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CATALOG #297, November, 2019

 TEXANA/WESTERN AMERICANA: New, used and rare 


1) Adams, Ramon THE COWMAN & HIS PHILOSOPHY 1967, 1st limited edition of 750 copies, Encino Press, Austin.  Anecdotes of range philosophy and logic.  51pp. HB w/pictorial cover, numbered and SIGNED………..75.00


2) Ashurst, Ed THE STORIES THAT TERRELL SHELLEY TOLD ME 2019, 1st edition, np. Ed told me this about the book: Terrell Shelley and his family established a cattle ranch on Mogollon Creek 1884. That ranch is still owned by the Shelley family , and this book tells about catching wild cow, cow men, county sheriffs, world champions in the rodeo arena and world famous hunters and guides; great lion hunting tales. 368pp w/many period photos. Folio HB/DJ, new [multiple-copies] SIGNED…34.95


3) Banta, Alyssa THE TEXAS RANCH SISTERHOOD: Portraits of Women Working the Land 2019, 1st edition, The History Press, Charleston. The author/photographer followed more than a dozen Texas women ranchers through their grueling daily routines for an intimate look at their challenges and achievements. 190pp w/photos. Folio wrappers, new [multiple copies available]…..29.99


4) Barrett, Neal, Jr. LONG DAYS AND SHORT NIGHTS: A Century of Ranching on the YO, 1880- 1980  1980, 1st edition, Mountain Home. Illustrated by Joe Beeler. The story of the Schreiners and their five-generation ranching dynasty at the YO Ranch near Kerrville. 192pp w/photos, index.  Folio HB/DJ, SIGNED by seven members of the Schreiner family........100.00 SOLD


5) Bell, Thomas W. MIER EXPEDITION NARRATIVE  1964, reprint of the 1845 original, Waco. One of the first accounts published after the prisoners were released. 97pp w/notes, index. HB/DJ near fine….75.00 SOLD


6) Berish, Joan E. FIRE AND FAUNA: Tales of a Life Untamed  2019, 1st edition, College Station. “A unique, educational, and often humorous memoir reflecting the life of a woman in the field of wildlife conservation and her associated escapades early in life and today. Berish introduces readers to the adventures, triumphs, and heartbreaks of working with animals, both domestic and wild.” 235pp w/photos, index. HB/DJ, new [multiple copies]…….29.95


7) [BIG BEND] ADVENTURES IN THE BIG BEND: A Travel Guide by Jim Glendinning.2010, 4th edition, Iron Mountain Press, Houston. Detailed mile-by-mile directions for five driving tours, including backcountry roads in fourteen different communities in the Big Bend region. 314pp w/maps, illus, indices. Trade paperback, new [multiple copies]….19.95


8) Bieber, Ralph P. [editor] MARCHING WITH THE ARMY OF THE WEST 1846-1848 by Abraham R. Johnston, Marcellus B. Edwards and Philip G. Ferguson. 1936, 1st edition, Arthur H. Clark Co., Southwest Historical Series IV, Glendale. During the Mexican War three soldiers of the Army of the West, Abraham Robinson Johnston, Marcellus Ball Edwards, and Philip Gooch Ferguson, recorded their experiences while marching across the plains and mountains of the Southwest. 368pp w/illus, foldout map. HB maroon cloth, very good…..75.00 SOLD


9) [BIG BEND] THE HERITAGE OF THE BIG BEND: Historical Landmarks & Scenes From The Big Bend Country of Texas as painted by William A. DiMarco 1975,  1st limited edition #573 of 1,000 copies, printed by Madrona Press, Austin. A portfolio complete with 16 drawings of Big Bend landmarks. A list of drawings gives a brief description of each numbered sketch. Portfolio……..125.00  [NOTE: these prints are loose and suitable for framing!] SOLD


10) Boatman, T. Nicole, et al GALVESTON’S MACEO FAMILY EMPIRE: Bootlegging & the Balinese Room  2014, 1st edition, History Press, Charleston. A history of the Island’s empire of gambling, smuggling and prostitution that lasted three decades. 144pp w/photos, notes, index… HB boards w/pictorial cover………45.00


11) Bradley, Rusty BRIDLEWISE AND OTHERWISE, Vol. II  1978, 1st edition, Quanah. Calf ropers and bulldoggers and cow people in general are the unwary subjects of this book of entertaining yarns. 104pp w/illustrations by the author. HB/DJ, fine copy, SIGNED……….35.00 SOLD


12) Brennan, Leonard A. [editor] TEXAS QUAILS: Ecology and Management  2007, 1st edition, College Station. Presents the first complete assessment of the four species of quail found in Texas with a description of each and their habitat. The contributing experts also discuss management practices, hunting issues, economics and diseases.  512pp w/132 photos, 18 maps, graphs & tables, bibliography, index. Folio HB w/pictorial cover, new…….40.00


13) [BROWN COUNTY]. SOMETHING ABOUT BROWN (A History of Brown County, Texas) by T.R. Havins. 1958, 1st edition, Brownwood. Includes chapters on communities, cattle ranching, Texas Rangers, and some mention of John Wesley Hardin and his activities in the area. 208pp w/photos, bibliography, appendix, index.  HB/DJ fine copy, SIGNED ….85.00 SOLD


14) Carnes, Ruth Juby HORSEBACK GOVERNMENT: Ad Interim Administration Republic of Texas 1836 1974, 1st edition, Naylor Co., San Antonio. A fictionalized day-by-day accounting of the Republic’s first year. 129pp w/maps, bibliography, and list of signers of the Texas Declaration of Independence. HB/DJ, INSCRIBED/SIGNED……….45.00


15) Carroll, H. Bailey  THE TEXAN SANTA FE TRAIL  1951, 1st edition, Canyon. A detailed examination of the Texan Santa Fe Expedition from its beginning until it surrendered to Mexican forces.  In the author’s own words, this book “ is a factual, day-by-day account of a group of [overland] voyagers who in 1841, in attempting to tie together the new capital of Texas and the ancient one of New Mexico, revealed a surprising amount of the unsettled, unexplored Southwest.” 201pp w/maps, ill, bib, index. HB tan cloth, this copy inscribed to author/historian J.W. Williams, and SIGNED by Bailey…..50.00


16) Chittenden, William Lawrence  RANCH VERSES  1925, 3rd printing, NY.  A collection of range poetry by a rancher from Anson, Texas. Quoting the author: “The verses in this little volume are offsprings of solitude--born in idle hours on a Texas ranch.”  228pp with illustrations and photos. Hardback blue cloth w/gilt decorations, fine copy……40.00


17) Christensen, Pixie LONE STAR STEEPLES: Historic Places of Worship in Texas  2016, 1st edition, TAMU Press, College Station.  Foreword by David Ruesink; illustrations by Carl J. Christensen, Jr.  Presents sixty-five historically significant religious structures in watercolor illustrations accompanied by brief summaries and handcrafted maps. 165pp w/maps, illustrations, notes, index. Folio HB/DJ, new ……….35.00


