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CATALOG #299, January 2020



NEW TEXAS ALMANAC 2020-2021 – 70th EDITION- The source for all things Texan since 1857.”

1) TEXAS ALMANAC: 2020-2021 (70th edition since 1857) published by Texas State Historical Association. Edited by Rosie Hatch. Features include: natural history; environment; weather; recreation; sports; all county maps; foldout map of interstate mileages/counties; agriculture; transportation, and so much more! 720pp w/photos, color maps, data, travel information, charts, calendars, index, etc. [multiple-copies available] 1a) Hardcover……………. 39.95

1b) Trade paperback …….24.95


2) Akers, Monte FLAMES AFTER MIDNIGHT: Murder, Vengeance, and the Desolation of a Texas Community 1999, P.O.D., UT Press, Austin. In 1922, a Kirven, Texas, girl was brutally murdered, and a racially motivated reign of terror lasted for months. 220pp w/photos, biblio, index. Trade paperback…..28.95


3) Akers, Monte, et al TOWER SNIPER: The Terror of America’s First Active Shooter on Campus 2016, 1st edition, Houston. An in-depth look at the Tower shooting on the University of Texas campus in 1966. Forty-six people were shot, fourteen fatally, plus the shooter had killed his mother and wife before going to the tower with seven firearms and a foot locker full of ammunition. Well researched, well written. 354pp w/many photos, sources, index. HB/DJ, as new…..24.95


4) Alexander, Bob FEARLESS DAVE ALLISON: Border Lawman 2003, 1st edition, Silver City. At 27, Allison became Texas’ youngest sheriff when elected at Midland County in 1888. During his career he was a Ranger in Texas and Arizona; chief of police at Roswell, New Mexico; bodyguard for William Green during the bloody 1906 mine strikes at Cananea, Mexico; led the posse that killed Mexican Revolutionary Orozco in 1915; and was wearing the badge of a cattle inspector when he was gunned down by cattle rustlers in West Texas in 1923. 285pp w/photos, biblio, index. HB/DJ, fine copy, SIGNED……..45.00


5) Allred, B.W. & J.C. Dykes [editors] FLAT TOP RANCH: The Story of a Grassland Venture 1957, 1st edition, Norman. A comprehensive study of a practical experiment in grassland conservation. 232pp w/photos, appendix, index. HB green cloth..35.00 SOLD


6) [ARCHEOLOGY] THE WHITE SHAMAN MURAL: An Enduring Creation Narrative in the Rock Art of the Lower Pecos by Carolyn Boyd [with contributions by Kim Cox] 2016, 1st edition, Austin. A masterpiece of the Lower Pecos Canyonlands is the White Shaman mural, an intricate 26’ by 13’ painting on the wall of a shallow cave overlooking the Pecos River. Boyd “takes us on a journey of discovery as she builds a convincing case that the mural tells a story of the birth of the sun and the beginning of time—making it possibly the oldest pictorial creation narrative in North America.” Folio HB/DJ, new……65.00


7) ARMY LINEAGE SERIES, by Office of the Chief of Military History:

7a) Stubbs, Mary Lee & Stanley Russell Connor ARMY-CAVALRY Part I: Regular Army and Army Reserve. Part II: Army National Guard 1970, reprint, Wash., D.C. TWO VOLUMES. Lineage and campaign histories of each unit w/decorations, heraldry, references, index to unit names. 296/476pp.Two Volume set, blue cloth =40.00

7b) Mahon, John K. & Romana Danysh INFANTRY Part I: Regular Army 1972, 1st printing, Wash., D.C. History of the infantry. 938pp w/index. HB blue cloth…35.00


8) Barns, Florence Elberta A TEXAS CALENDAR 1935, 1st edition, Dallas. A compilation of 365 memorable days in the history of the Lone Star State. A useful tool for educators…122pp. HB blue cloth…..25.00


9) Barr, Alwyn RECONSTRUCTION TO REFORM: Texas Politics, 1876-1906 1971, 1st edition, Austin. The author “analyzes political developments based on the shift from a rural frontier society and economy toward commercialization of agriculture, industrialization and urbanization. He explores cultural, religious, ethnic and regional influences on politics.”315pp w/maps, photos, bibliography, index. HB/DJ, SIGNED….45.00 SOLD


10) Bartholomew, Ed BLACK JACK KETCHUM: Last of the Hold-Up Kings 1955, 1st limited edition of 1000 copies, Houston. Biography of the famous western outlaw who was decapitated when he was hanged at Clayton, New Mexico, in 1901. 116pp with “photographs from the N.H. Rose Collection owned by the author.” HB, turquoise cloth, fine….55.00


11) Berish, Joan E. FIRE AND FAUNA: Tales of a Life Untamed 2019, 1st edition, College Station. “A unique, educational, and often humorous memoir reflecting the life of a woman in the field of wildlife conservation and her associated escapades early in life and today. Berish introduces readers to the adventures, triumphs, and heartbreaks of working with animals, both domestic and wild.” 235pp w/photos, index. HB/DJ, new [multiple copies]…….29.95


12) [BIG BEND] PORTRAITS FROM THE DESERT: Bill Wright’s Big Bend 1998, 1st edition, Austin.  “In this book, the author combines deeply observed photographs with a beautifully written text to offer an intimate portrait of the people and the land of the Big Bend. Covering an almost-fifty-year span, his words and images capture both the timeless quality of the region and the changes that have followed in the wake of increasing tourism and human settlement.”132pp, photo’s. Folio wrprs, SIGNED..24.95


13) [BIG BEND] BIG BEND VISTAS: A Geological Exploration of the Big Bend by William MacLeod. 2017, 3rd edition, Alpine. A fully illustrated tour of the spectacular landscapes comprising the 4 million acre area that includes the Marathon Basin, The Glass Mountains, Big Bend National Park, Black Gap Wildlife Management area, Terlingua and Lajitas. 255p w/33 maps, 85 line drawings and cross-sections, 75 color photographs, glossary, reading list, index. Trade paperback, new [multi-copies]..24.95


14) Boatright, Mody c. & William A. Owens TALES FROM THE DERRICK FLOOR: A People’s History of the Oil Industry 1970, 1st ed, NY. “...an exciting folk history filled with the humor, pathos, blood and guts that built an American industry. 268pp w/photos, bibliography, index. HB/DJ, fine……30.00 SOLD


15) Branch, John THE LAST COWBOYS: A Pioneer Family in the New West 2018, 2nd printing, NY. The story of Southern Utah’s Wright family who, for generations, have raised cattle and world-champion saddle bronc riders. 277pp. HB/DJ, new [multiple copies available]…….26.95


16) Brant, Irving THE FOURTH PRESIDENT: A Life of James Madison 1985, abridged reprint edition by Easton Press, Norfolk. A full account of Madison’s manifold accomplishments: Framer of the Constitution; oversaw the War of 1812; much more. 677/680pp w/index. HB maroon leather, fine………..39.00


