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CATALOG #301, March, 2020



1) Adler, Dennis BLACK POWDER REVOLVERS—Reproductions and Replicas 2008, 2nd edition, Minneapolis. Lavishly illustrated, this book covers the wide variety of reproduction black powder revolvers produced since 1959. 252pp w/illus, index. Oblong folio HB/DJ fine copy….45.00


2) Archambeau, Ernest R. OLD TASCOSA, 1886-1888 1966, Special edition of Panhandle-Plains Historical Review, Canyon. Newspaper excerpts from The Tascosa Pioneer give us a contemporary look at the old pioneer town in the Texas Panhandle: info on the Courtright shootout, Clay Allison; Panhandle range wars, more. 195pp w/map, photo, index. HB green leather.55.00 SOLD


3) [ARCHEOLOGY] ALIBATES FLINT QUARRIES: A National Monument 1963, 1st printing, Washington D.C. A proposal by Senator Ralph Yarborough to make the quarry site a national monument. Includes history of the quarry which was a source for tools, weapons, etc. and the Texas Panhandle culture (circa 10,000 B.C. to 1300 A.D. 42pp w/maps, photos. Folio softcover….30.00


4) [ARCHITECTURE] EARLY TEXAS HOMES by Dorothy Kendall Bracken & Maurine Whorton Redway 1964, 3rd printing, Dallas. A study of Texas’ diverse architectural styles, with photos of many structures that survived into the mid-twentieth century. 180pp w/photos. Folio HB/DJ….30.00


5) Baker, Terry HANGINGS and LYNCHINGS in DALLAS COUNTY, TEXAS, 1853 TO 1920 2016, 1st edition, Fort Worth. Documents all of the known hangings in Dallas County—slaves who committed murder, white guys who were accused horse thieves, and one fellow lynched for refusing to give false testimony in an upcoming trial, and many others. 212pp w/illus, biblio, index. HB w/pictorial cover, as new. SIGNED……..45.00 SOLD


6) Benson, Norman THE LIFE OF A COTTON-PICKING COWBOY 1980, 1st edition, San Angelo. Memoirs of a cowboy who worked on ranches around West Texas. 265pp w/photos. Softcover w/illustrated cover, SIGNED…..50.00 SOLD


7) Berlitz, Charles & William L. Moore THE ROSWELL INCIDENT 1980, 1st edition, NY. “Presents the full story of an ‘alleged’ UFO landing in Roswell, New Mexico, in July, 1947.” 168pp w/photos, map, notes, index. HB/DJ (dust jacket has closed tear at spine) otherwise a near fine copy…….35.00 SOLD


8) [BEXAR COUNTY] HISTORIC BEXAR COUNTY: An Illustrated History 2004, 1st edition, Bexar County Historical Commission. The first half of the books gives a good comprehensive history of the county; the second half is devoted to historic profiles of families, business, and organizations that have contributed to the development of San Antonio. Nicely illustrated with historical text. Folio HB/DJ fine copy……..49.95


9) Blackburn, Ed, Jr. WANTED: Historic County Jails of Texas 2006, 1st edition, College Station. A guide to each of the 254 Texas county jails, with interesting anecdotes for many of them. 424pp w/photos, maps, app, bib, index. HB/DJ, fine.40.00 SOLD


10) Blackstone, Sara J. THE BUSINESS OF BEING BUFFALO BILL: Selected Letters of William F. Cody, 1879-1917 1988, 1st edition, NY. Insightful correspondence with many well-known people of Cody’s era.124pp w/appendix, bib, index. HB…..35.00


11) Blakestad, Alice A GRAVESITE DIRECTORY OF CEMETERIES IN LINCOLN COUNTY 2001, 1st edition, Hondo. “One of a series of studies concerning the history of Lincoln County, New Mexico and its environs.” 169pp w/ill. Softcover…25.00 SOLD


12) Bradley, Ed “WE NEVER RETREAT” Filibustering Expeditions into Spanish Texas, 1812-1822 2015, 1st edition, College Station. This study offers a thorough recounting of filibustering expeditions (i.e. invasion of foreign lands by private military forces) into Spanish Texas led by such colorful men as Augustus William Magee, Bernardo Gutiérrez de Lara, John Robinson, and James Long. The author explains why these Americans participated in the expeditions, and to what extent the US government was either involved in or tolerated them. 318pp w/illus, maps, index. HB/DJ, as new. CLEARANCE: 40% off= $29.97 (was $49.95) SOLD


13) Bradley, Michael NATHAN BEDFORD FORREST’S ESCORT AND STAFF 2009, 2nd printing, Gretna. The escort company and staff officers of Forrest were held in awe by men on both sides of the conflict during the war and long after the war their status became legendary. 238pp w/maps, illus, index. HB/DJ, new……25.00 SOLD


14) Brown, Tom, Jr. [as told to William Jon Watkins] THE TRACKER: The Story of Tom Brown, Jr. 1978, 3rd printing, Englewood Cliffs. True account of Brown’s fascinating adventures as a tracker in the Pine Barrens of New Jersey and other American wildernesses, nature-writing at its best. 190pp w/illustrations. HB/DJ nice copy…..27.50 SOLD


15) Buenger, Walter L. & Walter D. Kamphoefner [editors] PRESERVING GERMAN TEXAN IDENTITY: Reminiscences of

William A. Trenckmann. 1859-1935 2017, 1st edition, College Station. Trenckmann created Das Wochenblatt, a German-language weekly newspaper that he edited and published for over forty years. He serialized his memoirs, and here the editors present a revised and annotated translation as a revealing window into the lives of German Texans in the late nineteenth and early twentieth centuries. 210pp w/illus, appendices, index Flexbound, [multi-copies available] CLEARANCE: 40% OFF = $25.20 (was $42.00) SOLD


16) Burton, Jeffrey A BIG YEAR IN A BAD LIFE: The Criminal Career of Reuben Houston Burrow December 1886-December 1887 With Its Several Sequels 2015, 1st edition, A Palomino Book, no place. Life story of Burrow who robbed trains in Texas. 192pp w/photos, index. Trade paperback,, as new……19.50


17) Caldwell, Clifford R. DEAD RIGHT: The Lincoln County War 2011, 1st hardcover edition, limited to 100 copies, Mountain Home. From the back cover: “…a historically accurate, concise and factual interpretation of the people, places and occurrences in the Lincoln county War.” It also contains a chronology of events, and brief biographical sketches of many of the major participants. 339pp w/illustrations, bibliography, index. HB/DJ, as new, SIGNED…….75.00


18) Caldwell, Clifford R. JOHN SIMPSON CHISUM: The Cattle King of the Pecos, Revisited 2010, reprint, Santa Fe. Foreword by Bill O’Neal. A new study of the cattle baron who left deep tracks across Texas and New Mexico. 225pp w/illustrations. appendices, bibliography, index. Trade paperback, as new, SIGNED…..29.95