18) Connelley, William E. DONIPHAN’S EXPEDITION and the  CONQUEST of NEW MEXICO and CALIFORNIA  1907, 1st edition, Topeka. This account of an important campaign of the War with Mexico also includes Col. John T. Hughes’ book that was first published in 1847, plus other firsthand accounts, official company rosters, biographies of Doniphan and others, and much more.  670pp w/2 foldout maps, illustrations, index. HB w/pictorial cover, very good ……..100.00 SOLD


19) Connor, Seymour V. & Jimmy M. Skaggs BROADCLOTH AND BRITCHES: The Santa Fe Trade  1977, 1st edition, College Station. A detailed and lively narrative in which the authors trace the origins, development, and decline of the Santa Fe Trail and trade.  225ppw/maps, illustrations, notes and sources, index. HB/DJ dust jacket has some small chips]……30.00


20) Cooper, Madison SIRONIA, TEXAS  1952, 1st edition, Boston. TWO VOLUMES. Epic novel about life in a small town in Texas. When it was published its thinly disguised characters scandalized some families in Waco, Texas. 1,731pp. Two volumes HB/DJ, fine condition, the set = 85.00


21) Crouser, Michael MOUNTAIN RANCH 2017, 1st edition, The M.K. Brown Range Life Series, UT Press, Austin. Foreword by Gretel Ehrlich. The author spent a decade photographing family cattle ranches in Colorado as they followed annual cycles of breeding, birthing, branding, grazing, and selling livestock. 218pp w/duotone photos. Folio HB/DJ, as new……40.00 SOLD


22 ) Cutbirth, Ruby Nichols ED NICHOLS RODE A HORSE 1943, 1st edition, Dallas. Frontispiece by Jerry Bywaters.  “Salty reminiscences of an old-time cowboy and peace officer who has ridden through most of the history of Bosque County, Texas.”  This narrative in Nichols’ own words, as told to his daughter. 134pp. HB/DJ, fine copy, SIGNED by Cutbirth and Nichols..150.00 SOLD

22b) Another edition –Ed Nichols Rode A Horse – Oct., 1943, 1st edition, 2nd printing, HB/DJ fine, SIGNED  both..65.00


23) Davis, John W.  WYOMING RANGE WAR: The Infamous Invasion of Johnson County 2010, 1st edition, Norman. A new look at the Johnson County Range War of 1892. 357pp w/photos, notes, biblio, index. HB/DJ fine copy…..35.00


24) Debo, Angie [editor] THE COWMAN’S SOUTHWEST: Being the Reminiscences of Oliver Nelson  1953, 1st edition, Arthur H. Clarke Co., Glendale.  (No. IV of the publisher’s Western Frontier Series.)  Nelson was a frontiersman who traveled as a freighter, camp cook, and cowboy in Kansas, Indian Territory, and Texas. Adams, SIX-GUNS: “A most interesting book of reminiscences, with some material on many of the outlaws of Oklahoma and Texas...the Dalton raid at Coffeyville...Henry Brown raid on the bank at Medicine Lodge.  Has much information on Billy the Kid and some on John Wesley Hardin.” A lot on freighting, trail drives and ranching. A really fine first-person look at life on the frontier in the 1880s. 343pp w/photos, maps, index. Hardback bound in red cloth, very good condition, and very scarce….175.00 SOLD


25) Dobie, J. Frank  et al [ed’rs] MUSTANGS AND COW HORSES 1940, 1st edition, Austin. Texas Folklore Society Publication No. XVI (1940).  Horse lore by many well-known contributors, including Dobie, Florence Fenley, George Catlin, Robert Denhardt, Badger Clark, John A. Lomax, Riley Aiken, and others. Illustrations by many western artists, including Charles M. Russell, Will James, Ross Santee, and endpaper drawings by H.D. Bugbee. Highly sought after as “the richest assemblage of material on range horses ever published.” (Dobie/Dykes 44 & 44). 429pp w/illus, index. HB/DJ [dj foxed w/some small chips]…..85.00 SOLD


26) Dobie, J. Frank PITCHING HORSES AND PANTHERS 1940, reprinted from Mustangs and Cow Horses, Austin. 15pp, w/illustration by Will James. Softcover….27.50 SOLD


27) Ferber, Edna GIANT 1952, 1st edition, Garden City.  Classic novel of oil-rich Texans.447pp. HB/DJ fine copy…. 75.00 SOLD


28) Fergusson, Erna MURDER & MYSTERY IN NEW MEXICO 1948, 1st edition, Albuquerque.  Frontispiece by Peter Hurd.  Adams, SIX-GUNS: “A well-written book with chapters on several of the New Mexico outlaws, such as Vicente Silva, Billy the Kid, and Tom Ketchum...Her chapters on Vicente and Ketchum are more reliable...” There are also chapters on the mysterious death of Colonel Fountain and his son; the vigilantes of Socorro; more.  192pp w/photos, endpaper map. HB/DJ, fine, SIGNED…..55.00


29) Foote, Shelby  THE CIVIL WAR: A Narrative 1958, early reprints, NY.  Three Volumes. Foote presents a vivid narrative of the war as seen from both sides. A total of 2,927 pages with photos, 136 maps, 6 endpaper maps, bibliographical notes, indexes.  All three volumes are hardbacks with dust jackets, very good condition. The set of 3 volumes = 55.00


30) [FREEMASONRY] BY EARLY CANDLELIGHT: The Story of Old Milam by Archie MacDonald. 1967, 1st edition, Masonic Home Press, Fort Worth. Early history of Freemasonry in Nacogdoches—1837 to 1967. 256pp w/photos, roster, index. HB/DJ very good copy, dust jacket has tiny chips and foxing, scarce…….100.00


31) Gambrell, Herbert  ANSON JONES: The Last President of Texas 1948, 1st edition, NY. Jenkins, BASIC TEXAS BOOKS, labels this book  “is the best biography of a Texan. Never has a more forgotten and misunderstood man been more effectively resurrected… One of the most enjoyable features of Gambrell’s biography is his insight into the Texas of that period, based on extensive research and presented with wit and careful pruning.” Folded around the book is a banner proclaiming it to be winner of the Texas Institute of Letters’ “Best Texas Book of the Year” (1948). 462pp w/bibliography and index. HB/DJ (dj slightly worn, now in protective cover)…….45.00 SOLD


32) Gardner, Rick ALL THE HOUSES WERE PAINTED WHITE: Historic Homes of the Texas Golden Crescent  2019, 1st edition, TAMU Press, College Station. Contributions by Gary Dunman. Offers its readers a stately appreciation of many stately homes in and around Victoria, Cuero, Goliad, Hallettsville, Schulenburg and Gonzales. It is also a tribute to the architects, owners, and anonymous craftspeople who built the houses—to their vision, skill, ingenuity, imagination, creativity, and endurance. 186pp w/photos, maps, notes, index. Folio HB/DJ, new [multiple copies available]………39.95