17) [BREWSTER COUNTY] ALPINE, TEXAS: Then and Now, A Centennial Edition by Clifford B. Casey. 1981, 1st limited edition of 2,000 copies, Seagraves. Detailed history of the county seat of Brewster County. Includes a 100 page section of bio-graphical sketches of many pioneers to the region. 4377pp w/photos, photo appendix, index. Folio HB red cloth w/pictorial cover, SIGNED…..…115.00 SOLD


18) Burns, Mamie Sypert THIS I CAN LEAVE YOU: A Woman’s Days on the Pitchfork Ranch 1986, 1st edition, College Station. The author’s husband became manager of the Pitchfork in 1942, and for 23 years she jotted down and later published these memoirs about Pitchfork cowhands, cooks and gardeners, ranch guests, and her own family. 281pp w/photos. HB/DJ….35.00


19) Brister, Louis E. [translator/editor] JOHN CHARLES BEALES’S RIO GRANDE COLONY: Letters by Eduard Ludecus, a German Colonist, to Friends in Germany in 1833-1834, Recounting His Journey, Trials, and Observations in Texas 2008, 1st edition, Texas State Historical Ass., Austin. Valuable source for information about colonist’s life and culture, and hardships and frustration in pre-revolutionary Texas. Beales’s ill-fated colony was located on Las Moras Creek in present-day Kinney County. 261pp w/maps, bibliography, index. HB/DJ, as new…..29.95


20) Carroll, John M. (editor) THE BLACK MILITARY EXPERIENCE IN THE AMERICAN WEST 1971, 1st limited edition of 300 copies, NY. The black soldier’s role in the West is documented in this massive 591 page volume. It carries their epic history from Estevanico, the black conquistador, through the Indian wars and through the final cavalry charge in Arizona Territory during the 1918 Battle of the Yaqui Indians. There’s an interesting section on Medal of Honor winners. A special feature of this volume is the reproduction of over 60 works of art by many noted western artists that deal with the black military experience. Besides drawings by Remington and Russell, other more contemporary artists include Paul Rossi, Jose Cisneros, Nick Eggenhofer, Joe Grandee, Stanley Long. Many incidents logged here are told by either actual participants or recounted by able historians. 591pp w/illus, bib, notes, index. HB/DJ, minor wear along edge of dust jacket, remainder mark at bottom of text block…….75.00 SOLD


21) Childs, William R. THE TEXAS RAILROAD COMMISSION: Understanding Regulation in America to the Mid-Twentieth Century 2005, 1st edition, College Station. “For over a century, one of the most powerful agencies in the state of Texas—and one of the least understood.” 323pp w/notes, index. HB/DJ as new……34.95 SOLD


22) [COKE COUNTY] A HISTORY OF COKE COUNTY: Home of the Rabbit Twisters by Jessie Newton Yarbrough. 1979, 1st edition, np. 127pp w/many photos; map endpapers; natural history; early history through 1953; cattle and range; information about Fort Chadbourne and the Butterfield Trail; schools, organizations; communities; some early pioneer biographies; appendices; notes; bibliography; index. Folio HB/DJ [dust jacket has a few scuff marks, now in protective cover] SIGNED, very scarce...125.00


23) Cook, James H. FIFTY YEARS ON THE OLD FRONTIER: As Cowboy, Hunter, Guide, Scout, and Ranchman 1923, 1st edition, Yale University Press, New Haven. Introduction by Brigadier-General Charles King, U.S.V. A classic western frontier narrative with much on cowboys, outlaws, and the Indian wars. Dobie, LIFE AND LITERATURE: “Cook came to Texas soon after the close of the Civil War and became a brush popper on the Frio River. Nothing better on cow work in the brush country and trail-driving in the seventies has appeared.” The author participated in the cowboy gunfight with New Mexico lawman Elfega Baca and gives a good account of that incident. 291pp w/photos, index. HB black cloth w/gilt lettering at spine….85.00 SOLD


24) Cowdrey, Mike, and Ned & Jody Martin, w/contributions by Winfield Coleman AMERICAN INDIAN HORSE MASKS 2006, 1st edition, Nicasio. An interesting study of a centuries old tradition, with over 200 illustrations (150 in full color), that looks at 45 historic Indian horse masks from museums and private collections. Most date from the 19th century, all but one prior to 1915. Scores of other masks are illustrated by 18th and 19th century Indian paintings and drawings on rock, leather, cloth, and paper, and by historic photographs. 106pp w/bibliography, index. Large oblong folio HB/DJ, fine copy…..65.00 SOLD


25) Cox, Mike HISTORIC PHOTOS OF HEROES OF THE OLD WEST 2010, 1st edition, Nashville. This is Cox’s third book in the “Historic Photos” series. Here are the adventurers, pathfinders, gun-toters, Indian fighters and others of the Old West who made their marks in history. 216pp. Folio HB/DJ…35.00


26) [CROCKETT COUNTY] YESTERYEAR IN OZONA AND CROCKETT COUNTY by V.I. Pearce. 1980, 1st edition, Talley Press (San Angelo) Editing by Elmer Kelton. Author recounts his days as a youngster on his ranch in Crockett County in the early part of the 20th-century: cowboys, sheepmen and cattlemen, much more. 137pp w photos, map endpapers. HB/DJ [dust jacket has small stain and chipped at edges, now in protective cover…….70.00 SOLD


27) Davis, Wallace CORDUROY ROAD: The Story of Glenn H. McCarthy 1951, 1st edition, Anson Jones Press, Houston. The biography of the “King of the Texas Wildcatters.” 282pp w/photos. HB/DJ (dust jacket slightly edgeworn, now in protective cover)……85.00 SOLD


28) Day, James M. CAPTAIN CLINT PEOPLES: Texas Ranger, Fifty Years A Lawman 1980, 1st edition, Waco. The story of Peoples who began his law enforcement career in 1930, and served as a Ranger from 1953 to 1973. 201pp with many photos, notes, references, index. Folio HB/DJ very good copy…..50.00


29) de Shields, James T. BORDER WARS OF TEXAS 1912, 1st edition, Tioga. Considered a classic, this book chronicles the many Indian battles and hardships faced by early Texan settlers as they struggled to settle a hostile frontier from 1819 through 1845. 400pp w/maps, many illustrations. HB leather spine and corners over brown cloth w/gold lettering, very good copy……285.00 SOLD


30) Dobie, J. Frank CORONADO’S CHILDREN 1930, 1st edition, 1st state (without the word “clean” in dedication) Dallas. Jenkins, BASIC TEXAS BOOKS: “This is the best work ever written on hidden treasure, and one of the most fascinating books on any subject to come out of Texas.” 366pp illus, maps, notes, glossary. HB/DJ – a near fine copy in a rare, bright dust jacket that has minor wear along the edges, SIGNED…..595.00 SOLD


