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CATALOG #296, October 2019



NEW from the Southwest’s best-selling author, ED ASHURST!

1) Ashurst, Ed THE STORIES THAT TERRELL SHELLEY TOLD ME 2019, 1st edition, np. Ed told me this about the book: Terrell Shelley and his family established a cattle ranch on Mogollon Creek 1884. That ranch is still owned by the Shelley family , and this book tells about catching wild cow, cow men, county sheriffs, world champions in the rodeo arena and world famous hunters and guides; great lion hunting tales. 368pp w/many period photos. Folio HB/DJ, new [multiple-copies] SIGNED…34.95


More entertaining non-fiction titles by ED ASHURST—if you haven’t read a book by Ed Ashurst, you should! Here’s your chance.

2) Ashurst, Ed REAL COWBOYS: Grand Canyon To Mexico 2013, 2nd printing, Douglas. Foreword by Fred Fellows; illustra-tions by Mike Capron. A collection of personal recollections that give a realistic picture of life on a cowboy outfit. 239pp w/photos. Trade paperback, new, SIGNED by Ashurst [multiple copies available]……25.00

3) Ashurst, Ed WAGON BOSS: A True Cowboy Story 2014, 1st edition, Douglas. Illustrated by Mike Capron. Ashurst tells of his experiences on the Diamond A Ranch in northern Arizona, giving a realistic, gritty and often humorous view of cowboy life in Arizona on the Diamond A Ranch. 293pp w/illustrations. Trade paperback, new, [multi-copies] SIGNED by Ashurst ………..25.00

4) Ashurst, Ed [editor] MAVERICKS 2015, 1st edition, Douglas. Illustrations by Mike Capron. A collection of stories about “wild cattle and rough country cowboying in the American Southwest.” 135pp w/ pen-and-ink illustra-tions by Capron, photos. Oblong folio wrappers w/illustrated cover [multiple copies available] SIGNED……32.00


5) Adams, Andy THE LOG OF A COWBOY: A Narrative of the Old Trail Days 1931, reprint of the 1903 edition, Boston. Adams, SIX-GUNS: “...it has become a classic as a picture of trail driving, and no bibliography on cattle would be complete without it.” 387pp. HB (clear tape repair at spine, scuff marks)……..25.00


6)Adams, Ramon THE HORSE WRANGLER & HIS REMUDA 1971, 1st limited edition of 850 copies, Encino Press, Austin.

Photos by William Wittliff. The “lowly” horse wrangler was the first step for a youngster who wanted to be a cowboy. This is his story. 51pp w/photos. HB w/pictorial cover, numbered and SIGNED……85.00 SOLD


7) [AMERICAN QUARTER HORSE ASSOCIATION] AQHA OFFICIAL STUD BOOK AND REGISTRY 1942 through 1963 plus index, published by AQHA, Amarillo. 13 volumes. The first volume is a combined reprint (1961) of the original first five issues and covers registration numbers 1 through 60,000. The remaining 11 volumes are all original first printings and cover registration numbers 60,001 through 234,000. Each volume has an alphabetical index and numerical registry; the separate index covers volumes 1 through 16. The set of 13 volumes=100.00


8) [ARCHEOLOGY] CLOVIS MAMMOTH BUTCHERY: The Lange/Ferguson Site and Associated Bone Tool Technology by L. Adrien Hannus [editor] 2018, 1st edition, College Station. The Lange/Ferguson site provides evidence of a Clovis-period mammoth butchering event. Hannus provides a comprehensive look at this few New World Clovis-era site with in-place buried de-posits exhibiting evidence for an expedient bone tool technology. 247pp w/maps, illus, index. Folio HB w/pictorial cover, new 60.00


9) [ARCHEOLOGY] THE HOGEYE CLOVIS CACHE by Michael R. Waters & Thomas A. Jennings. 2015, 1st edition, Texas A&M Press, College Station. “Provides a well-illustrated, thoroughly analyzed description and discussion of the Hogeye Clovis cache in Bastrop County, the projectile points and other artifacts from later occupations” and more. 151pp w/map, illus, index. Folio HB w/pictorial cover, new ………30.00


10) [ARCHEOLOGY] CLOVIS LITHIC TECHNOLOGY: Investigation of a Stratified Workshop at the Gault Site, Texas by Michael L. Waters, et al. 2011, 1st edition, College Station. This is an extensive archeological study of a primitive site located in the upper valley of Buttermilk Creek in southwestern Bell County, Texas. 226pp w/illustrations, graphs, tables, references, index. Folio HB w/pictorial cover, new [multiple copies available]….45.00


11) [ARCHITECTURE] PIONEER TEXAS BUILDINGS: A Geometry Lesson by Clovis Heimsath. 1968, 1st edition, Austin. Foreword by Louis Kahn; photographs by Maryann Heimsath. An architectural study of early Texas buildings, written and diagrammed in layman’s terms. Interesting! 158pp w/photos, map, index to illustrations. Folio HB/DJ fine copy…..45.00


12) [ARCHITECTURE] GONE FROM TEXAS: Our Lost Architectural Heritage by Willard B. Robinson. 1981, 2nd printing, TAMU Press, College Station. This interesting study traces the state’s architectural history from Indian dwellings and Hispanic-colonial structures through the early 20th-century. 296pp w/252 photos, bibliography, index. Folio HB/DJ, minor edgewear…30.00 SOLD


13) Baker, T. Lindsey GANGSTER TOUR OF TEXAS 2011, 1st edition, College Station. A fascinating tour of the most interesting and best preserved crime scenes in Texas, tracing a trail of crime from 1918 through 1957: Bonnie And Clyde; the Maceo Brothers of Galveston’s gambling era; the Newton Boys; famous bank robberies, murders and shoot-outs; much more. Includes detailed maps, period photographs, and pictures of the crime scenes as they appear today. 330pp w/photos, maps, index. Flexbound..29.95


14) Baker, Terry HANGINGS and LYNCHINGS in DALLAS COUNTY, TEXAS, 1853 TO 1920 2016, 1st edition, Fort Worth. Documents all of the known hangings in Dallas County—slaves who committed murder, white guys who were accused horse thieves, and one fellow lynched for refusing to give false testimony in an upcoming trial, and many others. 212pp w/illus, biblio, index. HB w/pictorial cover, as new ……..29.95


15) Barker, Eugene C. THE LIFE OF STEPHEN F. AUSTIN: Founder of Texas 1793-1836 1968, reprint edition by De Capo Press, NY. New introduction Seymour V. Connor. Jenkins: BASIC TEXAS BOOKS: “There is no question that Barker’s biography of Austin is the finest yet written. It is one of the greatest contributions to our understanding of Texas. No one has known more about Austin; no one has understood the Austin era as well as Barker.” 551pp w/maps, illus, bib, index. HB/DJ [dust jacket has a closed tear at top right corner, otherwise a very good copy] SIGNED by Connor………..55.00 SOLD