19) Caldwell, Clifford R. & Ron DeLord TEXAS LAWMEN, 1835-1899: The Good and The Bad 2011, 1st printing, The History Press, Charleston. An interesting medley of stories about 19th-century Texas lawmen who were killed in the line of duty, some well known, some not so well known. Well-researched. 446pp w/illustrations, appendix, bibliography, index. Trade paperback, as new SIGNED by Caldwell]……29.95


20) Caldwell, Clifford R. & Ron DeLord TEXAS LAWMEN, 1900-1940: More of The Good and The Bad 2012, 1st edition, Charleston. A continuation of the chronicle of peace officers who laid down their lives in the service of the State of Texas. 528pp appendix, bibliography, index. Trade paperback, as new SIGNED by Caldwell…..29.95


21) Caldwell, Clifford R. ROBERT KELSEY WYLIE: Forgotten Cattle King of Texas 2013, 1st trade edition, np. Wylie was a 19th century cowman and sheepman who ranched in Parker County and in what is now Runnels County, drove herds to New Mexico and South Dakota, sided with Chisum and his allies in the Lincoln County War, and later set up operations in the Van Horn country of Texas. 302pp w/illustrations, notes, biblio, index. Trade Paperback as new, SIGNED……….29.95


22) Casement, Dan D. RANDOM RECOLLECTIONS: The Life and Times – and Something of the Personal Philosophy – of a 20th Century Cowman 1955, 1st edition, Kansas City. Casement ranched in Western Colorado from the 1890s through the mid-1900s. He was a breeder of Hereford cattle, and was instrumental in the development of the Quarter Horse. 11pp. HB, maroon cloth w/gold lettering, near fine copy…….125.00 SOLD


23) Chrisman, Harry E. THE LADDER OF RIVERS: The Story of I.P (Print) Olive 1965, 2nd revised edition, Chicago. This book gives a comprehensive story of the range cattle industry with Olive as its central figure. Adams, SIX-GUNS: “A well-written biography of one of the cattle land’s unique characters, revealing many things heretofore unrecorded.” 426pp w/many photos, appendix with brands of the era, notes, bibliography, index. HB/D very good copy, SIGNED on the copyright page…..40.00 SOLD


24) Coburn, Walt PIONEER CATTLEMAN IN MONTANA: The Story of the Circle C Ranch 1968, 1st edition, Norman. Adams, SIX-GUNS: “This excellent book gives a fine picture of one of the famous ranches in Montana and tells about some of the state’s outlaws.” Good account of the range cattle industry of Montana in late 1800s to early 1900s, with information on Charles M. Russell, Granville Stuart, Chief Joseph, Butch Cassidy and the Wild Bunch, railroads, etc. 338pp w/full color foldout painting by Russell, photos, appendix, index. HB brown cloth, very good copy……………………..60.00 SOLD


25) Cody, Colonel W.F. AN AUTOBIOGRAPHY OF BUFFFALO BILL 1924, early reprint, Cosmopolitan Book Corporation, NY. Buffalo Bill’ own words. Illustrations by N.C. Wyeth. 328pp. HB brown cloth w/decorated cover, front hinge cracked….35.00 SOLD


26) [COKE COUNTY] COKE COUNTY compiled by Mrs. R. Russell Heaner, chairman Coke County book Committee. 1984,

1st limited edition. 516pp w/many photos, endpaper map, historical articles, 380 pages of family histories. Folio HB bound in cloth and ¼ leather with pictorial cover, corners bumped, otherwise a very good copy…..200.00 SOLD


27) Cox, Ross J., Sr. THE TEXAS RANGERS AND THE SAN SABA MOB 2005, 1st printing, San Saba. Two volumes-in-one. An in-depth study of the Mob that involved not only San Saba County, but also involved Brown, Lampasas, Mills and McCulloch counties. 177pp w/notes, sources. Folio softcover w/spiral binding, SIGNED…..75.00 SOLD


28) [DALLAS COUNTY] ELM FORK SETTLEMENT: Farmers Branch and Carrollton 1996, “Commemorative Edition,” Austin. History of the area of Farmers Branch and Carrollton, Dallas County, on the Elm Fork of the Trinity River. Includes many pioneer biographies. 647pp w/illus, bibliography, index, HB w/decorated cover……45.00 SOLD


29) DeMattos, Jack & Chuck Parsons THEY CALLED HIM BUCKSKIN FRANK: The Life and Adventures of Nashville Franklyn Leslie 2018, 1st edition, Denton. Leslie’s reputation has rested on two gunfights—both in storied Tombstone, Arizona—but he was much more than a deadly gunfighter. Beyond his gunfighting legacy, the authors also explore his scouting days with General Crook on the Great Plains and his alleged service as a deputy for Wild Bill Hickok in Abilene, Kansas. 239pp w/photos, appendix, notes, index. New [multiple copies available]…….29.95


30) DeShields, James T. THEY SAT IN HIGH PLACES: The Presidents and Governors of Texas 1940, 1st edition, Naylor Co., San Antonio. Biographies of early leaders of Texas. 484pp w/portraits. HB/DJ [dust jacket has a tape repair, and smell chips along the edges and corners, now in protective cover, otherwise a very good copy] scarce……75.00 SOLD


31) Dobie, J. Frank JOHN C. DUVAL: First Texas Man of Letters 1939, 1st limited edition of 950 copies, Southwest Review, Dallas. With nine illustrations by Tom Lea. Dobie offers a biographical look at Duval (best known for his early books Early Times in Texas and Adventures of Big-Foot Wallace) plus a bibliographical critique. In the last section, a number of Duval’s heretofore unpublished works are provided. 105pp. HB tan and brown cloth, fine copy, no dj……..125.00


32) Dobie, J. Frank CORONADO’S CHILDREN 1931, Literary Guild edition, NY. Jenkins, BASIC TEXAS BOOKS: “This is the best work ever written on hidden treasure, and one of the most fascinating books on an subject to come out of Texas.” 367pp illustrations, endpaper maps, other maps, notes, and glossary. HB, gold cloth…..35.00


33) Dobie, J. Frank & Jeff Dykes 44 RANGE COUNTRY BOOKS Topped out by J. Frank Dobie in 1941 & 44 MORE RANGE COUNTRY BOOKS Topped out by Jeff Dykes in 1971 1972, 1st limited edition of 1000 copies, Encino Press, Austin. Design by William D. Wittliff. A bibliography of range books with commentary by Dobie and Dykes. HB, fine ………45.00


34) [EL PASO COUNTY] TURNING POINTS IN EL PASO, TEXAS by Leon Metz. 1985, 1st “Conquistador Edition” limited to 75 copies, Mangan Books, El Paso. A history of El Paso from the primordial beginnings of the Rio Grande to the evolution of an international city. 128pp w/maps, illus, sources, index. HB/DJ, fine copy, SIGNED…….45.00


35) [EL PASO COUNTY] CITY ON THE MESA: The New Fort Bliss, 1890 to 1895 by Arthur Van Voorhis Crego. 1969, 1st printing, np. A history of the old buildings that made up the new Fort Bliss in the 1890s. 57pp w/illus, notes, sources,. Folio softcover w/pictorial cover…..25.00 SOLD