33) Garrett, Julia Kathryn  GREEN FLAG OVER TEXAS: A Story of the Last Years of Spain in Texas 1969, 2nd edition, The Pemberton Press, Austin. Foreword by Dr. Herbert E. Bolton.  Jenkins, BASIC TEXAS BOOKS: “This is the best account of the abortive Texas Revolution of 1811-1813, the Gutierrez-Magee Expedition, and the Green Flag Republic, and this period of Texas history.”  275pp w/notes, bibliography, index. HB/DJ, a near fine copy except for tiny chips along top edge of the dust jacket, inscribed/SIGNED, exceedingly scarce ……..475.00 SOLD


34) Gould, Charles N. COVERED WAGON GEOLOGIST 1959, 1st edition, Norman. Autobiography of one of the Southwest’s most noted geologists. 282pp w/photos, index. HB/DJ very good…….40.00 SOLD


35) Grauer, Michael R. MAKING A HAND: The Art of H. D. Bugbee 2020, 1st edition, TAMU Press, college Station. By the 1930s, Bugbee was providing pen-and-ink sketches for magazines such as Ranch Romances, Western Stories, Country Gentleman, and Field and Stream.  Hiss illustrations for Haley’s Charles Goodnight began a long association. This richly illustrated overview of the man and his art provides a valuable and entertaining resource for collectors and students of western and Texas art. 99pp w/illus, index. 99pp w/illus, index. Folio HB/DJ, new [multiple copies available]…….34.95


36) Graves, John GOODBYE TO A RIVER 1981, reprint edition, NY. Illustrated by Russell Waterhouse. A narrative in which the author describes “a three-week trip down the Brazos River, into which is woven a history of the people who have lived along its banks – Indians, settlers, warriors and wanderers.”  306pp w/map, bib. HB/DJ, fine copy, inscribed/SIGNED……..75.00


37) [GREY, ZANE] ZANE GREY: Outdoorsman selected and edited by George Reiger. 1972, later printing, Englewood Cliffs.  “Zane Grey’s best hunting and fishing tales published in commemoration of his centennial year.” Drawings by Roy Grinnell. 349pp w/20 stories; photo section; and 3 appendices that include a bibliography of his published outdoor works.  HB/DJ…..25.00 SOLD


38) Green, Ben K. WILD COW TALES 1969, 1st edition, NY. Illustrated by Lorence Bjorklund.  Author spins thirteen entertaining yarns about his adventures with wild steers. HB/DJ (dust jacket slightly edgeworn) very good………..40.00


39) Hamilton, Holman ZACHARY TAYLOR: Soldier in the White House  1951, 1st edition, Indianapolis. This volume covers the part of Taylor’s life when he was the 12th President of the United States and died 16 months into his presidency. 496pp w/illus, notes, bibliography, index. HB red cloth……..35.00



40) Harrigan, Stephen BIG WONDERFUL THING: A History of Texas 2019, 1st edition, Austin. “A tour de force by a New York Times best-selling author that captures the rich history of  a state that sits at the center of a nation, yet defiantly stands apart.” 925pp w/maps, illustrations, notes, bibliography, index. HB/DJ, new SIGNED copies available……34.95


41) Harris, Gertrude  A TALE OF MEN WHO KNEW NOT FEAR: The Story of Sibley’s Campaign Into New Mexico  1935, 1st edition, Alamo Printing, San Antonio. Besides the story of the Sibley Campaign of 1862, there’s a chapter on Robert E. Lee and the time he spent in Texas. 100pp w/illustrations. HB red cloth with black lettering, very good…..45.00 SOLD


   NEW TEXAS RANGER BOOK by best selling authors Charles H. Harris III & Louis R. Sadler

42) Harris, Charles H III & Louis R. Sadler  THE TEXAS RANGERS IN TRANSITION: From Gunfighters to Criminal Investigators, 1921-1935  2019, 1st edition, Norman. “This book takes up the Rangers’ story at a time of political turmoil, as the largely rural state was rapidly becoming urban. At the same time, law enforcement was facing an epidemic of bank robberies, an increase in organized crime, the growth of the Ku Klux Klan, Prohibition enforcement—new challenges that the Rangers met by transitioning from gunfighters to criminal investigators.” 640pp w/map, photos, notes, bib, index. HB/DJ, new [multi-copies]..34.95


43) Haven, Charles T. & Frank A. Belden A HISTORY OF THE COLT REVOLVER and Other Arms Made by Colt’s Patent Fire Arms Manufacturing Company from 1836 to 1940  1997, “Special edition of the Firearms Classic Library,” Fairfax. [Originally published in 1949.] A history of the invention and development of the Colt Revolver, plus a complete record of the types and models of Colt firearms produced from 1836 to 1940. 711pp w/100s of photos and illus, glossary, index. Folio HB red leather w/gilt decorations and edges, fine copy……55.00 SOLD


44) Hening, H.B. [editor] GEORGE CURRY, 1861-1947: An Autobiography 1958, 1st edition, Albuquerque. An interesting frontier biography.  Curry fought in the Spanish-American war, and in the Philippines; met Billy the Kid; served as Governor o New Mexico Territory; and served New Mexico as a politician for decades. 336pp w/index. HB/DJ near fine…..28.00


45) Holden, Curry HILL OF THE ROOSTER  1956, 1st edition, NY. Novel about the fiercely independent Yaqui Indians of northern Mexico during the early 1900s.  319pp w/endpaper map. HB green and tan cloth, SIGNED….30.00 SOLD


46) Holden, William Curry ALTON HUTSON: Reminiscences of a South Plains Youth  1975, 1st edition, San Antonio. Memoir about life in the Texas Panhandle in the early years of the 20th Century. 152pp w/photos, index. Folio HB tan cloth….30.00


47) [HOOD COUNTY, TEXAS] HOOD COUNTY HISTORY IN PICTURE AND STORY 1978, 2nd edition, Ft. Worth. This history includes a facsimile reproduction of T.T. Ewell’s 160 page Hood County History that was first published in 1895, plus other historical articles, biographies.  191pp w/maps, photos, index. HB/DJ…..45.00


48) Hough, Emerson THE PASSING OF THE FRONTIER: A Chronicle of the Old West 2012, reprint by Palladium Press, Birm-ingham. A lively narrative on the conquering of the Old West. Has some chapters on cattle trails, cattle kings and cowboys, the homesteader, the Indian Wars, and more. 181pp w/illus, index. HB blue leather w/gilt edges, fine…….27.50 SOLD


49) Hughes, Thomas [editor] ] G.T.T. GONE TO TEXAS: Letters From Our Boys 1884, 1st edition, NY.  The letters of three brothers, young English immigrants, give a firsthand look at life on a sheep ranch in Kendall County during the 1880s.  228pp. HB this copy has been rebound in maroon cloth with new marbled endpapers, a fine copy, and very scarce……..200.00 SOLD


50) [JEFF DAVIS COUNTY] A SPECIAL PLACE, A SACRED TRUST: Preserving the Fort Davis Story by Michael Welsh.  1996, 1st printing, Intermountain Cultural Resource Center Professional Paper No. 58, National Park Service, Santa Fe.  “A history of the origins and development of Fort Davis National Historic Site from the time of its abandonment by the U.S. Army in 1891 until the present time. 292pp w/maps, photos, bibliography, index. Folio softcover……35.00 SOLD


