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CATALOG #298, December 2019



NEW TEXAS ALMANAC – 70th EDITION- The source for all things Texan since 1857.”

1) TEXAS ALMANAC: 2020-2021 (70th edition since 1857) published by Texas State Historical Association. Edited by Rosie Hatch. Features include: natural history; environment; weather; recreation; sports; all county maps; foldout map of interstate mileages/counties; agriculture; transportation, and so much more! 720pp w/photos, color maps, data, travel information, charts, calendars, index, etc. [multiple-copies available] 1a) Hardcover……………. 39.95

1b) Trade paperback …….24.95


2) Abdill, George B. CIVIL WAR RAILROADS: A Pictorial Story of the War Between the States…1861-1865 1956, Bonanza Books, reprint, NY. A gripping history of the part played by railroads and railroad men during the Civil War. Many interesting photos. 192pp. Oblong folio HB/DJ……..25.00 SOLD


3) Adams, Andy THE LOG OF A COWBOY: A Narrative of the Old Trail Days 2007, ‘special edition’ reprint of the 1903 edition, Palladium Press, Birmingham. Adams, SIX-GUNS: “...it has become a classic as a picture of trail driving, and no bibliography on cattle would be complete without it.” 387pp. HB brown leather w/gild decorations, fine copy….37.50


4) [ARCHEOLOGY] PICTURE-WRITING OF TEXAS INDIANS by A.T. Jackson. 1938, 1st edition, University of Texas Publication #3809, Austin. A county by county survey of ancient Indian rock art giving a thorough analysis and classification of design elements and their geographic distribution. 490pp w/hundreds of maps and photos; biblio; index. Softcover, a very fine copy with smattering of foxing along the spine side of the front cover, now in Bro-Dart Plasti-Kleer protective cover, scarce..185.00 SOLD


5) [ARCHEOLOGY] )  A FIELD GUIDE TO STONE ARTIFACTS OF TEXAS INDIANS by Ellen Sue Turner and Thomas R. Hester. 2011, completely revised and expanded edition, Lanham.  Identifies and describes over 200 dart and arrow points and stone tools used by prehistoric Indians. Includes charts, geographic distribution maps and reliable age dating information.  351pp w/illustrations, references, appendices. Folio softcover, new, multiple copies……….29.95


6) Ball, Larry D. TOM HORN: In Life and Legend 2104, 1st edition, Norman. A new and extensive biography of the frontier gun wielder Tom Horn (1860–1903) who was a lawman, soldier, hired gunman, detective, outlaw, and assassin. 554pp w/maps, photos, notes, bibliography, index. HB/DJ fine copy…..40.00 SOLD


7) Banta, Alyssa THE TEXAS RANCH SISTERHOOD: Portraits of Women Working the Land 2019, 1st edition, The History Press, Charleston. The author/photographer followed more than a dozen Texas women ranchers through their grueling daily routines for an intimate look at their challenges and achievements. 190pp w/photos. Folio wrappers, new [multiple copies available]…..29.99


8) Bashford, Herbert & Harr Wagner A MAN UNAFRAID: The Story of John Charles Fremont 1927, 1st edition, San Francisco. Fremont was an explorer, American military officer, and politician who became the first candidate of the anti-slavery Republican Party for the office of President of the US. He led four expeditions into the American West in the 1840s. 406pp w/22 plats, index. HB green cloth, very good condition………40.00 SOLD


9) Beck, Warren A. NEW MEXICO: A History of Four Centuries 1962, 1st edition, Norman. A comprehensive history of the state that boasts three distinct cultures: Indian, Spanish, Anglo. 363pp w/photos, maps, bibliography, index. HB/DJ......28.00 SOLD


10) Bedichek, Roy KARANKAWAY COUNTRY 1974, 2nd edition, NY. Entertaining and informative essays about the varied fauna inhabiting the stretch of sandbars that make up Matagorda Island and Peninsula, and the surrounding marshland on Texas’ coast. HB/DJ…..25.00 SOLD


11) [BIG BEND] TAMING THE BIG BEND:A History of the Extreme Western Portion of Texas From Fort Clark to El Paso by Mrs. O. L. Shipman. 1926, 1st edition, np. A fine account of the early Anglo settlement of the Big Bend region. In her preface, the author says, “This book contains sketches of some of the most vivid and dashing characters who had much to do with taming the Big Bend.” Her father was Texas Ranger Captain Pat Dolan “who lived on the frontier for seventy-five years and with remarkable clearness of mind recalls the stirring events of days gone by.” Jenkins, BASIC TEXAS BOOKS: “She also quotes extensively from other pioneers and transients in the region, such as John L. Bullis, commander of Indian Scouts under Mackenzie; A. J. Fairmore and P. Bougad on the El Paso Salt War; Mexican outlaw Victor Ochoa; and Texas Ranger T. T. Cook. The work contains chapters on the early mail routes, the boundary commission, the camel experiment and transportation, the military posts, freighting, civil affairs, Indian Campaigns, the El Paso Salt War, Texas Ranger campaigns, ranching, outlaws, mining, and Mexican revolutionary activities after the turn of the century. This is followed by a section of sketches of early pioneer and ranching families.” 215pp w/photos, index. HB/DJ- bound in original gilt-lettered purple cloth, foldout map tipped in at rear endpaper. an extremely nice copy with a little foxing to endpapers, rare……REDUCED for Christmas 20%: = $920 (was $1,150.00) [Offer ends December 31] SOLD


12) [BIG BEND] VOICE OF THE MEXICAN BORDER edited and produced by Jack [Mrs. O.L.] Shipman, author of Taming the Big Bend. Original publications, Marfa Texas, seven separate issues:

12a) November, 1933—articles include: “Our Vice President (Jack Garner)”; “Pistol and Spur” about early days in Uvalde County; “Lt. Charles Nevill” telling of the last Ranger-Apache fight in the Diablo Mountains near Van Horn; “A Ranger Captain” (Fort Inge); all preceding articles by the editor. Also “The Indian Tells His Story” (Battle of Dove Creek) by John W. Hunter..60.00

12b) December, 1933—articles include: “El Paso The Hub of Texas History;” “Mexican Payrolls and American Bandits”; “The Camels Come To Big Bend” by Judge O.W. Williams; “Fort Quitman”; “The Salt War of San Elizario”; “Fort Davis And Indians”; “The Robbery of the Valentine Store” and “Van Horn Wells” by E.E. Townsend; “Early History of Presidio” more.60.00

12c) January, 1934 –articles by various authors include: “Old San Elizario”; “The Salt War of San Elizario”; “Brief Career of Tom O’Folliard, Billy the Kid’s Partner”; “A Real Cowboy Preacher (Rev. R.L. Millican)”; “A Story of Two Brothers ” (George & William Brooks); “Among Austin’s Original 300”; and more.……60.00

12d ) April-May, 1934 – articles by various authors include: “The Ghosts and Their Wealth” (Chisos Mountains); “Spanish Explorations Along the Conchos and Rio Grande” (17th and 18th century explorations); and more…….60.00

