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Catalog #291

CATALOG #291: May, 2019


NEW TEXAS RANGER BOOK by Charles H. Harris III & Louis R. Sadler

1) Harris, Charles H III & Louis R. Sadler THE TEXAS RANGERS IN TRANSITION: From Gunfighters to Criminal Investigators, 1921-1935 2019, 1st edition, Norman. “This book takes up the Rangers’ story at a time of political turmoil, as the largely rural state was rapidly becoming urban. At the same time, law enforcement was facing an epidemic of bank robberies, an increase in organized crime, the growth of the Ku Klux Klan, Prohibition enforcement—new challenges that the Rangers met by transitioning from gunfighters to criminal investigators.” 640pp w/map, photos, notes, bib, index. HB/DJ, new [multi-copies]..34.95


2) Abbott, E.C. “Teddy Blue” WE POINTED THEM NORTH: Recollections of a Cowpuncher 1955, reprint edition, Norman. Illustrations by H. D. Bugbee. Adams, SIX-GUNS: “This is one of the best books in recent years depicting cowboy life. The author was a well-known character of his day.” Includes a chapter on cowboy songs. 247pp w/photos, drawings, maps, index. Trade paperback, new…..19.95


3) Adams, Andy THE LOG OF A COWBOY 1981, reprint, Time-Life Books. “...most reliable account ever written of cowboy life on the great trail drive.” HB genuine leather, nice copy....25.00


4) Andrews, Michael J. HISTORIC TEXAS COURTHOUSES 2006, 1st edition, Albany. Photography by Paul Hester and Lisa Hardaway. A beautifully illustrated book that features 100 Texas courthouses that have historical and architectural significance. 276pp w/photos, bibliography, index. Folio HB/DJ, fine copy……75.00


5) Ashurst, Ed REAL COWBOYS: Grand Canyon To Mexico 2013, 2nd printing, Douglas. Foreword by Fred Fellows; illustra-tions by Mike Capron. A collection of personal recollections that give a realistic picture of life on a cowboy outfit. 239pp w/photos. Trade paperback, new, SIGNED by Ashurst [multiple copies available]……25.00

6) Ashurst, Ed WAGON BOSS: A True Cowboy Story 2014, 1st edition, Douglas. Illustrated by Mike Capron. Ashurst tells of his experiences on the Diamond A Ranch in northern Arizona, giving a realistic, gritty and often humorous view of cowboy life in Arizona. 293pp w/illustrations. Trade paperback, new, [multiple copies available] SIGNED by Ashurst ………..25.00


7) Bagur, Jacques E. [editor] CAPTAIN W.W. WITHENBURY’S 1838-1842 RED RIVER REMINISCENCES 2014, 1st edition, Denton. Withenbury was a river boat captain, and these reminiscences cover some of his adventures on the Red River when Texas was a Republic and Oklahoma was the Indian Territory. 316pp w/10 maps, appendix, index. HB/DJ, as new…..65.00 SOLD


8) Bain, David Haward EMPIRE EXPRESS: Building the First Transcontinental Railroad 1999, 1st edition, NY. A well-researched and comprehensive study of the building of the two railroads that welded the new Western United States to the East that began in 1842 and culminated in 1869 when the two efforts joined in the Utah Desert. An epic story.797pp w/map, photos, index. HB/DJ, fine copy…..35.00 SOLD


9) Banta, Captain William & J.W. Caldwell, Jr. TWENTY-SEVEN YEARS ON THE TEXAS FRONTIER 1933, 2nd revised edition by L.G. Park, Council Hill. Banta recalls his days as a Ranger and a Ranger captain. Much on Indian depredations; outlaws; much more. 224pp. Softcover, very good, scarce……..125.00 SOLD


10) Bartlett, John Russell PERSONAL NARRATIVE of EXPLORATIONS and INCIDENTS in Texas, New Mexico, California, Sonora and Chihuahua Connected with the United States and Mexican Boundary Commission During the Years 1850-1853. 1965, facsimile reprint by Rio Grande Press, Chicago. TWO VOLUMES. Includes a new and lengthy introduction by Odie B. Faulk and an additional map of the disputed border area. According to Jenkins, BASIC TEXAS BOOKS, this “is the most scholarly and scientific description of Southwest Texas of its era….and one of the most scholarly travel books ever written.” 45 chapters of chronological narrative about mines, minerals, ethnology, meteorology, topography, natural history, routing for railroads, study of the suitability of camels, much more. 506/624pp w/maps, ill, apps, index. Two volumes, HB faux leather, the set = 150.00


11) [BELL COUNTY] BELL COUNTY HISTORY: A Pictorial History of Bell County, Texas, Covering Both the Old and the New 1958, 1st edition, Fort Worth. 220pp w/historical articles, photos. Folio HB w/decorated cover……65.00 SOLD


12) Benedict, Carl Peters A TENDERFOOT KID ON GYP WATER 1943, 1st limited edition: “550 copies of this book have been printed and the type melted,” Austin. Designed by Carl Hertzog. William Reese, in SIX-SCORE: “A vividly written story of range life in West Texas in the 1890s. Benedict recounted incidents of cow punching as they occurred and editor Dobie changed as little as possible. The result is one of the best books ever written on the Texas range.” 115pp w/illustrations. HB tan cloth, scarce….150.00 SOLD


13) Bicknell, Thomas C., & Chuck Parsons BEN THOMPSON: Portrait of a Gunfighter 2018, 1st edition, Denton. Few Texans can claim to have crowded more excitement, danger, drama, and tragedy into their lives than did Ben Thompson. He was an Indian fighter, Texas Ranger, Confederate cavalryman, mercenary for a foreign emperor, hired gun for a railroad, an elected lawman, professional gambler, and the victor of numerous gunfights. 665pp w/notes, biblio, index. HB/DJ, as new….34.95