36) Estes, Pam BILLIE SOL: King of Texas Wheeler-Dealers 1983, 1st edition, Abilene. Biography of the political fundraiser and con man who went to prison after a complex web of mortgage fraud and agriculture swindles came to light in the early 1960s. 205pp w/photos, appendix, index. HB/DJ very good copy…..45.00


37) Frantz, Joe & Mike Cox LURE OF THE LAND: Texas County Maps and the History of Settlement 1988, 1st edition, published for the Texas Land Office by Texas A & M Press, College Station. Mike Cox, More Basic Texas Books: “Only 2,000 copies of this book were published...It sold out within a short period of time and has not been republished...The book is the only place color plates of original county land grant maps have been published. Not all of the counties are represented, but the maps of the major counties are reproduced. And the format is large enough for the maps to be useful.” 228pp w/bibliography, index. Elephant folio HB/DJ, a nice copy with dust jacket, very scarce, fine copy, SIGNED…..225.00


38) Frost, H. Gordon THE GENTLEMEN’S CLUB: The Story of Prostitution in El Paso TWO VOLUMES.1983, 1st limited “Parlor House” edition of 100 copies, Mangan Books, El Paso. “Frost follows the elusive trail of sinners and their persistent (if not always successful) reformers through more than a hundred years.” 336pp w/map, photos, chapter notes, index. Two volume set, the second volume containing a cassette tape with taped interviews with some of El Paso’s working girls.’ HB/DJ fine in publisher’s purple cloth slip case……….100.00


39) [GALVESTON COUNTY] THE MACEO’S and the FREE STATE OF GALVESTON: An Authorized History 2020, 1st printing, Charleston. For nearly forty years, Sam and Rose Maceo ruled a far-reaching underground economy of illegal booze and gambling but used their influence to infuse the “Free State of Galveston” with glamour, fame and fortune—a vision later used as a template for Las Vegas.187pp w/photos, appendices, notes, biblio, index. Trade paperback, new [multiple copies]…..23.99

40) [GALVESTON COUNTY] GALVESTON’S MACEO FAMILY EMPIRE: Bootlegging & the Balinese Room by T. Nicole Boatman, et al. 2014, 1st edition, History Press, Charleston. A history of the Island’s empire of gambling, smuggling and prostitution that lasted three decades. 144pp w/photos, notes, index. Trade paperback, new [multiple copies available]….19.99


41) Galvin, John [editor] THROUGH THE COUNTRY OF THE COMANCHE INDIANS IN THE FALL OF THE YEAR 1845 1970, 1st limited edition of 5000 copies, San Francisco. “The journal of a U.S. Army expedition led by Lt. James W. Abert, of the topographical engineers, artist extraordinary whose paintings of Indians and their wild west illustrate this book.” Abert’s expedition left Bent’s fort and traveled through Raton Pass and into the Plains country of the Canadian River. 77pp w/ 2 large foldout maps, glossary, references, index, and 26 full-color drawings by Abert. Large folio HB/DJ fine copy……40.00 SOLD


42) [GEOLOGY] TEXAS FOSSILS: An Amateur Collector’s Handbook by William M. Matthews III. 1960, Guidebook 2, Bureau of Economic Geology, University of Texas, Austin. A complete guide. 123pp w/illustrations, index. Softcover…27.50 SOLD



43a) Iron Ore in the Llano Region of Central Texas: Report of Investigations No. 5 1949, by Virgil e. Barnes, et al.

50pp w/illus, enclosures, index……20.00

43b) Igneous Rocks of the Balcones Fault Region of Texas by John T. Lonsdale. Nov. 22, 1927, UT Bulletin No. 2744.

178pp w/photos, foldout map, illus. Softcover….25.00 SOLD

43c) Geology of the Grosvenor Quadrangle Brown and Coleman Counties by Robert Terrierre. 1960, Geological Survey

Bulletin 1096-A.35pp w/illustrations, enclosures. Softcover…….25.00

43d) Geology of the Cross Plains Quadrangle, Brown, Callahan, Coleman, and Eastland Counties, Texas 1960,

Geological Survey Bulletin 1096-B.72pp w/illustrations, enclosures…….25.00 SOLD

43e) The Cretaceous and Tertiary of Southern Texas and Northern Mexico by Emil Bose and O.A. Cavins; AND

Cretaceous Ammonites From Texas and Northern Mexico by Emil Bose. Dec. 1927, UT Bulletin, No. 2748..25.00 SOLD

43f) The Geology of Tarrant County June I, 1919. UT Bulletin No. 1931. 122pp w/photos, foldout map. Softcover..30.00 SOLD

43g) The Geology of Johnson County by W.M. Winton & Gayle Scott. Aug. 1, 1922, UT Bulletin No. 2229. 68pp

w/photos, enclosures, index. Softcover……30.00

43h) The Geology of Potter County by Leroy T. Patton. Aug. 8, 1923, UT Bulletin No. 2330. 180pp w/photos, index,

enclosures. Softcover…..30.00


44) Glasrud, Bruce A. & Harold J. Weiss, Jr. [editors] TRACKING THE TEXAS RANGERS The Nineteenth Century 2012, 1st edition, Denton. A collection of revisionist essays that covers topics such as the Great Comanche Raid of 1840; The Cortina War; Cynthia Ann Parker, John Wesley Hardin, and more. 358pp w/illustrations, sources, index. HB/DJ, as new [multi-copies]….29.95


45) Glasrud, Bruce A. & Harold J. Weiss, Jr. [editors] TRACKING THE TEXAS RANGERS The Twentieth Century 2013, 1st edition, Denton. This second collection of essays by notable historians looks at the use of Texas Rangers in labor disputes, the oil boom towns, in race issues, and in the Tejano civil rights movement. 286pp w/ill, ref, index. HB/DJ, as new [multi-copies] ..29.95


46) Glasrud, Bruce A. & Milton S. Jordan FREE BLACKS IN ANTEBELLUM TEXAS 2015, 1st edition, Denton. This book “collects the essays of Harold R. Schoen and Andrew Forest Muir, early scholars who conducted the most complete studies on the topic, although neither published a book. Schoen published six articles on The Free Negro in Republic of Texas and Muir four articles on free blacks in Texas before the Civil War.” 289pp w/notes, biblio, index. HB/DJ as new…………45.00


47) Glenn, Frankie Davis CAPT’N JOHN: Story of a Texas Ranger 1991, 1st edition, Austin. Biography of John William Sansom, Civil War veteran, and Indian fighter, who served as a Texas Ranger in 1870-71. He was uncle of the boy captives, Clint and Jeff Smith, and led the futile attempt from Camp Verde to Fort Griffin in an effort to recapture them. Includes a section on the “Battle of Nueces Canyon” of which Sansom was a survivor. 144pp w/map, photos, index. HB/DJ inscribed/SIGNED…40.00 SOLD