16) Barnard, Dr. J.H. BARNARD’S JOURNAL...Giving an Account of the Fannin Massacre 1965, reprint of the 1912 original, Goliad. Goliad survivor gives a day-by-day account of his experiences after the massacre. Includes a visit to the still-burning ruins of the Alamo. Softcover booklet....22.50 SOLD


17) Benson, Norman THE LIFE OF A COTTON-PICKING COWBOY 1980, 1st edition, San Angelo. Memoirs of a cowboy who worked on ranches around West Texas. 265pp w/photos. Softcover w/illustrated cover, SIGNED…..50.00


18) Blessington, J.P. THE CAMPAIGNS OF WALKER’S TEXAS DIVISION 1875, 1st edition, ByLang, Little & Co., Printers, NY.. A complete record of the unit’s activities in Texas, Louisiana and Arkansas, including the battles at Perkins’ Landing, Mansfield, Milliken’s Bend, Bayou Bourbeoux, Mansfield, Pleasant Hill, Jenkins’ Ferry, and others; much more. 314pp. HB green cloth w/gold lettering, has slight beginnings of cracked front hinge, otherwise a very good copy, rare…..475.00


19) Bracht, Viktor TEXAS IN 1848 1931, 1st English translation, Naylor Co., San Antonio. Translated from the German by Charles Frank Schmidt. Jenkins, BASIC TEXAS BOOKS: “One of the best Texas immigration guides. Bracht…based his report almost entirely on his personal observations. [His] enthusiasm for his adopted land was based on a careful study of the country, its flora and fauna, and its people.” Bracht came to Texas in 1845, and most of his writings concern the area around San Antonio and Central Texas. 323pp w/illustrations, bibliography. HB, green cloth, about two inches along the edge of the spine has been rubbed through, otherwise a very good copy….150.00


20) Braddy, Haldeen THE PARADOX OF PANCHO VILLA 1978, 1st edition, El Paso. This book is the culmination of 50 years research into the many legends of Pancho Villa. 95pp with illustrations, references, bibliography, index. HB/D….35.00 SOLD


21) Brown, John Henry INDIAN WARS AND PIONEERS OF TEXAS 1988, facsimile edition limited to 750 copies, State House Press, Austin. Jenkins, BASIC TEXAS BOOKS: “This is Brown’s most important book and one of the best works on Texas Indian fighters and early pioneers. The information was gathered over his entire fifty years in Texas, and the text was compiled shortly before his death. Although he felt his History of Texas was his major contribution, that work pales beside Indian Wars and Pioneers of Texas for interest, information, and reliability.” 812pp w/illustrations, index. Folio HB blue cloth ….275.00


22 ) Brown, Norman Wayne MAN HUNTER IN INDIAN COUNTRY: George Redman Tucker Deputy U.S. Marshall 2019, 1st edition, Eakin Press, Fort Worth. The story of the intrepid lawmen whose career chasing outlaws took him from Texas, through the Indian Territory, to Wyoming and back to Texas. 248pp w/illus, app, index. Trade paperback, new [multiple copies]……..19.95


23) Carr, Capt. Camillus A CAVALRYMAN IN INDIAN COUNTRY 1974, 1st limited edition of 600 copies, Ashland. Foreword and annotation by Dan L. Thrapp. Carr's account three years of Apache encounters and everyday life while serving with Co. E. First Cavalry at Ft. McDowell, Arizona. 55pp w/endpaper map, illus, notes. HB blue cloth w/white spine & plain white dust jacket..45.00 SOLD


24) [CARSON COUNTY, TEXAS] A TIME TO PURPOSE: A Chronicle of Carson County edited by Mrs. Ralph E. Randel 1966/1972 FOUR VOLUMES, all volumes 1st editions: Volumes I & II, 1966; Volumes III & IV, 1972. A massive county history replete with photos, maps, historical articles, pioneer biographies, family histories, ranching histories, railroad history, community histories; area history that takes in some of the adjoining counties and their pioneers. There’s much on the Four Sixes Ranch; the Frying Pan; the Burk Burnett empire; Timothy Dwight Hobart; the JA ranch with a biography of Mrs. Cornelia Adair; plus many other ranches are profiled; Temple Houston; a history of cattle brands; bankers, post offices, ethnic influences, and so much more. Each volume has a detailed table of contents, and there is a family index for all four volumes in Volume IV. The 4 volume set, all hardbacks, light blue cloth, in very good condition = 175.00 SOLD


25) Carter, W. H., Lt. Col. FROM YORKTOWN TO SANTIAGO: With The Sixth U.S. Cavalry 1989, 2nd edition, State House Press, Austin. With a new introduction by John M. Carroll. The Sixth first saw action in 1862 at Yorktown, Virginia. After the Civil War, they acted as a policing unit in Texas during Reconstruction, served under Col. Nelson A. Miles in his operations against the Comanches, Kiowas, and Cheyennes, and fought at Santiago in the Spanish-American War. 329pp w/ill, roster, index. HB/DJ..50.00


26) Caughey, John Walton BERNARDO de GALVEZ IN LOUISIANA, 1776-1783 1972, reprint edition, Gretna. Foreword by Jack D.L. Holmes. Galvez’ problems while governor of Louisiana: immigration, trade, hostile Indians, charting the region, and building a viable local government. He also provided money, supplies and arms to American settlers in the West during the years of the American Revolution. 290pp w/bibliography, index. HB/DJ…….45.00 SOLD


27) Clarke, Mary Whatley JOHN CHISUM: Jinglebob King of the Pecos 1984, 1st edition, Austin. Biography of the Texas cattleman who followed the Goodnight-Loving Trail and set up a huge ranching operation in the Pecos Valley of New Mexico. Much on the Lincoln County War. 170pp w/photos, endnotes, bibliography, index. HB/DJ, fine copy, inscribed/SIGNED…..145.00


28) [CLAY COUNTY] ROMANCE AND DIM TRAILS: A History of Clay County by Katherine Christian (Mrs. J. W.) Douthitt, editor-in-chief. 1938, 1st edition, William T. Hardy, publisher, Dallas. Many historical articles that give a comprehensive look the county’s early history, written by many who witnessed it, plus several early pioneer biographies. Includes a list of ranches and their registered brands. 280pp w/endpaper map, drawings & photos; errata tipped in. HB red cloth w/gold lettering, fine..350.00


29) Clemens, Gus LEGACY: The Story of the Permian Basin Region of West Texas and Southeast New Mexico 1983,1st edition, San Antonio. An excellent comprehensive history of the region that encompasses 62 counties in Texas and New Mexico. Conquistadores; Kachinas and Crosses; The Lady in Blue; Puebloan revolt; the Horse Indians; Marcy’s route; Camels in West Texas; and so much more. Includes several full color, full page paintings by Tom Lovell. 256pp w/many photos, maps, an “Almanac” section that gives statistics and physical features for 62 Texas and New Mexico counties, bib, index. Folio HB/DJ..50.00