51) Jones, Douglas C. THE TREATY OF MEDICINE LODGE: The Story of the Great Treaty Council As Told by Eyewitnesses  1966, 1st edition, Norman. In the summer of 1867, an assemblage of thousands of Southern Plains Indians—Kiowas, Cheyennes, Osages, Arapahoes, and others—met with members of the newly formed U.S. Peace Commission. This is an hour-by-hour account of that historic event.  237pp w/map, photos, bibliography, index. HB/DJ nice copy, scarce….85.00 SOLD


52) Jones, Ralph F. LONGHORNS NORTH OF THE ARKANSAS  1960, 1st edition, Naylor Co., San Antonio. A history of the Great Plains cattle industry of Montana, Wyoming, Colorado, and part of the Texas Panhandle, told by an ex-cowboy/cattleman who draws on his own experiences and on authentic records to tell the story. 372pp w/endpaper maps; photos; illustrated list of brands. HB/DJ, a fine copy…..50.00


53) Keleher, William A. MAXWELL LAND GRANT 1942, 1st edition, Rydal Press, Santa Fe. A history of the Maxwell Land Grant that covered 2,680 square miles in New Mexico and southern Colorado. Adams, in SIX-GUNS, notes that it contains material on Clay Allison, the New Mexico vigilantes, and Billy the Kid. 166pp w/photos, sources, index and foldout map in rear pocket.  HB w/illustrated cover…..50.00 SOLD


54) Kelton, Elmer PERMIAN: A Continuing Saga  1985, 1st limited edition of 300 copies, Midland. Kelton traces the rich  history of the vast Permian Basin region and describes the action taking place in each of fourteen full-color illustrations by artist, Tom Lovell. [The paintings are: “Salt Bearers at Lake Juan Cordona,” “Trading at the Pecos Pueblo,” “Cabeza de Vaca,” “Coronado’s Expedition,” “Governor’s Palace, Santa Fe,” Horsehead Crossing of the Pecos River,” “Camels in Texas,” “Captain Pope’s Well,” “Comanche Moon,” “Fast Mail to Carlsbad,” “Free Lunch on the Slaughter Ranch,” “Plane Table Party Northeast of McCamey,” “A Bride’s Home at a Wildcat Well,” “A Trade at Midnight.”]  Includes a history of the Petroleum Museum in Midland, and biographical sketches of the members of the “Petroleum Hall of Fame.”  127pp Oblong folio HB, black cloth in black slipcase w/gold embossed lettering, SIGNED by Kelton and Lovell……..165.00 SOLD


55) Kelton, Elmer THE ART OF FRANK McCARTHY  1992, 1st edition, Trumbull.  Many beautiful full-color reproductions of McCarthy’s work are interpreted by Kelton. 160pp. Special print laid in. Folio HB/DJ……..60.00


56) Kelton, Elmer THE ART OF JAMES BAMA  1993, 1st edition, NY. Beautiful full-color paintings by Bama accompany Kelton’s interesting essays that tell the history behind the artwork. Folio HB/DJ…..50.00


57) Kelton, Elmer THE ART OF HOWARD TERPNING 1992, 1st edition, Trumbull. Kelton interprets the beautiful historical paintings by Terpning.  160pp. Folio HB/DJ, fine copy…….50.00


58) Kelton, Elmer [writing as Lee McElroy]  EYES OF THE HAWK  1981, 1st edition, NY. 182pp. HB/DJ, fine copy….75.00


59) Kelton, Elmer [writing as Lee McElroy]  LONG WAY TO TEXAS  1976, 1st edition, NY. 184pp.  HB/DJ, fine copy, inscribed to Edgar Talley who published two of Kelton’s books and other writings, and SIGNED by Kelton……….135.00


60) [KINNEY COUNTY] KINNEY COUNTY: Brackettville, Spofford, Fort Clark 1947, 1st printing, Brackettville. “…some of the most interesting historical data and personalities of Kinney County.” Las Moras Springs; Mariposa Ranch; Fort Clark; Indian fights and captivity; Seminole scouts; Rio Grande Colony; Kickapoo Cave; more. Folio wrappers blue cover, some pages are wrinkled, but text isn’t interfered with…..50.00 SOLD



61) Lackey, Jerry NEW AND OLD TRAILS 2019, 1st edition, Ballinger. A collection of stories that give the histories of many West Texas ranches and the generations that kept them going.  290pp w/photos, index. Trade paperback, new [multi-copies]…24.95


62) Lawrence, A.B. TEXAS IN 1840, or The Emigrants Guide to the New Republic  1987, facsimile reprint of the 1840 original, limited to 100 copies by W.M. Morrison Books, Austin. Jenkins, BTB: “…a valuable work o the Republic of Texas.” Much of text devoted to natural history, geology, religion, and info about Indian campaigns from an interview with Gen. Edward Burleson. 275pp with foldout map, index. HB blue cloth, fine condition……45.00 SOLD


63) [LEA, TOM] TOM LEA: An Oral History edited by Rebecca Craver & Adair Margo. 1995, 2nd printing, El Paso. A compil-ation of fifteen hours of taped interviews with Lea.  Included are family photographs and papers, and full-color reproductions of some of his work. 185pp w/bibliography, index. Folio HB/DJ, as new…..29.95


64) Ledbetter, Barbara A. Neal  MARLOW BROTHERS ORDEAL, 1888-1892: 138 Days of Hell in Graham on the Texas Frontier 1991, 1st limited edition, Graham. N extensively researched history of the infamous Marlow brothers and their ordeal before a lynch mob in Young County. Cover blurb: “Never before known facts about murder and mayhem against a frontier family by peace officers and leading citizens in Young County, Texas.” Two brothers survived the bloody mob attack, and had to cut off their dead brothers’ feet to extricate themselves from shackles in order to escape. 242pp w/documents, photographs, maps, and many sidebars about Young County jails, sheriffs, courthouses, and notable prisoners.  Folio softcover w/pictorial cover, very good copy in a Bro-dart dura-saver, exceedingly scarce……325.00 SOLD


65) Lomax, John A. SONGS OF THE CATTLE TRAIL AND COW CAMP 1920, 2nd printing, NY. Lomax spent years collecting and preserving cowboy verse. Here, he presents an extensive collection of western verse in three sections: 1) “Cowboy Yarns” 2) “The Cowboy Off Guard” 3) “Cowboy Types.” 189pp. HB/DJ [rare in dust jacket]….95.00


66) [MASON COUNTY]  MASON AND MASON COUNTY: A History by Stella Gipson Polk. 1980, revised edition, Burnet. Introduction by Fred Gipson. Fort Mason; The Mason County, or Hoo Doo War; biographies of some prominent early-day ranchers; cattle brands; much more. 119pp w/photos, maps, index. HB/DJ [dust jacket edgeworn and scuffed] inscribed to Kate Adelle Hill and SIGNED…….75.00 SOLD


