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CATALOG #303, May, 2020



1) Abbott, E.C. “Teddy Blue” WE POINTED THEM NORTH: Recollections of a Cowpuncher 1955, reprint, Norman. Illustrations by H. D. Bugbee. Adams, SIX-GUNS: “This is one of the best books in recent years depicting cowboy life. The author was a well-known character of his day.” Includes a chapter on cowboy songs. 247pp w/photos, maps, index. Softcover, new..19.95


2) Adams, Andy THE LOG OF A COWBOY: A Narrative of the Old Trail Days 1964, unabridged reprint edition, Bison Books, Lincoln. Adams, SIX-GUNS: “...it has become a classic as a picture of trail driving, and no bibliography on cattle would be complete without it.” 387pp. Trade paperback, new, [multiple copies available]…..14.95


3) Adams, C.W. (Dub) AMERICAN CATTLE BREEDERS HALL OF FAME 1978, 1st edition, San Angelo. Biographical sketches of “some of the men who contributed the most, and produced some of America’s finest in each cattle breed.” Includes a brief history of each breed of cattle. 456pp w/photos, index. Folio HB w/pictorial cover………50.00


4) Adams, Ramon THE OLD-TIME COWHAND 1961, 1st edition, NY. Illustrated by Nick Eggenhofer. A collection of the author’s entertaining yarns that depict the real-life activities of the old-time cowboys. 354pp w/ill.HB/DJ, fine copy, SIGNED..65.00


5) Adams, Ramon F. WESTERN WORDS: A Dictionary Of The Range, Cow Camp, and Trail 1056. 3rd printing, Norman. This was the first dictionary of the words and phrases that make the speech of the trail and the cow camp so flavorful, unique and entertaining. 182pp. HB/DJ….25.00 SOLD


6) Allhands, J. L. BOLL WEEVIL: Recollections of the Trinity & Brazos Valley Railway 1946, 1st edition, The Anson Jones Press, Houston. This story of the Trinity & Brazos Valley Railroad, affectionately known as the “Boll Weevil,” traces its history from the early trail-blazing and road-bed building days to the days of the sumptuous Burlington-Rock Island Streamliners.” Includes history and folklore of communities and place names. 279pp w/individually paginated appendices, illustrations, maps, errata, sources, index. HB silver cloth w/decorated cover…..150.00 SOLD


7) Allhands, J.L. RAILROADS TO THE RIO 1960, 1st edition limited to 1000 copies, Salado. Interesting history of the railroad industry in Texas’s Lower Rio Grande Valley (counties of Starr, Hidalgo, Willacy, and Cameron.) 213pp w/endpaper maps, illustrations. HB red cloth w/embossed lettering/glassine dust jacket, SIGNED. ……..75.00 SOLD


8) Allhands, J.L. URIAH LOTT 1949, 1st edition, Naylor Co., San Antonio. Biography of the railroad magnate who was a driving force behind the economic development of South Texas and the Gulf plains. 187pp w/photos, foldout maps, index. HB/D near fine copy……...75.00 SOLD


9) [ARCHEOLOGY] )  A FIELD GUIDE TO STONE ARTIFACTS OF TEXAS INDIANS by Ellen Sue Turner and Thomas R. Hester. 2011, completely revised and expanded edition, Lanham.  Identifies and describes over 200 dart and arrow points and stone tools used by prehistoric Indians. Includes charts, geographic distribution maps and reliable age dating information.  351pp w/illustrations, references, appendices. Folio softcover, new, multiple copies……….29.95


10) [ARCHEOLOGY] THE WHITE SHAMAN MURAL: An Enduring Creation Narrative in the Rock Art of the Lower Pecos by Carolyn Boyd [with contributions by Kim Cox] 2016, 1st edition, Austin. A masterpiece of the Lower Pecos Canyonlands is the White Shaman mural, an intricate 26’ by 13’ painting on the wall of a shallow cave overlooking the Pecos River. In this book Boyd “takes us on a journey of discovery as she builds a convincing case that the mural tells a story of the birth of the sun and the beginning of time—making it possibly the oldest pictorial creation narrative in North America.” Folio HB/DJ, [multi-copies]…….65.00


11) [ARCHITECTURE] GONE FROM TEXAS: Our Lost Architectural Heritage by Willard B. Robinson. 1981, 1st edition, TAMU Press, College Station. This interesting study traces the state’s architectural history from Indian dwellings and Hispanic-colonial structures through the early 20th-century. 296pp w/252 photos, bibliography, index. Folio HB/DJ (very good w/previous owner’s gift inscription on front free endpaper….30.00


12) [ARCHITECTURE] LOST ARCHITECTURE of the RIO GRANDE BORDERLANDS by E. Eugene George. 2008, 1st edition. “A submerged village, uncovered by receding waters…a lost way of life revealed.” 105pp w/illus, bibliography, index.

HB/DJ. 50% off = 17.50 (was 35.00)


13) Ashurst, Ed REAL COWBOYS: Grand Canyon To Mexico 2013, 1st edition, Douglas. Foreword by Fred Fellows; illustra-tions by Mike Capron. A collection of personal recollections that give a realistic picture of life on a cowboy outfit. 239pp w/photos. HB/DJ, new, SIGNED by Ashurst [multiple copies available]……30.00


14) Ashurst, Ed WAGON BOSS: A True Cowboy Story 2014, 1st edition, Douglas. Illustrated by Mike Capron. Ashurst tells of his experiences on the Diamond A Ranch in northern Arizona, giving a realistic, gritty and often humorous view of cowboy life in Arizona. 293pp w/illustrations. Trade paperback, new, [multiple copies available] SIGNED by Ashurst ………..25.00


15) Ashurst, Ed THE STORIES THAT TERRELL SHELLEY TOLD ME 2019, 1st edition, np. Ed told me this about the book: Terrell Shelley and his family established a cattle ranch on Mogollon Creek 1884. That ranch is still owned by the Shelley family , and this book tells about catching wild cow, cow men, county sheriffs, world champions in the rodeo arena and world famous hunters and guides; great lion hunting tales. 368pp w/many period photos. Folio HB/DJ, new [multiple-copies] SIGNED…34.95


16) Ashurst, Ed THE LIFE AND TIMES OF WARNER GLENN: A Glimpse Into the American West 2017, 1st edition, Douglas. Foreword by Baxter Black; pen and ink artwork by Mike Capron; cover photography by Jay Dusard. Intriguing biography of a modern day cowboy, lion hunter, fiddle player, and successful Arizona rancher. 323pp w/many photos. HB/DJ, new [multiple copies available] SIGNED]……………....27.50


17) Bedichek, Roy ADVENTURES WITH A TEXAS NATURALIST 1947, 1st edition, NY. In this “thought- provoking book, the author recounts the many oddities of nature he has encountered, enhancing them by his philosophic approach and interpretation.” Wm. A. Owens said reading the book was like “taking a pleasant stroll through a Texas countryside, and twice as informative.” HB tan cloth, very good in a green cloth slipcase…..45.00 SOLD