14) Biddles, Nicholas [editor] THE JOURNALS OF THE EXPEDITION UNDER THE COMMAND OF CAPTS. LEWIS AND CLARK……1962, reprint by Heritage Press, NY. TWO VOLUMES. 547pp w/foldout map of the expedition, watercolor and drawings by contemporary artists, Folio HB decorated cloth, each volume slipcased…..30.00 SOLD


15) [BIG BEND] THE BIG BEND OF TEXAS compiled by members of Davis Mountain Federation of Women’s Clubs, ca 1928, 1st edition, Press of the Albertype Co., Brooklyn. This project was under the direction of Mrs. O. L. Shipman who was aided by Mrs. Hallie Stillwell, Judge O.W. Williams, and other well-known historical figures of the Big Bend area. It contains a collection of numerous sepia-tone photogravures accompanied by detailed descriptions which include Gage Hotel, Mitre Peak, The Brite Ranch and Capote Falls, Rancho Valle La Cienega (Texas’ first dude ranch), Fort Stockton, Presidio-Ojinaga, Alpine, and other notable landmarks of the region. 80pp. Small oblong string-tied booklet with an 1885 view of Fort Davis on the front cover, and a map of the region on the back cover, 1 inch split at top of front hinge, otherwise a near fine copy, rare………575.00 SOLD


16) [BIG BEND] LETTERS: Past and Present by Mrs. O. L. Shipman. Nd [circa 1940s], 1st edition, np. Through letters to her nieces and nephews, the author relates her life in the Big Bend area, telling of Indian fights, some famous outlaws and lawmen, Billy the Kid, Pat Garrett, Tom O’Folliard, and others; plus there’s material on Pancho Villa and bandit raids along the border during the days of the Mexican Revolution. [Mrs. Shipman wrote and published the elusive “Taming the Big Bend” in 1929.] Softcover..95.00


17) Bigelow, Horatio THE BEST OF HORATIO BIGELOW 1994, limited edition reprint of 450 copies, Live Oak Press. “A collection of fine gun-dog and bird-hunting stories.” 204pp w/illus. HB brown leather w/gold lettering, slipcase…75.00


18) Boessenecker, John TEXAS RANGER: The Epic Life of Frank Hamer, The Man Who Killed Bonnie and Clyde 2016, 1st edition, NY. Hamer stood on the front lines of some of the most important and exciting periods of American history. He participated in the Bandit War of 1915, survived the climactic gunfight of a West Texas blood feud, battled the spillover from the Mexican Revolution, protected innocents from the Ku Klux Clan, and ran down gangsters, bootleggers, and Communists. 514pp w/photos, notes, index. HB/DJ, as new……………..29.99


19) [BREWSTER COUNTY] ALPINE, TEXAS: Then and Now, A Centennial Edition by Clifford B. Casey. 1981, 1st limited edition of 2,000 copies, Seagraves. Detailed history of the county seat of Brewster County. Includes a 100 page section of bio-graphical sketches of many pioneers to the region. 4377pp w/photos, photo appendix, index. Folio HB red cloth w/pictorial cover, SIGNED…..…100.00


20) Brown, William F. & Nash Buckingham [editors] NATIONAL FIELD TRIAL CHAMPIONS: An Authentic and Detailed History of the National Field Trial Championship Association Since its Inception in 1896 1994, limited edition reprint of 450 copies, Live Oak Press, Camden. Includes some interesting stories about past champions and their pedigree. 520pp w/photos. Folio HB brown leather w/gold lettering , fine copy in a fine tan cloth slipcase…..225.00 SOLD


21) Bruce, Leona BANISTER WAS THERE 1968, 1st edition, Fort Worth. Biography of the author’s father who was a Texas Ranger and later sheriff in Coleman County just before and after the turn of the 20th-century. During his career as a lawman he would encounter such notables as Sam Bass, Dick and Dell Dublin, Pancho Villa and John Wesley Hardin.196pp w/map endpapers, photos, index. HB/DJ, fine copy, SIGNED……..75.00


22) Carpenter, Will Tom LUCKY 7: A Cowman’s Autobiography 1957, 1st edition, Austin. With an introduction and notes by Elton Miles. During the latter years of the 19-century, Carpenter served as a trail boss over many of the famous cattle trails, then in 1900 settled on his own ranch west of the Pecos. 119pp with illustrations. HB/DJ, nice copy….45.00 SOLD


23) Carter, Capt. Robert G. THE OLD SERGEANT’S STORY: Fighting Indians and Bad Men in Texas from 1870 to 1876 1982, reprint of the 1926 edition, Bryan. This edition has a new introduction by Byron Price and a new index and foreword by John M. Carroll, plus a bibliographic checklist of Carter’s other works, and original artwork by Jose Cisneros has been used on the dust jacket. Reminiscences of Sergeant John B. Charlton who served with Carter in the 4th Cavalry under Colonel Ranald S. Mackenzie. The regiment conducted a series of successful operations against the Kiowa, Comanche and Kickapoo Indians on the Texas frontier. The unit also chased fugitives and deserters and some of these incidents are included. 227pp. Folio HB/DJ, near fine…….130.00


24) Cervenka, R.W. JOHN KOHUT and His Son Josef: Czechoslovak Countrymen in Early Texas 1966, 1st edition, Texian Press, Waco. The story of Czechoslovak immigrants who settled in Central Texas prior to the Civil War.40pp w/photos. Trade paperback, SIGNED………25.00 SOLD