31) Dobie, J. Frank SOME PART OF MYSELF 1967, 1st edition, Boston. A collection of autobiographical essays by Dobie, published posthumously. 282pp w/photos, index. HB/DJ (dj faded w/previous owner’s personal library number taped to spine).45.00


32) Dusard, Jay THE NORTH AMERICAN COWBOY: A Portrait 1983, 1st edition, Prescott. Foreword by John Nichols; Introduction by Kurt Markus. A portfolio of black-and-white photography with the working American cowboy as its subject. Dusard was a student and colleague of photography masters Ansel Adams and Fredric Sommer. For the stunning work in this book he traveled through two Canadian provinces, and nine U.S. and two Mexican states, and worked alongside cowboys on 45 ranches. 123pp with 83 separate plates. Folio HB/DJ a near fine copy, scarce…..95.00


33) [EL PASO COUNTY] OUT OF THE DESERT: The Historical Romance of El Paso by Owen White. 1923, 1st edition, El Paso. An enlightening history of “the Pass of the North” with a final section devoted to biographical sketches of prominent El Pasoans. 442pp w/photos. HB, scarce…..95.00


34) [EL PASO COUNTY] FORTY YEARS AT EL PASO, 1858-1898 by W.W. Mills, 1962, 2nd edition, El Paso. Introduction and notes by Rex Strickland; illustrations by Tom Lea; designed and published by Carl Hertzog. A reprint of the original with added notes and illustrations. The author recollects events in El Paso during the Civil War, and comments on 19th century politics, tells of his adventures on the frontier, gives character sketches, tells of gun battles and the bloody reign of El Paso’s city marshals, and much more. 212pp w/photos, appendices, extensive index. HB/DJ, fine copy, SIGNED by Lea, Hertzog and Strickland….85.00

35) Farber, James TEXAS, C.S.A. 1947, 1st edition, NY. An interesting and well-written account of Texas’ role in the Civil War. 265pp w/map endpapers, index. HB/DJ….45.00


36) Faulk, Odie GENERAL TOM GREEN: “A Fightin’ Texan”1963, 1st edition, Waco. Introduction by Rupert N. Richardson. Biography of the spirited Texas pioneer who participated in the San Jacinto Battle as a youthful artilleryman; fought Indians and served as a bureaucrat for the Republic of Texas; served in the Mexican War; and died fighting for the Confederacy in the Civil War. Softcover w/decorated cover, near fine….95.00


37) Fisher, O.C. CACTUS JACK 1982, 1st edition, Waco. Biography of the vice-president whose colorful life spanned 99 years, 44 of which were in public office. Folio HB/DJ, near fine, inscribed/SIGNED........65.00


38) Foote, Shelby THE CIVIL WAR: A Narrative 1958, early reprints, NY. Three Volumes. Foote presents a vivid narrative of the war as seen from both sides. A total of 2,927 pages with photos, 136 maps, 6 endpaper maps, bibliographical notes, indexes. All three volumes are hardbacks with dust jackets, very good condition. The set of 3 volumes = 60.00


39) Freeman, Huey WHO SHOT NICK IVIE? 2019, 1st edition, Urbana. Border Patrol Agent Nick Ivie was killed by drug smugglers along the Arizona-Mexico Border in 2012. President Obama vowed to bring his killers to justice, but when the shooting was connected to the government’s Fast and Furious gunrunning scandal, the FBI’s investigation suddenly ended. Freeman has uncovered the true story of what occurred—a story that has never been told before. 355pp w/maps, illus, endnotes, index. Trade paperback, new, SIGNED copies available…..24.95


40) [GARNER, JOHN NANCE] JOHN NANCE GARNER CARTOONS 1958, 1st edition, Uvalde. Edited by W.W. Newcomb & A. Garland Adair. A collection of political cartoons concerning Garner’s service as Vice-President under Roosevelt in the days before WWII. 207pp w/illustrations/photos. HB w/illustrated cover. SIGNED by Newcomb and Adair…..35.00 SOLD


41) Grant, Ulysses S. PERSONAL MEMOIRS OF U.S. GRANT 1885, 1st edition, Charles L. Webster & Co., NY. TWO VOLUMES. One of the most respected military autobiographies ever written. Includes engraved frontispiece with tissue guard in each volume, numerous maps, engravings, gatefold facsimile of the original “Terms of Lee’s Surrender” as written by General Grant opposite page 496 of volume II has a small tear, which is common with this set. Both volumes green cloth w/gilt lettering and decoration, very good condition—vol. II front cover slightly scuffed at bottom of spine. The set of two volumes = 325.00.


42) Graves, John FROM A LIMESTONE LEDGE: Some Essays and Other Ruminations about Country Life in Texas 1980, 1st edition, NY. Illustrations by Glenn Wolff. 228pp w/illus. HB/DJ very good copy….45.00


43) Green, Dr. Ben K. THE COLOR OF HORSES: The Scientific and Authoritative Identification of the Color of the Horse 1974, 1st edition, Flagstaff. With 34 full-color paintings by Darol Dickinson. Green “has taken the research of thirty years and created an easily-read and well-documented book on how color occurs and can be identified in horses.” A real treasure for horse-lovers. 127pp. Folio HB/DJ [dust jacket chipped, soiled, book is very good]……85.00 [condition noted]


44) Greene, A.C. THE LAST CAPTIVE 1972, 1st edition, 2nd state, Encino Press, Austin. Greene’s study is a third version of the story that was originally published as INDIANOLOGY in 1899, and again in 1927 by J. Marvin Hunter as NINE YEARS AMONG THE INDIANS. Jenkins, BASIC TEXAS BOOKS: “One of the most remarkable accounts of life among hostile Texas Indians, this is also one of the few surviving accounts of life in 19th century Texas from the Indian point of view…Greene issued a version combining the two earlier versions as well as other accounts of Lehmann into a single narrative...a triumph of editing and scholarship ..At the end of each chapter, Greene analyzes the previous text, compares the previous two versions, introduces supporting material from other sources, and offers cogent commentary.” 161pp w/photos, bib. HB/DJ, near fine…85.00


45) Haley, J. Evetts JEFF MILTON: A Good Man With A Gun 1948, 1st edition, 1st state [w/inverted line on page 421] Norman. Illustrations by Harold D. Bugbee. Adams, SIX-GUNS, “An excellent biography of one of the famous law-enforcement officers of the Southwest...” Milton served on the frontiers of Texas, Arizona, and New Mexico, and crossed paths with many notable outlaws including John Wesley Hardin and Bill “Black Jack” Christian. 430pp w/map, photos, index. HB/DJ, near fine copy……135.00


46) Haley, J. Evetts ROUGH TIMES--TOUGH FIBER: A Fragmentary Family Chronicle 1976, 1st edition, Canyon. Designed by Carl Hertzog. Interesting stories of the Haley family’s pioneer days. 196pp w/photos, index. HB fine copy, inscribed/SIGNED by Haley and Hertzog….…110.00