18) Bedichek, Roy KARANKAWAY COUNTRY 1950, 1st edition, NY. Entertaining and informative essays about the varied fauna that inhabit the stretch of sandbars that make up Matagorda Island and Peninsula, and the surrounding marshland. HB/DJ, very good……..40.00


19) Bierschwale, Margaret FORT McKAVETT, TEXAS: Post on the San Saba 1966, “Author’s Limited Edition,” Salado. A history of the frontier outpost. 134pp w/illustrations, map, appendix. HB w/pictorial cover, very good condition, unread as most pages are still uncut, scarce, SIGNED……145.00 SOLD


20) Biesele, Rudolph Leopold THE HISTORY OF THE GERMAN SETTLEMENTS IN TEXAS 1831-1861 1930, 1st edition, Von-Boeckmann-Jones, Co., Austin. Jenkins, BASIC TEXAS BOOKS, “One of the best scholarly studies of the German migrations into Texas. Eugene C. Barker said of it ‘it is a valuable chapter in the social and economic history of Texas’.” 259pp with several foldout maps of early Texas, illus, extensive bibliography, index. HB green cloth w/gold lettering, few tiny scuff marks..100.00 SOLD


Rare Big Bend item!

21) [BIG BEND] THE BIG BEND OF TEXAS compiled by members of Davis Mountain Federation of Women’s Clubs, ca 1928, 1st edition, Press of the Albertype Co., Brooklyn. This project was under the direction of Mrs. O. L. Shipman who was aided by Mrs. Hallie Stillwell, Judge O.W. Williams, and other well-known historical figures of the Big Bend area. It contains a collection of numerous sepia-tone photogravures accompanied by detailed descriptions which include Gage Hotel, Mitre Peak, The Brite Ranch and Capote Falls, Rancho Valle La Cienega (Texas’ first dude ranch), Fort Stockton, Presidio-Ojinaga, Alpine, and other notable landmarks of the region. 80pp. Small oblong string-tied booklet with an 1885 view of Fort Davis on the front cover, and a map of the region on the back cover. This copy has been professionally rebound with the original front and back cover illustrations pasted to the new cardboard covers and a new string-tie, very nice copy, rare …..425.00 SOLD


22) [BIG BEND] THE ROMANCE OF DAVIS MOUNTAINS AND BIG BEND COUNTRY: A History by Carlysle Graham Raht. 1963, 2nd edition, El Paso. An excellent history of the Big Bend and trans-Pecos region of Texas from written records, and firsthand accounts by people who were instrumental in building the region. Much on early exploration, frontier military and Indian wars, Civil War years, Texas Rangers, range history, and more. 381pp w/period photos, index. HB blue cloth…..45.00


A great genealogical resource for early Texas colonists!

23) Boddie, Mary Delaney THUNDER ON THE BRAZOS: The Outbreak of the Texas Revolution at Fort Velasco, June 26, 1832 1978, 1st edition, Brazos County Museum. On this date in 1832, the Mexican fort at Velasco surrendered to Texas colonists in the battle of Velasco at the mouth of the Brazos River near today’s Freeport. This was probably the first occasion of bloodshed in relations between Texas and Mexico. The well-researched book includes maps, illustrations, biographical sketches of the Texans involved, with bibliography and extensive footnotes. 63 three-column pages. Folio HB brown leather with gilt decorations…165.00 SOLD


24) Boessenecker, John RIDE THE DEVIL’S HERD: Wyatt Earp’s Epic Battle Against the West’s Biggest Outlaw Gang 2020, 1st edition, Hanover Square Press. “The Cowboys were the largest outlaw gang in the history of the American West. After battles with the law in Texas and New Mexico, they shifted their operations to Arizona. There, led by Curly Bill Brocius, they ruled the border, robbing, rustling, smuggling and killing with impunity until they made the fatal mistake of tangling with the Earp brothers.” 512pp w/illus, index. HB/DJ, new [multiple copies available]……29.99


25) Bracht, Viktor TEXAS IN 1848 1931, 1st English translation, Naylor Co., San Antonio. Translated from the German by Charles Frank Schmidt. Jenkins, BASIC TEXAS BOOKS: “One of the best Texas immigration guides. Bracht…based his report almost entirely on his personal observations. [His] enthusiasm for his adopted land was based on a careful study of the country, its flora and fauna, and its people.” Bracht came to Texas in 1845, and most of his writings concern the area around San Antonio and Central Texas. 323pp w/illustrations, bibliography. HB, green cloth lightly edgeworn, a sound copy with intact hinges……150.00 SOLD


26) Burton, Art BLACK, RED AND DEADLY: Black and Indian Gunfighters of the Indian Territories 1991, 1st edition, Austin. Cherokee Bill, Dick Glass, Ned Christie, the Rufus Buck gang, fearless Sam Six-killer, Grant Johnson (who rode for “hanging judge” Parker,) and others. 304pp w/photos, bibliography, index. HB/DJ, fine copy…..45.00 SOLD

26b) Another edition—Black, Red, and Deadly… -- print-on-demand in trade paperback, new…..24.95


27) Burton, Harley True A HISTORY OF THE JA RANCH 1966, 1st printing of this edition, NY. A history of the famed J A Ranch owned by Charles Goodnight and his partner, John Adair. The ranch once covered over a million acres, surrounding the Palo Duro Canyon in the Texas Panhandle. It operates today, although somewhat reduced in size. Reese, SIX-SCORE: “One of the first ranch histories, and one of the rarest and most important.” 147pp w/ map, illus, biblio, index. HB, very scarce…...395.00 SOLD


28) Carlson, Paul H. TEXAS WOOLLYBACKS: The Range Sheep and Goat Industry 1982, 1st edition, College Station. Chronicles the development of the industry from Spanish times to about 1930. 236pp w/maps, photos, appendices, bibliography, index. HB/DJ, near fine copy, inscribed to author/historian Len Ainsworth/SIGNED…..40.00


29) Castaneda, Chrysta & Loren C. Steffy THE LAST TRIAL OF T. BOONE PICKENS 2020, 1st edition, Stoney Creek Publishing.  “A high-stakes courtroom drama told through the eyes of Castañeda. It’s the story of an American business legend still fighting in the twilight of his long career, and the lawyer determined to help him make one final stand for justice.” 303pp w/notes, sources, index. HB/DJ, new [multiple copies available]…….34.95


30) Clancy, Foghorn MY FIFTY YEARS IN RODEO: Living With Cowboys, Horses and Danger 1952, 1st edition, Naylor company, San Antonio. Drawings of famous bucking horses by Olaf Wieghorst; foreword by Gene Autry. This memoir, by Clancy who was a rodeo announcer from its earliest days, gives the inside story of the sport. In this book he mentions most of the world-famous riders and their horses, and the results of the contests. 285pp w/photo section, illustrations, index. HB/DJ [dust jacket has chips around the edges, now in protective cover]……150.00