30) [COKE COUNTY] COKE COUNTY CEMETERIES EPITAPHS & DATES compiled by Bonita Copeland & Wanda Smith. Circa 1994, 1st printing, Bronte. Includes photos and historical tidbits. Great genealogy! 246pp w/illus, index. Folio softcover with spiral binding……..40.00 SOLD


31) Collins, Phil THE ALAMO AND BEYOND: A Collector’s Journey 2012, 1st edition, State House Press, Buffalo Gap. Foreword by Stephen L. Harrigan; drawings by Gary S. Zaboly; photographs by Ben Powell. Collins, an avid collector and student of the Battle of the Alamo and the Texas Revolution, tells the story of that iconic incident through the artifacts and documents in his personal collection, historic in itself. Five sections: I) Pre-Revolutionary; II) Outbreak to the Alamo; III) Goliad; IV) San Jacinto and Aftermath; V) Post revolutionary. 416pp w/illustrations; index. Oblong folio HB/DJ, as new……49.95


32) Conrotto, Eugene L. LOST DESERT BONANZAS 1963, 1st edition, Palm Desert. 91 maps by Norton Allen. A comprehensive round-up of stories about 100 lost mines and buried treasures in the Southwest. 278pp w/maps, illus, index. HB/DJ very good..32.50 SOLD


33) Coppini, Pompeo FROM DAWN TO SUNSET 1949, 1st edition, The Naylor Co., San Antonio. Autobiography of the Italian sculptor who come to Texas and created many statues that were placed in San Antonio, Austin, Paris and other cities, including the Robert E. Lee and other Civil War greats whose memorials have sadly been removed from the UT Campus. 404pp w/illustrations, index. HB maroon cloth w/some scuff marks and a repaired front hinge……….50.00


34) Cunningham, Frank GENERAL STAND WATIE’S CONFEDERATE INDIANS 1959, 1st edition, Naylor Co., San Antonio. The history of Stand Watie, the only Indian to attain the rank of General in the Confederate Army, and his men. Includes accounts of battles in Arkansas and Oklahoma and southern Missouri., and an analysis of why the Indian chose to fight for the very land from which he had been driven. 242 w/photo section. HB/DJ (some slight wear to dj)…70.00 SOLD


35) [DICKENS COUNTY] A HISTORY OF DICKENS COUNTY: Ranches and Rolling Plains by Fred Arrington. 1971, 1st edition, Nortex Offset Publications. A Panhandle county history with photos, historical articles, family histories, and more. Folio HB w/decorated cover, SIGNED……85.00


36) Dixon, Sam Houston ROMANCE AND TRAGEDY OF TEXAS HISTORY: Being A Record of Many Thrilling Events in Texas History Under Spanish, Mexican and Anglo-Saxon Rule 1924, 1st edition, Houston. The author gives details of several important battles: Battle of Coleto, Concepcion, Gonzales, Plum Creek, San Jacinto, Belasco, Council house and others; plus there’s information on the execution of Captain Cameron, Long’s invasion of Texas, the massacre of Fannin and his command, massacre of King’s and Ward’s commands, Indian raid at Linnville and Victoria, much more. 335pp w/illus. HB, brown cloth, scarce…95.00


37) Dobie, J. Frank APACHE GOLD AND YAQUI SILVER 1939, 1st edition, Boston. A fascinating book at the legends of lost mines and buried treasure. Includes numerous black and white sketches, plus several full-page, full-color paintings by TOM LEA. 366pp w/illustrations, sources. HB/DJ near fine copy……150.00


38) [DOBIE. J. FRANK] The Essential J. FRANK DOBIE edited l. Steven L. Davis. 2019, 1st edition, TAMU Press. A collection of Dobie’s writings the editor considers his most vital and enduring works, writings that speak to our time, as well as they spoke to his. Some published here for the first time in book for. 305pp. HB/DJ, new [multi-copies available]……..28.00


39) [DOBIE, J. FRANK] THE SEVEN MUSTANGS by J. Frank Dobie; and RALPH OGDEN by Ruth Goddard. Two essays that tell the story behind the Seven Mustangs monument at the University of Texas. 54pp. HB/DJ…..38.00 SOLD


40) Dobie, J. Frank THE BEN LILLY LEGEND 1950, 1st edition, Boston. Frontispiece illustrations by Tom Lea. The story of Ben Lilly who was once “chief huntsman” for Teddy Roosevelt, and was widely known for his skill at hunting bear and mountain lions in Texas and New Mexico. HB, ex-library copy…….45.00 as is SOLD


41) Duke, Cordia Sloan & Joe B. Frantz 6,000 MILES OF FENCE: Life on the XIT Ranch of Texas 1961, 1st edition, Austin. A collection of reminiscences of old XIT cowmen that gives a firsthand look at the everyday life of the men who made the ranch work. 231pp w/photos, maps, appendix, index. HB/DJ very good……….55.00


42) Edwards, Dr. Charlie UP TO MY ARMPITS: Adventures of a West Texas Veterinarian 2002, 2nd printing, Marathon. A cow-doctor’s entertaining memoirs of a practice that spanned fifty years and covered a 200 mile radius around Marfa, Texas. 349pp w/photos, map, illustrations. Entertaining! Softcover, as new…..19.95


43) Elliot, W. J. THE SPURS 1939, 1st edition, Spur. Adams, RAMPAGING HERD: “A history of this famous ranch by one connected with it. Privately printed and now quite difficult to come by.” William Reese in, SIX SCORE, wrote that this book “gives more of the flavor of the Spur ranch than any other book. The author worked for the Spur outfit, and there are many tales of his own personal experiences and those of his comrades.” 274pp illustrated with original photographs by the author, and brands drawn by Mrs. Cecil Scott. Hardback, green cloth, hinges have been taped……125.00 as is SOLD


44) Faulk, Odie GENERAL TOM GREEN: “A Fightin’ Texan”1963, 1st edition, Waco. Introduction by Rupert N. Richardson. Biography of the spirited Texas pioneer who participated in the San Jacinto Battle as a youthful artilleryman; fought Indians and served as a bureaucrat for the Republic of Texas; served in the Mexican War; and died fighting for the Confederacy in the Civil War. Softcover w/decorated cover, invisible tape repair at lower spine, otherwise a near fine copy…..125.00


45) Fleming, Elvis E. J.B. “BILLY” MATHEWS: Biography of a Lincoln County Deputy 1999, 1st edition, Las Cruces. Mathews took part in most of the significant events of the Lincoln County War. 102pp w/sources, biblio, index. HB/DJ…40.00 SOLD


46) Flores, Dan CAPROCK CANYONLANDS 2010, 2nd edition, TAMU Press, College Station. “A knowledgeable and heartfelt narrative of the canyons and badlands of eastern New Mexico and western Oklahoma and Texas. He evokes the history and natural history that shaped the region, drawing upon geology, mythology, botany, art, history and natural history that shaped the region, drawing upon geology, mythology, botany, art, history, and literature.” 204pp w/maps, color photos, bib, index. Flexbound..24.95