25) Chapman, Brian R. & William L. Lutterschmidt [editors] TEXANS ON THE BRINK: Threatened and Endangered Animals 2019. 1st edition, TAMU Press, College Station.  This book “brings together experts on eighty-eight endangered and threatened animal species of Texas and includes brief descriptions of the processes that state and federal agencies employ to list and protect designated species.” 220pp w/maps, illus, index. Folio HB boards w/pictorial cover, new [multiple copies available]….37.00


26) Christensen, Pixie LONE STAR STEEPLES: Historic Places of Worship in Texas 2016, 1st edition, TAMU Press, College Station. Foreword by David Ruesink; illustrations by Carl J. Christensen, Jr. Presents sixty-five historically significant religious structures in watercolor illustrations accompanied by brief summaries and handcrafted maps. 165pp w/maps, illustrations, notes, index. Folio HB/DJ, as new ……….35.00


27) Clarke, Mary Whatley THE SLAUGHTER RANCHES & THEIR MAKERS 1979, 1st edition, Austin. A good history of the Slaughter ranching empire which was important in the development of ranching in Texas and the Southwest. Clarke traces the Slaughter clan through the Texas Revolution, through the Cherokee Indian War and later the Civil War, and then tells of cattle drives up the Chisholm Trail with Indian attacks, stampedes. 254pp w/photos, notes, bib, index. HB/DJ, fine copy……325.00


28) Clarke, Mary Whatley THE SWENSON SAGA AND THE SMS RANCHES 1976, 1st edition, Austin. The fascinating story of the vast Swenson ranch holdings in Northwest Texas. 346pp w/photos, biblio, index. HB/DJ, fine copy….225.00


29) Clendenin, George COMMON RANGELAND PLANTS of WEST CENTRAL TEXAS 2016, 1st edition, College Station. “This field guide and management reference to the Concho River watershed of west central Texas offers general descriptions of more than 200 plant species, including  information about the plant’s growing period, growth form, livestock and wildlife value, and special management issues. Accompanying photographs give the reader an idea of what the plant looks like on the range and which identifiable features, such as flowers, fruit, or leaf shape, are most important to that particular plant.” Much more. 590pp w/maps, illus, charts, app index. Flexbound (with flaps), new……..45.00


30) [COMANCHE COUNTY] BEFORE MEMORIES FADE: An Archival Index of Comanche County, Texas, World War 2 Veterans compiled by Alfred Evans. 2001, 1st printing, Comanche. Lists those who served, medals awarded; known POWs; some anecdotes; much more. 302pp. Folio softcover, fine copy…..32.50


31) Daniel, Jean Houston, et al. THE TEXAS GOVERNOR’S MANSION: A History of the House and Its Occupants 1984, 1st edition, Austin. A history of the official residence of Texas governor’s since 1856. Includes biographical sketches of the governor’s through 1983. 349pp w/photos, index. Folio HB/DJ, SIGNED by Governor Mark White……55.00 SOLD


32) Denhardt, Robert Moorman THE KING RANCH QUARTER HORSES 1970, 1st edition, Norman. The complete story of the King Ranch Quarter horse, how they were bred and what they have achieved. “The book is an absorbing tour of the remarkable world of the King Ranch.” 256pp w/map, photos, appendices, bibliography, index. Folio HB/DJ, very good copy…..55.00


33) Dixon, Olive K. LIFE OF BILLY DIXON: Plainsman, Scout and Pioneer 1987, limited edition reprint of fifty numbered copies, State House Press, Austin. New intro by George B. Ward. An account of the fights between Indians and buffalo hunters at Adobe Walls and at Buffalo Wallow for which Congress voted the Medal of Honor to the survivors. 258pp w/photos, index. HB white cloth w/brown leather spine in white cloth slipcase, fine copy…..125.00 SOLD


34) Edwards, Dr. Charlie UP TO MY ARMPITS: Adventures of a West Texas Veterinarian 2002, 2nd prntg, Marathon. A cow-doctor’s entertaining memoirs of a practice that spanned fifty years and covered a 200 mile radius around Marfa, Texas. 349pp w/photos, map, illustrations. Entertaining! Softcover, as new…..19.95


35) Ely, Glen Sample THE TEXAS FRONTIER and the BUTTERFIELD OVERLAND MAIL, 1858-1861 2016, 1st edition, Norman. Tells the story of Texas’s antebellum frontier, from the Red River to El Paso, a raw and primitive country punctuated by chaos, lawlessness, and violence where settlers were left on their own to deal with vigilantes, lynchings, raiding Indians, and Anglo-American outlaws. This is also the tale of the Butterfield Overland Mail, which carried passengers and mail through Texas. While it operated, the transcontinental mail line intersected and influenced much of Texas’s frontier history. 428pp w/maps, photos, notes, bibliography, index. Folio HB/DJ, new [a few SIGNED copies available]……34.95


36) Evans, Joe M. THE COWBOYS’ HITCHIN’ POST no date (circa 1940s). About cowboy camp meetings, including the Bloys’ out in the Davis Mountains. Softcover with dust jacket worn at edges, SIGNED...30.00


37) Fehrenbach, T.R. COMANCHES: The Destruction of a People 1974, 1st edition, NY. An authoritative and complete history of one of the most powerful Plains Indian tribes. Illustrated w/2 maps, 37 black- and-white photographs, and 8 color plates by George Catlin. 557pp w/bibliography, index. HB/DJ, very good……95.00 SOLD