67) [MAVERICK COUNTY]  PASO DEL AGUILA: A Chronicle of Frontier Days on the Texas Border as recorded in the Memoirs of Jesse Sumpter  edited by Ben E. Pingenot.  1969, 1st edition, Encino Press, Austin. Life and reminiscences of Sumpter, an early day settler in the area around Eagle Pass of Maverick County. Sumpter fought in the Mexican War and remained in Eagle Pass after the conflict ended. During his long life he was a saloon keeper, rancher and merchant. His reminiscences reflect 19th-century life along the Texas border with Mexico. This volume also includes “Harry Warren on the Rio Grande” an original contri-bution by J. Frank Dobie. 152pp w/photos, map endpapers, notes, bibliography, index. HB w/decorated cover, fine….85.00 SOLD


68) Mayhall, Mildred  THE KIOWAS 1975, 2nd edition, Norman. A history of the tribe’s evolution from mountain dwellers to Plains nomads, and finally to settlement on an Oklahoma reservation. 315pp w/illus, appendix, bib, index. HB/DJ, fine copy..45.00 SOLD


69) McMurtry, Larry LONESOME DOVE  1985, 1st edition, 1st printing, NY.  McMurtry’s Pulitzer Prize-winning novel about the Old West. 843pp.  HB/DJ, a fine copy ……200.00


70) McQueen, Clyde BLACK CHURCHES IN TEXAS: A Guide to Historic Congregations 2000, 1st edition, College Station. Photos, directions and brief histories of 374 black congregations, each at least one hundred years old, in the parts of Texas where most blacks were likely to have settled—east of Interstate Highway 35 and from the Red River to the Gulf of Mexico.253pp w/notes, photos, index. HB/DJ, CLEARANCE: 50% OFF = $12.48 (was $24.95)


71) Meinzer, Wyman & Henry Chappell  HORSES TO RIDE, CATTLE TO CUT: The San Antonio Viejo Ranch of Texas 2016, 1st edition, Benjamin. With Meinzer’s stunning photography and Chappell’s historical interpretation we get an intimate glimpse into one of the oldest ranches in South Texas’ “Wild Horse Desert”. Folio HB/DJ, new…………75.00 SOLD


72) Meinzer, Wyman with Henry Chappell UNDER ONE FENCE: The Waggoner Ranch Legacy 2010, 1st edition, Benjamin. A modern look at legendary Waggoner Ranch through the lens of Meinzer’s camera: the landscape, working cowboys, much more. Includes some black-and-white period photos from the ranch’s earlier days.180pp. Folio HB/DJ, fine copy……85.00 SOLD


73) [MONTGOMERY COUNTY] THE HISTORY OF MONTGOMERY COUNTY by Robin Montgomery. 1986, “Special Sesquicentennial Edition,” Pemberton Press, Austin. A good history of this Southeast Texas county, with important genealogical information about citizens who served in the Somervell expedition of 1842, as well as those who served with Hoods Brigade in the Civil War. 333pp w/map, illus, index. HB/DJ fine copy…..40.00 SOLD


74) Morris, John Miller  TAMING THE LAND: The Lost Postcard Photographs of the Texas High Plains  2009, 1st edition. Early 20th-century postcards depicting the Texas Panhandle. 220pp w/illus, index. Folio HB/DJ= 50% off = $22.50 (was 45.00)


75) Neighbours, Kenneth Franklin ROBERT SIMPSON NEIGHBORS and the Texas Frontier, 1836-1859 1975, 1st edition, Waco. Neighbors took part in many important developments of early Texas: including the defense of the Republic of Texas; the settlement of its boundary dispute in the Compromise of 1850; the organization of the western counties; the exploration of West Texas; the building of the railroads; the making of laws; and the administration of Indian affairs. He served as an officer in the Republic army, as a Texas Ranger, and was a prisoner of  war in Mexico. While serving as Indian agent he was assassinated at the age of 44. 349pp w/maps, photos, endnotes, bibliography, index. HB/DJ, very good copy….135.00


76) Nordyke, Lewis CATTLE EMPIRE: The Fabulous Story of the 3,000,000 acre XIT  1949, 1st edition, NY. A history of the famed Panhandle ranching empire and of the men who developed it. 273pp w/photos, appendix [includes “Ranch Rules” as set down by Abner Taylor in 1888.]  HB/DJ, inscribed/SIGNED........55.00


77) Noyes, Stanley LOS COMANCHES: The Horse People, 1751-1845 1993, 1st edition, Albuquerque. “A sweeping history of the Comanche Indians, who dominated the Southern plains from the mid-18th to the mid-19th century….Rich in social and cultural vignettes of women, captivity, warrior rituals, family life, courtship, sexual attitudes, and adaptation of the horse.” 364pp w/maps, illustrations, notes, bibliography, index. HB/DJ, fine copy……85.00


78) Oberste, William H. TEXAS IRISH EMPRESARIOS AND THEIR COLONIES: Power & Hewetson, McMullen & McGloin, Refugio-San Patricio 1973, 2nd edition, Austin.  Jenkins, BASIC TEXAS BOOKS,  #156: “This is the best account of the early Irish settlements in Texas…The settlements were made as a result of colonization contracts made in the 1820s by the Mexican government….Oberste also provides a fine narrative of the role of the Irish in the Texas Revolution and the Texas Republic.”  An important contribution to the history of Texas’ early colonization. 310pp w/illustrations, foldout maps, appendices, index. HB/DJ, fine copy, SIGNED—long out-of-print and very scarce….165.00 SOLD


79) Oden, Bill EARLY DAYS ON THE TEXAS-NEW MEXICO PLAINS 1965, 1st limited edition of 750 copies, Canyon. Edited with introduction and notes by J. Evetts Haley; designed by Carl Hertzog; sketches by H. D. Bugbee; map endpapers by Jose Cisneros.  69pp w/some fine old period photos. Frontier life experiences of a cowboy/rancher on the Plains of West Texas and New Mexico from the 1880s through the turn of the century.  HB, dark blue cloth inscribed/SIGNED by J. Evetts Haley..…75.00


80) [PALO PINTO COUNTY] THE PALO PINTO STORY by Mary Whatley Clarke.  1952, 1st edition, Fort Worth.  A pioneer history of the county with accounts of Indian fights and depredations; includes information on Oliver Loving and Charles Goodnight who were early ranchmen in the county; much more. 172pp with photo section, index. HB/DJ very good copy, SIGNED….225.00

  1. b) Another edition –The Palo Pinto Story – 2nd printing, not signed, HB/DJ near fine copy…..150.00


81) [PARMER COUNTY, TEXAS] A HISTORY OF PARMER COUNTY 1974, 1st edition, Quanah. Historical articles that include chapters on the XIT Ranch, county brands, community histories, old trails, and a large section of family histories.  369pp w/photos, appendix. Folio HB/DJ…..75.00