31) Clarke, Mary Whatley THOMAS J. RUSK: Soldier, Statesman, Jurist 1971, 1st edition, Austin. An excellent biography of this signer of the Texas Declaration of Independence, and a leader of the Republic of Texas. 274pp w/ill, notes, index. HB/DJ..85.00


32) Clarke, Mary Whatley THE SWENSON SAGA AND THE SMS RANCHES 1976, 1st edition, Austin. The fascinating story of the vast Swenson ranch holdings in Northwest Texas. 346pp w/photos, biblio, index. HB/DJ ex-library copy w/memorial plate on front free endpaper and “discard” stamp on title page (actually not a bad looking copy)…..87.50 [condition noted] SOLD


33) Corrigan, Douglas THAT’S MY STORY 1938, 1st edition, NY. The Texan, better known as “Wrong Way Corrigan,” tells of his life and dreams of being a pilot, and of his infamous flight when he was headed for California from New York, “got mixed up in the clouds,” and wound up in Ireland. 221pp w/56 gravure photos. HB blue cloth, SIGNED……65.00 SOLD


34) Coursey, Clark COURTHOUSES OF TEXAS 1962, 1st limited edition of 1000 copies, Brownwood. Author traveled throughout the state to photograph all 254 county courthouses of Texas. Includes a brief summary of statistics for each courthouse. 258pp w/photos. Oblong folio HB/DJ (dust jacket worn along edges, now in protective cover) overall nice copy….125.00


35) Cravens, John Nathan JAMES HARPER STARR: Financier of the Republic of Texas 1950, 1st edition, (published by Daughters of the Republic of Texas) Austin. A biographical portrait of a man who was a physician, served as Secretary of Treasury for the Republic, helped plan the city of Austin, and served as Assistant Postmaster General of the Confederacy, and was an extensive land dealer around the state. 194pp w/illustrations, map endpapers, bib. HB/DJ is edgeworn, SIGNED…..27.50 SOLD


36) [CROSBY COUNTY] Through the Years: A HISTORY OF CROSBY COUNTY, TEXAS by Nellie Witt Spikes & Temple Ann Ellis. 1952, 1st “Premier Edition,” Naylor Co., San Antonio. 493pp with many photos; historical essays and stories related by many early pioneers; ranching histories with many pages of illustrated brands; biographical sketches of many early settlers; index; and much more. HB/DJ, very good condition, SIGNED by both authors with a warm inscription........125.00


37) Davies, Charles [revised by J. Howard Van Amringe] ELEMENTS OF SURVEYING AND LEVELING 1883, 2nd edition, A.S. Barnes & Co., NY. An early detailed instruction book on surveying. 531pp w/many illustrations and tables. HB, bound in leather which is worn, and the hinges have been tape-repaired, all text is intact…..30.00 as is


38) Denhardt, Robert M. FOUNDATION DAMS of the AMERICAN QUARTER HORSE 1982, 1st ed, Norman. A registry of more than 800 dams and their breeders; plus background history of the quarter horse as it evolved from pre-Revolutionary times to the organization of the registry. 232pp w/index. HB/DJ, SIGNED…....25.00


39) [DENTON COUNTY] GEOGRAPHY OF DENTON COUNTY by Mary Jo Cowling. 1936, 1st edition, Banks Upshaw and Co., Dallas. Don’t let the title mislead, as this book is actually a good history of the North Texas county with some references to its geography. Chapters on the county’s organization, early settlements and cattlemen; John Chisum; Sam Bass; a list of 140 cattle brands and their owners; schools; physical characteristics, and more. 132pp w/maps, photos, bib, index. HB red cloth, scarce…60.00


40) Dobie, J. Frank et al [ed’rs] MUSTANGS AND COW HORSES 1940, 1st edition, Austin. Texas Folklore Society Publication No. XVI (1940). Horse lore by many well-known contributors, including Dobie, Florence Fenley, George Catlin, Robert Denhardt, Badger Clark, John A. Lomax, Riley Aiken, and others. Illustrations by many western artists, including Charles M. Russell, Will James, Ross Santee, and endpaper drawings by H.D. Bugbee. Highly sought after as “the richest assemblage of material on range horses ever published.” (Dobie/Dykes 44 & 44). 429pp w/illus, index. HB/DJ [unclipped DJ has some foxing, small chip]from the library of Texas author/historian Llerena Friend …....165.00 SOLD


41) Dobie, J. Frank COW PEOPLE 1964, 1st edition, Boston. Dobie tells the human side of many legendary, old-time cattlemen: Ab Blocker, Shanghai Pierce, Ike Fridge, Charles Goodnight, and others. 305pp w/photos, sources, index. HB/DJ…..65.00


42) Dobie, J. Frank [editor] COYOTE WISDOM 1938, 1st edition, Austin (Texas Folklore Society Publication #XIV) Entertaining stories of folklore from numerous contributors. 300pp w/illustrations, index. HB blue and tan cloth boards w/some foxing....65.00 SOLD


43) [EASTLAND COUNTY] OIL FIELD FURY by Boyce House.1954, 1st edition, Naylor Co., San Antonio. History of Eastland County with emphasis on the oil boom days of the 1920s. 142pp w/photos, index. HB brown cloth….65.00


44) [ECTOR COUNTY] ECTOR COUNTY, TEXAS: 125 Years of History by Glenn Justice. 2011, 1st edition, San Antonio. Early history; “Odessa, from cow town to boom town”; much on the oil boom; and more. 192pp w/photos, index, sponsor ads. Folio HB/DJ, as new, SIGNED, scarce……95.00

45b) Another Copy-Ector County, Texas: 125 Years of History-1st edition, fine copy, not signed. Folio HB/DJ fine..75.00 SOLD


46) [EDWARDS COUNTY, TEXAS] A HISTORY OF EDWARDS COUNTY 1984, 1st edition, Rocksprings. A project of the Rocksprings Woman’s Club Historical Committee. Articles on Texas trails, Indian raids, Devil’s Sinkhole, the storm of ’27, wool and mohair industry, more. 778pp with maps, photos, historical articles, 546 pages of family histories, bibliography, index. Folio HB w/pictorial cover, near fine copy, quite scarce…..200.00


47) Emmett, Chris SHANGHAI PIERCE: A Fair Likeness 1953, 1st ed, Norman. Drawings by Nick Eggenhofer. Jenkins, BASIC TEXAS BOOKS: “This is one of the best biographies of a Texas cattleman.... Emmett gives us Shanghai Pierce with the warts and all…good reading and competent biography.” Pierce was one of Texas’ most colorful cattlemen who built a ranching empire in South Texas and crossed paths with many notables, including John Wesley Hardin, Ike Pryor, Charlie Siringo, Leander H. McNelly, Wild Bill Hickock, Ab blocker, others. 326pp w/maps, photos, appendix, bib., index. HB/DJ, very good copy….85.00