12e ) February-March, 1934 – articles by various authors include: “My Yaqui Friends”; “Travel in West Texas 84 Years Ago”; “U.S. and Mexican boundary Survey” (as it pertains to the Big Bend region); “The Lost Gold Mine in the Guadalupe Mountains”; “The History of Presidio County”; “Early West Texas Cattle and Horse Brands”; and more……60.00

12f ) 1936 “Centennial Edition” – articles about the Brites of Capote; Presidio County; Indian fights; Fort Leaton; Fort D.A. Russell, Marfa; Pancho Villa; and much more. 111 pages. ……..75.00


13) Brant, Irving THE FOURTH PRESIDENT: A Life of James Madison 1985, abridged reprint edition by Easton Press, Norfolk. A full account of Madison’s manifold accomplishments: Framer of the Constitution; oversaw the War of 1812; much more. 677/680pp w/index. HB maroon leather, fine………..39.00


14) Brizee-Bowen, Sandra L. FOR ALL TO SEE: The Little Bighorn Battle in Plains Indian Art 2003, 1st limited edition of 500 copies, The Arthur H. Clarke Co., Spokane; Hidden Springs of Custeriana, vol. XIII. Indian survivors (there were no white survivors) recorded their recollections of the controversial Battle, and this book is a study of some of the prime examples of Plains Indian pictographic works.187pp w/illus, bib, index. HB blue cloth w/guidon decoration, fine copy, SIGNED….75.00SOLD


15) Brown, John Henry INDIAN WARS AND PIONEERS OF TEXAS [1896] 1st edition, L.E. Daniel, Publisher, Austin. State House Press, Austin. Jenkins, BASIC TEXAS BOOKS: “This is Brown’s most important book and one of the best works on Texas Indian fighters and early pioneers. The information was gathered over his entire fifty years in Texas, and the text was compiled shortly before his death. Although he felt his History of Texas was his major contribution, that work pales beside Indian Wars and Pioneers of Texas for interest, information, and reliability.” Much on early history of Texas, with many details of Comanche depredations, and extensive biographical sketches of Texas pioneers. 762pp w/illustrations, index. Folio HB, this volume professionally rebound in brown leather with gold lettering, and the leather title has been lifted from the original volume and pasted on front cover, overall a handsome, near fine copy of this Texas classic……950.00


16) Bruce, Leona BANISTER WAS THERE 1968, 1st edition, Fort Worth. Biography of the author’s father who was a Texas Ranger and later sheriff in Coleman County just before and after the turn of the 20th-century. During his career as a lawman he would encounter such notables as Sam Bass, Dick and Dell Dublin, Pancho Villa and John Wesley Hardin.196pp w/map endpapers, photos, index. HB/DJ, fine copy, SIGNED……..75.00


17) Busby, Mark & Dick Heaberlin [editors] FROM TEXAS TO THE WORLD AND BACK: Essays on the Journeys of Katherine Anne Porter 2001, 1st edition, Fort Worth. A collection of essays by scholars that discuss Porter’s relationship with Texas. 249pp w/photos, notes, index. HB/DJ, fine, SIGNED by the editors and several contributors……..30.00


18) Camp, Charles MUGGINS THE COW HORSE 1928, 1st edition, Long Beach. This book tells the story of an unusual cow horse that lived and worked in Wyoming. It also gives insight into the cattle business in Wyoming in the early years of the 20th –century and into that breed of horse known as the cow pony. Herd #401. 110pp w/many great period range photos. Stiff wrappers w/extended edges, title pasted on, very good copy, exceedingly scarce range title………200.00 SOLD


19) Carroll, John M. CUSTER IN TEXAS: An Interrupted Narrative 1975, 1st edition, NY. Illustrations by Jose Cisneros and Joe Grandee. The first work to focus entirely on Custer’s tenure in Texas and the first to detail his successful stay in Austin.. 288pp w/illustrations, appendices, sources, index. HB….22.50 SOLD


20) Christie, Sampson LONGFANG TALKS: Texas Wolf Trapping 1968, 1st edition, Lubbock. Intriguing memoir of a man well-versed in the skill of wolf trapping. 70pp w/photos. Softcover………50.00 SOLD


21) Clayton, Lawrence CONTEMPORARY RANCHES OF TEXAS 2001, 1st edition, Austin. Black- and-white photography by Wyman Meinzer. Through Clayton’s words and Meinzer’s photographs, you will visit sixteen working Texas ranches: Alta Vista, Canales, Catarina, O’Connor, and Ray in South Texas; R. A. Brown, Chimney Creek, Goodnight, J A, Moorhouse, Nail, and Renderbrook Spade in the Panhandle and Northwest Texas; and Henderson Cove, Hudspeth River, Long X, and Hoskins 101 in the Trans-Pecos. Many of these ranches trace their beginnings to the open range days. 166pp w/photos, bib. Folio HB/DJ…50.00 SOLD


22) Cleaves, Freeman OLD TIPPECANOE: William Henry Harrison and His Time 1986, Library of the Presidents by Easton Press, Norwalk. Biography of the 9th President, a War of 1812 hero and Indian fighter. 422pp w/maps, illus, index. HB bound in brown leather with gilt lettering and decorations, fine copy………45.00


23) Coe, George W. (as told to Nan Hillary Harrison) FRONTIER FIGHTER: The Autobiography of George W. Coe Who Fought and Rode With Billy the Kid 1951, 2nd edition, UNM Press, Albuquerque. Adams, SIX-GUNS: “Though a good friend of Billy the Kid, the author was never considered an outlaw. As a participant in the Lincoln County War, he gives, I believe, a fairly accurate account of the affair and the Kid’s activities.” Includes a chapter on the death of Billy the Kid with Photostats of the Death Warrant and Coroner’s report. 220pp w/photos. HB/DJ very good copy……….60.00 SOLD


24) [COOKE COUNTY] COOKE COUNTY HISTORY: Past and Present by the Cooke County History Book Committee. 1992, 1st edition, Dallas. 681pp w/photos; maps; many historical articles, including The Great Hanging at Gainesville, community histories; transportation; agriculture; oil; historical homes, hotels and marker; much more. Folio HB black cloth, fine…70.00 SOLD


25) [CROCKETT COUNTY, TEXAS] A HISTORY OF CROCKETT COUNTY 1976, 1st edition, Ozona. 592pp w/photos, maps, historical articles, law enforcement, ranching and economic development, much more, plus family histories with index to families. Folio HB w/pictorial cover, very scarce……185.00 SOLD


26) [CROCKETT COUNTY] OZONA COUNTRY by Allan R. Bosworth. 1964, 1st edition, NY. Author relates some history of Crockett County along with his own early day experiences in the region. Photos. 238pp w/photos, biblio. HB/DJ very good…35.00