47) Ford, John Salmon RIP FORD’S TEXAS 1963, 1st edition, Austin. Edited and with a biographical essay by Stephen B. Oates. Jenkins, BASIC TEXAS BOOKS: “...personal memoirs of one of the most colorful Texans of his time.” Ford came to Texas just after San Jacinto and participated in the Republic era, the Indian wars, the Mexican War, the South Texas border wars, the Civil War, and the post-war Reconstruction era. 519pp w/appendices, index. HB/DJ, dust jacket chipped at top of spine, now in protective cover, overall a nice copy….75.00 SOLD


48) Gardner, Rick ALL THE HOUSES WERE PAINTED WHITE: Historic Homes of the Texas Golden Crescent 2019, 1st edition, TAMU Press, College Station. Contributions by Gary Dunman. Offers its readers a stately appreciation of many stately homes in and around Victoria, Cuero, Goliad, Hallettsville, Schulenburg and Gonzales. It is also a tribute to the architects, owners, and anonymous craftspeople who built the houses—to their vision, skill, ingenuity, imagination, creativity, and endurance. 186pp w/photos, maps, notes, index. Folio HB/DJ, new [multiple copies available]………39.95


49) Gard, Wayne SAM BASS 1936, 1st edition, Boston. Adams, SIX-GUNS: “The most complete and reliable work on Sam Bass to date. The author is the only biographer to trace Sam Bass’s ancestry.” 262pp w/photos, endpaper maps, biblio, index. HB/DJ [dj edgeworn, now in protective cover] laid in is a copy of a tin-types stating “Sam Bass when 16 years old”…..135.00


50) Ginn, Jody Edward EAST TEXAS TROUBLES: The Allred Rangers’ Cleanup of San Augustine 2109, 1st edition, Norman. In 1935, fresh-faced, newly elected governor James V. Allred made good on his promise to reform state law enforcement agencies

by sending a team of qualified Texas Rangers to San Augustine County to investigate reports of organized crime. This chronicles the year-and-a-half-long cleanup of the county, and the inaugural effort by Governor Allred to transform the Texas Rangers into a professional law enforcement agency.190pp w/photos, notes, index. HB/DJ, new, SIGNED copies available……..29.99


51) Goddard, Ruth PORFIRIO SALINAS 1975, 1st edition, Rock House Press, Austin. Intro by Dewey Bradford. This book provides an account of Salinas’ rise from obscurity to international fame. Includes six full color reproductions which are tipped in, plus reproductions of 14 more paintings. 95pp w/illus, noted, index. Oblong folio HB/DJ, near fine copy with review slip laid in, SIGNED by Goddard & Bradford……125.00


52) Grauer, Michael R. MAKING A HAND: The Art of H. D. Bugbee 2020, 1st edition, TAMU Press, college Station. By the 1930s, Bugbee was providing pen-and-ink sketches for magazines such as Ranch Romances, Western Stories, Country Gentleman, and Field and Stream. Hiss illustrations for Haley’s Charles Goodnight began a long association. This richly illustrated overview of the man and his art provides a valuable and entertaining resource for collectors and students of western and Texas art. 99pp w/illus, index. 99pp w/illus, index. Folio HB/DJ, new [multiple copies available]…….34.95


53) Greene, A.C. THE LAST CAPTIVE 1972, 1st edition, 1st state*, Encino Press, Austin. Greene’s study is a third version of the story that was originally published as INDIANOLOGY in 1899, and again in 1927 by J. Marvin Hunter as NINE YEARS AMONG THE INDIANS. Jenkins, BASIC TEXAS BOOKS: “One of the most remarkable accounts of life among hostile Texas Indians, this is also one of the few surviving accounts of life in 19th century Texas from the Indian point of view….Greene issued a version combining the two earlier versions as well as other accounts of Lehmann into a single narrative...a triumph of editing and scholarship...At the end of each chapter, Greene analyzes the previous text, compares the previous two versions, introduces supporting material from other sources, and offers cogent commentary.” 161pp w/photos, bibliography. HB/DJ, fine copy…165.00 SOLD

(*NOTE: 1st state information: When this book was issued by Encino Press, the first few copies had the wrong photo of Lehman on the dj, the cover of the book, and immediately before the title, all of which were corrected. This is one of the few copies of the true first edition that were issued before the error was discovered.)


54) Haley, J. Evetts LIFE ON THE TEXAS RANGE 1952, 1st edition, UT Press, Austin. A brilliant portrayal of the work of frontier range photographer Erwin E. Smith who rode the cattle range with camera in hand during the 1880s and ‘90s. Many of the photos here depict ranch life and the working cowboy on the LS ranch in the Texas Panhandle. 112pp w/80 plates. Folio HB in slipcase, SIGNED…..165.00

54b) Another copy – Life on the Texas Range – 1952, also 1st edition, this copy not signed and lacking slipcase = 125.00


55) Haley, J. Evetts CHARLES GOODNIGHT: Cowman and Plainsman 1936, 1st edition, Boston. Illustrations by H.D. Bugbee. One of the best of the cowman’s biographies. Much of Haley’s material came from first-hand interviews with Goodnight over a period of years. Reese, SIX SCORE: “Goodnight’s career spanned the history of the development of West Texas, from Indian fighting to oil wells…Haley’s beautifully written biography, perhaps his best book, is an ample vehicle for a mighty figure, and a classic of American biography.” 485pp w/bibliography, index. HB/DJ—a near fine copy in rare original dust jacket…..775.00


56) Hallenbeck, Cleve & Juanita H. Williams LEGENDS OF THE SPANISH SOUTHWEST 1938, 1st edition, Arthur H. Clark Co., Glendale. An interesting collection of legends and folktales from the Spanish southwest of Texas, New Mexico, Arizona and California. Includes “”The Journey of Death,”; “The Bell of San Miguel”; “El Jardin de Las Cruces”; “Bells of the San Jose”; Antonia’s Leap”; “The Girl of Guevavi”; “The Pearl That Defeated San Xavier”; and many more interesting stories. 321pp w/illus, foldout map, bibliography, index. HB blue cloth, scarce…..75.00


57) Hardinge, Sarah Ann Lillie VIEWS OF TEXAS, 1852-1856: Watercolors of Sarah Ann Lillie Hardinge, Together With a Journal of Her Departure From Texas 1988, 1st edition, Amon Carter Museum, Fort Worth. Introduction and captions by Ron Tyler; foreword by Jan Keene Muhlert. Hardinge, a New Englander, lived in Texas for four years in the 1850s. Her full-color drawings depict early day scenes of the Texas Hill Country accompanied by interesting commentary. An interesting architectural and historical record of that period.. 76pp w/notes, illustrations, index. Oblong folio HB w/decorated cover ……..45.00


58) Harrigan, Stephen BIG WONDERFUL THING: A History of Texas 2019, 1st edition, Austin. “A tour de force by a New York Times best-selling author that captures the rich history of a state that sits at the center of a nation, yet defiantly stands apart.” 925pp w/maps, illustrations, notes, bibliography, index. HB/DJ, new SIGNED copies available……34.95