48) Govenar, Alan PORTRAITS OF COMMUNITY: African American Photography in Texas 1996, 1st edition, Texas State Historical Association, Austin. “Using a century of photographs taken by black photographers and detailed interviews with the men and women behind the cameras, [this book] is an eloquent visual history of African American life.” Includes autobiographical essays by several black photographers. 272pp w/photos, appendices, index. Folio HB/DJ, as new….45.00


49) Grant, Ulysses S. PERSONAL MEMOIRS OF U.S. GRANT 1885, 1st edition, Charles L. Webster & Co., NY. TWO VOLUMES. One of the most respected military autobiographies ever written. Includes engraved frontispiece with tissue guard in each volume, numerous maps, engravings, gatefold facsimile of the original “Terms of Lee’s Surrender” as written by General Grant opposite page 496 of volume II has a small tear, which is common with this set. Both volumes green cloth w/gilt lettering and decoration, very good condition—vol. II front cover slightly scuffed at bottom of spine. The set of two volumes = 325.00 SOLD


50) Grauer, Michael R. MAKING A HAND: The Art of H. D. Bugbee 2020, 1st edition, TAMU Press, college Station. By the 1930s, Bugbee was providing pen-and-ink sketches for magazines such as Ranch Romances, Western Stories, Country Gentleman, and Field and Stream. Hiss illustrations for Haley’s Charles Goodnight began a long association. This richly illustrated overview of the man and his art provides a valuable and entertaining resource for collectors and students of western and Texas art. 99pp w/illus, index. 99pp w/illus, index. Folio HB/DJ, new [multiple copies available]…….34.95


51) Grissom, Michael Andrew THE LAST REBEL YELL 1991, 1st edition, Nashville. An intimate look at life and heritage of the South. 470pp w/illus, notes, index. HB black cloth, SIGNED………50.00


52) Guy, Duane F. [editor] THE STORY OF PALO DURO CANYON 1979, 1st edition, Canyon. A collection of articles by several contributors that cover the region’s geology, archeology, paleontology, natural history, and history from Coronado to Charles Goodnight’s settlement in the Canyon and Ranald Mackenzie’s raid. Also details the acquisition and development of the land for the State Park. 224pp with photos, maps (including two foldouts in rear pocket), index. Hardback bound in green leather with gold embossed lettering on front and spine, fine copy, this copy signed by one of the contributors, William Griggs....55.00 SOLD


53) Haile, Bartee TEXAS BOOMTOWNS: A History of Blood and Oil 2015, 1st printing, History Press, Charleston. Chapters on Spindletop, Ranger, Mexia, Borger, and East Texas. 119pp w/photos, index. Trade paperback, new [multi-copies]…21.99


54) Haley, J. Evetts CHARLES GOODNIGHT: Cowman and Plainsman 1936, 1st edition, Boston. Illustrations by H.D. Bugbee. One of the best of the cowman’s biographies. Much of Haley’s material came from first-hand interviews with Goodnight over a period of years. Reese, SIX SCORE: “Goodnight’s career spanned the history of the development of West Texas, from Indian fighting to oil wells…Haley’s beautifully written biography, perhaps his best book, is an ample vehicle for a mighty figure, and a classic of American biography.” 485pp w/bibliography, index. HB tan cloth, very good sound copy with intact hinges…..395.00


55) Haley, J. Evetts [editor] Charles Goodnight’s Indian Recollections 1928, 1st edition, Canyon. Article in PANHANDLE-PLAINS HISTORICAL REVIEW, Vol. 1, No. 1 One of many interviews Haley had with the complex frontiersman and pioneer rancher. Other articles include: “The Arrington Papers” by L.F. Sheffy; “Mining and Indian fighting in Arizona and New Mexico, 1858-1861: Memoirs of Hank Smith” by Hattie M. Anderson; and “Pioneer Quaker Farmers of the South Plains” by Roger A. Burgess. 128pp. HB tastefully bound in blue cloth w/gold lettering and marbled endpapers, a fine copy, SIGNED by Haley….200.00


56) Hall, Major Sam S. [writing as “Buckskin Sam”] BIG FOOT WALLACE, The King of the Lariat; or, Wild Wolf, The Waco 1965, a facsimile reproduction of the September 20, 1882 edition of Beadles Dime Library, with Preface and special illustrations added. Major Hall was an associate and drinking companion of Wallace’s, and it is believed the experiences he wrote about were factual, though perhaps exaggerated. 30pp w/illus. [Although the original was in paper with black-and-white illustrations on the cover, this copy is an over-sized hardback with full-color cover illustration by Carol Rogers]……..40.00 SOLD


57) Hall, Linda B. & Don M. Coerver REVOLUTION ON THE BORDER: The United States and Mexico 1910-1920 1988, 1st edition, Albuquerque. A fresh study of the border area during the Mexican Revolution and the relations between Mexico and the Wilson administration. 205pp w/photos, map, notes, biblio, index. HB/DJ, fine copy, SIGNED by Coerver……40.00 SOLD


58) [HAYS COUNTY] PEOPLE AND PLACES IN AND AROUND HISTORIC BUDA by Mary Giberson & Barbara Younts. 2003, 1st edition, Buda. Includes histories of many of the historic buildings, and many family biographies. 406pp w/maps, photos, index. HB/DJ fine copy……50.00


59) Holden, W. C. ROLLIE BURNS or An Account of the Ranching Industry of the South Plains 1986, 2nd edition, College Station, with a new introduction by David J. Murrah.. Wm. Reese, in SIX-SCORE: “An excellent picture of ranching in the 1870s, 80s, and 90s in West Texas. Burns first work as a cowboy was in 1873. He worked for several outfits and managed three before this narrative ends in 1896.” 243pp w/index. HB/DJ…….35.00


60) Horn, Calvin NEW MEXICO’S TROUBLED YEARS: The Story of the Early Territorial Governors 1963, 1st edition, Albuquerque. Foreword by John F. Kennedy. The story of New Mexico’s turbulent years under the administrations of ten territorial governors from the years 1851 to 1881. 239pp w/illus, biblio, index. HB/DJ…..25.00 SOLD


61) Hornung, Chuck FULLERTON’S RANGERS: a History of the New Mexico Territorial Mounted Police 2005, 1st edition, Jefferson. Forward by Fred Lambert. A history of the mounted police of the early part of the 20th century. 259pp w/photos, notes, index. Folio HB decorated boards, would be a fine cope except a few pages have light red pencil underlining…..85.00 SOLD


62) Huntington, Barbara Muse SAGA OF THE AMERICAN QUARTER HORSE 1991, 1st printing of the re-titled edition, Akron. Biographical and genealogical data on the twenty grand old foundation horses, who, through their progeny, produced the American Quarter Horse. Originally published in 1971 as THE GRAND TWENTY. 254pp w/photos, illustrations by Juanita Anderson, index. Folio H/DJ, fine copy, SIGNED…..90.00


63) Irvin, Teresa Williams LET THE TAIL GO WITH THE HIDE: The Story of Ben F. Williams 1984, 1st “Silver Peso” edition limited to 200 copies, Mangan Books, El Paso. Introduction by Tom Lea. Exciting memoirs of a Douglas, Arizona rancher, prospector and mine developer, business man, and one of the purchasers of the 2,270,000 acre Palomas Ranch in Mexico just across the border from New Mexico. 287pp w/photos, index. HB, leather in publisher’s tan cloth box w/ silver Mexican ten peso coin embedded in front, SIGNED, beautiful set…….135.00 SOLD


Stories of the greatest Texas Rangers!