27) [CROCKETT COUNTY] YESTERYEAR IN OZONA AND CROCKETT COUNTY by V.I. Pearce. 1980, 1st edition, Talley Press (San Angelo) Editing by Elmer Kelton. Author recounts his days as a youngster on his ranch in Crockett County in the early part of the 20th-century: cowboys, sheepmen and cattlemen, much more. 137pp w photos, map endpapers. HB/DJ [ddust jacket chipped at edges, now I protective cover…….70.00


28) Dacus, J.A. Hon., Ph.D LIFE AND ADVENTURES OF FRANK AND JESSE JAMES, the Noted Western Outlaws 1880, 2nd printing, Indianapolis. Historical fiction.383pp, w/illus. HB brown cloth, hinge tape repair, scuffed spine, protected.40.00 SOLD


29) Dobie, J. Frank THE VOICE OF THE COYOTE 1949, 1st edition, Boston. Illustrated by Olaus J. Murie. Dobie spent thirty years gathering material for this entertaining and enlightening book. He wrote of the coyote “both as he is biologically and as he exists in human imagination.” 386pp w/illustrations, notes, index. HB/DJ, near fine copy, SIGNED………325.00 SOLD


30) Dorsey, George A. THE CHEYENNE INDIANS: The Sun Dance 1976, facsimile reprint of the 1905 original by Rio Grande Press, Glorieta. A comprehensive study of the Cheyenne social organization with sections on Ceremonial Organization and the Sun (or Medicine) Dance. 186pp w/many photos, 17 plates, full-color endpaper illustrations. Folio HB w/decorated cover…..85.00


31) Dugger, Ronnie [editor] THREE MEN IN TEXAS: Bedichek, Webb, and Dobie 1967, 1st edition, Austin. A collection of essays by various contributors that acknowledge the accomplishments of three men of Texas letters—one a naturalist [Bedichek], one a historian [Webb], and one a folklorist [Dobie]. 285pp w/photos. HB/DJ [dust jacket chipped] very good….30.00

31b) Another copy – Three Men In Texas – 1967, also 1st edition, HB lacks dust jacket………..25.00




GREAT GIFT IDEA FOR ALL AGES!!! Autographed copies, limited!

32) Erickson, John FINDING HANK: The Most-Often Asked Questions About Hank the Cowdog 2019, 1st edition, Perryton. Erickson and Hank answer the most-often questions about Hank, The Cowdog from second and third generation fans wanting to know…Who is Hank? Where did he come from and how did all this come about? And many more stories about his relationship with the longest running children’s series in America. 168pp beautifully illustrated w/index. Folio HB, SIGNED copies available..29.99


33) Faulk, Odie GENERAL TOM GREEN: “A Fightin’ Texan”1963, 1st edition, Waco. Introduction by Rupert N. Richardson. Biography of the spirited Texas pioneer who participated in the San Jacinto Battle as a youthful artilleryman; fought Indians and served as a bureaucrat for the Republic of Texas; served in the Mexican War; and died fighting for the Confederacy in the Civil War. Softcover w/decorated cover, invisible tape repair at lower spine, otherwise a near fine copy…..95.00


34) Fehrenbach, T.R. LONE STAR: A History of Texas and the Texans1968, 1st edition, NY. This well-written narrative is considered one of the best comprehensive histories of Texas. 751pp w/index. HB/DJ, a fine copy SIGNED…………165.00


35) Finerty, John WAR-PATH AND BIVOUAC or, The Conquest of the Sioux 1890, 1st edition, Chicago. Firsthand and detailed account of the Dakota Indian wars of 1876 and the Nez Perce Indian wars of 1877. Custer massacre; vanquishing the Sioux; much more. 490pp w/foldout map, illus. HB blue cloth w/scuffed exterior, hinges beginning to crack…..135.00


36) Foreman, Grant A PATHFINDER IN THE SOUTHWEST 1941, 1st edition, Norman. “The itinerary of Lieutenant A.W. Whipple during his explorations for a railway route from Fort Smith to Los Angeles in the years 1853-1854.” 279pp w/foldout map, illustrations, index. HB orange cloth………70.00 SOLD


37) Freeman, Douglas Southall LEE’S LIEUTENANTS 1991, Easton Press ‘Collector’s Edition, Norwalk. Three Volumes. The impressive stories of the leading generals in Lee’s command, and their campaigns. 772/862/760pp w/illus, many maps, appendices, biblio, index. Three volumes HB bound in gray leather w/gilt decorations and edges, fine, beautiful set! ……185.00


38) Ganzhorn, Jack I’VE KILLED MEN: An Epic of Early Arizona 1959, 1st American edition, NY. Adams, SIX-GUNS: A little-known book which gives an account of the Earp-Clinton feud and the O K Corral fight. The author was reared in Tombstone and has a low opinion of the Earps…” 256pp w/photos. HB no dust jacket………..30.00


39) Gard, Wayne THE CHISHOLM TRAIL 1954, 1st edition, Norman. Drawings by Nick Eggenhofer. Adams, HERD: “Not the first history of the famous cattle trail, but one of the best.” 296pp w/maps, photos, bibliography, index. HB/DJ, fine….45.00 SOLD


40) Garrett, Pat THE AUTHENTIC LIFE OF BILLY THE KID 2007, ‘special edition’ reprint for Palladium Press, Birmingham. . With a new introduction by Les Adams. Garrett shot and killed The Kid, then, with the help of a collaborator, had this book rushed into publication nine months later. 137pp w/illustrations. HB red leather w/gilt decorations and edges, fine…..37.50


41) Gibson, A.M. THE KICKAPOOS: Lords of the Middle Border 1963, 1st edition, Norman. A complete and in-depth study of the warrior tribe. Battle of Dove Creek; the Mackenzie Raid; more. 391pp w/map, photos, bib, index. HB/DJ, very good …..45.00 SOLD


42) Good, Marilyn J. [editor] THREE DOLLARS PER MILE: Accounts of Early Surveying in Texas 1981, 1st edition, Burnet. Some interesting accounts of working in the Texas wilderness from journals, diaries and official reports. Includes brief biographies of many of the surveyors. 455pp w/photos and illustrations, index. HB/DJ, fine copy……75.00 SOLD


43) Graves, John FROM A LIMESTONE LEDGE: Some Essays and Other Ruminations about Country Life in Texas 1980, 1st edition, NY. Illustrations by Glenn Wolff. 228pp w/illus. HB/DJ fine copy, SIGNED……..115.00


44) Graves, John HARD SCRABBLE: Observations on a Patch of Land 1974, 1st edition, NY. HB/DJ near fine copy…60.00 SOLD


45) Green, Ben K. BEN GREEN TALES 1974, 1st limited edition of 1250 copies, Flagstaff. Four volumes in slipcase. Each volume contains a tale by Green: I) “When I Was Just A Colt,” illustrated by William Moyers; II) “Up Fool’s Hill Ahorseback” illustrated by John Hampton; “Beauty,” illustrated by Joe Beeler; IV) “How Come I Wrote A Book,” illustrated by James Boren. [The latter includes Green’s hilarious account of his spat with Barbara Walters over a ‘politically incorrect’ colloquialism he used during a nationally televised interview.] 4 volumes in slipcase –SIGNED and numbered on the colophon page in volume I….295.00