38) Ford, Gus L. TEXAS CATTLE BRANDS: A Catalog of the Texas Centennial Exhibition 1936, 1st edition, Clyde C. Cockrell Company, Dallas. An important range work that depicts 491 Texas cattle brands with illustration and history of each. Includes brief history of Texas Cattlemen’s Association by E.B. Spiller; “Brands as Evidence of Ownership in Prosecution for Theft” by Charles E. Coombes; “Texas Cattle” by W.L. Stangel; and biographical data on 53 noted ranchers of the 19th century. 240pp w/maps, indexes to brands and branding irons. HB/DJ very good copy, exceedingly scarce……495.00 SOLD


39) Franks, Kenny A., et al EARLY OKLAHOMA OIL: A Photographic History, 1859-1936 1981, 1st edition, College Station. [Number Two: The Montague History of Oil Series] 325 photographs with accompanying text give a visual tour of the Oklahoma oil Boom, an important period of petroleum history. 245pp w/index. Folio HB/DJ…..40.00


40) Frantz, Joe & Mike Cox LURE OF THE LAND: Texas County Maps and the History of Settlement 1988, 1st edition, published for the Texas Land Office by Texas A & M Press, College Station. Mike Cox, More Basic Texas Books: “Only 2,000 copies of this book were published...It sold out within a short period of time and has not been republished...The book is the only place color plates of original county land grant maps have been published. Not all of the counties are represented, but the maps of the major counties are reproduced. And the format is large enough for the maps to be useful.” 228pp w/bibliography, index. Elephant folio HB/DJ, a nice copy with dust jacket in protective cover, very scarce, fine copy…..160.00 SOLD


41) Freeman, Douglas Southall LEE’S LIEUTENANTS 1942, early issue,, NY. Three Volumes. The impressive stories of the leading generals in Lee’s command, and their campaigns. 772/862/760pp w/illus, many maps, appendices, biblio, index. Three volumes HB/DH, nice set……3 volumes = 135.00 SOLD


42) Glasrud, Bruce A. & Deborah Liles [editors] AFRICAN AMERICANS IN CENTRAL TEXAS HISTORY 2019, 1st edition, College Station.  “An overview of the history of African Americans in Central Texas. From slavery and agriculture in the nineteenth century to entrepreneurship and the struggle for civil rights in the twentieth century.” 316pp w/bib, index. HB w/decorated cover new [multi-copies available]……..39.95


43) Gray, Frank S. PIONEER ADVENTURES 1948, 1st ed, Cherokee. Author recalls his experiences with trail driving, Indian depredations, and other adventures on the Texas frontier. Chapters on Humpy Jackson (Fort McKavett); and Jesse Chisholm and John Chisum; cowmen and sheepmen wars in San Saba county; ranching in Cherokee county; much more. 384pp with photos, HB very good, tight, SIGNED, rare...375.00


44) Green, Ben K. THE VILLAGE HORSE DOCTOR: West of the Pecos 1971, 1st limited edition of 250 copies, NY. Doc Green spins humorous and entertaining yarns about his time spent around Fort Stockton, Texas, as a practicing horse doctor. 306pp. HB fine in a fine slipcase, numbered and SIGNED…..145.00


45) Guzman, Martin Luis MEMOIRS OF PANCHO VILLA 1965, 1st edition, Austin. Translated by Virginia H. Taylor. The autobiography of Villa drawn from his own papers, by an eminent Mexican historian who knew and traveled with Pancho Villa at various times during the Mexican Revolution. 512pp w/photos, map, index. HB/DJ, fine copy…………..75.00 SOLD


46) Haley, J. Evetts [editor] Charles Goodnight’s Indian Recollections 1928, 1st edition, Canyon. Article in PANHANDLE-PLAINS HISTORICAL REVIEW, Vol. 1, No. 1 One of many interviews Haley had with the complex frontiersman and pioneer rancher. Other articles include: “The Arrington Papers” by L.F. Sheffy; “Mining and Indian fighting in Arizona and New Mexico, 1858-1861: Memoirs of Hank Smith” by Hattie M. Anderson; and “Pioneer Quaker Farmers of the South Plains” by Roger A. Burgess. 128pp. Softcover w/extended edges…..95.00 SOLD


47) Haley, J. Evetts SOME SOUTHWESTERN TRAILS 1948, 1st “El Paso Edition” limited to 750 copies with the standard Bugbee title page (see Chandler Robinson, J. Evetts Haley and the Passing of the Old West) San Angelo. Designed and printed by Carl Hertzog; illustrations by Harold D. Bugbee. 30pp. Oblong folio HB tan buckram, book is fine, slipcase has brown library tape repairs and missing some at bottom…….125.00 (slipcase condition noted) SOLD


48) Haley, James L. THE BUFFALO WAR: The History of the Red River Indian Uprising of 1874 1976, 1st edition, NY. History of the most successful campaign ever waged against the Cheyenne, Comanche and Kiowa tribes of the plains. Adobe Walls; Lone Wolf’s revenge; Miles Expedition and Battle of Red River; Lyman’s Wagon Train; Mackenzie at Palo Duro Canyon; much more. 290pp w/photos, notes, bibliography, index. HB/DJ, near fine copy…..55.00


49) Halls, Lowell K. [editor] WHITE-TAILED DEER: Ecology and Management 1984, 1st edition, Stackpole Books, Harrisburg. A study and guidebook to be of interest to the sportsman as well as wildlife conservation enthusiasts. 870pp w/maps, illus, tables, appendices, references, index. HB/DJ very good, some edgewear along upper edge of dust jacket…..28.00 SOLD