47) Haley, J. Evetts FORT CONCHO AND THE TEXAS FRONTIER 1952, 1st edition, San Angelo. Designed by Carl Hertzog; illustrations by H.D. Bugbee. Haley’s classic history of the frontier military outpost and the West Texas country that surrounds it. Chapters on the Great Comanche War Trail; the stage-coach mail; founding and building of Fort Concho; Mackenzie and his Indian campaigns; Grierson and Shafter; racial troubles on the Conchos; transportation and supply; everyday life at the post; more. 352pp w/maps, illus, index. HB/DJ [dust jacket has some large chips along the edges, now in protective cover] SIGNED……..165.00


48) Haley, J. Evetts THE ALAMO MISSION BELL 1974, 1st edition, Midland. Haley recounts the story of five Texans who, in 1974, pooled their credit and bought back the Alamo Mission Bell that had somehow wound up with an antique dealer in Tennessee. There is also a retelling of the Alamo’s part in the Texas Revolution. HB, red cloth(no jacket as issued), SIGNED….75.00


49) Haley, J. Evetts The Great Comanche War Trail offprint of an article that first appeared in Panhandle-Plains Historical Review, 1950, 1st printing, Canyon. Illustrations by H.D. Bugbee. 140pp w/map, index. Softcover, SIGNED……50.00 SOLD


50) Haley, J. Evetts FOCUS ON THE FRONTIER 1957, 1st edition, Amarillo. Typography by Carl Hertzog. A look at the careers of three frontier photographers: 1) “L. A. Huffman of Montana” 2) “M.C. Ragsdale of the Concho Country” 3) “Erwin E. Smith of the Southwestern Range.” 48pp. Oblong softcover, SIGNED by Haley……50.00


51) Haley, J. Evetts MEN OF FIBER 1963, “Rawhide Edition” limited to 700 copies, El Paso. Typography by Carl Hertzog; drawings by Jose Cisneros. Profiles of John R. Baylor: Irrepressible Rebel; Quanah Parker: The Last Great Chief; R.S. Mackenzie: Superb Soldier; Andrew Jackson Potter: Fighting Parson; and Bob Beverly: Cowboy-Sheriff. 39pp. Softcover, SIGNED…..50.00 SOLD


52) Hall, Dawn [editor] DRAWING THE BORDERLINE: Artist-Explorers of the U.S.-Mexico Boundary Survey 1996, 1st edition, The Albuquerque Museum. An interesting study of the individuals involved in the U.S.- Mexican Border survey. This book accompanied the first exhibition of their visual images ever compiled. 154pp w/maps, illus, color plates. Softcover, fine……45.00 SOLD


53) Hardy, Dermot H., & Major Ingham S. Roberts [editors] HISTORICAL REVIEW OF SOUTH-EAST TEXAS and The Founders, Leaders and Representative Men of its Commerce, Industry and Civic Affairs 1910, 1st edition, Chicago TWO VOLUMES. Volume I gives a comprehensive and detailed history of Texas from early Spanish exploration through the 19th century. Volume II is made up of many biographical sketches of prominent men who were instrumental in the development of Southeast Texas, plus brief histories of the counties that make up the region. Includes San Antonio; Galveston; Houston; railroads; much more. 1026pp w/photos, index. Two volumes HB both volumes black leather, hinges are beginning to crack, very good, scarce…..300.00


54) Harrigan, Stephen BIG WONDERFUL THING: A History of Texas 2019, 1st edition, Austin. “A tour de force by a New York Times best-selling author that captures the rich history of a state that sits at the center of a nation, yet defiantly stands apart.” 925pp w/maps, illustrations, notes, bibliography, index. HB/DJ, new SIGNED copies available……34.95


55) [HILL COUNTY] A HISTORY OF HILL COUNTY, TEXAS, 1853-1980 compiled by Hill County Historical Commission. 1980, 1st edition Waco. 518pp w/photos, map, historical articles, biographies, muster rolls and casualty lists of veterans of all wars, and much more. HB/DJ (dust jacket has some light foxing at edges, now in protective cover)…..85.00 SOLD


56) Holbrook, Stewart H. THE STORY OF AMERICAN RAILROADS 1947, 1st edition, NY. An informative look at the railroad and it’s effect on American life. 468pp w/photos, index. HB black cloth……..40.00


57) Holden, William Curry A RANCHING SAGA: The Lives of William Electious Halsell and Ewing Halsell 1976, 1st edition, San Antonio. Two Volumes. Drawings by Jose Cisneros. Biographies of two generations of the leading men who founded and carried on a vast ranching empire that began in Texas in 1854. Includes information about the Three D Ranch, Cimarron Ranch, Bird Creek Ranch, Big Creek Ranch, Decatur and Dan Waggoner, the Civil War, Texas Ranch, Farias, Heel Flies, cattle rustlers, outlaws and more. 568pp w/illus, source references, index. Two volumes hardback in slipcase, SIGNED by Holden and Cisneros…..150.00


58) Hunt, Rockwell D. JOHN BIDWELL: Prince of California Pioneers 1942, 1st edition, Caldwell. An intimate life story of one of California’s greatest pioneers, told my one who knew him personally. 463pp w/phot0s, map, bibl, index. HB/DJ SIGNED..30.00


59) Ingraham, Colonel Prentiss [editor] SEVENTY YEARS ON THE FRONTIER: Alexander Majors’ Memoirs of a Lifetime on the Border 1965, facsimile reprint, Minneapolis. “With a Preface by ‘Buffalo Bill’ (General W. F. Cody.)” 1827 silver expedi-tion to the Rockies; Mormons; freighting on the Santa Fe Trail; Indian encounters; Kit Carson; Pony Express; hunting bear, trapping beaver; Buffalo Bill Cody; some natural history observations, and much more. 325pp w/illus., index. HB/DJ, very good…40.00


60) [IRION COUNTY] IRION COUNTY HISTORY compiled by Irion County Historical Society. 1978, 1st edition, Mertzon. 581pp w/maps, photos, community histories; historical articles; much on farming, ranching, petroleum history; over 270 pages of family histories; much more, including historical essay, “Sherwood Land Rush,” by Elmer Kelton. Folio HB….185.00


61) [IRION COUNTY] A HISTORY OF IRION COUNTY by Leta Crawford. 1966, 1st edition, Waco. A comprehensive history of the county that covers the county’s earliest days to the 1960s. 152pp w/photos, appendices, index; errata laid in. HB/DJ…..35.00


62) Jackson, Joaquin [with David M. Wilkinson] ONE RANGER: A Memoir 2005, 1st edition, Austin. The personal account of the career of Jackson who served as a Texas Ranger along the Mexican border 1966-1993. 279pp w/photos, this copy inscribed to fellow Texas Ranger Danny Rhea and SIGNED by Jackson…..65.00


63) [JEFF DAVIS COUNTY] JEFF DAVIS COUNTY, TEXAS by Lucy Miller Jacobson & Mildred Bloys Nored. 1993,