59) Havins, T. R. CAMP COLORADO: A Decade of Frontier Defense 1964, 1st limited edition of 500 copies*, Brownwood. A history of the remote military outpost that was located in what is now Coleman County, Texas, from 1856 until the end of the Civil War. Chronicles the campaigns and Indian encounters of the units stationed there. Robert E. Lee, Twiggs, Van Dorn and Smith; McCulloch and Barry all spent time at this outpost. 199pp w/map endpapers, bib, app, index. HB green cloth, very good copy, SIGNED…..350.00 [*NOTE: limitation of only 500 copies was noted in the publisher’s review slip] SOLD


60) Hoig, Stan THE KIOWAS and the Legend of Kicking Bird 2000, 1st edition, Boulder. Hoig’s biography of tribal leader Kicking Bird, who died mysteriously, is accompanied by three Kiowa tales by Col. W.S. Nye. 341pp w/illus, notes, bibliography, index. HB/DJ….35.00 SOLD


61 Hunter, J. Marvin [editor] THE TRAIL DRIVERS OF TEXAS 1925, 2nd revised edition, Nashville, Two volumes in one. Reese, SIX-SCORE: “This vast compilation of original accounts by old trail drivers is one of the best cattle books, and the largest collection of first-hand narratives of the range cattle industry... [it] is an essential foundation book for any range library.” Adams, HERD: “...the most important single contribution to the history of cattle driving on the western trails.” 1,044pp w/photos. HB blue cloth w/gold lettering, very good condition with intact hinges, foxing to endpapers, minor scuffing around cover edges……..225.00


62) Huson, Hobart CAPTAIN PHILLIP DIMMITT’S COMMANDANCY of GOLIAD, 1835-1836: An Episode of the Mexican Federalist War in Texas, Usually Referred to as the Texian Revolution 1974, 1st edition (of 1000 copies, see Jenkins, BTB) Austin. Jenkins, BASIC TEXAS BOOKS: “This is the most comprehensive study of the Dimmitt command during the Texas Revolution...In addition to the Dimmitt activities, it includes extensive sections on Mexican Federalist operations in Texas, the Lipantitlan Expedition, the Siege of Bexar, the Goliad declaration of independence, and the Johnson and Grant Expedition.”

299pp w/appendices, bibliography. HB brown cloth, fine copy, SIGNED very scarce……350.00 SOLD


63) Jackson, Jack LOS MESTENOS: Spanish Ranching in Texas, 1721-1821 1986, 1st edition, College Station. A massive study that “chronicles in great detail the hundred years of Spanish ranching that came before Mexico, and subsequently Texas, gained independence. [Jackson] shows the feral increase of the early herds, the conflicts over ownership of the mestenos, the emergence of the Spanish dynasties, and the attempts of the colonial governments to regulate the industry.” He also shows how Anglo cattlemen adapted to the hispanic culture of cattle raising. 704pp w/illustrations by the author, appendices, biblio, index. HB/DJ fine..85.00


64) James, Will SMOKY: The Cow Horse 1929, Illustrated Classics Edition by Charles Scribner’s Sons, NY. 263pp w/illustrations. HB w/pictorial cover (the paste-on cover illustration has a two-inch chip missing at top right corner, and some scuff marks...50.00


65) Kearney, Milo & Anthony Kopp BORDER CUATES: A History of the U.S.-Mexican Twin Cities 1995, 2nd printing, Eakin Press, Austin. Good histories of the various border towns that dot the U.S.-Mexico borderland. 331pp w/photos, map, notes, biblio, index. Trade paperback, as new…………………19.95


66) Kelton, Elmer ELMER KELTON COUNTRY: The Short Nonfiction of a Texas Novelist 1993, 1st edition, Fort Worth. These true stories reflect the themes and characters which inspired Kelton’s award-winning novels. 312pp w/illustrations. HB/DJ uncommon in cloth,…….40.00 SOLD


67) Kinevan, Marcos FRONTIER CAVALRYMAN: Lieutenant John Bigelow With the Buffalo Soldiers in Texas 1998, 1st edition, El Paso. West Pointer Bigelow commanded Co. B, 10th Cavalry at Fort Duncan, and, when a rash of Indian raids occurred in the trans-Pecos area, he and his command of black troopers transferred to Fort Stockton. 338pp w/illus, maps, appendix., biblio, endnotes, index. HB/DJ, very good…..35.00


68) Kopel, Hal TODAY IN THE REPUBLIC OF TEXAS 1986, 1st edition, Waco. From original sources, Kopel presents the turbulent times of the era before and immediately after the Texas Revolution as they might have been viewed by a newspaper of the day. Good history! 184pp w/illus, map, index. HB/DJ, as new……..20.00 SOLD


69) Kreidler, Tai & H. Allen Anderson [editors] THE LAST OF THE WILDCATTERS: The Life and Times of Harvey Rhoads 2010, 1st edition, Waco. Rhoads was “a true representative of the Permian Basin’s oil industry.” His life is chronicled here from a collection of interviews he donated to Texas Tech University’s Southwest Collection. 206pp w/photos, appendix, notes, index. HB/DJ, fine copy….25.00 SOLD


70) Langford, David K. & Lori Woodward Cantu HILLINGDON RANCH: Four Seasons, Six Generations 2013, 1st edition, College Station. The Hillingdon Ranch was founded in 1885 when San Antonio architect Alfred Giles accumulated 13,000 acres near Comfort in Kendall County. This beautifully illustrated volume chronicles how Giles’ descendants have worked together over the years to keep their ranch intact. 249pp w/photos, index. Folio HB/DJ, as new, SIGNED by Langford & Cantu…..35.00


71) Lovelace, Leland LOST MINES AND HIDDEN TREASURES 1956, reprint, Naylor Co., San Antonio. Searching out the lost mines and treasures in the Southwest. 252pp. HB/DJ [dust jacket slightly edgeworn]……22.50 SOLD


72) Meinzer, Wyman with Henry Chappell UNDER ONE FENCE: The Waggoner Ranch Legacy 2010, 1st edition, Benjamin. A modern look at legendary Waggoner Ranch through the lens of Meinzer’s camera: the landscape, working cowboys, much more. Includes some black-and-white period photos from the ranch’s earlier days.180pp. Folio HB/DJ, fine copy……85.00


73) [MIDLAND COUNTY] THE PIONEER HISTORY OF MIDLAND COUNTY, TEXAS 1880-1926 compiled by members of the Midland County Historical Society. 1984, 1st “Limited Centennial Edition,” Dallas. 175pp w/many photos, historical articles, family biographies, marriage and death records, and more. Folio HB leather……125.00


74) [MIDLAND COUNTY] HISTORIC MIDLAND: An Illustrated History of Midland County edited by Bill Modisett.