48) Ericson, Joe E. JUDGES OF THE REPUBLIC OF TEXAS: A Biographical Directory 1980, 1st limited Collectors Edition of 100 copies, Dallas. Gives biographical and genealogical data on approximately 1500 Texans who were judges in the Republic from 1836 to 1846. 350pp with some portraits, index. HB maroon leather w/gold decoration, SIGNED…..75.00


49) Erickson, John R. LZ COWBOY: A Cowboy’s Journal 1996, 1st edition, Denton. An entertaining look at the daily life of a modern day cowboy. (Erickson is the creator of the popular “Hank the Cowdog” series.) 181pp w/photos, index. HB/DJ….30.00


50) Erickson, John THROUGH TIME AND THE VALLEY 1978, 1st edition, Shoal Creek Publishers, Austin. An entertaining look at the history and lore of the Canadian River valley in the Texas Panhandle. 185pp w/photos, app, bib, index. HB/DJ…..35.00


51) Fehrenbach, T.R. LONE STAR: A History of Texas and the Texans1968, 1st edition, NY. This well-written narrative is considered one of the best comprehensive histories of Texas. 751pp w/index. HB/DJ, a fine copy SIGNED…………165.00 SOLD


52) Fife, Austin E. & Alta S. [editors] COWBOY AND WESTERN SONGS: A Comprehensive Anthology 1969, 1st edition, NY. Music editor Mary Jo Schwab; illustrations by J. K. Ralston. “200 songs with music lines and guitar chords.” Editors’ comments precede each song. 372pp w/illus, lexicon, titles & first lines index, general index. Folio HB/DJ, fine copy......32.50 SOLD


53) Foote, Shelby THE CIVIL WAR: A Narrative 1958, reprints, NY. Three Volumes. Foote presents a vivid narrative of the war as seen from both sides. A total of 2,927 pages with photos, 136 maps, 6 endpaper maps, bibliographical notes, indexes. All three volumes are hardbacks with dust jackets, very good condition. The set of 3 volumes = 55.00 SOLD


54) Ford, Davis L. THE LAST COWBOY: The Personal Story of a Vanishing Cowboy 2002, 3rd printing, Austin. The story of Leroy Webb, who spent his life on ranches in West Texas and New Mexico. 255pp w/photos, maps, endnotes, bibliography, index. HB/DJ, SIGNED by Ford….35.00 SOLD


55) Furse, Margaret Lewis THE HAWKINS RANCH IN TEXAS: From Plantation Times to the Present 2014, 1st edition, College Station. A portrait of more than 160 years of plantation, ranch and small-town life on he Hawkins Ranch in Matagorda County by a great-granddaughter of the founders. 231pp w/photos, genealogy, notes, bib, index. HB/DJ, as new….24.95 SOLD


56) Gann, Walter TREAD OF THE LONGHORNS 1949, 1st edition, Naylor Co., San Antonio. Foreword by William MacLeod Raine. A history of the range cattle industry, with chapters on cattle rustling and range wars, barbed wire and windmills, Texas Rangers, the cowboys and the cow pony, and more. 188pp w/ illus, index. HB/DJ, very good copy w/bright dust jacket……45.00 SOLD


57) Gilliland, Maude T. RINCON: A Story of Life on a South Texas Ranch at the Turn of the Century 1964, 1st edition, Brownsville. Gilliland tells of her early 20th-century life at Rincon de en Media, headquarters for the vast Wells ranch in Starr and Hidalgo counties. The last section of the book deals with her move to Mission, Texas, in 1911, and of Mexican bandit raids in that area. Many period photos and some maps enhance this well-written narrative. 105pp w/illustrations, notes, bibliography.

HB/DJ inscribed/ SIGNED by the author, near fine copy, scarce……..200.00


58) Gibson, Barbara Belding PAINTED POLE: The Beldings and Their Ranches in Palo Pinto County—Pioneer Days to Computer Age 2001, 1st edition, Austin. A history of the ranching family who, in 1859, went beyond the frontier into the uncivilized country of what is now Palo Pinto County and settled on the Brazos River. Their ranch still exists today. 407pp w/photos, notes, bibliography, index. HB/DJ, fine copy, SIGNED…..95.00


59) Gray, Ted SHADES OF THE WEST: A Cowboy’s Memoirs nd, 1st edition, np. Collection of short stories about cowboying in the Davis Mountains and Big Bend country of Texas. 219pp w/photos. HB w/pictorial cover, SIGNED by Gray……70.00 SOLD


60) Greene, A.C. THE SANTA CLAUS BANK ROBBERY 1972, 2nd printing, NY. Greene’s fictionalized take on the bumbled bank robbery that occurred in Cisco, Texas in 1927. HB/DJ, very good……..35.00 [out-of-print] SOLD


61) Greene, A.C. A PERSONAL COUNTRY 1979, 1st edition, NY. Author writes about West Texas, its people, and where his roots were. Bill Porterfield said this about the book: “It’s all here, time, place, treasure, blood, sex, success, failure, death and, of course, God and the devil and grief, and the going on, as people must.” HB/DJ, nice copy, inscribed/SIGNED….50.00


62) Greene, Jeffrey WATER FROM STONE: The Story of Selah, Bamberger Ranch Preserve2008, 2nd printing, College Station. Illustrations by Margaret Bamberger. The story of the ranch and nature conservancy in Blanco County. 218pp w/map, illus, index. HB/DJ, as new….27.95


63) Greer, James Kimmins COLONEL JACK HAYS: Texas Frontier Leader and California Builder 1952, 1st edition, NY. In Texas, John Coffee Hays was a soldier, surveyor, Ranger, officer in the Mexican War, and explorer. While a Ranger in Southwest Texas, he fought more than forty engagements against outlaws, Mexicans and Indians and was never defeated. Later he went on to be an Indian agent in Arizona, then on to California. 428pp w/maps, photos, biblio, notes, index. HB/DJ the book is fine, the dust jacket has a few light scuff marks, and a some chips around the edges,………90.00 SOLD


64) Greer, James K. [editor/biographer] BUCK BARRY: Texas Ranger and Frontiersman 1978, revised edition limited to 1,000 copies, Waco [Possibly an overrun as the colophon page is not numbered or signed]. Biography of a Texas Ranger who fought in the Mexican War and later commanded the Texas Frontier Regiment against Indians on the frontier. He was later sheriff of Navarro County; then established his family on a cattle and horse ranch in Bosque County, where he was busy chasing and fighting Indian marauders. One of the best accounts of frontier life in Texas. 254pp w/maps, illus, bib, index. HB…...50.00 SOLD


On of the best biographies I have ever read! FC

65) Haley, J. Evetts CHARLES GOODNIGHT: Cowman and Plainsman 1936, 1st edition, Boston. Illustrations by H.D. Bugbee. One of the best of the cowman’s biographies. Much of Haley’s material came from first-hand interviews with Goodnight over a period of years. Reese, SIX SCORE: “Goodnight’s career spanned the history of the development of West Texas, from Indian fighting to oil wells…Haley’s beautifully written biography, perhaps his best book, is an ample vehicle for a mighty figure, and a classic of American biography.” 485pp w/bibliography, index. HB tan cloth, very good sound copy…..295.00