1st edition, Fort Davis. A massive, detailed history of this Trans-Pecos border county from prehistoric to present times: Espejo Expedition; Fort Davis; Civil War days; Victorio campaign; Jesse Evans gang, and other outlaws; cattle ranching; more. 676pp w/many photos, endpaper maps, many family histories chronologically by era, notes, bib, index. Folio HB, cream cloth...175.00 SOLD


64) [JFK ASSASSINATION] EYEWITNESS TO HISTORY: The Kennedy Assassination As Seen By Howard Brennan by Howard L. Brennan [with J. Edward Cherryholmes]. 1987, 1st edition, Waco. Brennan tells of being at Dealey Plaza and actually seeing Lee Harvey Oswald fire the shots that killed Kennedy on that fateful day in November, 1963. 128pp w/photos, appendices. HB/DJ, as new….29.95


65) Johnston, Hank THEY FELLED THE REDWOODS: A Saga of Flumes and Rails in the High Sierra 1966, revised second edition, Los Angeles. This book is a pictorial recounting of the only full-scale lumbering ever conducted of the massive redwoods to make way for the railroad. 160pp w/endpaper maps, many photos. Folio HB maroon cloth, some damage at the spine, otherwise a very good copy……45.00 SOLD


66) Kelton, Elmer THE DAY THE COWBOYS QUIT 1971, 1st edition, NY. Kelton’s classic novel based on the Panhandle cowboy strike of 1883. Spur Award for Best Western Novel. HB/DJ, near fine copy…..150.00


These Elmer Kelton first editions are all inscribed to Edgar and Patty Talley (of Talley Press) who were Elmer’s lifelong friends, and publisher of two of his non-fiction books—Looking Back West and The Indian in Frontier News, and Elmer’s historical publication, Pioneer-News Observer.

67) Kelton, Elmer THE WOLF AND THE BUFFALO 1980, 1st ed, NY. Another Kelton classic, this one is the story of the Black soldier and the Comanche warrior in the American West. HB/DJ near fine. Inscribed/SIGNED........100.00 SOLD

68) Kelton, Elmer STAND PROUD 1984, 1st edition, NY. Novel about the murder trial of an open-range cattle rancher. 279pp.

HB/DJ, inscribed/SIGNED…..65.00 SOLD

69) Kelton, Elmer SANDHILLS BOY: The Winding Trail of a Texas Writer 2007, 1st edition, NY. Kelton’s delightful memoir is followed by an afterword by his wife, Anna Kelton. 252pp. HB/DJ, fine copy, inscribed/SIGNED by Elmer and Ann.50.00 SOLD

70) Kelton, Elmer SLAUGHTER 1992, 1st edition, NY. Novel about buffalo hunters in Comanche country. HB/DJ, near fine, inscribed/SIGNED……..55.00 SOLD

71) Kelton, Elmer FAR CANYON 1993, 1st edition, NY. Sequel to Slaughter. 323pp. HB/DJ, fine, inscribed/SIGNED….55.00 SOLD

72) Kelton, Elmer BADGER BOY 2001, 1st edition, NY. Post-Civil War novel. 286pp. HB/DJ fine. Inscribed/SIGNED….40.00 SOLD

[NOTE: I have other inscribed/signed copies of these titles available for same prices listed.]


73) Kilgore, D.E. A RANGER LEGACY: 150 Years of Service to Texas 1973, 1st edition, Madrona Press, Austin. In the first chapter the author expands on Webb’s history, and details conditions in Austin’s colony that led to the formation of the first Rangers. An appendix lists the names of the first Rangers with their ranks, ages, and occupations. Among those first Rangers was John Tumlinson who left a legacy of no fewer than sixteen of his descendants who served throughout Ranger history, while others have served as peace officers in other capacities. 104pp w/ photos, endpaper map, notes, biblio, index. HB brown cloth….40.00


74) King, Irene Marschall JOHN O. MEUSEBACH: German Colonizer of Texas 1967, 1st ed, Austin. This book presents the life of Meusebach, and recounts the founding of Fredericksburg, the effects of the Mexican War on the immigrants waiting on the Texas coast, the signing of the unique treaty with the Comanches that opened up a vast region of West Texas for settlement, and much more. 192pp w/photos, map, biblio, index. HB/DJ…..50.00 SOLD


75) [KING RANCH] STEWARDS OF A VISION: A History of King Ranch by Jay Nixon. 1986, 1st edition, np. An illustrated history of the South Texas ranching empire. 45pp w/photos, map, sources. Large folio softcover w/pictorial cover......25.00 SOLD


76) Kotz, Nick THE HARNESS MAKER’S DREAM: Nathan Kallison and the Rise of South Texas 2013, 1st edition, Fort Worth. The story of how Nathan Kallison, a young immigrant harness maker from Russia, and his extended family built a legendary business and ranching empire in South Texas. 337pp w/photos, notes, bib, genealogical chart, index. HB/DJ fine, SIGNED....35.00


77) Lea, Tom THE MIGHTY RANCH OF RICHARD KING, Part 1 Article in Life Magazine, July 8, 1957. Text and drawings by Tom Lea; photographs by Eliot Elisofon. The text in this article are a condensation of Lea’s book, The King Ranch, and are accom-panied by a portfolio of spectacular color photos. Folio magazine (a crease down the front cover/some mild scuffing)….35.00 SOLD


78) [LEA, TOM] THE ART OF TOM LEA 1989, 1st edition, College Station. Compiled by Kathleen G. Hjerter, with an introduction by William Weber Johnson; a new. This volume makes available, in black and white and full-color reproductions, the full range of Lea’s work. 256pp w/index. Oblong folio HB/DJ, fine copy, SIGNED by Lea………225.00


79) Lea, Tom WESTERN BEEF CATTLE 1950, 1st edition, Dallas. A series of eleven paintings by Lea commissioned by LIFE Magazine and presented to the Dallas Museum of Fine Arts. Softcover..25.00 SOLD


80) Lea, Tom THE PRIMAL YOKE 1960, 1st edition, Boston. 336pp. Novel. HB/DJ slightly edge-worn….30.00 SOLD


81) Lea, Tom THE HANDS OF CANTU 1964, 1st edition, Boston. Illustrated by the author. Novel set in the Southwest of 400 years ago with thirty Chinese ink illustrations by the author. 244pp. HB/DJ, inscribedSIGNED……65.00


82) Lea, Tom THE BRAVE BULLS 1949, 1st edition, Boston. Novel. 270pp w/illustrations by the author. HB/DJ [dj ½-inch chip bottom front, scuff mark, otherwise a very good copy now in protective cover] SIGNED………75.00


83) Lea, Tom ONE HUNDRED PAINTINGS AND DRAWINGS BY TOM LEA 1963, El Paso Museum of Art, exhibition catalog. Softcover…..27.00 SOLD