1998, 1st edition, Midland. Dust jacket painting—“Free Lunch At The Slaughter Ranch”—by Tom Lovell. Includes many historical articles by various contributors—first settlers; cowboys and cattlemen; farming; oil boom days; political development; and much more. 128pp w/photos. Folio HB/DJ, inscribed/SIGNED……75.00


75) Miller, Christopher L., et al BLUE AND GRAY ON THE BORDER: The Rio Grande Civil War Trail 2018. 1st edition, TAMU Press, College Station. “A handy, easy-to-use field guide to the Civil War sites of the Lower Rio Grande Valley.” And some good history! 200pp w/maps, photo, index. Flexbound, new [multi-copies available]……28.00


76) [MILLS COUNTY] A NO MAN’S LAND BECOMES A COUNTY edited by Flora Gatlin Bowles. 1958, 1st edition, Goldthwaite. “The story of a lawless frontier composed of parts of Brown, Comanche, Hamilton and Lampasas Counties that were organized into Mills county in 1887.” Includes some pioneer biographies, plus historical sketches of the various communities within its boundaries. 332pp w/illustrations, sources. HB green cloth, fine……70.00 SOLD


77) Minor, Will C. FOOTPRINTS in the TRAIL: Stories of Wild Life in the Rockies 1950, 1st edition, Sage Books, Denver. A fascinating collection of stories concerning the many small animals the author observed while tending his sheep herd on the Pinon Mesa in the Colorado Rockies. “A Thoreau of the West with the wide expanse of canyons and mountain rangers for his Walden Pond.” 232pp w/illustrations. HB/DJ, inscribed/SIGNED……...30.00


78) Mohr, Charles E. [editor] THE CAVES OF TEXAS 1948, 1st edition, Bulletin Ten, National Speleological Society, Washington, D.C. This bulletin of the SPS is devoted entirely to the caves of Texas, including archeological and natural history related articles. Devil’s Sinkhole; Hueco Mountain; cave-hunting in Big Bend; Central and West Texas caves; Picture-writing of Texas Indians; much on bats, fish and snakes, and other denizens; much more. 137pp w/foldout map, illus, index. Folio HB blue cloth w/gold lettering, very good……100.00


79) Mundie, James A., et al TEXAS BURIAL SITES OF CIVIL WAR NOTABLES: A Biographical and Pictorial Field Guide 2002, 1st edition, Hillsboro. Features 600 of the most notable Civil War era leaders who are buried in 290 cemeteries in 131 Texas counties. 414pp w/photos, appendices, bib, index and updates/revisions laid in. HB/DJ, fine copy….50.00


80) Newell, Rev. C. HISTORY OF THE REVOLUTION IN TEXAS…1935, facsimile reproduction of the 1838 original, Austin. Includes “Latest Geographical, Topographical and Statistical Accounts of the Country from the most Authentic sources; also an appendix.” 215pp w/foldout map, appendices. HB blue cloth…………45.00 SOLD


81) Noel, Theophilus A CAMPAIGN FROM SANTA FE TO THE MISSISSIPPI Being a History of the Old Sibley Brigade... 1961, limited edition of 700 facsimile reprints of the rare 1865 edition, Stagecoach Press, Houston. Edited by Martin H. Hall & Edwin A. Davis. Covers the famous Brigade’s actions from its organization in San Antonio through its campaigns in Texas, New Mexico, Arizona, Louisiana and Arkansas. 183pp w/maps, appendices, notes. HB/DJ, fine copy……..100.00 SOLD


82) O’Neal, Bill BILLY AND OLIVE DIXON: The Plainsman and the Lady 2019, 1st edition, Fort Worth. Biographies of the Dixons. Billy fired the famous shot at Adobe Walls. 259pp w/photos, index. Trade paper, new [multi-copies] ……..19.95


83) O’Neal, Bill WAR IN EAST TEXAS: Regulators vs. Moderators 2006, 1st edition, Nacogdoches. A history of the bloody feud between Regulators and Moderators factions in East Texas from 1840 to 1844. Thirty men died in assassinations, lynchings, ambushes, street fights and pitched battles.206pp w/map, illustrations, endnotes, biblio, index. HB/DJ. SIGNED…..45.00 SOLD


84) O’Shea, Elena Zamora EL MESQUITE: A Story of the Early Spanish Settlements Between the Nueces and the Rio Grande 1935, 1st edition, Dallas.. Introduction by L.B. Russell. This historical novelette tells the folk history of early Spanish settlements between the Nueces and the Rio Grande from the perspective of an ancient mesquite tree, under whose branches much South Texas history has passed. 80pp……55.00


85) Parsons, Chuck THE TEXAS RANGERS 2011, 1st printing, Charleston. An imprint of the Images of America Series published by Arcadia Press. A pictorial history of the Texas Rangers. 128pp w/many photos. Softcover, new [multi-copies]…21.99


86) Patterson, C.L. SENSATIONAL TEXAS MANHUNT 1939, 1st ed, San Antonio. Chronicles the 1901 manhunt in South Texas for Gregorio Cortez after he killed two peace officers. Includes a chapter on John Wesley Hardin.30pp. Softcover……35.00


87) Pierce, Gerald S. TEXAS UNDER ARMS: The Camps, Posts, Forts & Military Towns of the Republic of Texas, 1836-1846 1969, 1st edition, Austin. Maps by Barbara Whitehead; design by Bill Wittliff. An interesting study of the Republic’s military establishments, giving the history, function, location and use of 30 principal towns, 53 public and private forts, and 130 military camps and posts. 268pp w/maps, bib, index. HB tan cloth w/black cannon on cover,……..65,00


88) Porterfield, Nolan LAST CAVALIER: The Life and Times of John A. Lomax, 1867-1948 1996, 1st edition, Urbana. Biography of the music historian, cowboy song compiler, and pioneer American folklorist. 580pp w/photos, notes, sources, index. HB/DJ…….40.00


89) Preston, Douglas & Jose Antonio Esquibel THE ROYAL ROAD: El Camino Real From Mexico City to Santa Fe 1998, 1st edition, Albuquerque. Photographs by Christine Preston. The author and photographer team of Douglas and Christine Preston journeyed by car, horseback and on foot along this ancient route which began thousands of years ago as a series of Indian trails. With text and photos they chronicle the history of the road and its travelers. Esquivel provides historical information on the early settlers of New Mexico, including the origins and genealogies of Old New Mexico families. 178pp w/maps, illustrations, references, bibliographic essay. Oblong folio HB/DJ…….40.00 SOLD


90) Reaves, William A., Jr. TEXAS ART AND A WILDCATTER’S DREAM: Edgar B. Davis and the San Antonio Art League 1998, 1st edition, College Station [No. 9, The Joe and Betty Moore Art Series] This book presents twenty-nine of the best works entered in the Texas Wildflower Competitive Exhibition, funded by Edgar B. Davis. The scope of the entries include not only floral landscapes, but also scenes of Texas’ ranching and cotton industries. 95pp w/biblio, index. Folio HB/DJ fine……29.95


91) Rister, Carl Coke ROBERT E. LEE IN TEXAS 1946, 2nd printing, Norman. Recounts Lee’s 25 months on the Texas frontier just prior to the breakout of the Civil War. He spent time at Camp Cooper, in San Antonio, and at Fort Mason. 183pp w/illustrations, biblio, index. HB/DJ very good copy…..65.00 SOLD