50) Hall, Charles B. [compiler/illustrator] MILITARY RECORDS of GENERAL OFFICERS of the CONFEDERATE STATES of AMERICA 1963, facsimile reproduction of the 1898 original, The Steck Co., Austin. “Commander-in-chief, Generals, Lieutenant Generals and Major Generals arranged in order of their rank, with their military records in the Confederate Army and previous records in the United States Army, of all those who graduated from the United States Military Academy at West Point or were appointed from civil life.” 110pp w/108 engraved portraits, index. Folio HB blue cloth in slipcase, near fine….55.00


51) Hamner, Laura V. LIGHT ‘N HITCH: A Collection of Historical Writing Depicting Life on the High Plains 1958, 1st limited edition of 1000 copies, Dallas. Paintings by Dord Fitz. A panorama of High Plains history, with vivid accounts of events, people and places in the history of the Texas Panhandle covering the period from the 1870s through the 1920s—Adobe Walls, Charles Goodnight, Quanah Parker, law and order, transportation, pioneer women, town building, ranching, much. 350pp w/photos, index. HB yellow cloth w/decorated cover in brown cloth slipcase, numbered and SIGNED…..125.00


52) Hastings, Frank S. A RANCHMAN’S RECOLLECTIONS 1921, 1st ed, Chicago. Adams, HERD: “An excellent book, now becoming quite scarce, written by the manager of the SMS Ranch of Texas. Well-told stories of cowboy life.” Hastings managed the SMS for many years. 235pp with some fine old range photos. HB brown cloth, slight damage at top of spine, scarce …100.00 SOLD


53) Henderson, Halton ARTISTRY IN SINGLE ACTION 1989, 1st limited edition of 400 copies, Chama Press, Dallas. Foreword by J. Evetts Haley. Typography design by David Holman; binding and slipcase design by Craig Jensen; photographs by Charles DeBus. This book chronicles the story of the beautiful and innovative Grizzly revolvers designed by Edmond de la Garrigue. The book also includes brief history of the six-gun in Texas, and of the career of Samuel Colt. 110pp w/illus, sources. Folio HB bound in ¼ leather over brown cloth boards, in slipcase. Beautiful book! SIGNED by Henderson on the half-title page, and SIGNED by Homan and Jensen on the colophon page; includes a publisher’s broadside. …..200.00


54) Henry, Robert Self “FIRST WITH THE MOST” FORREST 1991, reprint, NY. The military life of Nathan Bedford Forrest, CSA. 558pp with illustrations, notes, bibliography, index. HB/DJ very good...35.00 SOLD


55) Hinton, Harwood P. [intro by] HISTORY OF THE CATTLEMEN OF TEXAS 1991, Texas State Historical Association, Austin. DeGolyer Library Cowboy and Ranch Life Series. This volume is a reprint of the 1914 original volume which was privately printed for the families of the Cattle Raisers’ Association of Texas. It was sold by subscription and contained sketches of sixty individuals who were either pioneers of the livestock industry or “progressive” ranchers who had expanded into other fields of endeavor. 350pp w/portraits, index. HB, imitation leather w/stamped title block on the front cover w/gilt lettering, scarce….265.00 SOLD


56) Holden, William Curry A RANCHING SAGA: The Lives of William Electious Halsell and Ewing Halsell 1976, 1st edition, San Antonio. Two Volumes. Drawings by Jose Cisneros. Biographies of two generations of the leading men who founded and carried on a vast ranching empire that began in Texas in 1854. Includes information about the Three D Ranch, Cimarron Ranch, Bird Creek Ranch, Big Creek Ranch, Decatur and Dan Waggoner, the Civil War, Texas Ranch, Farias, Heel Flies, cattle rustlers, outlaws and more. 568pp w/illus, source references, index. Two volumes hardback in slipcase, SIGNED by Holden and Cisneros…..150.00


57) Holland, Raymond Prunty NIP AND TUCK and MY DOG LEMON 1994, limited edition reprint of 450 copies, Live Oak Press, Camden. Author tells about two of his beloved hunting dogs in two separate stories. 274pp w/illus. HB maroon leather w/gold lettering, fine copy in fine cloth slipcase…..125.00


58) [HUTCHINSON COUNTY] HISTORY OF HUTCHINSON COUNTY, TEXAS 104 Years, 1876-1980 1980, 1st edition, Borger. 519pp with many photos; historical articles – including “The Battle of Adobe Walls” and the oil boom that made Borger; 325 pages devoted to family histories; index. Folio HB, bound in blue leather w/embossed decoration, near fine…..135.00


59) Jennings, Jim BEST REMUDAS 2006, 1st edition, Albany. Features photography and text about each of the ranches and the horses that have won American Quarter Horse Association’s Best Remuda Award. From varied ranching operations, we learn their histories and details of their breeding and training programs. 192pp w/photos, pedigree charts, index. Folio HB/DJ, as new….39.95


60) Karr, Lee and Lela ROPE BURNS….a fair likeness of a few good COWBOYS who know the meaning of the words 1975, 1st edition, San Angelo. A photo gallery of many old-time and contemporary steer-roping competitors from around the Southwest, mostly from West Texas. 112pp w/photos. Folio HB bound in leather with decorated cover, SIGNED by Lee and Lela Karr, exceedingly scarce…….375.00 SOLD


61) Kelton, Elmer BOWIE’S MINE 1971, 1st edition, PBO, NY. Novel…………………………………….29.95 SOLD


62) Kelton, Elmer BITTER TRAIL 1962, 1st edition, PBO, NY…………………………………………..29.95 SOLD


63) Kelton, Elmer LLANO RIVER 1966, 1st edition, PBO, NY. Novel……………………………………………………..29.95


64) Kelton, Elmer MASSACRE AT GOLIAD 1965, 1st edition, PBO. Novel………………………………………………29.95

65) [KELTON, ELMER as illustrator] SAM McGOO AND TEXAS TOO by Paul Patterson. 1947, 1st edition, Dallas. The illustrations in this book were Kelton’s first published works, published even before his first short story. Paul Patterson was Kelton’s high school journalism teacher, and life-time mentor and friend. 183pp. HB/DJ (dust jacket chipped along edges and spine, SIGNED by Patterson……..135.00 SOLD


Two of my BEST SELLERS! Handsome books on some Cattle Trails of bygone days! Large folded maps included!