84) Lea, Tom 87 PAINTINGS AND DRAWINGS BY TOM LEA 1971, El Paso Museum of Art, exhibition catalog designed by William D. Wittliff. Softcover…..25.00 SOLD


85 Maberry, Robert, Jr. TEXAS FLAGS 2003, 2nd printing, College Station. Foreword by Peter C. Marzio. A history that traces the ascent of the recognizable Lone Star and many lesser known variations, unveiling an incredibly colorful history that spans more than a hundred years. 198pp w/photos, notes, index. Oblong folio HB/DJ….35.00


86) Martin, Ned & Jody, and Robert Bauver BRIDLES OF THE AMERICAS: Vol. 1: Indian Silver 2010, 1st edition, Hawk Hill Press, Nicasio. “Traces the evolution and use of silver bridles as well as gorgets, pectorals, hairplates, and concha belts, all of which were first obtained through trade networks, and later the Indians learned to make themselves.” Profusely illustrated in full-color. 144pp w/illustrations, glossary, bibliography, index. Large folio (12” by 14”) HB/D………..70.00


87) Martin, Ned & Jody HORSEHAIR BRIDLES: A Unique American Art (Volume 3 of the Bridles of America Series) 2016, 1st edition, Hawk Hill Press, Nicasio. This book exemplifies a form of unique American folk art that was created in twelve American prisons from 1890 to the 1930s. It shows the preparation, dyeing and hitching of horsehair, and explains the difference in plaiting or braiding horsehair for cheek straps, brow pieces and reins. Fully illustrated in color. 190pp w/illustrations, bibliography, index. Large folio (12” by 14”) HB/DJ………70.00


88) McAleese, Barbara E. ECHOES ALONG THE PECOS RIVER: Intriguing Ranch Tales From West Texas 2014, 1st edition, np. “A vivid history of five generations of Far West Texas’s Babb Family – good times and bad, murder and danger, drought and loss.” First hand accounts and stories passed down by the family. 225pp w/photos, sources. Trade paperback, new [multi-copies available]…………19.95


89) McDowell, Catherine W. [editor] NOW YOU HEAR MY HORN: The Journal of James Wilson Nichols, 1820-1887 1967, 1st trade edition, Austin. Designed by Carl Hertzog; map by Jose Cisneros. Jenkins, BASIC TEXAS BOOKS: “This…is one of the most delightful American pioneer narratives ever written. Frontiersman Nichols gives us an unvarnished account of life in frontier Texas, with no holds barred. His narrative is humorous, bold, gruesome, opinionated, and revealing.” Nichols served under McCulloch in the Mexican War, was a Ranger under Jack Hays and fought in many Indian battles. HB/DJ nice copy…..70.00


90) McElroy, Robert McNutt THE WINNING OF THE FAR WEST—1829-1867 1914, 1st edition, NY. Sub-title reads: “A History of the Regaining of Texas, of the Mexican War, and the Oregon Question; and of the Successive Additions to the Territory of the United States, within the Continent of America.” 384pp w/foldout maps, ill, index. HB blue cloth w/leather spine and corners, very good condition……...50.00


91) Nacy, Michele J. MEMBERS OF THE REGIMENT: Army Officers’ Wives on the Western Frontier, 1865-1890 2000, 1st edition, Westport. A unique study of the women who followed their officer husbands to the frontier. 128pp w/index. HB blue cloth, inscribed/SIGNED……32.50


92) Naval History Division, Navy Department [compilers] CIVIL WAR NAVAL CHRONOLOGY, 1861-1865 1971, 1st printing of the hardback edition, Wash., D.C. Six volumes combined in one. A comprehensive history of the Civil War at sea. 1,089pp w/many illustrations, index. Folio HB blue leatherette, fine………….50.00 SOLD


93) [PARKER COUNTY] HISTORY OF PARKER COUNTY and THE DOUBLE LOG CABIN by G.A. Holland (assisted by Violet M. Roberts). 1987, facsimile reprint by the Parker County Historical Commission, Weatherford. Subtitle reads: "Being a Brief Symposium of the Early History of Parker County, Together with Short Biographical Sketches of Early Settlers and Their Trials." 206pp with historical articles, photos, early family biographies, much more. HB blue cloth…..75.00 SOLD


94) Pate, Ann FORT CHADBOURNE: A Military Post, A Family Heritage 2011, 1st edition, Fort Chadbourne. Foreword by Garland Richards, President, Fort Chadbourne Foundation. This is the “first and only full length book containing both the history of the military post, and the family that has called it home for eight generations…A factual account taken from military records, letters, diaries, family deeds.” 341pp w/photographs, charts, rosters and maps. HB/DJ, new……45.00


95)Pate, J’Nell L. LIVESTOCK LEGACY: The Fort Worth Stockyards, 1887-1987 1988, 1st edition, College Station. History of the stockyards and the industry that put Fort Worth on the map. 332pp w/photos, appendix, bib, index. HB/DJ, fine….40.00


96) [PECOS COUNTY] PECOS COUNTY HISTORY by Marsha Lea Daggett. 1984, 1st edition, Fort Stockton. Two Volumes 583 and 438 pages with photos, historical articles, and many family histories. The volume containing family histories has table of contents to families listed, and the second volume with historical articles is indexed. [Includes biographies of the noted surveyor, pioneer and judge, O.W. Williams, and his son, author/historian Clayton Williams, Sr.] 2 volumes set, folio HB/DJ, fine…140.00


97) Peters, James Stephen (with Charles Norman [Chuck] Parsons & Marianne Elizabeth Hall) MACE BOWMAN: Texas Feudist, Western Lawman 1996, 1st edition, Yorktown. Biography of Bowman who was a Confederate veteran who helped his friend, Bob Lee, in the Lee-Peacock Feud of Northeast Texas, and later served as sheriff of Colfax County in New Mexico where he became embroiled in that county’s troubles. There’s quite a bit of material on Clay Allison. 218pp w/illus, index. Folio HB maroon boards with gold lettering, near fine copy…..65.00


98) [REAL COUNTY] THE WEST THAT WAS: From Texas to Montana by John Leakey (as told to Nellie Snyder Yost) 1958, 1st edition, Dallas. The author’s grandfather was founder of Leakey, Texas, in Real County, and retells some of the stories passed down about the area, including Indian fights, and the author himself recalls the last Indian fight in Frio Canyon. He also tells of his adventures on the cattle trail to Montana. Adams, SIX-GUNS, says this book “has some new material on King Fisher... and Ben Thompson.” In all, it’s an interesting telling of frontier history. Photos and index. HB brown cloth w/some scuffing at edges..35.00 SOLD


99) Rister, Carl Coke FORT GRIFFIN ON THE TEXAS FRONTIER 1956, 1st edition, Norman. History of the fort established in 1867 in the heart of Comanche country near Albany, Texas, and abandoned in 1880. A lot happened in those turbulent 13 years. HB blue cloth…….40.00