46) Hafen, LeRoy R. [editorial supervisor] MOUNTAIN MEN AND THE FUR TRADE SERIES: Biographical sketches of the Participants by Scholars of the Subject and with introductions by the Editor TEN VOLUMES. 1965-1972, all first editions. The Arthur H. Clark Co., Glendale. 10 volumes--a complete analytical index included. Volume I through IX include the many Mountain Men Biographies--actually more than mere “sketches.” Volume X: “Analytical index to the series with an extensive bibliography, series contents and contributing personnel and a statistical review of the Mountain Men.” Ten volume set, all HB in original brown cloth, the set is in near fine condition =$850.00 (uncommon as a complete set!) SOLD


47) Green, Gen. Thomas J. JOURNAL OF THE TEXIAN EXPEDITION AGAINST MIER: Subsequent Imprisonment of the Author, His Sufferings, and Final Escape from the Castle of Perote, With reflections upon the Present Political and Probable Future Relations of Texas, Mexico and the United States. 1845, 1st edition, Harper & Bros. Publishers, NY. “Illustrated by drawings taken from life by Charles M’Laughlin.” Jenkins, BASIC TEXAS BOOKS: “The Most important account of the tragic Texan expedition against Mier and the drawing of the black beans.” He quotes C.W. Raines: “One of the best war histories of that time, and as fascinating as a romance.” Dobie said this account is “one of the most vivid and vigorous personal narratives associated with Texas history.” Published three years after the abortive expedition in 1842 under William S. Fisher and Thomas J. Green into Mexico after the withdrawal of the Somervell Expedition. A firsthand account of an important event of Texas History. 487pp w/ 2 maps, 11 engraved plates, appendices. HB green cloth w/gilt lettering on spine—an extremely nice copy, sound, hinges intact, some foxing to endpapers, rare……..750.00SOLD


48) Hagan, William T. QUANAH PARKER: Comanche Chief 1993, 1st edition, Norman. A well- balanced biography of the great chief. 149pp w/photos, sources, index. HB/DJ, very good…..35.00 SOLD


49) Haley, J. Evetts GEORGE W. LITTLEFIELD: Texan 1943, 1st edition, Norman. Drawings by Harold D. Bugbee. Adams, SIX-GUNS: “Another good biography of a well-known Texas cattleman.” Littlefield was a Confederate veteran (rode with Terry’s Rangers) who “trailed Longhorns to Kansas, opened huge ranges in the Texas Panhandle, grazed thousands of cattle on the Pecos, and discovered that money could also be made across a bank counter.” [He was a prolific benefactor to the University of Texas, and those unappreciative idiots took down the statues he donated.] 287pp w/ill, index. HB/DJ, very good copy……..125.00


50) Haley, J. Evetts JEFF MILTON: A Good Man With A Gun 1948, 1st edition, 1st state [w/inverted line on page 421] Norman. Illustrations by Harold D. Bugbee. Adams, SIX-GUNS, “An excellent biography of one of the famous law-enforcement officers of the Southwest...” Milton served on the frontiers of Texas, Arizona, and New Mexico, and crossed paths with many notable outlaws including John Wesley Hardin and Bill “Black Jack” Christian. 430pp w/map, photos, index. HB/DJ, near fine copy……135.00


51) Haley, J. Evetts FORT CONCHO AND THE TEXAS FRONTIER 1952, 1st edition, San Angelo. Designed by Carl Hertzog; illustrations by H.D. Bugbee. Haley’s classic history of the frontier military outpost and the West Texas country that surrounds it. Chapters on the Great Comanche War Trail; the stage-coach mail; founding and building of Fort Concho; Mackenzie and his Indian campaigns; Grierson and Shafter; “Nolan’s Lost Nigger Expedition;” racial troubles on the Conchos; transportation and supply; everyday life at the post; more. 352pp w/maps, illus, index. HB very good copy lacks dust jacket, scarce….140.00


52) Haley, J. Evetts CHARLES GOODNIGHT: Cowman and Plainsman 1949, 1st printing of the 2nd edition, University of Oklahoma Press, Norman. Illustrations by H.D. Bugbee. One of the best cowman’s biographies. Much of Haley’s material came from first-hand interviews with Goodnight over a period of years. Reese, SIX SCORE: “Goodnight’s career spanned the history of the development of West Texas, from Indian fighting to oil wells…Haley’s beautifully written biography, perhaps his best book, is an ample vehicle for a mighty figure, and a classic of American biography.” 485pp w/biblio, index. HB/no dust jacket]…..65.00


53) Haley, John A. WINDMILLS, DROUGHTS and COTTONSEED CAKES: A Biased Biography of a West Texas Rancher 1995, 1st edition, Ft. Worth. “Warm and humorous memoir” by a man who ranched near Kermit, Texas. HB/DJ…..25.00 SOLD


54) Hamner, Laura V. LIGHT ‘N HITCH: A Collection of Historical Writing Depicting Life on the High Plains 1958, 1st limited edition of 1000 copies, Dallas. Paintings by Dord Fitz. A panorama of High Plains history, with vivid accounts of events, people and places in the history of the Texas Panhandle covering the period from the 1870s through the 1920s—Adobe Walls, Charles Goodnight, Quanah Parker, law and order, transportation, pioneer women, town building, ranching, much. 350pp w/photos, index. HB yellow cloth w/decorated cover in brown cloth slipcase, numbered and SIGNED…………………….95.00 SOLD

54b) Another edition – Light ‘n Hitch – 1958, 1st trade edition, HB/DJ, fine copy, not signed…..65.00


55) Hamner, Laura V. THE NO-GUN MAN OF TEXAS 1935, true 1st edition [before the school edition], Amarillo. This was the first biography of Charles Goodnight. 256pp w/appendix, glossary. HB, green cloth, very good copy……100.00 SOLD



56) Harrigan, Stephen BIG WONDERFUL THING: A History of Texas 2019, 1st edition, Austin. “A tour de force by a New York Times best-selling author that captures the rich history of a state that sits at the center of a nation, yet defiantly stands apart.” 925pp w/maps, illustrations, notes, bibliography, index. HB/DJ, new SIGNED copies available……34.95


57) Harris, Charles H III & Louis R. Sadler THE TEXAS RANGERS IN TRANSITION: From Gunfighters to Criminal Investigators, 1921-1935 2019, 1st edition, Norman. “This book takes up the Rangers’ story at a time of political turmoil, as the largely rural state was rapidly becoming urban. At the same time, law enforcement was facing an epidemic of bank robberies, an increase in organized crime, the growth of the Ku Klux Klan, Prohibition enforcement—new challenges that the Rangers met by transitioning from gunfighters to criminal investigators.” 640pp w/map, photos, notes, bib, index. HB/DJ, new [multi-copies]..34.95


58) Heilner, Van Campen A BOOK ON DUCK SHOOTING 1943, 5th printing, NY. Paintings and drawings by Lynn Bogue Hunt. An entertaining memoir of hunting ducks world-wide.540pp w/photos, illus, bib., index. HB maroon cloth…..30.00 SOLD


Rare Texana –Personal description of Colonial days and eyewitness to Texas Revolution, Runaway Scrape, etc.…..