66) Kraisinger, Gary & Margaret THE SHAWNEE-ARBUCKLE CATTLE TRAIL 1867-1870: The Predecessor of the Chisholm Trail to Abilene, Kansas 2016, 1st edition, Halstead. The authors have been cattle trail scholars for over forty years. In this book,  and “with the aid of archival maps and early cowboys' recollections, the Kraisinger prove that the way to Abilene from 1867 through 1870 went by way of Fort Arbuckle in Indian Territory. The route seen on present-day cattle-trail maps via Red River Station did no materialize until later.” 134pp w/maps including a large foldout map laid in, photos, extensive bibliography, HB/DJ, new [multiple copies available] SIGNED by both authors…….34.95

67) Kraisinger, Gary & Margaret THE WESTERN CATTLE TRAIL , 1874-1897: Its Rise, Collapse, and Revival 2014, 1st edition, Halstead. This comprehensive history of the Western trail consists of three parts: “Part I:  An explanation of the four cattle trail systems that came north out of Texas from 1846 to 1897: The Shawnee, the Goodnight, the Eastern/Chisholm, and the Western. Part II:  The Western Cattle Trail in its rise from 1874 to 1885, discussing and showing the trunk line and it’s feeder and splinter routes from south Texas to Canada. Fifty maps show routes in Texas, Indian Territory, Kansas, Nebraska, Dakota, Wyoming, and Montana territories. Part III:  The Western Cattle Trail in its collapse (1885-1886) and it’s revival to continue trailing cattle north until 1897.” 516pp w/maps including large foldout map laid in, photos, bibliography, index. Folio HB/DJ, new [multiple copies] SIGNED by both authors....59.95 [NOT TO BE CONFUSED WITH The Western: The Greatest Cattle Trail, 1874-1886, published in 2004.]


68) [LAMB COUNTY, TEXAS] THE HERITAGE OF LAMB COUNTY, TEXAS compiled by Mardema Ogletree. 1992, 1st edition, Curtis Media, Dallas. 549pp w/map endpaper, photos, historical articles, many family biographies, index. Folio HB black cloth w/pictorial cover……..85.00


69) [LEA, TOM] THE ART OF TOM LEA 1989, 1st edition, College Station. Compiled by Kathleen G. Hjerter, with an introduction by William Weber Johnson; a new. This volume makes available, in black and white and full-color reproductions, the full range of Lea’s work. 256pp w/index. Oblong folio HB/DJ, fine copy, SIGNED by Lea………175.00


70) Lewis, Willie Newbury BETWEEN SUN AND SOD 1938, 1st edition, 2nd state (author’s name spelled correctly on title page), Clarendon. Introduction by John McCarty; illustrations by H. D. Bugbee. In this classic frontier memoir, the author tells of life on the Texas Panhandle plains—Indians, buffalo hunters, cattlemen, cowboys, longhorns and trail drivers, pioneer settlers. 244pp w/ illustrations, appendix, bibliography. Softcover, variant binding, near fine……..85.00


71) Lindquist, Allan Sigvard JESS SWEETEN: Texas Lawman 1961, 1st edition, Naylor Co., San Antonio. The story of Jess Sweeten who served an exciting twenty-year stint as sheriff of Henderson County, Texas, from the 1930s until he retired in 1954. 221pp w/appendices. HB/DJ [dust jacket edgeworn and has small stain], SIGNED twice by Sweeten……50.00


72) [LUBBOCK COUNTY] A HISTORY OF LUBBOCK edited by Lawrence L. Graves. 1962, 1st printing of the hardback edition, Lubbock. A comprehensive history by nine contributors that traces the Texas Panhandle city from its origins to modern times. 692pp w/photos, notes, bibliography, index. HB/DJ, very good…..45.00


73) MacDonald, L. Lloyd TEJANOS IN THE 1835 TEXAS REVOLUTION 2009, 1st edition, Gretna. A study of the role played by Mexican-born revolutionaries in Texas’ battle for independence. 365pp w/maps, illustrations, notes, bibliography, appendix, index. HB/DJ, as new……29.95


74) Maverick, Mary A. MEMOIRS OF MARY A. MAVERICK: San Antonio’s First American Woman 1921, 1st edition, 1st issue with printer’s errors (see Jenkins, BTB #140), San Antonio. Jenkins, BASIC TEXAS BOOKS: “One of the most interesting and important narratives of life in Texas in the 1830’s and 1840’s.” Author’s husband was Samuel A. Maverick, a signer of the Texas Declaration of Independence, and an important historical figure in early Texas from 1835 to 1861. Her engrossing and colorful memoirs reflect life in Texas during that period, plus she gives a reliable eyewitness account of the Council House Fight, accounts of other Indian fights in which her husband and Ranger Jack Hays took part; and a personal glimpse of social life of both Anglos and Mexicans who remained in Texas after San Jacinto. There is also an appendix which tells of the origin of the term “maverick”; some letters relating to the Alamo buildings, and much more. Plus there are some interesting old photos. An important publication. 136pp w/errata pasted in, illustrations. Stiff softcover, sound copy, tightly bound, very scarce….100.00


