Kelton, written expressly for Pioneer News-Observer. For this monthly publication, Kelton selected actual news items from frontier-period newspapers and magazines that reflected historical events as they were repor-ted by contemporary writers on the scenes. Forty-six issues are 24 pages, last seven issues are 20 pages, and all include many period photos, maps, and illustrations. Frontier history as it was being recorded! I have one complete set bound in four volumes, and kept in storage for nearly 30 years. The old newsprint has yellowed a bit, but each complete set is intact and virtually unread. Set of 4 volumes, elephant folios in gray cloth = $200.00 (NOTE: I’ve compiled and included an index of the feature articles by Kelton.)

65b) Another set, PIONEER NEWS-OBSERVER 4 volumes gray cloth: Volume 1, 2, 3 & 4: 48 issues = $150.00 SOLD


66) Kelton, Elmer LOOKING BACK WEST 1972, 1st edition, San Angelo. From June, 1970 through October, 1974, Kelton edited and published a monthly, Pioneer News-Observer. For each of the 53 issues he wrote the lead historical article. This book includes fifteen of those special feature articles, including: The Buffalo Hunter, Texas Feud [Shelby County], The Killing of Dora Hand, Race Riot at Fort Concho, The Frontier Army, Train Wreck, and others. 120pp w/illus. HB/DJ, near fine copy….125.00


67) Kelton, Elmer MY KIND OF HEROES 1995, 1st trade edition, Austin. Introduction by F. Lee Lawrence; sketches by the author. A collection of four speeches by Kelton. 93pp w/illus. HB marbled boards/no dj as issued…..75.00


Price reduction!

68) Kelton, Elmer THE INDIAN IN FRONTIER NEWS 1993, 1st edition, San Angelo. “Kelton researches and chronicles the reporting of news about the Indian in local newspapers from the 1840s to the 1890s. Prejudice, boosterism, violence and the occasional tall tale helped fill the columns of weekly newspapers.” 189pp w/footnotes, photos. HB/DJ, as new...$24.95 (was $32.50)


69) Kelton, Elmer THE MAN WHO RODE MIDNIGHT 1986, 1st edition, NY. Western Heritage Award. 261pp. HB/DJ fine

copy, inscribed/SIGNED………150.00 SOLD


70) Kelton, Elmer THE WOLF AND THE BUFFALO 1980, 1st ed, NY. Another Kelton classic, this one is the story of the Black soldier and the Comanche warrior in the American West. HB/DJ very good copy, inscribed/SIGNED........100.00


71) Kelton, Elmer ELMER KELTON COUNTRY: The Short Nonfiction of a Texas Novelist 1993, 1st edition, Fort Worth. These true stories reflect the themes and characters which inspired Kelton’s award-winning novels. 312pp w/illustrations. HB/DJ uncommon in cloth,…….65.00


72) [KIMBLE COUNTY] ) IT OCCURRED IN KIMBLE AND HOW: The Story of a Texas County by O. C. Fisher. 1981, 2nd limited edition of 1,000 copies, San Angelo. Considered one of the more interesting Texas county histories with accounts of Indian fights, early day murder cases, outlaw roundups, and more. 237pp w/photos, app. HB/DJ, fine copy, inscribed/SIGNED…125.00


73) [KIMBLE COUNTY] KIMBLE COUNTY AND THE LLANOS 1927 no date, facsimile reprint, reproduced by Clint and Nettie Smith. An early day promotional brochure for Kimble County with history and many period photos. 64pp. Wrprs fine…25.00


74) Knowles, Thomas W. THEY RODE FOR THE LONE STAR: The Saga of the Texas Rangers 1999, 1st edition, Dallas. A comprehensive and fully illustrated history of the Texas Rangers from their earliest days through the Civil War. 234pp w/maps, photos, bibliography, appendix, index. Folio HB/DJ, fine copy……40.00


75) [LEA, TOM] THE ART OF TOM LEA 2003, 2nd “Memorial Edition.” Compiled by Kathleen G. Hjerter. Introduction by William Weber Johnson; a new Afterward by Becky Duval Reese. Black-and-white and color reproductions illustrate the full range of Lea’s work. 256pp w/index. Oblong folio HB/DJ, as new CLEARANCE = 50% OFF = $30.00 (was $60.00) multi-copies


76) Maddox, Web BLACK SHEEP 1975, 1st edition, Nortex Press. With a wry sense of humor, the author profiles five notorious Texas bandits: Bonnie Parker, Clyde Barrow, Belle Starr, John Wesley Hardin, and Sam Bass. 158pp w/photos, appendix. HB/DJ very good copy……45.00