64) Ivey, Darren L. THE RANGER IDEAL: Texas Rangers in the Hall of Fame, Volume 1 2017, 1st edition, UNT Press, Denton. Capsule biographies of the seven inductees who served Texas before the Civil War. He begins with Stephen F. Austin, “the Father of Texas,” then covers John C. Hays, Ben McCulloch, Samuel H. Walker, William A. A. “Bigfoot” Wallace, John S. Ford, and Lawrence Sul Ross. 672pp w/illus, endnotes, biblio, index. HB/DJ, new [multi-copies available]………39.95


65) Ivey, Darren L. THE RANGER IDEAL: Texas Rangers in the Hall of Fame, Volume 2 2018, 1st edition, UNT Press, Denton. Here are the stories of twelve more Texas Ranger Hall of Fame inductees: John B. Jones, Leander H. McNelly, John B. Armstrong, James B. Gillett, Jesse Lee Hall, George W. Baylor, Bryan Marsh, and Ira Aten, James A. Brooks, William J. McDonald, John R. Hughes, and John H. Rogers. 798pp w/endnotes, bib, index. HB/DJ, new [multi-copies available]……….44.95


66) Jackson, Jack LOS MESTENOS: Spanish Ranching in Texas, 1721-1821 1986, 1st edition, College Station. A massive study that “chronicles in great detail the hundred years of Spanish ranching that came before Mexico, and subsequently Texas, gained independence. [Jackson] shows the feral increase of the early herds, the conflicts over ownership of the mestenos, the emergence of the Spanish dynasties, and the attempts of the colonial governments to regulate the industry.” He also shows how Anglo cattlemen adapted to the hispanic culture of cattle raising. 704pp w/illustrations by the author, appendices, biblio, index. HB/DJ fine..85.00


67) James, Will ALL IN THE DAY’S RIDING 1933, 1st edition, NY. Illustrated by the author. 252pp. HB, red cloth, a clean, bright copy with some tiny scuff marks at spine, very scarce …225.00


68) James, Will THE THREE MUSTANGERS 1933, 1st edition, NY. 338pp, with 41 illustrations by the author. HB green cloth, spine sunned and pulled at top, minor scuffing around edges, scarce……..100.00


69) Jones, Anson MEMORANDA AND OFFICIAL CORRESPONDENCE RELATING TO THE REPUBLIC OF TEXAS, ITS HISTORY AND ANNEXATION 1966, facsimile reprint of the 1859 original by Rio Grande Press limited to 150 numbered copies, Chicago. This book has been labeled “one of the fullest accounts of the early history of Texas and an essential source of information on its republican period and annexation” [Jenkins, BTB]. The large volume includes a short section of Jones’ memoirs, a section of memoranda in diary and journal form, covering the period 1838-1854; a lengthy section of letters and correspondence, covering the period 1836-1857. There is a fold-out facsimile of Jones’s document dissolving the Texan republic attached to the front endpaper; and an 1844 map of Texas fastened to the rear endpaper. 736pp w/notes, index. HB orange leather w/decorated cover and gilt edges in brown cloth slipcase, fine copy…125.00 SOLD


70) Jordan, Terry G. TEXAS GRAVEYARDS: A Cultural Legacy 1982, 1st edition, Austin. A unique look at Texas history and folk culture with many interesting photos of Texas cemeteries. 147pp w/map, photos, bibliography, index. HB/DJ…..22.50 SOLD


71) Kauffman, Henry J. EARLY AMERICAN GUNSMITHS 1650-1850 1952, reprint, NY. An “interesting and useful checklist of early gunsmiths.” Alphabetized and fully illustrated. HB/DJ very good….25.00


72) Keleher, William A. TURMOIL IN NEW MEXICO 1846-1868 1952, 1st edition, Santa Fe. A comprehensive history that deals primarily with New Mexico during the period cited, but also contains information on Arizona which was a part of New Mexico until 1863. 534pp w/photos, sources, index. HB red cloth, very good…….40.00 SOLD


73) Kelton, Steve RENDERBROOK: A Century Under the Spade Brand 1989, 1st edition, Ft. Worth. Intro by Elmer Kelton. 100 year history of the innovative West Texas ranching enterprise. 221pp w/photos, map, notes, index. HB/DJ, fine copy……..55.00


74) Kendrick, Robb [photographer] STILL: Cowboys at the Start of the Twenty-First Century 2008, 1st edition, UT Press, Austin. Tintypes by Kendrick. “An eloquent collection of tintype cowboy photographs taken on ranches across 14 states, as well as in British Columbia, Canada and Mexico. The [148] photographs reveal the rich variety of people who are drawn to the cowboying life…Kendrick tells the backstory of the project in his photographer’s notes, while also inter-weaving stories from the cowboys themselves.” 232pp. HB/DJ, new……..50.00


75) Lamego, Gen. Miguel A. Sanchez [translated by Consuelo Velasco] THE SIEGE & TAKING OF THE ALAMO 1968,

1st limited edition of 1500 copies, Santa Fe. Some comments on the battle by J. Hefter. This book reconstructs the 1836 Battle of the Alamo based on official Mexican documentation. 54pp w/map, plats, illustrations. HB/DJ, fine copy…….100.00 SOLD


76) [LEA, TOM] THE ART OF TOM LEA 2003, 2nd “Memorial Edition.” Compiled by Kathleen G. Hjerter. Introduction by William Weber Johnson; a new Afterward by Becky Duval Reese. Black-and-white and color reproductions illustrate the full range of Lea’s work. 256pp w/index. Oblong folio HB/DJ, as new…..54.00


77) Leckie, William H. THE BUFFALO SOLDIERS: A Narrative of the Negro Cavalry in the West 2003, revised edition, Norman. Black soldiers--most of them sons of former slaves--were organized into the 9th and 10th Cavalry Regiments and served on the hostile western frontier. This is their story. 290pp w/photos, maps, biblio, index. HB/DJ fine copy (out-of-print in cloth)…35.00


78) Leiker, James N. RACIAL BORDERS: Black Soldiers Along the Rio Grande 2002, 1st edition, College Station. “…establishes the army’s fundamental role in transforming the Rio Grande from a “frontier” into a “border” and shows how that transformation itself brought a tightening of racial and national categories.” 241pp w/photos, biblio, index. HB/DJ as new….35.00


79) [LUBBOCK COUNTY] A PLACE SET APART: The History of Ransom Canyon (and Bits of West Texas History) by Elleta Nolte. 1996, 1st printing, Lubbock. A history of the community of Ransom Canyon and the lake of the same name (near Lubbock) that is laced with events of the past that pertain to the Southern Plains. An interesting book that is well-researched and documented. 199pp w/photos, sources, index. Trade paperback, new [multi-copies] SIGNED……16.95