75) Marvins, Michael H. THE TEXAS HILL COUNTRY: A Photographic Adventure 2018, 1st edition, TAMU Press, College Station. “Traveling the back roads of the Texas Hill Country, Marvins has captured the excitement of small-town rodeos, savored the mesquite-smoked atmosphere of local eateries, observed the daily lives of people on the land, and admired the scenic beauty of the landscape and its natural denizens.” 242pp w/map, photos, index. Beautiful Photo book! Folio HB/DJ, new [multi-copies]…..37.95


76) McKenna, James A. BLACK RANGE TALES: Chronicling Sixty Years of Life and Adventure in the Southwest 1936, 1st edition, Wilson-Erickson, Inc., NY. McKenna spent most of his life in the Black Range region of New Mexico as a mining prospector and cowhand. 300pp w/illustrations. HB/DJ near fine copy, quite scarce, especially with dust jacket….100.00


77) McMurtry, Larry LONESOME DOVE 1985, 1st edition, 1st printing, NY. McMurtry’s Pulitzer Prize-winning novel about the Old West. 843pp. HB/DJ, a fine copy ……200.00


78) Meinzer, Wyman with Henry Chappell UNDER ONE FENCE: The Waggoner Ranch Legacy 2010, 1st edition, Benjamin. A modern look at legendary Waggoner Ranch through the lens of Meinzer’s camera: the landscape, working cowboys, much more. Includes some black-and-white period photos from the ranch’s earlier days.180pp. Folio HB/DJ, fine copy……85.00 SOLD


[MELLARD, RUDOLPH] (Historical fiction by RUDOLPH MELLARD—most are set in the Big Bend and Trans-Pecos region )

79) SOUTH BY SOUTHWEST 1960, 1st edition, Denver. 209pp w/endpaper map. HB/DJ, w/endpaper map,insc/SIGNED..25.00

80) ACROSS THE CREVASSE 1966, 1st edition, Salado. Civil War novel. 254pp w/endpaper map. HB/DJ, insc/SIGNED..25.00

81) THE CHIHUAHUA TRAIL-1868 1973, 1st limited edition of 150 copies, Salado. Novel. 315pp w/endpaper maps. HB w/pictorial cover, inscribed/SIGNED……35.00

82) THE TRACK OF THE ALBATROSS 1974, 1st edition, Salado. Novel. 351pp w/endpaper map. HB, inscribed/SIGNED.27.00

83) ALONG THE WAY WITH HORSES AND ME 1975, 1st limited edition of 500 copies, Salado. Narrative verse. 165pp w/endpaper map. HB w/pictorial cover, inscribed/SIGNED………..20.00

83) STAGECOACH 22: SAN ANTONIO-EL PASO STAGE LINE, 1869 1977, 1st limited edition of 500 copies, Salado. Novel. 211pp w/endpaper map. HB w/pictorial cover, inscribed/SIGNED……35.00

84) PONY EXPRESS, CARRY MY MESSAGE 1979, 1st limited edition of 500 copies, Salado. Novel. 192pp w/map endpaper. HB w/pictorial cover…..25.00

85) REBEL YELL 1981, 1st limited edition of 500 copies, Salado. Novel. 263pp w/endpaper map. HB w/pictorial cover….20.00

86) HIGH GROUND 1983, 1st limited edition of 300 copies, Salado. Novel of Big Bend. 123pp. HB w/pictorial cover…..27.00


87) Miller, Ben, et al ARTISTRY IN SILVER AND STEEL: The Adolph Bayers Legend 1996, 1st edition, Keene. Compiled by J. Martin Basinger. This volume includes photographs of the Four Sixes by Bob Moorhouse, and it’s the first of a projected five volume series that deal with spurs made by the legendary Adolph Bayers. This volume represents 760 pairs of spurs, numbered 2 through 276, made between 1952 and 1978, and includes Mr. Bayers’ records and patterns. 351pp w/illustrations and index. Folio HB/DJ, as new…..59.95


88) Miller, Christopher L., et al BLUE AND GRAY ON THE BORDER: The Rio Grande Civil War Trail 2018. 1st edition, TAMU Press, College Station. “A handy, easy-to-use field guide to the Civil War sites of the Lower Rio Grande Valley.” 200pp w/maps, photo, index. Flexbound, new [multi-copies available]……CLEARANCE: 40% OFF = $16.80 (was $28.00)


89) Mills, Anson MY STORY 1918, 1st edition, Wash. DC. Author recalls his military service in Texas during the 1850s, the Civil War, and his involvement in the 1870s Sioux Wars in which he served on the Crook and Custer campaigns, and in the Powder River expedition. Nice recollections of West Texas and El Paso. 412pp w/illus. Hardback, this copy rebound in blue cloth, interior pages wrinkled but text is not affected, very scarce.......65.00 SOLD


90) Monday, Jane Clements & Frances Brannen Vick PETRA’S LEGACY: The South Texas Ranching Empire of Petra Vela and Mifflin Kennedy 2007, 1st edition, College Station. Petra Vela married Mifflin Kennedy, a partner in the original King Ranch, and the two subsequently built one of the largest ranches in the United States. Authors Monday and Vick not only tell her story, “but relate the history of South Texas through a woman’s perspective.” 430pp w/illus, notes, biblio, index. HB/DJ as new…34.95


91) Moore, Jacqueline M. COW BOYS AND CATTLE MEN: Class and Masculinities on the Texas Frontier, 1865-1900

2010, 1st edition, NY. The author “casts aside romantic and one-dimensional images of cowboys by analyzing the class, gender, and labor histories of ranching in Texas during the second half of the nineteenth-century.” 269pp w/photos, notes, index. HB/DJ…25.00