Marcy’s original report to Congress

77) Marcy, Randolph B. [assisted by George B. McClellan] EXPLORATION of the RED RIVER OF LOUISIANA, in the year 1852: With Reports on the Natural History of the Country, and Numerous Illustrations 1853, 1st edition of 2000 copies “200 of which are for Captain Marcy,” Washington, Robert Armstrong, Public Printer. Dozens of fine lithographic plates by H. Lawrence depicting geological formations, landscapes, and zoological and botanical specimens. 2 maps listed, apparently in a separate portfolio, are not present. 311pp plus illustrations, appendices, index. HB brown cloth, boards have small chips and scuffing, interior pages have foxing, and the front two endpapers have been tape repaired. A sound copy for its age…..200.00 SOLD


78) McMurtry, Larry LONESOME DOVE 1985, 1st edition, 1st printing, NY. McMurtry’s Pulitzer Prize-winning novel about the Old West. 843pp. HB/DJ, a fine copy ……195.00


79) McMurtry, Larry IN A NARROW GRAVE: Essays On Texas 1968, 3rd printing of the first edition [with “c” on copyright page] Austin. Author’s first published non-fiction book. His early elitism shows in this book when he takes on several Texas authors, his contemporaries. 177pp w/bibliography. HB/DJ, fine copy….50.00


80) Micallef, A.M. TEXAS SAFARI: World Class Big Game Hunting in the State of Texas 1986, 1st edition, Fort Worth. “A vivid picture of hunting in Texas that describes all aspects of the hunt from planning and booking a trip to taxidermy of your trophy.” 256pp w/photos, appendix. HB/DJ……..30.00


81) Myres, S. D. (editor) PIONEER SURVEYOR—FRONTIER LAWYER: The Personal Narrative of O.W. Williams 1968, 2nd edition, El Paso. Maps and sketches by Jose Cisneros; designed by Carl Hertzog; introduction by C.L. Sonnichsen. A collection of the varied writings of O. W. Williams who surveyed across the Plains of Texas, worked in the mines of New Mexico, and eventually settled in the Big Bend country of Texas. He was a keen observer of the world around him, and his writings give a first-hand account of incidents involving both human and animal during the eventful period of 1877 to 1902. 350pp w/photos, illus., maps, appendices, index. HB/DJ…..35.00


82) Noyes, Stanley LOS COMANCHES: The Horse People, 1751-1845 1993, 1st edition, Albuquerque. “A sweeping history of the Comanche Indians, who dominated the Southern plains from the mid-18th to the mid-19th century….Rich in social and cultural vignettes of women, captivity, warrior rituals, family life, courtship, sexual attitudes, and adaptation of the horse.” 364pp w/maps, illustrations, notes, bibliography, index. HB/DJ, fine copy……85.00


83) Oberste, William H. TEXAS IRISH EMPRESARIOS AND THEIR COLONIES: Power & Hewetson, McMullen & McGloin, Refugio-San Patricio 1953, 1st edition, Austin. Jenkins, BASIC TEXAS BOOKS, #156: “This is the best account of the early Irish settlements in Texas…The settlements were made as a result of colonization contracts made in the 1820s by the Mexican government….Oberste also provides a fine narrative of the role of the Irish in the Texas Revolution and the Texas Republic.” An important contribution to the history of Texas’ early colonization. 310pp w/illustrations, 4 foldout maps, appendices, index. HB, green cloth w/gilt lettering, near fine copy….275.00


84) Parsons, Chuck TEXAS RANGER LEE HALL: From the Red River to the Rio Grande 2020, 1st edition, Denton. A well-written, and well-researched biography with emphasis on Lee Hall’s exciting career as a Texas Ranger, 1876-1880z; Captain McNelly; King Fisher; Sutton-Taylor Feud; capture of John Wesley Hardin and gun battle with Sam Bass; much more.421pp w/illustrations, maps, bibliography, index. HB/DJ, new [multi-copies available]……..29.95


85) [PRESIDIO COUNTY] ONE HUNDRED YEARS OF FAITH AND MEMORIES by Viola G. Short. 1998, 1st edition, Deming. A history of Shafter, Texas, that includes profiles of several prominent area families. Includes material on Milton Faver and his Cibolo headquarters (where Justice Antonin Scalia recently died) and an interview with current owner, John Poindexter at the time he was restoring the ranch. 188pp w/photos. Folio softcover, SIGNED……….55.00 SOLD