66) Hamner, Laura V. LIGHT ‘N HITCH: A Collection of Historical Writing Depicting Life on the High Plains 1958, 1st trade edition, Dallas. Paintings by Dord Fitz. A panorama of High Plains history, with vivid accounts of events, people and places in the history of the Texas Panhandle from the 1870s through the 1920s—Adobe Walls, Charles Goodnight, Quanah Parker, law and order, transportation, pioneer women, town building, ranching, more. 350pp w/photos, index. HB/DJ very good copy…..75.00


67) Hansen, Todd [editor] THE ALAMO READER: A Study in History 2003, 1st edition, Stackpole Books, Mechanicsburg. This large volume sheds light o many of the important questions ever raised about the last days of the famous Texas stronghold. 837pp w/notes, bibliography, index. HB/DJ, near fine copy……45.00 SOLD


68) Harris, Charles H., III, & Louis R. Sadler THE GREAT CALL-UP: The Guard, The Border, and the Mexican Revolution 2015, 1st edition, Norman. “On June 18, 1916, President Woodrow Wilson called up virtually the entire army National Guard, some 150,000 men, to meet an armed threat to the United States: border raids covertly sponsored by a Mexican government in the throes of revolution. The Great Call-Up tells for the first time the complete story of this unprecedented deployment and its significance in the history of the National Guard, World War I, and U.S.-Mexico relations.” 559pp w/maps, photos, notes, bib, index. HB/DJ..39.95


69) [HARRIS COUNTY] TEXAS AVENUE AT MAIN STREET: The Chronological Story of a City Block in Houston, the Most Significant Block in the History of Texas by S. Pat Daniels. 1964, 1st printing, Houston. “An informal but factual history of the block now occupied by the Rice Hotel, site of the Capitol Building of the Republic of Texas when Sam Houston was president.” 88pp w/photos, sources. Softcover w/illustrated cover, very good…..35.00


70) Hassrick, Peter H. & Elizabeth J. Cunningham, et al IN CONTEMPORARY RHYTHM: The Art of Ernest L. Blumenschein 2008, 2nd printing, Norman. Many beautiful, full-color reproductions of Blumenschein’s paintings. The artist moved to Taos in 1919 and he, along with other like-minded artists formed the Taos Society of Artists. 399pp w/illustrations, notes, index. Folio HB/DJ, fine copy………65.00


71) Hedgpeth, Don THEY RODE GOOD HORSES: The First Fifty Years of the American Quarter Horse Association

1990, 1st edition, Amarillo. A good history of the organization that was founded in 1940. and of the men who started it and others who kept it going. 157pp w/photos. Folio HB/DJ near fine [DJ has two small closed tears, now in protective cover] …45.00


72) Henderson, Halton ARTISTRY IN SINGLE ACTION 1989, 1st limited edition of 400 copies, Chama Press, Dallas. Foreword by J. Evetts Haley. Typography design by David Holman; binding and slipcase design by Craig Jensen; photographs by Charles DeBus. This book chronicles the story of the beautiful and innovative Grizzly revolvers designed by Edmond de la Garrigue. The book also includes brief history of the six-gun in Texas, and of the career of Samuel Colt. 110pp w/illus, sources. Folio HB bound in ¼ leather over brown cloth boards, in slipcase. Beautiful book! SIGNED by Homan and Jensen on the colophon page…..200.00


73) [HERTZOG, CARL] Texas and the West: Catalog No. 19, Featuring books printed and/or designed by Carl Hertzog by Price Daniel, Jr. no date [circa 1966], 1st limited edition of 125 copies, 34pp w/illustrations, index. Includes a biographical sketch of Hertzog by Llerena Friend. HB bound in Green cloth w/gilt lettering, SIGNED by Hertzog in gold ink……..35.00 SOLD


74) Hightower, Brantley THE COURTHOUSES of CENTRAL TEXAS 2015, 1st edition, UT Press, Austin. A detailed in-depth architectural survey of fifty Texas county courthouses. 167pp w/photos, maps, notes, bib, index. Folio HB/DJ, as new….45.00


75) Hunter, J. Marvin [editor] THE TRAIL DRIVERS OF TEXAS 1989, 3rd University of Texas printing, Austin. Reese, SIX-SCORE: “This vast compilation of original accounts by old trail drivers is one of the best cattle books, and the largest collection of first-hand narratives of the range cattle industry... [it] is an essential foundation book for any range library.” Adams, HERD: “...the most important single contribution to the history of cattle driving on the western trails.” 1,085pp w/photos, this edition indexed. HB/DJ (out-of-print in hardback) a clean, bright copy……..50.00


76) Hunter, J. Marvin THE STORY OF LOTTIE DENO: Her Life and Times 1959, 1st ed, Bandera. Intriguing story of a gambling lady who left the gambling dens of San Antonio to ply her trade in the rough and tumble frontier town of Old Fort Griffin. There she crossed paths with the likes of Doc Holliday and Big Nose Kate, among others. Hunter tracked her down and found she spent her later days in obscurity in Deming, New Mexico. 199pp w/photos. HB/DJ fine copy…….75.00


77) [JACK COUNTY] COMPLETE CEMETERY CENSUS OF JACK COUNTY, TEXAS, 1837-1998 compiled by Avis Radford & Jack Loftin. 1993, 1st printing, np. Includes map. “Approximately 16,000 listings, thousands of maiden names, military service records, including isolated graves of Jack and the borders of the surrounding counties Archer, Young, Palo Pinto, Parker, Wise, Montague, and Clay.” 366pp. Folio softcover w/spiral binding…..55.00 [Excellent genealogical source!] SOLD


78) [JAMES, WILL] WILL JAMES: The Life and Works of a Lone Cowboy by William Gardner Bell. 1987, 1st edition, Flagstaff. Traces James’ beginnings, his rise, and ultimately, his fall. Includes many of James’s illustrations. 130pp w/illustrations, photos, notes, index. Desirable Will James item. Folio HB/DJ very good copy…….40.00 SOLD


79) [JAMES, WILL] WILL JAMES: The Spirit of the Cowboy edited by J.M. Neil. 1985, 1st edition, Casper. An exhibition catalog which includes the following biographical and critical essays: “Will James: The Lone Cowboy” by William Gardner Bell; “Will James, Writer” by Jane Nelson; “The Art of Will James” by A.P. Hays. 85pp w/illus, notes. Folio Softcover, fine….40.00 SOLD


80) Jennings, Nathan A. RIDING FOR THE LONE STAR: Frontier Cavalry and the Texas Way of War, 1822-1865 2016, 1st edition, Denton. “Drawing upon military reports, participants’ memoirs, and government documents, Jennings analyzes the evolu-tion of Texan militarism from tribal clashes of colonial Tejas, territorial wars of the Texas Republic, the Mexican-American War, border conflicts of antebellum Texas, and the cataclysmic Civil War.” Emphasis on the historic rise of the Texas Rangers. 402pp w/illus, notes, biblio, index. HB/DJ, new ……………32.95 SOLD