92) Rister, Carl Coke FORT GRIFFIN ON THE TEXAS FRONTIER 1956, 1st edition, Norman. A history of the fort that was established in the heart of Comanche country near present-day Albany, Texas. Includes a lot on the town that sprang up near the fort. 216pp w/photos, index. HB/DJ – very light edgewear,…….45.00 SOLD


93) Rister, Carl Coke BORDER COMMAND: General Phil Sheridan in the West 1944, 1st edition, Norman. An account of Sheridan’s eight-year campaign against the Plains Indians, with chapters on winter campaigning, the Battle of the Washita, the Satanta and Big Tree trial, the Red River War, and much more. 244pp w/maps, photos, biblio, index. HB, SIGNED ….50.00 SOLD


94) Robenalt, Jeffery HISTORIC TALES FROM THE TEXAS REPUBLIC 2013, 2nd Printing, History Press, Charleston. “In 19 historical tales, the author chronicles the fight to define and defend the Republic of Texas, from revolutionary beginnings to annexation.” 158pp w/illus, bibliography, index. Trade paperback, new [multiple copies]……19.99


95) Russell, Charles good medicine: The Illustrated Letters of Charles M. Russell 1930, early reprint of the trade edition, NY. Introduction by Will Rogers; biographical note by Nancy C. Russell. Contains reproductions of 145 of Russell’s illustrated letters. 162pp w/full color illustrations & endpapers. Folio HB very good copy…..50.00


96) Russell, Don [editor] TRAILS OF THE IRON HORSE: An Informal History by the Western Writers of America 1975, 1st edition, NY. Interesting historical articles about railroads and western expansion by thirteen prominent members of the WWA, including Elmer Kelton, Nellie Snyder Yost, Todhunter Ballard, Donald Duke, Steve Frazee, and others. Includes over 100 rare photographs.241pp w/photos, index. Enclosed a signed letter from a Doubleday& Co. executive to Elmer Kelton. HB/DJ fine copy, this copy SIGNED by six of the contributing authors…...45.00 SOLD


97) Santleben, August A TEXAS PIONEER: Early Staging and Overland Freighting Days on the Frontiers of Texas and New Mexico 1967, W. M. Morrison’s facsimile reprint of the 1910 original, Waco. Jenkins, BASIC TEXAS BOOKS: “Santleben’s memoirs contain the most important account of a stage coach and freight service in Texas. He presents an interesting picture of the ante-railroad days on both sides of the Rio Grande.” Also includes social and biographical recollections of his days spent in South and West Texas, with details about his friend Big Foot Wallace, and his employer Henri Castro. A lot of data on early San Antonio, including lists of prominent citizens and politicians. 321pp. HB/no dj as issued, scarce…..85.00


98) Selcer, Richard F. PHOTOGRAPHING TEXAS: The Swartz Brothers, 1880-1918 2019, 1st edition, TAMU Press, College Station. Selcer gathers a collection of some of the Swartz brothers’ most important images from Fort Worth and elsewhere—including the famous photo of The Wild Bunch which helped the Pinkertons bring them to justice. … The result is an illuminating and entertaining perspective on frontier photography, western history, and life in Fort Worth at the turn of the 19th to 20th centuries. 273pp w/photos, notes, index. Folio HB/DJ, new [multiple copies available]………39.95


99) Simpson, Lesley Byrd [editor] THE SAN SABA PAPERS: A Documentary Account of the Founding and Destruction of San Saba Mission 1959, 1st edition, San Francisco. Translated by Paul D. Nathan. Spanish documents give eyewitness accounts of events at the old presidio that was attacked and destroyed by Comanche Indians in 1758. The massacre had a profound affect on Spanish colonial frontier policy. The ruins are located near Menard, Texas. 157pp w/notes, bibliography, foldout map (in pocket) of Spanish missions and Presidios in Texas circa 1760. HB/no dust jacket as issued [3-inches of the spine has been gouged]….25.00


100) Sims, Judge Orland L. GUN-TOTERS I HAVE KNOWN 1967, 1st limited edition of 750 copies, Austin. Foreword by Joe B. Frantz. Stories of some of the old west’s gun-toters who rode through the Concho Country, including the Ben Kilpatrick the Ketchum gangs, Butch Cassidy’s Wild Bunch, Texas Rangers Frank Hamer and Capt. Bill McDonald. He adds some interesting yarns about some preachers who carried their guns to the pulpits. 57pp w/photos. HB/no dj as issued, SIGNED ….75.00


101) Smith, Thomas Tyree FORT INGE: Sharps, Spurs, and Sabers on the Texas Frontier 1849-1869 1993, 1st ed, Austin. Interesting history of the old military post near Uvalde. The 2nd Dragoons, Mounted Rifles, 2nd Cavalry, and Buffalo soldiers were stationed at the post, as well as Confederate troops during the Civil War. Half of the post’s pre-1860 officers rose to the rank of general. 246pp with maps, illustrations, notes, bibliography, index. HB/DJ, near fine….60.00


102) Snow, Edward Rowe TRUE TALES OF BURIED TREASURE 1952, 4th printing, NY. Treasure stories about finds and misses in the Western Hemisphere. 272pp w/illus. HB/DJ fine copy……22.50 SOLD


103) Sonnichsen, C.L. THE MESCALERO APACHES 1958, 1st edition, Norman. A complete history of the eastern Apache tribe presented from the Indian’s point of view. 303pp with photos, footnote, biblio, index. HB/DJ, very good copy….55.00 SOLD


104) Steen, David A. SECRETS OF SNAKES: The Science Beyond the Myths2019, 1st edition, TAMU Press. Enhanced by more than 100 stunning color photographs and three original drawings, this book encourages readers to learn about the snakes around them and introduces them to how scientists use the scientific method and critical thinking to learn about the natural world.164pp w/illus, notes, index. Flexbound, new [multi-copies]…..24.95


105) Summerhayes, Martha VANISHED ARIZONA: Recollections of My Army Life 1908, 1st edition, Philadelphia. Author tells of her experiences as an officer’s wife in Arizona during the 1870s. Based on letters to her children, she gives a woman’s view of army life on the frontier, detailing the everyday events such as a midnight assault by a wildcat that her husband had to drive off with a sword; and much more. The title comes from her later experience when she returned to the wild Arizona she had endured and loved as a young wife and discovered it had “vanished from the face of the earth.” 270pp w/photos. HB w/gilt cover...100.00


106) Terry, Cleo Tom & Osie Wilson [in collaboration with Florence Reynolds] THE RAWHIDE TREE: The Story of Florence Reynolds In Rodeo 1957, 1st edition, Clarendon. Illustrations by H.D. Bugbee. Biography of a woman who came to Oklahoma in 1915 and trained on the 101 Ranch to be a bronc-rider and show woman. She and her family followed the rodeo circuit in Texas, Oklahoma and New Mexico. 259pp w/photos. HB/DJ, near fine…….40.00 SOLD


107) Thompson, Richard A. CROSSING THE BORDER WITH THE 4th CAVALRY: Mackenzie’s Raid Into Mexico, 1873

1986, 1st edition, Waco. An account of Colonel Mackenzie’s secret expedition into Mexico to punish a hostile band of Kickapoo and Lipans in 1873. Included with this detachment were the famous Seminole-Negro Indian Scouts who had served with Bullis.