86) Richardson, Rupert Norval THE COMANCHE BARRIER TO SOUTH PLAINS SETTLEMENT: A Century and a Half of Savage Resistance to the Advancing White Frontier 1996, reprint, Eakin Press, Austin. Edited and with notes by Kenneth R. Jacobs; a new introduction by A.C. Greene. A scholarly and readable account of the Comanche Indians and their resistance to white settlement. Considered by many to be the most comprehensive of any study yet done. 253pp w/photos, maps, bibliography, index. Folio HB/no dj as issued, as new………29.95


87) Rickards, Colin MYSTERIOUS DAVE MATHER 1968, 1st limited edition of 1500 copies, Santa Fe. (Press of the Territorian’s Gunfighter and Gunfight Series, No. 1) Frontispiece by Jose Cisneros. Mather was a deadly gunfighter, sometime lawman, who spent time in Las Vegas, New Mexico, and Dodge City, Kansas, and other wild places in the West. 42pp w/illustrations, references. HB/DJ (dj has some foxing, now in protective cover)…….40.00


88) Roberts, Capt. Dan W. RANGERS AND SOVEREIGNTY 1914, 1st edition, San Antonio. Jenkins, BASIC TEXAS BOOKS: “...gives a remarkable, concise account of the service of one of the most active of all Texas Ranger units...[He] recounts an astonishing string of battles with Indians, outlaws, rustlers, murderers, and feuding families during those years when the small ranger force was virtually the only law enforcement entity in western and southern Texas.” An important and quite scarce Texas Ranger item. 191pp w/photos. HB green cloth w/black lettering, some minor scuffing at edges ……275.00



1928, 1st edition, Austin. Jenkins, BASIC TEXAS BOOKS: “Known as the ‘Assistant Commander’ of Company D, [Mrs. Roberts] was in the field with her husband during most of his time of service. Her memoirs are full of incidents of tent life in West Texas, and include some photographs of the Rangers in the field and in camp.” Those seven photographs were taken by M.C. Ragsdale, of San Angelo, in 1878. Contents: A Ranger’s Bride; Camp at Menard; Pay Day; A Tour of Duty in South Texas; Camp on San Saba; Camp on the Llano River near Junction City; New Mexico; An Adventure Near Nogales; Reunion of the Rangers at Menard; Our Golden Wedding. 64pp. Softcover, nice copy with ¼ inch chip at top of spine, very scarce……250.00 SOLD


90) Rogers, Mondel OLD RANCHES OF THE TEXAS PLAINS 1976, 1st edition, College Station. Foreword by Mitchell A. Wilder. With 80 beautiful paintings—57 in full-color—Mondel presents a unique record of the development of ranch architecture on the West Texas Plains. Many old historical structures are here in artistic detail: Palo Duro Camp, the old LX dugout; Matador Ranch headquarters, the Four Sixes barn, many old ranch mansions, and more. 124pp. Oblong folio HB/DJ, nice copy….55.00


91) Salmon, M.H. Dutch GAZEHOUNDS & COURSING: The History, art, and Sport of hunting With Sighthounds 1999, revised and expanded edition, Silver City. An up-to-date look at an ancient sport with the necessary methodology for choosing, raising, training, breeding and running the graceful “longdogs.” 274pp w/photos. HB w/decorated cover, new…25.00


92) [SCURRY COUNTY] FROM BUFFALO…TO OIL: History of Scurry County, Texas by Hooper Shelton 1973, 1st edition, Feather Press. 272pp w/photos, maps, historical articles, more. Winner of Texas Historical Commission’s award for “Best Publication of the Year on Local or Regional Texas History.” HB/DJ, fine copy…..65.00


93) Simpson, Col. Harold B. HOOD’S TEXAS BRIGADE IN POETRY AND SONG 1968, 1st ed, Waco. A compilation of lyrical compositions usually written for special occasions centering on the Brigade and its past history. Many of the songs and poems came from actual participants who composed them for later reunions. 296pp w/photos, illus, appendices--which include a biographical sketch of General John Bell Hood, and various versions of “Dixie”--bib, index. HB/DJ fine copy, SIGNED……90.00 SOLD