59) Helm, Mrs. Mary S. SCRAPS OF EARLY TEXAS HISTORY, by Mrs. Mary S. Helm, Who, With Her Husband, Elias R. Wightman, Founded the City of Matagorda, in 1828-9 1884, 1st edition, Printed for the author at the office of B.R. Warmer & Co., Austin. Jenkins. Jenkins: BASIC TEXAS BOOKS: “This valuable book contains not only the personal recollections of Mrs. Helm in Texas, but also a lengthy description of Texas written in the 1820’s by her first husband, Elias R. Wightman, One of Stephen F. Austin’s Old Three Hundred, Wightman came to Texas in 1824 as a surveyor for the new colony….This volume begins with an extraordinary account of the Texas Revolution from a woman’s viewpoint, including one of the best descriptions of the Runaway Scrape….” She was with Colonel Fannin’s wife when Mrs. Fannin received word of the Massacre at Goliad. In one section (12 chapters) she relates her adventures in Texas from 1828-1835. The last section contains Wightman’s description of Texas in which he discusses its physical characteristics, the twelve colonies, Indians, the Fredonian Rebellion, and more. 198pp w/errata. HB, almost fine copy w/natural foxing to some of the endpapers. Rare Texana………….1,250.00 SOLD


60) Hickerson, Nancy Parrott THE JUMANOS: Hunters and Traders of the South Plains 1994, 1st edition, Austin. A study of the Jumano tribe who traveled and traded extensively throughout the Southwest United States and northern Mexico. They were based in borderlands area of what is now Presidio/Ojinaga.270pp w/maps, notes, bib, index. HB green cloth, SIGNED…..35.00 SOLD


61) Hollister, Ovando J. COLORADO VOLUNTEERS IN NEW MEXICO 1862 1962, reprint edition by Lakeside Press, Chicago. An eyewitness account of the New Mexico campaign of 1861 and 1862 which stopped the drive of the Confederates to penetrate California. 309pp w/index. Small HB blue cloth w/gilt top edge…….22.50


62) Horn, Tom LIFE OF TOM HORN: Government Scout and Interpreter (“Written by himself; A vindication.”) 1987, Lakeside Press Edition, Chicago. Adams, SIX-GUNS: “It is an attempt to vindicate the crimes of Horn, and much of it is about his scouting days in Arizona.” HB brown cloth w/gilt top edge/no dj as issued.....25.00 SOLD


63) Jenkins, John Holmes, III (editor) RECOLLECTIONS OF EARLY TEXAS: The Memoirs of John Holland Jenkins 1958, 1st edition, Austin. Foreword by J. Frank Dobie. Jenkins witnessed many historic events in Texas’ early days. At the age of thirteen, his stepfather died in the Alamo, leaving young Jenkins as head of the family on the frontier wilderness. His chronicle provides one of the best firsthand accounts of the Runaway Scrape, plus he tells of his later years in which he fought as a Texas Ranger, participated in the Plum Creek Battle and the campaigns of 1842, and fought in the last Civil War battle at Palmetto Ranch. There are also chapters on Austin’s colony; the Comanches, Caddos and Cherokees; the Mier Expedition; and the Texan Santa Fe Expedition. 307pp w/illustrations, notes, bibliography, index. HB/DJ, very good……65.00 SOLD


64) Johnston, Eliza Griffin TEXAS WILD FLOWERS 1972, Deluxe edition—1st printing, Shoal Creek Publishers, Austin. Contains full color reproductions of the author's wild flower paintings which she did for her husband, General Albert Sidney Johnston, in the 1840s and ‘50s. Includes a biography of the author by Dr. Mildred Mayhall. 206pp w/100 full-page plates, index to flowers. Folio HB, leatherette w/decorated cover, scarce…….100.00

64b) Another edition – Texas Wild Flowers – by Eliza Griffin Johnston, 1976, 2ndedition, fine copy…….55.00


65) Katz, Friedrich THE LIFE AND TIMES OF PANCHO VILLA 1998, 1st edition, Stanford. "The lifework of a great historian, this book is without rival as a biography of one of the enigmatic figures of the 20th-century. With scrupulous detail and objectivity, and with a fluid narrative style, the author has reconstructed the dazzling trajectory of Pancho Villa from his obscure origins, through his years as cowboy, trader, outlaw, and revolutionary military figure, to his tragic and bloody downfall. This is the book on Villa.." -Adolpho Gilly. 985pp w/photos, appendices, bibliography, index. HB/DJ fine copy…..185.00 SOLD


66) Kavanagh, Thomas W. [compiler/editor] COMANCHE ETHNOGRAPHY: Field Notes Of E. Adamson Hoebel, Waldo R. Wedel, Gustav G. Carlson And Robert H. Lowie 2008, reprint edition, University of Nebraska Press, Lincoln. In the summer of 1933 in Lawton, Oklahoma, a team of six anthropologists met with eighteen Comanche elders to record the latter’s reminiscences of traditional Comanche culture. Much of the Comanches’ earlier world is presented here: religious stories, historical accounts, auto-biographical remembrances, cosmology, the practice of war, everyday games, birth rituals, funerals, kinship relations, organization of camps, material culture, relations with other tribes, more. 542pp w/photos, figures, notes, app, ref, index. HB new….60.00


67) Kelton, Elmer DARK THICKET 1985, 1st edition, NY. 182pp. Great novel of the Home Guard, Civil War times. HB/DJ inscribed/SIGNED….100.00


68) Kelton, Elmer THE GOOD OLD BOYS 1978, 1st edition, NY. Western Heritage Award and made into TNT movie. 253pp.

HB/DJ, dj has very minor edgewear, inscribed/SIGNED………..135.00 SOLD


69) Kelton, Elmer [writing as Lee McElroy] LONG WAY TO TEXAS 1976, 1st edition, NY. 184pp. HB/DJ very good,

inscribed/signed……..135.00 SOLD


70) Kelton, Elmer [writing as Lee McElroy] EYES OF THE HAWK 1981, 1st edition, NY. Spur Award. 182pp. HB/DJ, fine,



71) [KELTON, ELMER as illustrator] SAM McGOO AND TEXAS TOO by Paul Patterson. 1947, 1st edition, Dallas. The illustrations in this book were Kelton’s first published works, published even before his first short story. Paul Patterson was Kelton’s high school journalism teacher, and life-time mentor and friend. 183pp. HB orange cloth…….50.00 SOLD


72) [KERR COUNTY] KERR COUNTY, TEXAS 1856-1956 by Bob Bennett. 1956, 1st edition, Naylor Co., San Antonio. A well-rounded county history: early communities; pioneer biographies; Civil War days; freighting; Admiral Nimitz; Indian depredations; Battle at Bandera Pass; camels at Camp Verde; Charles Schreiner; railroads; much more. 332pp w/photos, index. HB/DJ as new condition, CLEARANCE: 35% off = $94.25 (was $145.00) I have four unread copies


New York Times best-seller!