93pp w/photos, bibliography, notes. HB/DJ, fine copy, SIGNED….75.00 SOLD


Double-page full-color photo of the 1964 Championship Football team coached by Darrell Royal!

108) [UNIVERSITY OF TEXAS] THE CACTUS 1964 Student Yearbook, Vol 71. This volume has a centerfold full-color photo of the 1964 Championship Football Team coached by Darrell Royal. 613pp w/index. Folio HB blue cloth…55.00 SOLD


109) Vandiver, Frank E. BLACK JACK: the Life and Times of John J. Pershing 1998, 4th printing, College Station. Two Volumes. Extensive biography of Pershing whose military career spanned the transition from the U.S. Army of the 19th-century to the modern force of Word War II. He fought in Indian campaigns against Geronimo and the Sioux; served in the Spanish-American War and fought against the Moro in the Philippines; chased Pancho Villa all over northern Mexico; and saw service in World War I. 1,178pp w/maps, photos, biblio, index. HB/DJ, as new, two volume set = 64.95 SOLD


110) Walton, William W. LIFE AND ADVENTURES OF BEN THOMPSON: The Famous Texan 1926, reprint edition published by J. Marvin Hunter, Bandera. Foreword by J. Marvin Hunter. Adams, SIX-GUNS: “Written by a man who was Thompson’s close friend and his attorney and naturally sympathetic. The book gives an accurate account of the death of Sheriff Whitney in Ellsworth, Kansas, and, unlike Stuart Lake’s account, does not mention that Wyatt Earp was there.” 104pp. Folio softcover, small tears t top of front cover near spine, some foxing and yellowing of pages……60.00


111) Waters, L.L. STEEL TRAILS TO SANTA FE 1950, 1st edition, Lawrence. A comprehensive, well-researched history of the Santa Fe Railroad. 500pp w/photos, maps, graphs, references, index. HB/DJ (dust jacket has 2 inch chip at spine and minor edgewear, now in protective cover)…..45.00 SOLD


112) Webb, Walter Prescott THE GREAT PLAINS 1936, early reprint, Boston. Jenkins, BTB “Webb’s masterpiece. An essential book in any Texas or Western collection…” Wm. Reese, SIX-CORE: Webb surveys all life on the Plains, and much of what he discusses relates directly or indirectly to the range industry. The sections on water and fencing are two of the best.” 434pp w/bibliography, index. HB/DJ dust jacket has a few tiny chips at edges, overall very good…….135.00

112b) Another copy—The Great Plains—also 1st edition, lack dust jacket…………………85.00


113) Webb, Walter Prescott THE STORY OF THE TEXAS RANGERS 1971, 1st juvenile edition, Encino Press, Austin. Illustrated by Nicholas Eggenhofer; preface by Terrell Webb. An abridged edition that tells the story of the Texas Rangers. 152pp. HB/DJ....25.00


113) Webb, Walter Prescott THE TEXAS RANGERS: A Century of Frontier Defense 2005, reprint of the second edition, Austin. Jenkins, BTB, described this as the most important work on the Texas Rangers, and he quotes Rupert Richardson, “Wisely conceived, profusely illustrated, and beautifully written, the book is a fitting monument to a great institution.” 584pp w/photos, bibliography, index. HB/DJ, as new—this copy has been SIGNED by ALL of the Texas Rangers currently (September, 2019) active with the force, and each has signed his name under the appropriate Company, A through F. One of a kind!......100.00 SOLD


114) Weniger, Del CACTI OF THE SOUTHWEST: Texas, New Mexico, Oklahoma, Arkansas, and Louisiana 1978, 1st edition, Austin. 119 species and 171 varieties are listed by their scientific names and by common names, followed by a complete description of the plant and its range. Each plant, unless extinct, is pictured in color, usually in full-bloom. 249pp w/photos, illustrations, index to scientific names, and index to common names. Folio HB/DJ (dj slightly worn, now in protective cover)..45.00


115) Weniger, Del THE EXPLORERS’ TEXAS: Volume 2, The Animals They Found 1997, 1st edition, Austin. This volume gives a unique look at the sights and sounds of the many animals discovered by Texas’ early explorers. 200pp w/maps, illus, notes, bibliography, index. Folio HB/DJ…..27.95


116) Wharton, Clarence R. EL PRESIDENTE: A Sketch of the Life of General Santa Anna 1926, 1st edition, Gammel’s Book Store, Austin. From the author’s Preface: "In twenty-five years of study and research in Texas History I have gathered much material about Antonio Lopez de Santa Anna, whose wonderful career was filled with unusual occurrences, touching great events in Mexico and Texas….The early champion of liberty, he was a born dictator and always ruled as a despot." 197pp. HB green cloth w/minor scuffing around edges and foxing to endpapers and two related newspaper articles---“Santa Anna’s Saddle Returns to Texas ” & “Texas Independence Fete Dedicated to Zavala” -- pasted to endpapers, overall a very good copy……100.00


117) Wilbarger, INDIAN DEPREDATIONS IN TEXAS 1935, facsimile reprint of the original by The Steck Company, Austin. “Reliable account of battles, wars, adventures, forays, murders, massacres, etc., together with biographical sketches of many of the most noted Indian fighters and frontiersmen of Texas.” Jenkins, BASIC TEXAS BOOKS: “This volume is the most thorough compilation of accounts of Indian warfare in Texas in the 19th century.” 691pp w/woodcuts credited to T.J. Owen (who was actually William Sydney Porter, aka O. Henry.) HB, tan cloth, top of spine pulled, front hinge beginning to split, overall very good……75.00


118) Wright, Marcus J. [compiler] and Col. Harold B. Simpson [editor] TEXAS IN THE WAR 1861-1865 1965, 1st edition, Hillsboro. Compiled by Marcus J. Wright, Brig. Gen., CSA. An encyclopedia of Texas in the C.S.A. Portrays the important role Texas played in the Civil War. Includes Simpson’s biographical sketches of more than 140 important civilian and military leaders of the Texas Confederate era. 246pp w/photos, appendices, bibliography, index. HB/DJ fine copy…..85.00 SOLD


119) Young, Roy B. et al A WYATT EARP ANTHOLOGY: Long May His Story Be Told 2019, 1st edition, Denton. “The editors have curated an anthology of the very best work on Earp—more than sixty articles and excerpts from books—from a wide array of authors, selecting only the best written and factually documented pieces and omitting those full of suppositions or false material. Nearly all of the selections come from the last twenty years, when a more critical eye was turned to sources of Earp history. “ 861pp w/illus, endnotes, index. HB/DJ, new [multiple copies available]…..45.00


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