94) Simpson, Colonel Harold B. HOOD’S TEXAS BRIGADE: Lee’s Grenadier Guard 1983, 2nd limited edition of 1250 copies, Dallas. The author “tells of the hardships, the humor, the battle experiences and the escapades of the ragged, barefooted, half-starved soldiers that Lee referred to as “My Texans.” 512pp w/maps, notes, endpaper map, bib, index. HB/DJ, near fine, SIGNED….45.00 SOLD


95) Steffen, Randy THE HORSE SOLDIER 1776 — 1943 Four Volumes. 1977, 1978, 1979, all 1st editions, Norman. This four volume set is a detailed study and history of the United States Cavalryman and his uniforms, arms, accoutrements and equipments, from the Revolutionary War to the last days of the Horse Soldier in World War II when the cavalry became mechanized. Vol I: The Revolution, The War Of 1812, The Early Frontier, 1776-1850. ; Vol II. The Frontier, Mexican War, Civil War, Indian Wars, 1851-1880; Vol III: The Last Of The Indian Wars, Spanish-American War, The Brink Of The Great War, 1881-1916. Vol IV: World War I, The Peacetime Army, World War II, 1917-1943. Each volume profusely illustrated by the author, many in full color. All four volumes are folio hardbacks in near fine condition. The set of four volumes =$150.00


96) Stewart, Joe Bailey TEXON OIL BOOM: Its Sin and Glory no date, no place, published by the author A history of the Texon oil boom of the 1920s by one who lived and worked. Includes a list of people who lived in and around Texon, and a list of Big Lake Oil Company employees for May, 1933. 72pp. Wrprs w/illustrated cover (back cover has a stain, o/w a very good copy…25.00 SOLD


97) Swartout, Annie Fern MISSIE: An Historical Biography of Annie Oakley 1947,1st edition, Brown Publishing Co., Blanchester. This biography of the famous trick shooter by her niece who spent a lot of time with Oakley, right up to the time of her death. 298pp w/photos. HB/DJ dj has a stain along the edge of spine, very good copy, SIGNED by the author…..55.00 SOLD


98) [TARRANT COUNTY] FORT WORTH BETWEEN THE WORLD WARS 2020, 1st edition, College Station. focuses on the successes and struggles that Fort Worth enjoyed and endured in the 1920s and 1930s.It also explores the political and social challenges: Tense race relations, the rise of the Ku Klux Klan, and the dangerous thrills of a notorious vice district— “Hell’s Half-Acre”—show that this Texas city was a microcosm of the state and the nation when the roar of the 1920s came to an abrupt halt in the Great Depression. 290pp w/illus, index. HB w/pictorial cover, new [multiple copies available]……29.95


99) [TEXAS CENTENNIAL] MONUMENTS ERECTED BY THE STATE OF TEXAS TO COMMEMORATE THE CENTENARY OF TEXAS INDEPENDENCE compiled by Harold Schoen, et al. 1939, 1st edition, Austin. Published by the Commission of Control for Texas Centennial Celebrations. From the Preface: “This report is an attempt to present in picture and legend a brief resume of the operations of the Commission of Control for Texas Centennial Celebrations to furnish a general accounting of the funds entrusted to the Commission.” Photographs and descriptions of hundreds of exposition buildings, memorial museums, community centers, statues, monuments, historical markers, grave markers, and highway markers, and includes muster rolls of any military operations that were memorialized. Folio HB, dark blue leather w/raised state seal and title, near fine copy with minor scuffing along edge of spine, exceedingly scarce…..325.00


100) [TEXAS CENTENNIAL] STATE OF TEXAS BUILDING: Central Exposition, Texas, Centennial Celebrations edited by Frank Carter Adams. 1936, 1st edition, Dallas. A look at the architecture and historical representations of the building built for the 1936 State Fair of Texas Exposition. Texas Indian Bronze; William B. Travis; Mirabeau Lamar; Sam Houston; descriptions of the North, East, West and South Texas rooms; much more history. Folio burgundy leather boards with Texas’ Great Medallion stamped in gold, with some light rubbing along the spine, otherwise a near fine copy. Very scarce…….250.00


101) [TEXAS CENTENNIAL] Scully, Michael THIS IS TEXAS: A Photographic Tour of the Greatest State 1936, 1st edition, The Steck Co., Austin. A fascinating photographic tour of Texas during the year of its Centennial Celebration. Unnumbered pages with 328 photographs and detailed captions. Folio HB bound in leather, very good copy……75.00


102) [TEXAS PANHANDLE] DUST STORMS and HALF DUGOUTS: A Living History of the Texas Panhandle, A Treasury of 20th Century Memories compiled by Bob Lasley and Sallie Holt. 2009, 1st edition, Hickory. Many personal reminiscences of life in the Texas Panhandle. 392pp w/photos. Folio HB/DJ, fine copy…..30.00 SOLD


103) Thompson, Richard A. CROSSING THE BORDER WITH THE 4th CAVALRY: Mackenzie’s Raid Into Mexico, 1873

1986, 1st edition, Waco. An account of Colonel Mackenzie’s secret expedition into Mexico to punish a hostile band of Kickapoo and Lipans in 1873. Included with this detachment were the famous Seminole-Negro Indian Scouts who had served with Bullis.