82) Peareson, P.E. SKETCH OF THE LIFE OF JUDGE EDWIN WALLER 1970, facsimile reprint of the 1874 original, Jenkins Publishing Co., Austin. Waller was involved in the Battle of Velasco and other events that led up to the Texas Revolution, and he later helped select and establish the capitol of Texas. 25pp. HB green cloth with printed cover……..40.00


83) Poe, Charlsie BOOGER RED: World Champion Cowboy 1991, 1st  edition, Winters. Biography of  West Texan Sam T. Privett aka Booger Red, horse-breaker, rodeo bronc rider. 123pp w/46 pages of photos, bib.  HB/DJ, SIGNED……70.00


84) [POW’S VIETNAM] HOME WITH HONOR: Thirty Years of Freedom circa 2003, 1st edition, Randolph Air Force Base, San Antonio. This large military volume celebrates the Thirtieth Anniversary of the return of 191 POW “Freedom Flyers” in 1973. Besides many photos, paintings, and essays, each POW tells of his experience as a prisoner of the Viet Cong, and how they endured many years of torture and starvation. Also includes a DVD presentation in a back pocket. Folio HB blue leather w/silver embossed lettering and decorations, fine condition except a small portion of the front free endpaper has been clipped (possibly to remove previous owner’s name?)………….100.00 SOLD


85) Rampp, Larry C. & Donald L. THE CIVIL WAR IN THE INDIAN TERRITORY 1975, 1st edition, Presidial Press, Austin. A full treatment of the Civil War in Indian Territory, including detailed accounts of the significant military engagements and guerrilla tactics of the Confederate Indians under General Stand Watie. Biographical sketches of Major Union and Confederate officers in the Territory.  209pp w/8 battle maps, illus, index. HB/DJ fine copy……95.00 SOLD


86) Ratliff, Harold AUTUMN’S MIGHTIEST LEGIONS: History of Texas Schoolboy Football 1963, 1st edition, Texian Press, Waco. Traces the pageantry, the thrills and the heartbreaks of the world’s biggest football race from the turn-of-the-twentieth century through 1962. 174pp w/photos, index. HB/DJ fine copy…..35.00 SOLD


87) Rhodes, Eugene Manlove THE LITTLE WORLD WADDIES 1946, 1st limited edition of 1000 copies, designed and printed at “The Pass on the Rio Bravo” by Carl Hertzog.  Edited by W. H. Hutchinson. This collection of Rhodes’ writing is illustrated by H.D. Bugbee, and has a lengthy introduction, “My Salute to Gene Rhodes” by J. Frank Dobie.  Includes selected short stories and poetry never before published in book form.  Also a bibliography of Rhodes writings. The endpaper illustration is “The Rhodes Map of the Rhodes Country” (New Mexico and Arizona).  HB/DJ very good copy with very light edgewear to dust jacket, scarce...250.00 SOLD


88) Rollinson: John K. WYOMING CATTLE TRAILS: History of the Migration of Oregon-Raised Herds to Mid-Western Markets  1948, 1st limited edition of 1000 copies, Caldwell. The story of the eastward movement of Oregon cattle, the later destruction of open-range grazing, the development of the Wyoming Cattle Growers’ Association, and the final influx of sheep growers and dry farmers. Includes a chapter on the Johnson County War, plus information on the hanging of Cattle Kate and Jim Averill. And material on Tom Horn and the Wild Bunch.  366pp w/3maps and forty photos, many by L.A. Huffman, appendices, index. HB/DJ nice copy, numbered and SIGNED…..100.00 SOLD


89) Roosevelt, Theodore  RANCH LIFE AND THE HUNTING TRAIL  1969, reprint of the original 1888 edition by Winchester Press, NY. 83 illustrations by Frederic Remington.  Roosevelt describes his life on the range of the Upper Missouri Basin. In one section of the book he tells of hunting bighorn sheep, white goats and elk. 186pp. HB/DJ  near fine copy…..45.00 SOLD


90) Rye, Edgar THE QUIRT AND THE SPUR: Vanishing Shadows of the Texas Frontier 1967, facsimile reprint, Austin. A new introduction by James M. Day.  Stories about the wild days of buffalo hunting and Indian fighting on the Plains; much on ranching around Fort Griffin and Albany in Shackelford County, Texas; material on John Larn and his death; more. Reese SIX-SCORE: “[The first edition] of this book has become rare because a prominent ranching family felt themselves slandered by some remarks in it and destroyed all the copies they could purchase.” 363pp w/illus. HB w/decorated cover…30.00


91) [SAN SABA COUNTY] OLD TIMERS OF WALLACE CREEK  by Jym A. Sloan.  1958, 1st edition, San Saba. Biographical sketches of many early settlers to the Wallace Creek area of San Saba County; includes stories of  the Packsaddle Mountain Indian fight, the Battle of the Brushy; and information about Captain W.H. Ledbetter and his experiences with the “San Saba Mob;” and more.  155pp w/index. Wrappers w/pictorial cover….55.00


92) Schmitt, Martin F. & Dee Brown FIGHTING INDIANS OF THE WEST 1948, 1st edition, Charles Scribner’s Sons, NY. A pictorial history of the Indian Wars w/270 photographs, sketches and paintings, and narrative. 361pp w/ill, bib. Folio HB/DJ..35.00 SOLD

92b) Another copy – Fighting Indians of the West – 1st edition, Folio HB lacking dust jacket…..30.00


93) Shields, G.O. [editor] THE BIG GAME OF NORTH AMERICA: Its Habits, Habitat, Haunts, and Characteristics: How, When, and Where to Hunt it  1890, 1st edition, Rand, McNally & Co., Publishers, Chicago. Twenty-six contributors, experts in their fields of endeavor, have provided detailed studies of the many big game species available at that time in North America. Includes a chapter on “Ethics of Field Sport” and an interesting section of hunting related ads—guns, books, railroad trips, and more. 581pp w/illus. HB brown leather with gold decorations, a very good copy………..125.00


94) Silverthorne, Elizabeth PLANTATION LIFE IN TEXAS  1986, 1st edition, College Station. Illustrations by Charles Shaw. Explores every aspect of plantation life from both the slave and slave owner’s perspectives. 234pp w/illus., maps, bibliography, index. HB/DJ, nice copy,…..35.00 SOLD


95) Spencer, John TERRELL’S TEXAS CAVALRY: Wild Horsemen of the Plains in the Civil War  1982, 1st edition, Austin.  An excellent history of the regiment’s campaign in Texas and Louisiana. 199pp w/photos, endpaper maps, appendices, bibliography, index. HB/DJ…..40.00 SOLD


96) Stanley, F.  SATANTA AND THE KIOWAS  1968, 1st edition, np. An extensive biography of Satanta and his Kiowa tribe, with chapters on both battles of Adobe Walls, General Hancock’s campaign, Mackenzie, Satanta’s life in prison, and much more.  391pp w/index. HB/DJ, near fine copy, SIGNED……150.00 SOLD

96b) Another copy—Satanta and the Kiowas – also 1st edition, HB/DJ near fine copy, not signed…..135.00 SOLD