73) Kilmeade, Brian SAM HOUSTON & THE ALAMO AVENGERS: The Texas Victory That Changed American History 2019, 1st edition, NY. Kilmeade recaptures this pivotal war that changed America forever, and sheds light on the tightrope all war heroes walk between courage and calculation. 272pp w/endpaper maps, illus, index. HB/DJ, new [multi-copies available….28.00


74) [KIMBLE COUNTY] ) IT OCCURRED IN KIMBLE AND HOW: The Story of a Texas County by O. C. Fisher. 1981, 2nd limited edition of 1,000 copies, San Angelo. Considered one of the more interesting Texas county histories with accounts of Indian fights, early day murder cases, outlaw roundups, and more. 237pp w/photos, app. HB/DJ, fine copy, inscribed/SIGNED…150.00

74b) Another copy – It Occurred in Kimble And How – 1981, 2nd edition, fine copy, not signed………………...125.00


75) Kleberg, Janell WAITING FOR DAYLIGHT: King Ranch Images From The Past 2003, 1st edition, Stoecklein Publishing & Photography, Ketchum. Kleberg writes of the ranch work she had documented on film for King Ranch over a period of thirty years. This book consists of photographs taken from horseback while working cattle in South Texas, South America, and Australia, with accompanying text. 176pp. Folio HB/DJ, near fine…..50.00


76) Kotz, Nick THE HARNESS MAKER’S DREAM: Nathan Kallison and the Rise of South Texas 2013, 1st edition, Fort Worth. The story of how Nathan Kallison, a young immigrant harness maker from Russia, and his extended family built a legendary business and ranching empire in South Texas. 337pp w/photos, notes, biblio, genealogical chart, index. HB/DJ, as new....26.95


77) Kupper, Winifred [editor] TEXAS SHEEPMAN: The Reminiscences of Robert Maudslay 1951, 1st edition, Austin. Ranching experiences of a young Englishman who came to West Texas in 1880. 138pp w/illus, notes, index. HB green cloth…..35.00


78) Lambert, Paul F. & Kenny A. Franks [editors] VOICES FROM THE OIL FIELDS 1984, 1st edition, Norman. A compilation of 20 WPA interviews with men and women who participated in the oil booms, providing many technical details about early oilfield operations, and about life in the fields during that turbulent period. 260pp w/photos, index. Entertaining and informative. HB/DJ, fine copy….. ..30.00 SOLD


79) Lasater, Annette N. TWO TO MEXICO 1979, 1st edition, San Angelo. Author tells of her family’s ranching experiences in northern Mexico in the 1960s and ‘70s. 182pp w/photos, endpaper map, glossary and map. HB/no dj as issued…75.00 SOLD


A handsome edition of my all-time favorite Pulitzer Prize-winning novel!

80) Lee, Harper TO KILL A MOCKINGBIRD 1988, Easton Press ‘Collector’s Edition’ with a full-page, full color specially commissioned frontispiece by Katherine Ross, NY. Pulitzer Prize winner. It was also named the best novel of the 20th Century by librarians across the country. A contemporary perspective on race relations in the 1960s. 296pp. HB bound in green leather with 22kt gold lettering on the spine, the deluxe features include smyth-sewn pages, moiré fabric end sheets and a satin ribbon page marker, a luxurious and handsome edition……..135.00 SOLD


81) Martin, Ned & Jody and Kurt House with history by Ralph Emerson BIT and SPUR MAKERS in the TEXAS TRADITION: A Historical Perspective 2000, 1st edition, Nicasio. This beautiful book “highlights the Texas tradition of bit and spur making and the exquisite pieces produced by more than 60 artisans active between 1870 and 1970 in Texas, Oklahoma, New Mexico, Arizona, and other states. Pictured among the 700 stunning photographs of bits and spurs are many one-of-a-kind pieces never seen outside of private collections.” Includes detailed chapters on the history of spur making; a biographical listing of 63 bit-and-spur makers with photos of their works and identifying marks; more. 264pp w/glossary, bibliography, extensive index. Folio HB/DJ this copy SIGNED by Ned and Jody Martin and co-author Kurt House, as new copy……115.00


82) [MARTIN COUNTY] MARTIN COUNTY: The First Thirty Years by Fay Eidson Smithson and Pat Wilkinson Hull. 1970, 1st edition, Hereford. Early history; county organization; cattle drives; tall tales; family biographies, much more. 295pp w/photos, index. Folio HB tan cloth w/pictorial cover……60.00


83) Meketa, Charles & Jacqueline ONE BLANKET AND TEN DAYS RATIONS: 1st Infantry New Mexico Volunteers in Arizona, 1864-1866 1980, 1st edition, Globe. The story of the volunteer companies who were mustered during the Civil War, and later joined the bloody campaign against the Apaches under the direction of General James Carleton. 99pp w/photos, maps, company rosters, footnotes, index. Folio softcover w/decorated cover, fine……27.50


84) Merchant, Lawrence THE SAN SIMON 1975, 1st limited edition of 1,100 copies, Carlsbad. The author gives a three-generation history of the 275,000 acre San Simon ranch in southeastern New Mexico. 159pp w/photos, maps, app. Wrprs..35.00 SOLD


85) Mooney, James CALENDAR HISTORY OF THE KIOWA INDIANS circa 1899, 1st printing, Washington D.C. An extensive history of the Kiowa and their culture, profusely illustrated.468pp w/illustrations, foldout full-color map, ref, index. Folio HB green cloth, this volume has been rebound and the partial front cover has been pasted to an endpaper, very good…….125.00 SOLD


86) [MOTLEY COUNTY, TEXAS] OF SUCH AS THESE: A History of Motley County by Eleanor Mitchell Traweek. 1973, 1st edition, Quanah. Chapters on Indians, Matador Ranch, Historic Landmarks and Towns, Church and Civic organizations, and much more. Over 200 pages devoted to family histories. 398pp w/photos. Folio HB w/decorated cover,….85.00 SOLD


87) Neeley, Bill QUANAH PARKER and HIS PEOPLE 1986, 1st edition, Slaton. Foreword by Claire Kuehn. A good biography of the last war chief of the Comanche Indians. 212pp w/photos, Parker family tree, notes, biblio., index. HB, red leather binding w/gilt lettering, inscribed/SIGNED….45.00 SOLD


88) Newsome, C.M. “Buck” SHOD WITH IRON: Life on the Mexican Border with the United States Border Patrol 1975, reprint, Marfa. Newsome was a border patrol agent in Texas and the Southwest in the 1940s and ‘50s. Here he relates some interesting highlights of that career, with photos. HB/DJ….25.00