93pp w/photos, bibliography, notes. HB/DJ, fine copy, SIGNED….75.00


104) Tinker, Ben MEXICAN WILDERNESS & WILDLIFE 1978, 1st edition, Austin. Foreword by A. Starker Leopold; illustrations by Doris L. Tischler. Tinker spent most of his life studying the wildlife of northern Mexico and exploring their habitats from the rugged Sierra Madres to the Sonora and Baja deserts. 131pp w/illustrations, maps. HB/DJ….25.00 SOLD


105) [TOM GREEN COUNTY] MEN AND WOMEN IN THE ARMED FORCES FROM TOM GREEN COUNTY nd, San Angelo. Pictures, names, and service information of all the men and women from the county who served in the Armed Forces during World War II. Folio HB faux leather w/decorated cover, very good copy with intact hinges and no chips………65.00 SOLD


106) [TRANS-PECOS] WITHIN THE SHADOWS OF CASTLE GAP by Adah Lee Clendenen. 1949, 1st edition, San Angelo. Descriptive verse about the land and people around Castle Gap. 47pp w/photos and drawings by the author. HB black cloth...17.50


107) [TRAVIS COUNTY] BARTON SPRINGS ETERNAL: The Soul of a City edited by Turk Pipkin & Marshall Frech. 1993, 1st edition, Softshoe Publishing, Austin. A collaboration by numerous writers, photographers, politicians, and business people who have a desire to see the magical waters of Barton Springs preserved and protected. 136pp w/many photos. Oblong folio HB/DJ, near fine…..70.00


108) Tweedie, Mrs. Alec MEXICO AS I SAW IT 1901, 1st edition, NY. The American author gives her views on life in Mexico at the turn-or-the-20th-century. Many wonderful period photos. Mexican society; Mexican ranch life; President Porfirio Diaz; Maximilian; Xochicalco; Oaxaca; Ruins of Mitla; Tehuantepec; much more. HB green cloth worn, scuffed….75.00 SOLD


109) Untiedt, Kenneth L. [editor] HIDE, HORN, FISH, AND FOWL: Texas Hunting and Fishing Lore 21011, 1st edition, UNT Press, Denton. The rituals and customs that lead to some of our most treasured stories, legends, and practices. This volume includes serious, introspective articles on hunting and fishing, as well as humorous tall tales and “windies” about the big ones that got away —all lore that reminds us of that drive that calls us to become predators again. 367pp w/illus., index. HB/DJ as new…..40.00 SOLD


110) Wallace, Ernest & E. Adamson Hoebel THE COMANCHES: Lords of the South Plains 1952, 1st edition, Norman. Probably one of the better detailed studies of the Comanche tribe and their great traditions of warfare, life and customs. 381pp w/illus, bibliography, index. HB/DJ [dust jacket worn around the edges, now in protective cover]……55.00


111) [WEBB COUNTY] WARM WEATHER & BAD WHISKEY: The 1886 Laredo Election Riot 1991, 1st edition, El Paso. Foreword by Felix D. Almaraz, Jr. Chronicles the violent climax to a ten year bloody border feud between Laredo’s Botas and Guaraches political factions. 218pp w/maps, photos, appendices, biblio, index. HB/DJ…35.00 SOLD


112) Whitehouse, Eula TEXAS FLOWERS IN NATURAL COLORS: Including Many Common Plants of the Southwest6, 1st edition, Austin. Beautiful full-color water color drawings of many of the States wild flowers. 212pp w/illustrations, color index, and regular index. HB green cloth w/gold lettering, fine copy………35.00