97) Stanley, F. DAVE RUDABAUGH: Border Ruffian 1961, 1st edition, Denver. Biography of an outlaw who was a companion of Billy the Kid, and later became acquainted with Doc Holliday and the Earps. 200pp w/bib. HB  SIGNED…..…65.00 SOLD


Packed with historical facts and data about Texas!  Out-of-print in hardback

98) Stephens, A. Ray  TEXAS: A Historical Atlas  2010,  1st edition, Norman. Cartography by Carol Zuber-Mallison. A wealth of historical information with sections devoted to indigenous peoples, Spanish exploration and settlement; Mexican Texas; Republic of Texas; annexation and statehood; Civil War and Reconstruction; late nineteenth century which includes the Indian wars and the cattle range; modern Texas, and much more. 418pp w/illustrations, maps, bibliography, index. Folio HB/DJ, very good…….55.00


99) [STOECKLEIN, DAVID R.] THE TEXAS COWBOYS: Cowboys of the Lone Star State—A Photographic Portrayal text by Tom B. Saunders, photography by David R. Stoecklein.. 1997, 1st edition, Ketchum. Includes drawings by Bob Moline. A photographic study of the modern-day cowboy and his life on the range. 249pp w/illus, biblio, and notes. Large folio HB/DJ….55.00


100) [TAYLOR COUNTY, TEXAS] THE SETTLING OF A FRONTIER: A History of Rural Taylor County by Juanita Daniel Zachry. 1980, 1st edition, Burnet. Early history of the Big Country county. 268pp w/many photos; historical articles about frontier days including a chapter on Phantom Hill, and much on cattle and ranching; community histories; pioneer family histories; appendices; map; index. Folio HB brown cloth…….125.00


101) [TEXIAN PRESS]  BATTLES OF TEXAS by Joe B. Frantz, et al. 1967, 1st edition. 8 paintings by Donald M. Yena that chronicle eight important battles: The Alamo (by Joe B. Frantz); Goliad (by James M. Day); San Jacinto (by Seymour V. Connor); The Neches (by Dorman H. Winfrey); Plum Creek (by Peck Westmoreland, Jr.); Palo Alto (by Ben Proctor); Sabine Pass (by Col. Harold B. Simpson); and Adobe Walls (by Rupert N. Richardson.) 189pp w/illustrations. Folio HB/DJ….35.00 SOLD


102) Thomas, Jessie Beattie (words and music by) REMEMBER THE ALAMO 1908, 1st printing, Thomas & Davis Publishers, St. Louis.. “This song is devoted to saving the Alamo as an imperishable shrine, the pride of Texas and America, in which a hall of fame with departments of history, art, literature and relics may be instituted.”  Original sheet music for REMEMBER THE ALAMO, a song used as a fund raiser in the Daughters of the Republic of Texas battle to save the Alamo. Includes a brief history of the Alamo on the back cover. 6pp w/illus, music and lyrics. Folio softcover, fine condition…  45.00 SOLD


103) Thompson, Jerry D. WESTWARD THE TEXANS: The Civil War Journal of Private William Randolph Howell  1990, 1st edition, El Paso.  A firsthand account of Sibley’s Expedition to New Mexico during the Civil War. 184ppw/illus, maps, bibliography, index.  HB/DJ….35.00


104) Thompson, Jerry D. [editor] FROM DESERT TO BAYOU: The Civil War Journal and Sketches of Morgan Wolfe Merrick  1991, 1st edition, El Paso.  One of the first Texans to march off to war, Merrick kept an illustrated journal of his exploits. Subjects of his detailed sketches include Mescalero Apaches, such sites and encampments as Forts Davis and Fillmore, Stein’s peak, Cooke’s Canyon and Mesilla Valley where a skirmish occurred in which seven companies of Union soldiers were captured. He also recorded the bitter feud between Confederate Commanders Sibley and Baylor. 135pp w/illus, index. Oblong folio, HB/DJ…35.00 SOLD


105) Thorp, Raymond W. SPIRIT GUN OF THE WEST: The Story of Doc W.F. Carver 1957, 1st edition, The Arthur H. Clark Co., Glendale. Sub-title reads: “Plainsman, trapper, buffalo hunter, Medicine Chief of the Santee Sioux, world champion marksman, and originator of the American Wild West Show.” 266pp w/illustration, notes, index. HB/DJ, very good…….40.00


106) Tilghman, Zoe A.  QUANAH: The Eagle of the Comanches 1938, 1st edition, Oklahoma City.  An early biography of the last war chief of the Comanches. 196pp w/illustrations; a chronology; genealogy of the Parker family, bibliography.  HB/DJ author’s SIGNED inscription is tipped onto the bottom of the half-title page, rarely offered with dust jacket….395.00 SOLD


107) Tilghman, Zoe MARSHAL OF THE LAST FRONTIER: Life and Services of William Matthew (Bill) Tilghman for 50 years one of the Greatest Peace Officers of the West 1949, 1st edition, The Arthur H. Clark Co., Glendale.  A biography by the wife of the noted peace officer whose long career saw him in Dodge City and Oklahoma. 406pp w/photos, foldout map, index. HB maroon cloth, very good copy…..125.00


108) Todd, Bruce G. BONES HOOKS: Pioneer Negro Cowboy  2005, 1st edition, Gretna. The son of former slaves, Hooks pursued the life of a cowboy  and rubbed shoulders with frontier legends such as Charles Goodnight. He busted horses, and later became a civic and social leader in Amarillo.  221ppw/photos, notes, biblio, index. HB/DJ, fine copy…..35.00 SOLD


109) [TOM GREEN COUNTY] 1880 CENSUS OF 13-COUNTY WEST TEXAS AREA compiled by Wilma Roberts. No date, 1st printing, San Angelo. The 10th Census of the 13-county area of what was Tom Green County, Texas, in 1880. Since that time, 12 other counties hove been cut out of the original Tom Green County: Loving, Ward, Coke, Winkler, Ector, Crane, Midland, Upton, Irion, Glasscock, Sterling and Reagan. 100pp w/index. Softcover w/map of West Texas counties on front cover…..25.00


110) [UVALDE COUNTY] OLDTIMERS: Their Own Stories by Florence Fenley. 1991, reprint, published by State House Press, Austin.  “Frontier days in Uvalde Section of South West Texas.” Firsthand accounts by early day pioneers. 266pp w/photos, index. HB w/embossed lettering......65.00 SOLD


111) Varon, Elizabeth R. ARMIES OF DELIVERANCE: A New History of the Civil War 2019, 2nd printing, Oxford U. Press, NY. “…a sweeping narrative of the Civil War, and a bold new interpretation of Union and Confederate war aims.” 513pp w/maps, illus, notes, bibliography, index.  HB/DJ, new [multi-copies available]……..34.95


112) [VICTORIA COUNTY] THE HISTORY AND HERITAGE OF VICTORIA COUNTY 2000, 1st edition, Austin. TWO VOLUMES. A massive county history consisting of a total of 1,012 pages with many historical articles, photos, family histories,  index. A beautiful set, each volume bound in dark blue faux leather with decorated covers. The set of 2 = $90.00 