100) Rodack, Madeleine Turrell [editor/translator] Adolph Bandelier’s THE DISCOVERY OF NEW MEXICO by the Franciscan Monk, Friar Marcos de Niza in 1539 1981, 1st thus, Tucson. Introduction and notes by the editor. It was Fray Marcos’s expedition and report that sent Coronado in search of the fabled Seven Cities of Gold. 125pp w/maps, biblio, index. HB brown cloth, gold decorations…….35.00 SOLD


101) Sayre, Harold Ray WARRIORS OF COLOR 1995, 1st edition, Fort Davis. Biographical details of 63 men of Troop H, 10th Cavalry, all black soldiers who were stationed at Fort Davis during the spring of 1884. Some information deals with their military service, but much of it is about their struggles to survive after service, and their problems with bureaucracy when applying for pensions. 521pp w/index. Folio HB/DJ……24.95


102) Scholes, Frances V. et al [editors] JUAN DOMINGUEZ DE MENDOZA: Soldier and Frontiersman of the Spanish Southwest, 1627-1693 2012, 1st edition, Albuquerque. Translated by Eleanor B. Adams. This book recognizes the career of Juan Domínguez de Mendoza, a soldier-colonist who served in New Mexico from age thirteen to fifty-eight as a stalwart defender of Spain's interests during the troubled decades before the 1680 Pueblo Revolt. In 1683 he commanded an important expedition of exploration into Central Texas. 455pp w/notes, maps, illustrations, sources, index. HB/DJ, as new……65.00


103) Schreiner, Charles, III A PICTORIAL HISTORY OF THE TEXAS RANGERS 1969, 1st edition, Mountain Home. Includes biographical sketches of fifty-seven notable Texas Rangers, plus hundreds of photos of many more Rangers and of the equipment they used. 267pp w/photos, index. (Previous owner’s inscription: “This book will go to [Texas Ranger] Danny Rhea when I am Gone…Billy.”) Folio HB near fine copy lacking dust jacket…..200.00 SOLD


104) Seale, William TEXAS RIVERMAN: The Life and Times of Captain Andrew Smyth 1966, 1st edition, Austin. The life of Smyth gives a good look at Texas from the days of the Republic into the first years of the 20th century. His livelihood revolved around the river steamer, The Laura. 181pp w/photos, bibliography, index. HB/DJ, very good…..35.00


105) Steffen, Randy THE HORSE SOLDIER 1776 — 1943 Four Volumes. 1977, 1978, 1979, all 1st editions, Norman. This four volume set is a detailed study and history of the United States Cavalryman and his uniforms, arms, accoutrements and equipments, from the Revolutionary War to the last days of the Horse Soldier in World War II when the cavalry became mechanized. Vol I: The Revolution, The War Of 1812, The Early Frontier, 1776-1850. ; Vol II. The Frontier, Mexican War, Civil War, Indian Wars, 1851-1880; Vol III: The Last Of The Indian Wars, Spanish-American War, The Brink Of The Great War, 1881-1916. Vol IV: World War I, The Peacetime Army, World War II, 1917-1943. Each volume profusely illustrated by the author, many in full color. All four volumes are folio hardbacks in near fine condition. The set of four volumes =$150.00


106) Steffen, Randy UNITED STATES MILITARY SADDLES, 1812-1943 1973, 1st edition, Norman. A detailed reference work on all types of saddles used by the military up through World War II. Includes text and 74 line drawings by the author. 158pp, w/index. Folio HB/DJ, tiny chip at top of dust jacket, otherwise fine, this copy has a humorous detailed drawing of an Indian in native dress standing in front of a wheelchair with an SIGNED inscription to author Bill Leftwich…………65.00


107) Sterling, William Warren TRAILS AND TRIALS OF A TEXAS RANGER 1968, 2nd edition, Norman. Sterling spends the first half of the book telling of his Ranger service during the early part of the 20th-century along the Mexican border and in the Texas oilfield boomtowns. The balance of the book has chapters on L. S. Ross, Sam Bass, John H. Rogers, Capt. John R. Hughes, Frank Hamer, James B. Gillett, Gregorio Cortez, and other notables. 524pp with many photos, biblio. HB/lacks dust jacket…..65.00


108) [TEXAS NATIONAL GUARD] 49th ARMORED DIVISION: “The Thunderbolt Division” Fort Hood. 1952, 1st printing, Fort Hood. Includes a history of the division, with photos of members of each company, detachment, etc., approximately 250 unnumbered pages. Folio HB yellow leather w/decorations (a few pages have light crayon marks)…..50.00


109) [TEXAS NATIONAL GUARD] 49th ARMORED DIVISION: Fort Polk, Louisiana 1962 1962, 1st printing, Fort Polk. History with photos of each battalion. Approximately 250 unnumbered pages. Folio HB yellow leather w/decorations, fine……65.00


110) [TEXAS NATIONAL GUARD] 49th ARMORED DIVISION: Lone Star, 1985-86 “150 Years of History,” training; unit histories and soldier’s photos, and more. Folio HB maroon leather w/gold decorations, fine……..50.00


111) Thomas, Alfred B. AFTER CORONADO: Spanish Exploration Northeast of New Mexico, 1696-1727 1966, 2nd edition, Norman. The almost forgotten history of Spanish exploration and colonization of the western plains including today’s Colorado, Utah and the Arizona deserts; and their colonization of Texas, New Mexico and California; and voyage to Alaska. 307pp w/notes, bibliography, index. HB/DJ, very good copy……….45.00 SOLD


112) Valley By-liners GIFT OF THE RIO 1975, 1st edition, Mission. Various contributors submit articles concerning the history of Texas’ Lower Rio Grande Valley including the counties of Hidalgo, Willacy, Cameron, Starr, Jim Hogg, and Zapata. 271pp w/photos, book lit, index, endpaper maps. HB SIGNED by most contributors…..25.00 SOLD


113) Varon, Elizabeth R. ARMIES OF DELIVERANCE: A New History of the Civil War 2019, 2nd printing, Oxford U. Press, NY. “…a sweeping narrative of the Civil War, and a bold new interpretation of Union and Confederate war aims.” 513pp w/maps, illus, notes, bibliography, index. HB/DJ, new [multi-copies available]……..34.95


114) Webb, Walter Prescott THE GREAT PLAINS 1936, early reprint, Boston. Jenkins, BTB “Webb’s masterpiece. An essential book in any Texas or Western collection…” Wm. Reese, SIX-CORE: Webb surveys all life on the Plains, and much of what he discusses relates directly or indirectly to the range industry. The sections on water and fencing are two of the best.” 434pp w/biblio, index. HB black cloth, some scuffing along spine edges, inscribed to naturalist author Roy Bedichek, SIGNED…….150.00 SOLD


115) Wharton, H.M. WAR SONGS AND POEMS OF THE SOUTHERN CONFEDERACY 1861-1865 1904, 1st edition, np. "A collection of the most popular and impressive songs and poems of the war times, dear to every Southern heart; collected and retold with personal reminiscences of the war." Includes a section giving brief summaries of each Southern State’s secession and involve-ment in the war. 416pp w/many illustrations. HB original gray cloth w/decorated cover, very good copy cover…..150.00