81) Johnston, Eliza Griffin TEXAS WILD FLOWERS 1972, Deluxe edition—1st printing, Shoal Creek Publishers, Austin. Contains full color reproductions of the author's wild flower paintings which she did for her husband, General Albert Sidney Johnston, in the 1840s and ‘50s. Includes a biography of the author by Dr. Mildred Mayhall. 206pp w/100 full-page plates, index to flowers. Folio HB, leatherette w/decorated cover, beautiful book! And scarce……90.00


82) Kelton, Elmer TOM LOVELL: Storyteller With A Brush* 2005, 1st edition, Permian Basin Petroleum Museum, Midland. Edited by Ellen M. Hopkins. Kelton’s essays explain the histories behind 14 full-color paintings by artist Tom Lovell. Additional material includes biographical sketches of Lovell & Kelton; editor Hopkins’ contributions about the extensive research and preparation of the paintings; an updated history of the Petroleum Museum. 103pp w/photos. Oblong folio HB/DJ, SIGNED..55.00 SOLD


83) Kelton, Elmer SANDHILLS BOY: The Winding Trail of a Texas Writer 2007, 1st edition, NY. Kelton’s delightful memoir is followed by an afterword by his wife, Anna Kelton. 252pp. HB/DJ, fine copy, SIGNED by Elmer and Ann…….55.00


84) [KERR COUNTY] KERR COUNTY, TEXAS 1856-1956 by Bob Bennett. 1956, 1st edition, Naylor Co., San Antonio. A well-rounded county history: early communities; pioneer biographies; Civil War days; freighting; Admiral Nimitz; Indian depredations; Battle at Bandera Pass; camels at Camp Verde; Charles Schreiner; railroads; much more. 332pp w/photos, index. HB…75.00


85) Lanning, Michael Lee [editor] TEXAS AGGIES IN VIETNAM WAR STORIES 2016, 1st edition, College Station. The author, Texas A&M University Class of 1968, and Vietnam veteran, has gathered over three dozen recollections from other Aggies who served. 306pp w/appendices, index. HB/DJ, new [multi-copes available]…….29.95


86) Lauderdale, R.J. & John M. Doak LIFE ON THE RANGE AND ON THE TRAIL 1936, 1st edition, San Antonio. Relates the experiences of two early-day South Texas cattlemen: Doak tells of life on the range, while Lauderdale tells of trail-driving—he personally took nine herds up the trail. 227pp w/glossary; several illustrated pages of South Texas cattle brands. HB, green cloth w/decorated cover, near fine copy….….175.00 SOLD


87) Lehmann, V.W. FORGOTTEN LEGIONS: Sheep in the Rio Grande Plain of Texas 1969, 1st edition, El Paso. Designed by Carl Hertzog; map illustration by Jose Cisneros. Reese, SIX-SCORE: “An excellent study of the sheep industry in south Texas. The author discusses many things besides sheep. There is a long section on the cattle industry. An interesting and thought-provoking work on an area that is often glossed over in other books on the cattle industry.” 226pp w/photos, appendix, bibliography, index.

HB/DJ, near fine copy……..45.00


88) Lintel, Amy Von GEORGIA O’KEEFFE’S WARTIME LETTERS 2020, 1st edition, Denton. In 1912, a young Georgia O’Keefe, came to Canyon, Texas, to take a teaching job. Her letters reveal much about the independent minded young woman, and the impact World War I had on her, and all those around her. There are full-color reproductions of some of her works at that time. 224pp w/illustrations, notes, bibliography, index. HB/DJ, new [multiple copies available]………28.00


89) Ludwig, Wayne THE OLD CHISHOLM TRAIL: From Cow Path to Tourist Stop 2018, 1st edition, Texas A&M Press, College Station. Ludwig has provided “the first comprehensive examination of the Chisholm Trail since Wayne Gard’s 1954 classic study, The Chisholm Trail, and makes an important—and modern—contribution to the history of the American West.” 307pp w/maps, photos, appendix, notes, index. HB/DJ, new SIGNED [5 autographed copies available]……….37.00


90) McCauley, J.E. A STOVE-UP COWBOY’S STORY 1965, facsimile reprint of the original, SMU Press, Dallas. Designed by Carl Hertzog. Introduction by John A. Lomax. Drawings by Tom Lea. Reese, SIX SCORE: “One of the most forceful and expressive autobiographies of the range country. .Dobie liked its ‘uncommon saltiness of speech.’” 73pp w/ill. HB green cloth….25.00 SOLD


91) [McCULLOCH COUNTY] HANDBOOK OF McCULLOCH COUNTY HISTORY Vol. I compiled by Wayne Spiller. 1976, 1st edition, Seagraves. A comprehensive history of this Central Texas county that includes its creation, community histories, ranching, pioneer life, evolution of education, weather, election registers, medical registers, census data, and much more. 618pp with numerous photos, index. Folio HB …..90.00

92) [McCULLOCH COUNTY] HANDBOOK OF McCULLOCH COUNTY HISTORY Vol. II compiled by Wayne Spiller. Undated 2nd printing. More historical articles, and many more McCulloch county family biographies; Masonic history; 1900 county census; and much more. [This volume also includes errata and a supplemental index for Volume I.] 493pp w/photos, appendix, index. Folio HB ……….75.00

93) [McCULLOCH COUNTY] HANDBOOK OF McCULLOCH COUNTY HISTORY Vol. III compiled by Wayne Spiller. 1999, 1st edition, Abilene. This volume includes more general history; another large family biographical section; military section, and more. 418pp w/photos, appendix, index. Folio HB……75.00


94) Metz, Leon JOHN WESLEY HARDIN: Dark Angel of Texas 1996, 1st edition, Mangan Books, El Paso. In writing and researching this enlightening life history, author Metz found “more than just a gunfighter biography, but a dark, murderous tragedy.” HB/DJ, fine copy, SIGNED………….55.00


If you’ve never read this classic, now’s your chance—I have four nice copies!

95) Mitchell, Margaret GONE WITH THE WIND 1964, facsimile reprint, NY. A classic American novel and winner of the Pulitzer Prize.1037pp. HB/DJ very good copy………24.95


96) Morgan, Bill OLD FRIENDS: Great Texas Courthouses 1999, 1st edition, Fort Worth. A history of 71 of Texas most unique courthouses. Color paintings by the author, 155pp w/illustrations. Oblong folio HB/DJ (some wear along edges of dust jacket)..35.00


97) Morris, John Miller TAMING THE LAND: The Lost Postcard Photographs of the Texas High Plains 2009, 1st edition., College Station. Early 20th-century postcards depicting early days in the Texas Panhandle. 220pp w/illustrations, index.