80) Maddux, Vernon R. JOHN HITTSON: Cattle King on the Texas and Colorado Frontier 1994, 1st edition, Niwot. A colorful portrait of a poor dirt farmer who became one of the country’s wealthiest cattlemen. He was associated with Charles Goodnight, Oliver Loving, C.C. Slaughter, and Kit Carson, to name a few. And even served as sheriff of Palo Pinto county. He was witness to many historical events, including the recapture of Cynthia Ann Parker, and the aftermath of the Kiowa attack on the Warren Wagontrain. 214pp w/maps, photos, biblio, index. HB/DJ, fine copy…..50.00


81) Martin, Ned & Jody BIT and SPUR MAKERS in the VAQUERO TRADITION: A Historical Perspective 1997, 1st edition, Nicasio. Contributions by James Gorton and Danny Neill; photography by Ned Martin. This collection spotlights the lives of 80 silversmiths in the period between 1840 and 1960, and tracks their place in America’s western expansion when horses were the primary means of transportation. Highlighted are handcrafts worn by vaqueros in 650 color photographs of pieces from more than 45 distinguished collections. Geographically, the book includes makers in all of the Western states as well as Mexico and the Northeast. A valuable research tool for anyone interested in cowboy gear. This is the first of three books the Martins did on bit and spur makers, and is quite scarce. 336pp w/photos, maps, glossary, bibliography, index. Folio HB/DJ, inscribed/SIGNED by Ned and Jody Martin, fine copy……….250.00


82) Maverick, Mary A. MEMOIRS OF MARY A. MAVERICK: San Antonio’s First American Woman 1921, 1st edition, 1st issue with printer’s errors (see Jenkins, BTB #140), San Antonio. Jenkins, BASIC TEXAS BOOKS: “One of the most interesting and important narratives of life in Texas in the 1830’s and 1840’s.” Author’s husband was Samuel A. Maverick, a signer of the Texas Declaration of Independence, and an important historical figure in early Texas from 1835 to 1861. Her engrossing and colorful memoirs reflect life in Texas during that period, plus she gives a reliable eyewitness account of the Council House Fight, accounts of other Indian fights in which her husband and Ranger Jack Hays took part; and a personal glimpse of social life of both Anglos and Mexicans who remained in Texas after San Jacinto. There is also an appendix which tells of the origin of the term “maverick”; some letters relating to the Alamo buildings, and much more. Plus there are some interesting old photos. An important publication. 136pp w/errata pasted in, illustrations. Stiff softcover, sound copy, tightly bound, very scarce….125.00


83) McQueen, Clyde BLACK CHURCHES IN TEXAS: A Guide to Historic Congregations 2000, 1st edition, College Station. Photos, directions and brief histories of 374 black congregations, each at least one hundred years old, in the parts of Texas where most blacks were likely to have settled—east of Interstate Highway 35 and from the Red River to the Gulf of Mexico.253pp w/notes, photos, index. HB/DJ, CLEARANCE: 50% OFF = $12.48 (was $24.95)


84) Meek, James B. THE ART OF ENGRAVING: a Book of Instructions 1986, reprint “Deluxe Edition,” Montezuma. “…a complete, authoritative, imaginative and detailed instruction to and training in the art of gun engraving.” Profusely illustrated. 196pp w/illustrations, index. Folio HB/DJ, very good copy…..60.00 SOLD


85) Metz, Leon C. FORT BLISS: An Illustrated History 1981, 1st edition, Mangan Books, El Paso. Designed by Frank Mangan; illustrations by Frederick Carter, Antonio Castro, Jose Cisneros, and Tom Lea; maps by Placido Cano. Photographs from the collection of Millard G. McKinney. A complete history of one of the oldest and most important military bases in the U.S. 180pp w/photos, appendix, bibliography, index. Folio HB/DJ, fine copy, SIGNED by Metz, Mangan & McKinney….65.00


86) Metz, Leon C. BORDER: The U.S.-Mexico Line 1989, 1st edition, Mangan Books, El Paso. A chronicle of the 2000 mile Mexican border from America’s early westward expansion to modern-day problems of water rights, pollution, immigration and illegal aliens. 467pp w/photos, bibliography, index. HB/DJ, fine copy, inscribed/SIGNED……35.00 SOLD


87) Midkiff, Mary Lou LILLIE DAVENPORT: Pioneer Mother 2008, 1st edition, Midland. Introduction by Elmer Kelton; editing by Mike Cox. A grassroots study of a West Texas (Upton County) ranch woman and her family. Mike Cox: “If you enjoyed Mary Lou Midkiff’s first book, you’ll definitely want to read this well-done encore.” 329pp w/photos, index. HB/DJ, fine ….30.00


88) Miles, Susan FORT CONCHO IN 1877 1972, 1st edition, San Angelo. An interesting picture of frontier military life through the letters of Alice Kirk Grierson, wife of the Post Commander Col. Benjamin Grierson. Chronicles the tragic Nolan Expedition to the Plains, and the untimely death of the Grierson’s 13-year-old daughter, Edith; and more. 48pp w/photos. HB/DJ, tiny chips along edges of dust jacket…….30.00 SOLD


89) Norris, L. David [editor] WITH THE 18TH TEXAS CAVALRY: The Autobiography of Wilburn Hill King 1996, 1st edition, Hill College Press, Hillsboro. King writes of his experiences in the Civil War. He was mustered into service with the Co. B, Texas 18th at Jefferson, Texas. He gives a good description of the devastation left in the war’s wake as he traveled from Missouri to East Texas in 1861/1862. After the war he served as Adjutant General in charge of the Texas Rangers as they tried to end lawlessness in the 1880s. 126pp w/illustrations, index. HB/DJ fine copy…..60.00


90) Parsons, Chuck & Donaly E. Brice TEXAS RANGER N.O. REYNOLDS: The Intrepid 2005, 1st edition, Honolulu. Foreword by Leon C. Metz; Afterword by Stephen Reynolds Davis. An extensive biography of Reynolds, a former Union soldier who came to Texas and became a Texas Ranger and eventually commander of Company E of the Frontier Battalion. During his career he crossed paths with gunmen Scott Cooley, John Ringo and the Dublin Brothers; he captured the Horrell brothers; he escorted John Wesley Hardin back and forth from jail to court; and he barely missed the Sam Bass capture. Rangers John B. Jones and James B. Gillett both served under him, and this book contains information on James B. Gillett not found in his biography. An important contribution to Texas Ranger history. 439pp w/photos, appendices, bibliography, index. HB black padded leather w/gilt and portrait pasted on front, SIGNED by both authors and Davis…..95.00


91) Parsons, Chuck TEXAS RANGER LEE HALL: From the Red River to the Rio Grande 2020, 1st edition, Denton. A well-written, and well-researched biography with emphasis on Lee Hall’s years as a Texas Ranger, 1876-1880.421pp w/illustrations, maps, bibliography, index. HB/DJ, new [multi-copies available]……..29.95