89) Nordyke, Lewis CATTLE EMPIRE: The Fabulous Story of the 3,000,000 acre XIT 1949, 1st edition, NY. A history of the famed Panhandle ranching empire and of the men who developed it. 273pp w/photos, appendix [includes “Ranch Rules” as set down by Abner Taylor in 1888.] HB/DJ, inscribed/SIGNED........55.00 SOLD


90) Ormsby, Waterman L. THE BUTTERFIELD OVERLAND MAIL 1955, 2nd edition, San Marino. The author, a journalist, recorded his journey on the Butterfield Stage over its entire route from St. Louis to San Francisco. 179pp with notes, illustrations, map endpapers, index. HB/DJ, very good copy w/closed tear at dust jacket flap…..45.00


91) Osgood, Ernest Staples THE DAY OF THE CATTLEMAN 1954, 2nd printing, Minneapolis. How the range cattleman helped achieve the settling of the West. 283pp w/maps, illustrations, index. HB/DJ, very good……..32.50


92) Pate, Ann FORT CHADBOURNE: A Military Post, A Family Heritage 2011, 1st edition, Fort Chadbourne. Foreword by Garland Richards, President, Fort Chadbourne Foundation. This is the “first and only full length book containing both the history of the military post, and the family that has called it home for eight generations…A factual account taken from military records, letters, diaries, family deeds.” 341pp w/photographs, charts, rosters and maps. HB/DJ, fine copy….45.00


93) Pope, Clarence AN OIL SCOUT IN THE PERMIAN BASIN 1972, 1st edition, El Paso. Author gives us a firsthand account of the oil boom days and the subsequent growth of West Texas’ early petroleum industry. 150pp w/photos. HB/DJ [dust jacket has small chips at top edge, else a very good copy, SIGNED………55.00 SOLD


94) Pounds, Robert E. & John B. McCall THE ORIENT 2011, 1st edition, published by Santa Fe Railway Historical & Modeling Society, Inc., Midwest City. A fully illustrated history of the Kansas City, Mexico & Orient Railway, “telling the birth, growth, tribulations, and finally the denouement of Arthur Stilwell’s grand idea – The Orient Railway – which for over sixty years remained a quaint, backwater operation of the great Santa Fe Railway system…” 344pp w/illus, maps, index. Oblong folio HB/DJ fine…85.00 SOLD


95) Powell, Peter J. SWEET MEDICINE: The Continuing Role of the Sacred Arrows, the Sun Dance, and the Sacred Buffalo Hat in Northern Cheyenne History 1969, 1st edition, Norman. TWO VOLUMES. Volume 100 in the Civilization of the American Indian Series. An interesting in-depth history and cultural study of the Cheyenne. Much on Custer and the Little Big Horn fight. 935pp w/illus, index. Two volumes HB in slipcase…..100.00


96) Rascoe, Burton BELLE STARR: The Bandit Queen 1941, 1st edition, NY. A biography that includes a chapter on “Folklore and History” concerning the notorious lady outlaw 340pp w/photos, bibliographical review, index. HB, cracked hinge.....35.00 SOLD


97) Reed, William OLAF WIEGHORST 1971, 2nd printing, Flagstaff. Foreword by Senator Barry Goldwater. This book won the National Cowboy Hall of Fame’s award for “Best Western Art Book.” It has 33 full-color reproductions of the artist’s paintings, plus many pen-and-ink sketches that depict cowboy life in the Old West, and gives a biographical account of the man and his career. 194pp. Folio HB/DJ has some foxing, otherwise near fine……..35.00 SOLD


98) [REAUGH, FRANK] FRANK REAUGH: Painter to the Longhorns 1985, 1st edition, College Station. Introduction by Donald L. Weismann. Features 61 full-color plates of the artist’s cattle range paintings.146p. Oblong folio HB/DJ…..25.00 SOLD


99) Roe, Frank Gilbert THE INDIAN AND THE HORSE 1955, 1st edition, Norman. The American Indian was pedestrian until the Spanish Conquistadores introduced him to the horse. This book chronicles the amazing relationship between horse and Indian. 434pp w/map, illustrations, appendices, bibliography, index. HB/DJ, near fine….35.00 SOLD


100) Ross, Alexander FUR HUNTERS OF THE FAR WEST 1956, 1st edition, Norman. “A vivid and dramatic narrative of the early nineteenth century fur trader’s life…” 304pp w/illus, map, index. HB/DJ [dj chipped, now in protective cover]…..26.00 SOLD


101) [RYAN, TOM, Cowboy Artist] TOM RYAN: A Painter in Four Sixes Country by Dean Krakel. 1971, 1st trade edition, Northland Press, Flagstaff. Fifteen full-color paintings that chronicle the artist’s experiences on the Four-6’s, along with his description of the action in each painting. 111pp w/bib. Oblong folio HB brown cloth/no dust jacket…….30.00 SOLD


102) Salinger, J.D. THE CATCHER IN THE RYE 1951, Book Club Edition, NY. classic novel. 277pp. HB/DJ fine…….45.00 SOLD


103) [SCHLEICHER COUNTY] A HISTORY OF SCHLEICHER COUNTY, TEXAS 1979, 1st edition, San Angelo. 647pp w/photos, numerous historical articles, early community and pioneer histories; brands; civic organizations; churches; over 400 pages of family histories; index; much more. Folio hardback w/pictorial covers…..135.00


104) Schulz, Joy THE WEST STILL LIVES: A Book Based on the Paintings and Sculpture of Joe Ruiz Grandee 1970, 1st edition, Dallas. 54 pages of text plus many unnumbered pages of color and black-and-white reproductions of Grandee’s work. Folio HB white cloth w/Grandee’s brand, SIGNED by Grandee…..40.00 SOLD


105) Selden, Jack K. RETURN: The Parker Story 2006, 2nd printing, Palestine. “The true story that inspired the classic John Wayne film, The Searchers.” In addition to retelling the story of Cynthia Ann Parker’s captivity, this book traces the lives of many members of the extended Parker family. 311pp w/photos, maps, notes, index. HB/DJ, as new, SIGNED….39.95


106) Spivey, Towana [editor] A HISTORICAL GUIDE TO WAGON HARDWARE & BLACKSMITH SUPPLIES 1988, reprint, Contributions of the Museum of the Great Plains Number 9, Lawton. A useful reference guide for wagon hardware and blacksmith supplies from days gone by. Fully illustrated. 202pp w/index. Folio softcover, fine………..45.00 SOLD


107) Steen, David A. SECRETS OF SNAKES: The Science Beyond the Myths2019, 1st edition, TAMU Press. Enhanced by more than 100 stunning color photographs and three original drawings, this book encourages readers to learn about the snakes around them and introduces them to how scientists use the scientific method and critical thinking to learn about the natural world.164pp w/illus, notes, index. Flexbound, new [multi-copies]…..24.95