Folio HB/DJ: CLEARANCE 50% 0FF= 22.50 (was 45.00)


98) Morton, Ohland TERAN AND TEXAS: A Chapter in Texas-Mexican Relations 1948, 1st edition, Austin. Introduction by Eugene C. Barker. Jenkins: Basic Texas Books: “This is a superlative study of the last few years in which it might have been possible to avert the final rupture between Mexico and Texas, and of the Mexican most closely involved….Becoming a close friend of Stephen F. Austin, he worked for peace…[and Teran and Austin] strove against long odds to achieve a genuine understanding between the two cultures in Texas, but in vain.” 191pp w/maps, notes, index. HB/DJ near fine copy, scarce……..100.00 SOLD


99) Murrah, David J. C.C. SLAUGHTER: Rancher, Banker, Baptist 1981, 1st edition, Austin. Biography of the innovative West Texas rancher who, from 1877 to 1905, increased his holdings to over a million acres. 173pp w/photos, map, index. HB/DJ [dust jacket scuffed, lightly worn]……50.00


100) [NOLAN COUNTY] HISTORY OF NOLAN COUNTY, TEXAS by E.L. Yeats and Hooper Shelton. 1975, 1st edition, Sweetwater. Organizations; community histories; early settlers and 1880 census; early cattle brands; cemeteries; much more. 256 pp w/photos, maps. HB/DJ, fine copy……85.00 SOLD


101) Owen, Valarie BYRD COCHRAIN OF DEAD MAN’S CORNER 1972, 1st edition, Snyder. Life story of a cowboy who worked on the Halff Ranch of West Texas, and the C7 and L7 Ranch in South Dakota, and who had some brushes with the law in the early part of the 20th-century. 235pp w/photos, biblio. HB/DJ dj has light edgewear, otherwise near fine………75.00


102) Parisi, Philip THE TEXAS POST OFFICE MURALS: Art For The People 2004, 1st edition, Texas A&M Press, College Station. In the 1930s, as part of the WPA Program, artists were commissioned to produce murals in 69 post offices and federal buildings around the state. Included among these artists were Tom Lea, Jerry Bywaters, Peter Hurd, Xavier Gonzales, and others. This volume offers a comprehensive view of 127 of those historic images, with 104 reproduced in full color. 181pp w/illus, notes, bibliography, index, and map showing locations of existing murals. Folio HB/DJ, fine copy…….50.00


103) Parker, Ben L. THE ORIGIN OF THE COWBOY 1970, 1st edition, published by the author. The author gives his take on the cowboy. 42pp w/illus, bibliography. Softcover, SIGNED……22.50


104) Parsons, Chuck THE TEXAS RANGERS 2011, 1st printing, Charleston. An imprint of the Images of America Series published by Arcadia Press. A pictorial history of the Texas Rangers. 128pp w/many photos. Softcover, new …21.99

105) Parsons, Chuck & Donaly E. Brice TEXAS RANGER N.O. REYNOLDS: The Intrepid 2014, 2nd edition, College Station. Foreword by Leon C. Metz; Afterword by Stephen Reynolds Davis. An extensive biography of Reynolds, a former Union soldier who came to Texas and became a Texas Ranger and eventually commander of Company E of the Frontier Battalion. During his career he crossed paths with gunmen Scott Cooley, John Ringo and the Dublin Brothers; he captured the Horrell brothers; he escorted John Wesley Hardin back and forth from jail to court; and he barely missed the Sam Bass capture. Rangers John B. Jones and James B. Gillett both served under him, and this book contains information on James B. Gillett not found in his biography. An important contribution to Texas Ranger history. 432pp w/photos, appendices, bibliography, index. HB/DJ, new……29.95


106) [PECOS COUNTY] PECOS COUNTY HISTORY by Marsha Lea Daggett. 1984, 1st edition, Fort Stockton. Two Volumes 583 and 438 pages with photos, historical articles, and many family histories. The volume containing family histories has table of contents to families listed, and the second volume with historical articles is indexed. [Includes biographies of the noted surveyor, pioneer and judge, O.W. Williams, and his son, author/historian Clayton Williams, Sr.] 2-volumes set, folio HB/DJ..140.00


107) [PRESIDIO COUNTY] HISTORY OF MARFA AND PRESIDIO COUNTY, TEXAS, 1535-1946 by Cecilia Thompson. 1985, 1st edition, Austin. Two Volumes. This highly sought after work deservedly won the 1985 T.R. Fehrenbach Award For Best County History In Texas. It is a chronologically arranged narrative history that spans four centuries, from the earliest Spanish explorers to contemporary times. A total of 1,024 pages with maps, many period photos, appendices, bibliography, index. Two volumes hardback in slipcase, two pages in volume one have notes and highlight in margin, otherwise very good, the set = 275.00 SOLD


108) [PRESIDIO COUNTY] MARFA: The Transformation of a West Texas Town 2017, 1st edition, UT Press, Austin. “This inviting book explores how small-town Marfa, Texas has become a landmark arts destination and tourist attraction despite—and because of—its remote location in the immense Chihuahuan desert.” 196pp w/photos, index. HB/DJ, new [multi-copies]…24.95


109) Ramold, Steven J. OBSTINATE HEROISM: The Confederate Surrenders After Appomattox 2020, 1st edition, UNT Press, Denton. “The end of the Confederacy was a messy and complicated affair, a far cry from the tidy closure associated with the events at Appomattox.”490pp w/maps, illus, notes, index. HB/DJ, new [multiple-copies available]…..34.95


110) Reed, S. G. A HISTORY OF THE TEXAS RAILROADS, And of Transportation Conditions Under Spain and Mexico and the Republic and the State 1941, 1st limited edition, Houston. Jenkins, BASIC TEXAS BOOKS: “One of the most comprehensive studies of the railroading history of any state, this is by far the best on Texas railroads...[It] contains 58 chapters that include transportation by water and wagon, pioneer railroad efforts during the republic, government ownership plans, and the building of the first railroad in Texas in 1853.” 822pp w/index. HB blue cloth w/gilt lettering, a very good copy with some minor scuff marks at the spine and back cover, numbered and SIGNED….265.00 SOLD


111) Rister, Carl Coke COMANCHE BONDAGE: Beale’s Settlement of Dolores and Sarah Horn’s Narrative of Her Captivity 1955, 1st edition, Glendale. Jenkins, BTB (p. 468): “Rister’s Comanche Bondage relates to the outpost of Beales Colony [Val Verde County] and to the more specific captivity of Sarah Ann Horn, including a complete annotated reprint of A Narrative of the Captivity of Mrs. Horn, and Her Two Children, with Mrs. Harris, by the Comanche Indians [published in 1839].” In the first section of the book, Rister traces the short-lived attempt by Beale to found a settlement in the heart of Comanche country on Las Moras Creek in South Texas in 1834. 210pp w/illustrations, map, notes, biblio, index, HB/DJ very good copy….135.00