113) Wallace, Ernest & E. Adamson Hoebel  THE COMANCHES: Lords of the South Plains  1952, reprint, Norman. One of the better studies of the Comanche tribe and their great traditions of warfare, life and customs. 381pp w/ill, index. HB/DJ fine..35.00


114) Waller, John L. COLOSSAL HAMILTON OF TEXAS: A Biography of Andrew Jackson Hamilton, Militant Unionist and Reconstruction Governor 1968, 1st edition, El Paso. Designed by Carl Hertzog.  Hamilton, who opposed secession, served as Military governor of Texas during the Civil War, and was its first provisional governor during Reconstruction.  152pp w/photos, notes, index. HB/DJ…..30.00


115) Ward, Hortense Warner CATTLE BRANDS AND COW HIDES 1953, 1st edition, Dallas.  History and lore of cattle brands and marks. 218pp w/illustrations, bibliography, glossary.  HB/DJ, fine copy,…..60.00 SOLD


116) Webb, James Josiah (edited by Ralph P. Bieber) ADVENTURES IN THE SANTA FE TRADE 1844-1847 1931, 1st edition, Arthur H. Clark Co., Glendale. In this memoir, the author tells the story of his career as a Santa Fe trader from 1844 through the early part of the Mexican War. An entertaining and important source of first-hand information about the Santa Fe Trail and trade; trappers, Mexicans, and Indian tribes of the Old Southwest; and the impact of the Mexican War on southwestern trade. 301pp w/illus., foldout map, notes. HB maroon cloth, very good……65.00


117) Wharton, H.M. WAR SONGS AND POEMS OF THE SOUTHERN CONFEDERACY  1861-1865 1904, 1st edition, np. "A collection of the most popular and impressive songs and poems of the war times, dear to every Southern heart; collected and retold with personal reminiscences of the war."  Includes a section giving brief summaries of each Southern State’s secession and involve-ment in the war. 416pp w/many illustrations. HB original gray cloth w/decorated cover, very good copy cover…..150.00


118) White, Gifford [editor] THE 1840 CENSUS OF THE REPUBLIC OF TEXAS 1966, 1st edition, Austin. Foreword by James M. Day. Transcribed from the Republic’s tax rolls as there was no federal census until 1850 after Texas joined the Union. An invaluable guide to the Republic of Texas. Organized by county, it lists all land owners, their properties whether patented or granted, number of slaves, and other personal property. 236 pages with a helpful index. Folio HB, green cloth w/gold lettering….165.00 SOLD


119) [WILLIAMS, CLAYTON]  HARSH COUNTRY, HARD TIMES: Clayton Wheat Williams and the Trans-formation of the Trans-Pecos by Janet Williams Pollard & Louis Gwin. 2011, 1st edition, College Station.  In this in-depth biography of Williams—a West Texas oilman, rancher, civic leader, veteran of World War I, and published historian—his daughter includes some interesting personal sidelights.  He was the son of West Texas pioneer, O. W. Williams, and father of the foot-in-mouth but lovable Texan everyone knows as “Claytie.” 250pp w/photos, notes, bibliography, index. HB/DJ…..35.00


Beautiful new edition of a popular range book!

120) Wilson, Laura  WATT MATTHEWS of LAMBSHEAD 2019, Third edition, Austin. A new Foreword by Anne Wilkes Tucker; introduction by David McCullough; and an Afterword by the author/photographer. This photographic essay vividly chronicles Watt Matthews’ days as heir and operator of the historic Lambshead Ranch. A popular and important contribution to the story of Texas. 197pp w/notes on the photos. Oblong folio HB/DJ –new photo on cover—new [multi-copies available]…..79.95


121) Wilson, R.L. THE BOOK OF WINCHESTER ENGRAVING 1975, 1st edition, Los Angeles. A detailed study of the factory and non factory engravers who engraved Winchester firearms throughout the history of the company. Includes hundreds of detailed color and black & white photographs of their work. Folio HB red leatherette, w/silver embossed title and decoration…..185.00


122) Winfrey, Dorman H. & James M. Day THE INDIAN PAPERS OF TEXAS AND THE SOUTHWEST, 1825-1916  

5 volumes 1995, reprint by Texas State Historical Association, Austin. Jenkins, BTB.  This extensive, five-volume collection, drawn from the original copies in the Texas State Archives, provides invaluable source materials on Texas's Indians. The set contains official letters, documents, reports, and treaties relating to Texas's Indian tribes. In all, there are more than 1,600 documents in 2,000-plus pages, including letters by Sam Houston, Randolph B. Marcy, Kit Carson, Jack Hays, Henry B. Schoolcraft, Rip Ford, and others. Each volume is indexed separately and thoroughly. The documents are rich in first-hand reports of encounters, both friendly and hostile, with Indians. They reveal much about the cultural attitudes of the time and place.” 5 volumes all cloth…125.00


123  ) Wolfenstine, Manfred R. THE MANUAL OF BRANDS AND MARKS 1981, 2nd printing, Norman. Edited and with an introduction by Ramon F. Adams. A history of cattle brands from its earliest days, plus about anything else you might want to know about brands and branding.  434pp w/illus, biblio, references, plates and figures w/index, general index. HB/DJ, fine..35.00 SOLD


  These large, comprehensive hardback guides cover the entire United States—each set now offered separately!

 124a) Rickett, Harold William  WILDFLOWERS OF THE UNITED STATES: Part Three, TEXAS — 2 Volumes  1970, 1st edition, 1st printing, NY.  Jenkins, BASIC TEXAS BOOKS: “The most comprehensive guide to the wild flowers of Texas… The work centers around approximately eleven hundred excellent color photographs taken by ninety different photographers, with hundreds of line drawings by Rachel Speiser.”  These two volumes cover 3,000 of the 4,000 known species in Texas.  553pp w/plates, endpaper map, index. Two volumes large folio red cloth in slipcase,  near fine copy, slipcase has 1/2 inch chip at top front. The set of two volumes = $200.00 SOLD

124b) Part 1: The Northeastern States,  1970, 1st edition, large folio HB two volumes, slipcase………...the set of two = $100.00*

124c) Part 2: The Southeastern States, 1970, 1st edition, large folio HB two volumes, slipcase.................the set of two = $100.00*

  1. d) Part 3: Texas –see  #124a above

124d) Part 4: The Southwestern States, 1970, 1st edition, large folio HB, three volumes, slipcase............the set of three = $125.00*

124e) Part 5: The Northwestern States, 1970, 1st edition, large folio, HB two volumes,  slipcase...............the set of two = $100.00*

124f) Part 6: The Central Mountains and Plains, 1970, 1st edition, HB large folio three volumes, slipcase...the set of 3 = $125.00*


[*Note: each volume above is individually indexed and fully illustrated with 1000’s of photographs, drawings, and endpaper maps. All of these handsome volumes are folio cloth w/gilt stamping in near fine condition, each part in separate, very slightly worn slipcases.]




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