92) Pate, Ann FORT CHADBOURNE: A Military Post, A Family Heritage 2011, 1st edition, Fort Chadbourne. Foreword by Garland Richards, President, Fort Chadbourne Foundation. This is the “first and only full length book containing both the history of the military post, and the family that has called it home for eight generations…A factual account taken from military records, letters, diaries, family deeds.” 341pp w/photographs, charts, rosters and maps. HB/DJ, new……45.00


93) [PECOS COUNTY] PECOS COUNTY HISTORY by Marsha Lea Daggett. 1984, 1st edition, Fort Stockton. Two Volumes 583 and 438 pages with photos, historical articles, and many family histories. The volume containing family histories has table of contents to families listed, and the second volume with historical articles is indexed. [Includes biographies of the noted surveyor, pioneer and judge, O.W. Williams, and his son, author/historian Clayton Williams, Sr.] 2 volumes set, folio HB/DJ...140.00


94) Pettit, Michael RIDING FOR THE BRAND: 150 Years of Cowden Ranching 2006, 3rd printing, Norman. A compelling portrait of an American ranching family that spans six generations and two states. The family started in Palo Pinto County then moved to New Mexico where they founded the JAL Ranch. Their history includes cowboys and Indians, cattle and buffalo, open range and barbed wire. 306pp w/maps, photos, notes, bibliography, index. HB/DJ…40.00


95) Phillips, Doyle [editing and addendum by] MEAN AS HELL by Dee Harkey AND A TEXAS COWBOY… by Charles A. Siringo. 1999, two-in-one limited edition, published by Doyle Phillips/Fotografica, Big Spring. This two-in-one publication of two western classics will perhaps offer more information about the characters and events through the editor’s addendums. 77/75pp w/index. Folio HB white boards w/decorated cover…….35.00 SOLD


96) Poppa, Terrence E. DRUG LORD: The Life and Death of a Mexican Kingpin 1990, 1st edition, NY. The rise and fall of drug kingpin Pablo Acosta, a murderous dealer who controlled the cocaine trade along the border with Texas during the 1970s and ‘80s. 268pp w/map, photos. HB/DJ –dust jacket has minor wear along edges…………30.00


97) Preece, Harold LONE STAR MAN: Ira Aten, Last of the Old Texas Rangers 1960, 1st edition, NY. Aten served as a Texas Ranger in the 1880s, mostly along the Mexican border, and was part of the team that captured and killed Sam Bass. He was later sheriff in two Texas counties, and then division manager of the XIT Ranch before retiring to southern California. 256pp w/photos, biblio, index. HB/DJ very good…..45.00 SOLD


98) [REAL COUNTY] THE WEST THAT WAS: From Texas to Montana by John Leakey (as told to Nellie Snyder Yost) 1958, 1st edition, Dallas. The author’s grandfather was founder of Leakey, Texas, in Real County, and retells some of the stories passed down about the area, including Indian fights, and the author himself recalls the last Indian fight in Frio Canyon. He also tells of his adventures on the cattle trail to Montana. Adams, SIX-GUNS, says this book “has some new material on King Fisher... and Ben Thompson.” In all, it’s an interesting telling of frontier history. Photos and index. HB/DJ [dust jacket has small chips along the edges, now in protective cover] overall a very good copy……75.00


99) Reese, Linda Williams TRAIL SISTERS: Freedwomen in Indian Territory, 1850-1890 2013, 1st edition, Lubbock. The story of African-American women freed from enslavement by the Cherokee, Choctaw, and other tribes. “Faced with the violence of slavery, the Civil War, and post-war segregation, they find comfort and security in work, families, black towns, and black women’s clubs.” 186pp w/maps, illustrations, notes, biblio, index. HB/DJ, as new….39.95 SOLD


100) Reid, Samuel C., Jr. THE SCOUTING EXPEDITIONS OF McCULLOCH’S TEXAS RANGERS, or, The Summer and Fall Campaign of the Army of the United States in Mexico—1846… circa 1890, early 19th century reprint, International Book Co. [this publisher went out of business in 1892] Jenkins, BASIC TEXAS BOOKS: “This is the best contemporary account of the Texas Rangers in the northern campaigns of the Mexican War.” This important work was first published in 1847 and details the 1846 campaign of the American army, especially at Monterey and Buena Vista. Written by an active member of the Texas Rangers the book includes a great deal of detail about their organization and the battles in which they were involved. 251pp w/casualty lists, HB blue cloth w/decorated cover……….100.00 SOLD


101) Reinhardt, Richard OUT WEST ON THE OVERLAND TRAIN: Across-the-Continent Excursion with Leslie’s Magazine in 1877 and the Overland Trip in 1967 1967, 1st edition, Palo Alto. Interesting train trips a hundred years apart. 205pp w/hundreds of illustrations. Folio HB/DJ very good……28.00


102) Ridings, Sam P. THE CHISHOLM TRAIL: A History of the World’s Greatest Cattle Trail 1936, 1st edition, Guthrie. Reese, SIX-SCORE: “The best book on the Chisholm Trail. The scope of the book actually extends beyond the trail to encompass much cattle lore from Texas and elsewhere.” Adams, in SIX-GUNS, comments on that which is not necessarily about the trail: “...this book contains much on outlaws, the killing of Ed Short and Charlie Bryant, the Talbot raid, the Lincoln County War, and a chapter on Henry Brown.” 591pp w/photos, index, foldout map. HB black cloth w/pictorial cover, inscribed/SIGNED, and this copy has laid in a signed letter from the author to the previous owner, and eight glossy, circa 1939, photographs of remnants of the Chisholm Trail around Old Pond Ranch in Grant County Oklahoma, and a monument to two cattle trailing cowboys who were killed by Indians on the trail…….150.00


104) [ROBERTSON COUNTY] A HISTORY OF ROBERTSON COUNTY, TEXAS by J. W. Baker. 1979, 3rd edition, Waco. A comprehensive history of this East Texas county that traces its development from the early 19th century. 571pp w/maps, many photos, index. HB/DJ, nice copy…..40.00


105) Rollinson, John K. WYOMING CATTLE TRAILS: History of the Migration of Oregon-Raised Herds to Mid-Western Markets 1948, early reprint, Caldwell. The story of the eastward movement of Oregon cattle, the later destruction of open-range grazing, the development of the Wyoming Cattle Growers’ Association, and the final influx of sheep growers and dry farmers. Includes a chapter on the Johnson County War; plus information on the hanging of Cattle Kate and Jim Averill; and material on Tom Horn and the Wild Bunch. 366pp w/map, photos, appendices, index. HB/DJ (dj has chips at back & minor edgewear) scarce..60.00


106) Schmidly, David J. THE MAMMALS OF TRANS-PECOS TEXAS: Including Big Bend National Park and Guadalupe Mountains National Park 1977, 1st paperback edition, College Station. Illustrated by Chester O. Martin. Documents 96 varied species that abide in the region with a detailed description and illustration of the animal, its geographic distribution with maps, and a discussion of its reproduction and food habits. Trade paperback, as new………22.95