116) Williams, J.W. OLD TEXAS TRAILS 1979, 1st edition, 2nd printing, Burnet. Edited by Kenneth F. Neighbors. This book is the result of Williams’ life-long search for the truth about Texas trails and the men who carved them out of the wilderness. Jenkins, BTB [p292]: “…a wealth of information on trails, roadways, and routes of early travelers in Texas between 1716 and 1886.” 447pp w/22 maps of Texas trails including two foldouts, more than 60 photos, bib, index. HB/DJ…..125.00 SOLD


117) Wilson, R.L. THE BOOK OF WINCHESTER ENGRAVING 1975, 1st edition, Los Angeles. A detailed study of the factory and non factory engravers who engraved Winchester firearms throughout the history of the company. Includes hundreds of detailed color and black & white photographs of their work. Folio HB red leatherette, w/silver embossed title and decoration.185.00 SOLD


118) Wooster, Robert SOLDIERS, SUTLERS, AND SETTLERS: Garrison Life on the Texas Frontier 1987, 1st edition, College Station. Illustrated by Jack Jackson. A look at the everyday life at the frontier forts, with details about solders’ uniforms, weapons and duties, along with activities of the local civilian inhabitants, and more. 240pp w/ill, index. HB/DJ….35.00 SOLD


119) Yeats, E. L. & Hooper Shelton [editors] THE 18 RANCH: Colorado Cattle Co., 1881-1973 nd, [circa 1973], 1st edition, Feather Press. Part One gives a history of the West Texas ranch that is mostly in Fisher County, but laps over into Scurry and Nolan counties. Part Two, “A Lifetime in West Texas,” is an interesting personal memoir by Sidney Bryan about his early life on the ranch. 112pp w/map, photos. HB w/decorated cover, scarce…..95.00


120) Yoakum, H. HISTORY OF TEXAS From its First Settlement in 1685 to its annexation to the United States in 1846 1935, facsimile reproduction of the 1855 original, The Steck Co., Austin. TWO VOLUMES. Jenkins, BASIC TEXAS BOOKS: “This was the first scholarly history of Texas written after the annexation, and remains one of the most important sources on Texas colonization, revolution and republic….” 482/576pp w/index. HB brown cloth, ex-library w/usual stamps, 2 volume set=35.00 SOLD


121) Zesch, Scott THE CAPTURED: A True Story of Indian Abduction on the Texas Frontier 2004, 3rd printing, NY. A riveting, untold history of eight Hill Country children who were captured by Indians and suffered a ‘fate worse than death’ including the author’s own ‘white Indian’ ancestor. 320pp w/maps, photos, bibliography, index. HB/DJ….30.00 SOLD


122) THE FAR WEST AND THE ROCKIES HISTORICAL SERIES--1820-1875 edited by LeRoy R. Hafen and Ann W. Hafen (1954-1961) All first editions. 15 volumes--includes complete analytical index to the series.

Vol. I :The Old Spanish Trail, Santa Fe to Los Angeles (1954) Includes in full the rare diaries of Antonio Armijo and Orville Pratt.] 377pp w/illus, foldout map, index; Vol. II Journals of Forty-Niners, Salt Lake to Los Angeles edited by (1954) 333pp w/illus, foldout map, appendix, index. Vol. III To The Rockies And Oregon, 1839-1842 (1955) [Includes diaries and accounts by several writers.] 315pp w/illus, appendices, foldout map, index. Vol. IV Rufus B. Sage: His Letters and Papers, 1836-1847 with an annotated reprint of his “Scenes in the Rocky Mountains and in Oregon, California, New Mexico, Texas and the Grand Prairies.” In Two Volumes w/intro, biographical sketch and notes.(1956) 353pp w/illus, foldout map. Vol. V Rufus B. Sage: His Letters and Papers, 1836-1847 Second Volume (1956) 361pp w/illus, foldout map, index to the two volumes. Vol. VI The Journal of Capt. John R. Bell, Official Journalist for the Stephen H. Long Expedition to the Rocky Mountains, 1820. (1957) 349pp w/illus, foldout map, index. Vol. VII Central Route to the Pacific by Gwinn Harris Heap, with related material on explorations and Indian Affairs, etc.. (1957) 346pp w/illus, foldout map, appendices, index. Vol. VIII The Utah Expedition--1857-1858--A documentary Account of the United States Military Movement under Colonel Albert Sidney Johnston, and the Resistance by Brigham Young and the Mormon Nauvoo Legion (1958) 375pp w/illus, foldout map, app, index. Vol. IX Relations with the Indians of the Plains, 1857-1861: A Documentary of the Military Campaigns, and Negotiations of Indian Agents--with Reports and Journals of P.G. Lowe, R.M. Peck, J.E.B Stuart, S.D Sturgis, and other Official Papers. (1959) 310pp w/illus, foldout map, index. Vol. X The Diaries of William Henry Jackson, Frontier Photographer, to California and return, 1866-67; and with the Hayden Surveys to the Central Rockies, 1873, and to the Utes and Cliff Dwellings, 1874 edited by Leroy and Ann Hafen. (1959) 345pp w/illus, foldout map, index. Vol. XI Fremont’s Fourth Expedition: A Documentary of the Disaster of 1848-1849, with Diaries, Letters, and reports by participants in the Tragedy. (1960) 319pp w/illus, foldout map, index. Vol. XII Powder River Campaigns and Sawyers Expedition of 1865: A Documentary Account Comprising Official Reports, Diaries, Contemporary Newspaper Accounts, and Personal Narratives (1961) 385pp w/illus, foldout map, index. Vol. XIII Reports From Colorado: The Wildman Letters, 1859-1865, with other related letters and newspaper reports, 1859 (1961) 333pp w/illus, foldout map, index. Vol. XIV Handcarts to Zion: The Story of a Unique Western Migration, 1856-1860, with contemporary journals, accounts, reports; and rosters of members of the ten Handcart Companies (1960) 328pp w/illus, map, index. Vol. XV Analytical Index to Series prepared by Leroy and Ann Hafen (1961) 360pp. All are fine hardbacks in original green cloth. PRICE: the set of 15 volumes = $1,250.00 (very scarce as a complete set.)


JUST IN! From the author of the best-selling Texas Ranger: The Epic Life of Frank Hamer, The Man Who Killed Bonnie and Clyde

123) Boessenecker, John SHOTGUNS AND STAGECOACHES: The Brave Men Who Rode For Wells Fargo in the Wild West 2018, 1st edition, NY. “Unearths thrilling little-known tales of the Old West’s heroes and highwayman.” Reads like a novel….! 348pp w/illus, notes, index. HB/DJ, new [multi-copies available] Recommended!........29.99


Thanks, Folks! FC



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