112) Rister, Carl Coke ROBERT E. LEE IN TEXAS 1946, 2nd printing, Norman. Recounts Lee’s 25 months on the Texas frontier just prior to the breakout of the Civil War. He spent time at Camp Cooper, in San Antonio, and at Fort Mason. 183pp w/illustrations, biblio, index. HB/DJ very good copy…..85.00


113) Roth, Michael P. CONVICT COWBOYS: The Untold History of the Texas Prison Rodeo 2016, 1st edition, Denton. An interesting and detailed history of the nation’s first prison rodeo which ran from 1931 to 1986., as well as a glimpse at the Texas prison system during that period. 436pp w/photos, appendices, endnotes, bibliography, index. HB/DJ, as new……..32.95 SOLD


114) Schreiner, Charles, III A PICTORIAL HISTORY OF THE TEXAS RANGERS 1969, 1st edition, Mountain Home. Includes biographical sketches of fifty-seven notable Texas Rangers, plus hundreds of photos of many more Rangers and of the equipment they used. 267pp w/photos, index. Folio HB/DJ, jacket has tiny chips at corners, otherwise a very good copy…..225.00 SOLD


115) Selden, Jack K. RETURN: The Parker Story 2006, 2nd printing, Palestine. “The true story that inspired the classic John Wayne film, The Searchers.” In addition to retelling the story of Cynthia Ann Parker’s captivity, this book traces the lives of many members of the extended Parker family. 311pp w/photos, maps, notes, index. HB/DJ, as new, SIGNED….39.95


116) Stanley, F. THE TEXAS PANHANDLE: From Cattlemen to Feed Lots 1971, 1st limited edition of 500 copies, Borger. A history of the Texas Panhandle that includes “An over-all picture of the breaking up of large ranches like the XIT, Shoe Nail, Shoe Bar, Anchor T and many others into smaller ranches, farms, cities, villages.” Also sections on Panhandle railroads, oil industry, newspapers, feedlots, Fort Elliott, Panhandle counties, and more. 656pp w/bib, index. HB/DJ, SIGNED, fine copy, scarce…..185.00 SOLD


117) Stanley, F. SATANTA AND THE KIOWAS 1968, 1st edition, np. An extensive biography of Satanta and his Kiowa tribe, with chapters on both battles of Adobe Walls, General Hancock’s campaign, Mackenzie, Satanta’s life in prison, and much more. 391pp w/index. HB/DJ, ex-library copy with missing front free endpaper and usual stamps……..80.00 [condition noted] SOLD


118) Stanley, F. NO TEARS FOR BLACK JACK KETCHUM 2008, facsimile reprint of the scarce 1958 original, Santa Fe. Life story of the desperado who roamed West Texas and New Mexico, and rode with members of Butch Cassidy’s Wild bunch, and his brother, Sam Ketchum. This edition includes new material by Marc Simmons, Mary Jo Walker, and Jack D. Rittenhouse. 148pp. Trade paperback new [multi-copies available]….28.95


119) Stembridge, Terry & Caleb Pirtle III KILGORE: Visions of Forgotten Streets 2007, 1st edition, Dockery House Publishing, Dallas. This massive volume is a pictorial history of the Kilgore oil boom of the 1930s that altered the face of a quiet little farming town virtually overnight. 437pp profusely illustrated with period photographs. Folio HB/DJ, fine copy………125.00 SOLD


120) [STEPHENS COUNTY] GUNSIGHT, TEXAS: The Legacy Lives On by Myra McIntire Hall. 2009, 1st edition, Gunsight Cemetery Association. Includes historical articles, early day memoirs, 1900 census, many family histories, and more. 370pp w/maps, photos. Folio softcover w/pictorial cover……..35.00 SOLD


121) Sullivan, Dulcie THE LS BRAND: The Story of a Texas Panhandle Ranch 1968, 1st edition, Austin. Intro by Loula Grace Erdman. The interesting history of the large Panhandle Plains ranch from open range years to the barbed wire era. 178pp w/photos, index. HB/DJ, near fine copy…..60.00


122) Swift, Roy L. & Leavitt Corning, Jr. THREE ROADS TO CHIHUAHUA: The Great Wagon Roads That Opened the Southwest 1823-1883 1988, P.O.D., Austin. A history of three important trade routes between Mexico and the U.S that was precipitated by the Spanish openings of silver mines in isolated parts of northern Mexico.398pp w/illus, maps, bibliography, notes, index. Trade paperback, new [multiple copies available]….29.95


123) Van Eaton, Frank L. HELL ON THE BORDER: A History of the Great United States Criminal Court at Fort Smith… Judge Isaac C. Parker 1953, reprint, Ft. Smith. A look at many of the criminal cases in Fort Smith, Arkansas, that came before the famed “Hanging Judge” Parker. 303pp w/photos. Softcover w/pictorial cover……35.00 SOLD


124) Wallis, George A. CATTLE KINGS OF THE STAKED PLAINS 1964, 2nd revised edition, Denver. Adams, HERD: “Much on the ranches of West Texas and New Mexico.” Included are Charles Goodnight and the JA; C.C. Slaughter and the Long S; John Chisum and the Jingle-bobs; Major George Littlefield and the Yellow House; the Farwells and the XIT; others; and a chapter on Billy the Kid. 164 pages w/photos, brands and a list of “World Champion Cowboys Since 1948.” HB/DJ, very good….30.00 SOLD


125) Walsh, C.C. EARLY DAYS ON THE OPEN RANGE 1917, 1st ed, Boston. Intro by John A. Lomax. Written in verse in the vernacular of the cowboy, the author captures the essence of life on the range. 81pp with thirteen wonderful range photos. HB w/decorated cover, very scarce, fine copy.......100.00 SOLD


126) Webb, Walter Prescott THE GREAT PLAINS 1936, early reprint, Boston. Jenkins, BTB “Webb’s masterpiece. An essential book in any Texas or Western collection…” Wm. Reese, SIX-CORE: Webb surveys all life on the Plains, and much of what he discusses relates directly or indirectly to the range industry. The sections on water and fencing are two of the best.” 434pp w/biblio, index. HB black cloth, some scuffing along spine edges, inscribed to naturalist/author Roy Bedichek, SIGNED and dated July 15, 1931, great association copy…….150.00 SOLD


127) Williams, Clayton W. TEXAS’ LAST FRONTIER: Fort Stockton and the Trans-Pecos, 1861-1895 1982, 1st edition, College Station. A chronological, narrative history of the settling of the Texas frontier from the time the Fort Stockton post was abandoned to Confederate units in 1861 through the Indian battles for control of the region, to the time when frontier order arrived. 457pp w/maps, illustrations, photos, biblio, index. HB/DJ, very good copy………..55.00


Just in – off the subject, but worthy of note:

128) Churchill, Winston WINSTON CHURCHILL’S ‘The Second World War’ 1985, reprint edition, Boston. SIX VOLUMES. “Churchill’s six-volume history of the cataclysm which swept the world for the second time in thirty years is, and will remain, the definitive work.” Six volumes, trade paperbacks in slip case, fine copy….29.95 SOLD


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