107) Sexton, Kathryn & Irwin SAMUEL A. MAVERICK 1964, 1st edition, Naylor Co., San Antonio. A biography of the early day Texas pioneer and statesman aimed at young readers. 68pp w/bibliography. HB/DJ near fine……25.00


108) Smith, E.F. A SAGA OF TEXAS LAW: A Factual Story of Texas Law, Lawyers, Judges and Famous Lawsuits 1940, 1st edition, Naylor Co., San Antonio. The author, an attorney, recalls many interesting cases he was involved in, including the long-shoreman’s strike at Galveston; Red River Boundary case; several oil related cases; much more. 486pp/ HB red cloth…60.00 SOLD


109) Sonnichsen, C. L.THE GRAVE OF JOHN WESLEY HARDIN: Three Essays on Grassroots History 1979, 1st edition, College Station. The author presents what he has learned about history and the gathering of it in his two decades of research into Texas feuds. 90pp. HB/DJ……35.00 SOLD


110) Sowell, A.J. EARLY SETTLERS AND INDIAN FIGHTERS OF SOUTHWEST TEXAS 1900, 1st edition, Ben C. Jones & Co., Printers, Austin. Jenkins, BASIC TEXAS BOOKS: “The work contains 132 accounts of early pioneers, mostly as told to them directly to Sowell…Most of the work pertains to Indian fights and Texas Rangers.” 844pp with a 3-page table of contents that serves as index. HB, this first edition has been professionally rebound in red cloth, exceedingly scarce…..750.00 SOLD


111) Stanley, F. LONGHAIR JIM COURTRIGHT: Two Gun Marshal of Fort Worth 1957, 2nd printing, Denver. Biography of Courtright who was “a Union Scout, Frontier Character and Man Slayer” and while serving as Marshall in Fort Worth was killed by Luke Short 1886. 234pp w/photos, references. HB/DJ……45.00


112) Summerhayes, Martha VANISHED ARIZONA: Recollections of My Army Life 1908, 1st edition, Philadelphia. Author tells of her experiences as an officer’s wife in Arizona during the 1870s. Based on letters to her children, she gives a woman’s view of army life on the frontier, detailing the everyday events such as a midnight assault by a wildcat that her husband had to drive off with a sword; and much more. The title comes from her later experience when she returned to the wild Arizona she had endured and loved as a young wife and discovered it had “vanished from the face of the earth.” 270pp w/photos. HB w/decorated cover...100.00


113) Taylor, T. U. JESSE CHISHOLM 1936, 1st edition, Frontier Times, Bandera. Biographical and genealogical information about the founder of the Chisholm Trail, Jesse Chisholm, along with history of his cattle drives, etc. Also contains genealogy of the John Simpson Chisum family. Much information on both families. Includes a bibliography of Taylor’s published writings. 217pp w/photos, map, index. HB gray cloth, cover has some very minor scuffing to exterior…….175.00


114) Turk, David S. FORGING THE STAR: The Official Modern History of the United States Marshals Service 2016, 2nd printing, Denton.” An informative, easy-to-read round-up of federal marshal activities through the decades…American Indian Movement’s takeover of Alcatraz; kidnapping and trial of Patty Hearst; integration of University of Mississippi; Jimmy Hoffa; Watergate; much more. 540pp w/photos, notes, biblio, index. Trade paperback, new [multiple copies]….21.95


115) Turner, John Kenneth BARBAROUS MEXICO 1969, 1st edition, Austin. Introduction by Sinclair Snow. “This classic indictment of the tyrannical regime of Porfirio Diaz, written by California journalist Turner in 1910, has been called the Uncle Tom’s Cabin of the Mexican Revolution.” Mexican President Madero himself said that California journalist Turner’s expose contributed greatly to the success of the Revolution. 322pp w/photos, index. HB/DJ minor edgewear……60.00


116) Waller, John L. COLOSSAL HAMILTON OF TEXAS: A Biography of Andrew Jackson Hamilton, Militant Unionist and Reconstruction Governor 1968, 1st edition, El Paso. Designed by Carl Hertzog. Hamilton, who opposed secession, served as Military governor of Texas during the Civil War, and was its first provisional governor during Reconstruction. 152pp w/photos, notes, index. HB/DJ…..30.00 SOLD


117) Weniger, Del THE EXPLORERS’ TEXAS: Volume 2, The Animals They Found 1997, 1st edition, Austin. This volume gives a unique look at the sights and sounds of the many animals discovered by Texas’ early explorers. 200pp w/maps, illus, notes, bibliography, index. Folio HB/DJ…..27.95


118) Wilkerson, Don THE POST-WAR COLT SINGLE-ACTION REVOLVER 1955-1975 1978, 1st edition, Dallas. Includes basic information along with diagnostic traits of thirty-five different variations of the post-War Colt. 151pp w/full-color and black-and-white illustrations, bibliography. Folio HB leather [the text block of this copy was inadvertently bound in upside down by the publisher—the text is in now way affected] otherwise a fine copy……125.00 [condition noted]


119) Wilkerson, Don THE POST-WAR COLT SINGLE-ACTION REVOLVER 1955-1975 1987, 3rd printing, expanded edition, Dallas. Introduction by R. L. Wilson. “…A profusely illustrated, information-packed tribute to the Single-Action Army revolver post-war series.” 235pp w/illustrations, index. Folio HB bound in genuine leather, fine copy…….100.00 SOLD


120) Wittliff, Bill SUNRISESUNSET: Solargraphs From Plum Creek 2019, 1st edition, TAMU Press, College Station. Foreword by Kate Breakey; essay by Keith Carter. “Wittliff pokes pinholes in various containers and allows the sun to ‘paint’ on the paper over periods that can last anywhere from a few days to a year. The resulting solargraphs are, as art photographer Kate Breakey suggests, a record of ‘the slow turning of the earth, without the details: the gradual passing of time at Plum Creek’.” 170pp w/179 plates. Folio HB/DJ, new [multiple copies available]…….35.00


121) Wolle, Muriel Sibell STAMPEDE TO TIMBERLINE: The Ghost Towns and Mining Camps of Colorado 1949, 2nd printing, Denver. Chronicles the history and the human sides of 240 Colorado mining camps. Illustrated by the author. 544pp w/maps, illustrations, endpaper maps, index. HB/DJ (dust jacket slightly edgeworn, now in protective cover) SIGNED…..30.00


122) Yost, Nellie Snyder BUFFALO BILL: His Family, Friends, Fame, Failures, and Fortunes 1979, 1st edition, Chicago. A complete biography. 500pp w/photos, endpaper maps, bibliography, notes, index. HB/DJ, near fine copy……45.00


123) Zornow, William Frank KANSAS: A History of the Jayhawk State 1969, 3rd printing, Norman. A comprehensive history of Kansas. 415pp w/photos, bibliography, index. HB/DJ…..22.50


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