108) [STRYKER, JOHN ADDISON] THE RODEO OF JOHN ADDISON STRYKER 1977, 1st edition, Encino Press, Austin. Introduction by Ron Tyler. The extraordinary rodeo photography of John Stryker who followed the circuit for decades. 61 plates. HB/DJ, fine………..85.00 SOLD


109) [TEXIAN PRESS] FRONTIER FORTS OF TEXAS 1966, 1st edition. 8 paintings by Melvin C. Warren. Stories of eight important frontier forts: Belknap (by Kenneth F. Neighbours); Bliss (by Joe B. Frantz); Brown (by Ben Proctor); Clark (by Dorman H. Winfrey); Concho (by Roger N. Conger); Davis (by James M. Day); Mason (by Harold B. Simpson); and Sam Houston (by W.C. Nunn.) 189pp w/illus. Folio HB no dust jacket………27.00


110) Thrapp, Dan L. ENCYCLOPEDIA OF FRONTIER BIOGRAPHY 1990, 2nd printing with revisions, Arthur H. Clark Co., Spokane. FOUR VOLUMES. “Candidates for inclusion in this compendium include people no longer living. who came to attention through the significance of their deeds or simply were of interest in some connection to the evolving drama of the American west. Among them are explorers and discoverers, fur men, Indians and Indian agents, a few early cattlemen, travelers, military officers and soldiers, desperadoes and lawmen, scouts, buffalo hunters, renegades, early conservationists and wildlife specialists, scientists, writers, painters, photographers and illustrators, expansionists, missionaries and martyrs, etc." 2038 total pp. Four volume set-150.00


111) Wallace, Ernest & E. Adamson Hoebel THE COMANCHES: Lords of the South Plains 1952, 1st edition, Norman. Probably one of the better detailed studies of the Comanche tribe and their great traditions of warfare, life and customs. 381pp w/illus, bibliography, index. HB tan cloth w/decorated cover, near fine copy lacking dust jacket………………..45.00


112) Wallis, George A. CATTLE KINGS OF THE STAKED PLAINS 1964, 2nd revised edition, Denver. Adams, HERD: “Much on the ranches of West Texas and New Mexico.” Included are Charles Goodnight and the JA; C.C. Slaughter and the Long S; John Chisum and the Jingle-bobs; Major George Littlefield and the Yellow House; the Farwells and the XIT; others; and a chapter on Billy the Kid. 164 pages w/photos, brands and a list of “World Champion Cowboys Since 1948.” HB/DJ, very good….30.00


113) Walton, William W. LIFE AND ADVENTURES OF BEN THOMPSON: The Famous Texan 1956, reprint edition published by The Steck Co., Austin. Adams, SIX-GUNS: “Written by a man who was Thompson’s close friend and his attorney and naturally sympathetic. The book gives an accurate account of the death of Sheriff Whitney in Ellsworth, Kansas, and, unlike Stuart Lake’s account, does not mention that Wyatt Earp was there.” 232pp w/photos. Publisher’s brochure. HB decorated cover..35.00


114) Ward, Fay E. THE COWBOY AT WORK: All About His Job and How He Does It 1958, 1st edition, NY. Jacket drawing by Nick Eggenhofer and 600 detail drawings by the author. “...the authoritative cowboy manual, by a famous professional of the old school who spent a lifetime settin’ on a horse.” Just about anything you’d want to know about a cowboy and his equipment. 262pp w/illustrations, index. HB/DJ [dust jacket has minor edgewear]……..45.00 SOLD


115) Weiss, G. STOCK RAISING IN THE NORTHWEST, 1884 1951, 1st limited edition of 500 copies, Evanston. Translated with historical note by Herbert O. Brayer. In the early 1880s, Weis, a French emigrant, purchased a ranch in Montana and 850 head of cattle. Here are his observations from his experiences written in 1884. 24pp w/illus, and a 12 page intro by Brayer. HB….45.00


116) Wright, Bill & E. John Gesick, Jr. THE TEXAS KICKAPOO: Keepers of Tradition 1996, 1st edition, Austin. Photographic study of the Kickapoo tribe, with historical essay that tells the story of the tribe’s migration from the woodlands of the Northeast to the deserts of Texas and Coahuila. One of many stories passed down in the oral tradition tells of Mackenzie’s raid into a Kickapoo hunting camp near Remolino, Mexico in 1873–a story never before in print. 197pp w/ notes. Oblong folio HB/DJ, nice…40.00 SOLD



117a) TEXAS RANGER, CO. B HOLLIDAY GREETING 1989 The front of the 8-3/4” X 11” Holliday greeting card has portraits of each contemporary member of Company G, and it is SIGNED by each member next to his portrait. A picture of a Texas Ranger badge is in the center of the card surrounded by the portraits. Fine copy, unique for Texas Ranger autograph collectors ………..50.00

117b) TEXAS RANGER, CO. B HOLLIDAY GREETING, 1991 (same as above) SIGNED by each member…50.00

117c) TEXAS RANGER, CO. B HOLLIDAY GREETING, 1995 (same as above) SIGNED by each member…50.00

117d) TEXAS RANGER, CO. B HOLLIDAY GREETING, 1998 (same as above) SIGNED by each member…50.00

117e) TEXAS RANGER, CO. B HOLLIDAY GREETING, 1999 (same as above) SIGNED by each member…50.00

117f) TEXAS RANGER, CO. B HOLLIDAY GREETING, 2000 (same as above) SIGNED by each member…50.00

117g) TEXAS RANGER, CO. B HOLLIDAY GREETING, 2001 (same as above) SIGNED by each member…50.00

117h) TEXAS RANGER, CO. B HOLLIDAY GREETING, 2002 (same as above) SIGNED by each member…50.00

117i) OCTOBER, 1989 TEXAS RANGERS IN-SERVICE SCHOOL GROUP PHOTO 8” x 10” color photo, the Rangers are identified by row on the back of the photo…………..20.00

117j) JUNE 13-14, 2008 TEXAS RANGER REUNION GROUP PHOTO, WACO, TEXAS 8” x 10” color photo, includes a SIGNED letter concerning the Reunion from E.E. “Bubba” Hudson, Chairman of the Board, Texas Rangers Association to Texas Ranger Danny V. Rhea, San Angelo, Texas………..30.00

117k) RANGERS OF TEXAS 1969, 1st edition, Waco. Foreword by Colonel Wilson E. Speir; intro by Rupert N. Richardson; 7 original paintings by David Sanders. Seven Ranger biographies: “John Coffee Hays” by Dorman H. Winfrey; “Samuel Walker” by James M. Day; “Ben McCulloch” by Ben Proctor; “John Salmon (Rip) Ford” by Harold B. Simpson; “Lawrence Sullivan Ross” by Richard N. Conger; and “Leander H. McNelly” by Joe B. Frantz. 159pp. Folio HB/DJ fine copy, this copy SIGNED by each member of the Texas Rangers who were active in 2000, the signatures are arranged by Company A through Company F on the endpapers—one-of-a-kind!………….150.00 SOLD


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