113) Widener, Ralph W., Jr. CONFEDERATE MONUMENTS: Enduring Symbols of the South and the War Between The States 1982, 1st edition, 1st edition, Andromeda Associates, Washington, D.C. A Southern state-by-state photographic survey of Confederate monuments and their inscriptions. One particular inscription found on many of the monuments –“Lest we forget” – struck me as very symbolic. 308pp profusely illustrated with photographs. Folio softcover w/pictorial cover, very good…..150.00 SOLD


114) Wilbarger, INDIAN DEPREDATIONS IN TEXAS 1985, facsimile reprint of the original by State House Press, Austin. “Reliable account of battles, wars, adventures, forays, murders, massacres, etc., together with biographical sketches of many of the most noted Indian fighters and frontiersmen of Texas.” Jenkins, BASIC TEXAS BOOKS: “This volume is the most thorough compilation of accounts of Indian warfare in Texas in the 19th century.” 691pp w/woodcuts credited to T.J. Owen (who was actually William Sydney Porter, aka O. Henry.) HB green cloth w/gold stamped decorations……39.95


115) Williams, J.W. OLD TEXAS TRAILS 1979, 1st edition, 2nd printing, Burnet. Edited by Kenneth F. Neighbors. This book is the result of Williams’ life-long search for the truth about Texas trails and the men who carved them out of the wilderness. Jenkins, BTB [p292]: “…a wealth of information on trails, roadways, and routes of early travelers in Texas between 1716 and 1886.” 447pp w/22 maps of Texas trails including two foldouts, more than 60 photos, bib, index. HB/DJ fine copy…..125.00


116) [WILLIAMSON COUNTY, TEXAS] THE JOHN BERRY FAMILY OF BERRY’S CREEK: Texas Pioneers, Williamson County, Texas by Wm. L. Mann and revised in 1958 by Capt. Day Jewell Gilbert. The Berry Family tract was first recorded in Williamson County in 1845. Includes an account of John Bate Berry’s involvement in the Mier Expedition. There is an excellent genealogy of that family with more interesting historical sidelights. 91pp. Wrprs91pp….35.00 SOLD


117) Wilson, Laura WATT MATTHEWS of LAMBSHEAD 2019, 3rd edition, Austin. A new Foreword by Anne Wilkes Tucker; introduction by David McCullough; and an Afterword by the author/photographer. This photographic essay vividly chronicles Watt Matthews’ days as heir and operator of the historic Lambshead Ranch. A popular and important contribution to the story of Texas. 197pp w/notes on the photos. Oblong folio HB/DJ [multi-copies available] CLEARANCE: 40% OFF= $47.97 [was $79.95]


118) Wooten, Mattie Lloyd (compiler/editor) WOMEN TELL THE STORY OF THE SOUTHWEST 1940, 1st edition, Naylor Co., San Antonio. 64 stories of frontier life in Arizona, New Mexico, Oklahoma and Texas, told by women who were there: the Alamo; Indian fights; Indian captivity; Mrs. Billy Dixon; the Camel Experiment; the Runaway Scrape; school started in Fort Davis; so much more. 394pp w/glossary and index. HB/DJ [book is fine; dust jacket slightly edgeworn, now in protective cover]….200.00 SOLD


119) Worlds, Clint PUNCHING COWS WITH CLINT WORLDS 1975, 1st edition, Orogrande. This book of sketches and short stories is the last of many contributions to the field of cowboy art left behind by Clint Worlds, renown cowboy, artist, and author.” Drawings and essays about life on the New Mexico range. 149pp. Folio HB w/decorated cover……..50.00


120) [YOUNG COUNTY] YOUNG COUNTY: History and Biography by Carrie J. Crouch. 1937, 1st edition, Dallas. Has articles covering the county’s early history, cattle ranching, outlaws and lawmen, Indian depredations, Civil War days, Fort Belknap, town histories, a section with family biographies. 343pp w/photos, endpaper map, biblio, index. HB, bound in red cloth with gold lettering, fine copy, clean and bright, very scarce…… 225.00


Just in—I have several copies of this beautifully crafted book!

121) Jones, Charles D. CHOPPER BLUES 2012, 1st edition, Stephen F. Austin Press, Nacogdoches. this limited print edition has been expanded to include drawings from Jones’ sketchbook from his time in country, Vietnam, 1965—1966, as well as images from the “Vietnam Suite” and woodcuts from a recent publication, The Bear Went Over the Mountain. Included is a compact disc of the performance piece, featuring a reading of the poems and songs from the book with original and traditional music performed by the artist and friends. 265pp w/many full-color image of the artist/s work, photos, text, glossary. Oblong folio HB/DJ as new….39.95


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