92) Moore, Paula CRICKET IN THE WEB: The 1949 Unsolved Murder That Unraveled Politics in New Mexico 2008, 1st edition, Albuquerque. An objective study of the murder of "Cricket" Coogler, who was last seen alive entering a mysterious car driven by an unknown man in downtown Las Cruces, New Mexico, around 3:00 on the morning of March 31, 1949. 203pp w/maps, photos, appendices, bibliography, index. HB/DJ as new…….30.00 SOLD


93) Moore, Stephen L. TAMING TEXAS: Captain William T. Sadler’s Lone Star Service 2000, 1st edition, Austin. Sadler was an early settler in the Texas Republic, commanded the Ranger company that built Fort Houston, served as a private with the Nacogdoches Volunteers in the Battle of San Jacinto, fought Indians in several skirmishes, and is said to have fired the shot that killed Chief Bowles during the Cherokee War. The book includes rosters and casualty lists for the Battle of Kickapoo and Cherokee War of 1839. There’s lots more. 387pp w/maps, illustrations, notes, bibliography, index. HB/DJ, as new….34.95


94) Neal, Bill SEX, MURDER & THE UNWRITTEN LAW: Courting Judicial Mayhem, Texas Style 2009, 1st edition, Lubbock. From the dust jacket: “A vivid portrait of 19th-century western legal systems that included shameless attorney ‘high jinks,’ massive subornation of perjury, and questionable pardons real and forged.” 280pp w/illus., notes, bib, index. HB/DJ…29.95 SOLD


95) Newcomb, W.W., Jr. THE INDIANS OF TEXAS: From Prehistoric to Modern Times 1990, reprint, Austin. Jenkins, BASIC TEXAS BOOKS: “The best work on Texas Indian cultures, this volume is also an important work on Texas prior to the coming of the white man.” 404pp w/photos, bib, index. HB/DJ, fine copy….30.00 (out-of-print in hardback)


96) Olmsted, Frederick Law A JOURNEY THROUGH TEXAS 1981, facsimile reprint of the 1857 edition, Time-Life Books, NY. Jenkins, BASIC TEXAS BOOKS: “Olmsted offers many insights into economic and social life. He gives one of the earliest descriptions of the Texas cattle ranch. He describes hoedowns, fandangos, army posts, rattlesnakes, horse-shoeing, and attitudes towards Sam Houston...” and he reflects on the plight of the Indians and black slaves. 516pp w/map, appendices. HB genuine leather cover w/embossed lettering………40.00


97) O’Neil, James B. THEY DIE BUT ONCE: The Story of a Tejano 1935, 1st edition, NY. Biography of Jeff Ake, who recalls the days when he crossed paths with many well-known characters of the Old West. 228pp. HB/DJ, very good…65.00 SOLD


98) Pendleton, Tom THE IRON ORCHARD 2019, reprint edition, TCU Press, Fort Worth. Novel of the West Texas oil patch, and recently made into a movie, which was partially filmed around Big Spring. 384pp. HB/DJ, new [multiple copies available]…32.50


99) Plummer, Rachael RACHAEL PLUMMER’S NARRATIVE of Twenty-one Months Servitude as a Prisoner Among the Comanchee Indians 1977, 1st printing of 400 copies, “a facsimile reprint of the only known copy of the 1844 original,” Jenkins Publishing Co., Austin. Preface to this edition by Archibald Hanna; intro by William S. Reese. Ms. Plummer was taken in the Comanche raid on Parker’s Fort in 1836 and held captive for thirteen months. 26 unnumbered pages. HB gold and brown cloth w/gilt lettering, very good copy, SIGNED by Hanna …….175.00


100) PRESIDIO COUNTY] 1945 MARFA ARMY AIR FIELD YEARBOOK, CLASS 45-A, WORLD WAR II 1945, 1st printing, Marfa. Many photos, including some nice shots of the training planes. Folio HB blue faux leather w/decorations, SIGNED by many of the officer trainees. Very good condition…..100.00


101) Rister, Carl Coke ROBERT E. LEE IN TEXAS 1946, 2nd printing, Norman. Recounts Lee’s 25 months on the Texas frontier just prior to the breakout of the Civil War. He spent time at Camp Cooper, in San Antonio, and at Fort Mason. 183pp w/illustrations, biblio, index. HB/DJ very good copy…..45.00


102) Roberts, Capt. Dan W. RANGERS AND SOVEREIGNTY 1914, 1st edition, San Antonio. Jenkins, BASIC TEXAS BOOKS: “...gives a remarkable, concise account of the service of one of the most active of all Texas Ranger units...[He] recounts an astonishing string of battles with Indians, outlaws, rustlers, murderers, and feuding families during those years when the small ranger force was virtually the only law enforcement entity in western and southern Texas.” An important and quite scarce Texas Ranger item. 191pp w/photos. HB green cloth w/black lettering, light scuffing along spine edges, otherwise a very good copy….275.00


103) Rogers, Mondel OLD RANCHES OF THE TEXAS PLAINS 1976, 1st edition, College Station. Foreword by Mitchell A. Wilder. With 80 beautiful paintings—57 in full-color—Mondel presents a unique record of the development of ranch architecture on the West Texas Plains. Many old historical structures are here in artistic detail: Palo Duro Camp, the old LX dugout; Matador Ranch headquarters, the Four Sixes barn, many old ranch mansions, and more. 124pp. Oblong folio HB/DJ, nice copy….55.00 SOLD


104) Rundell, Walter, Jr. OIL IN WEST TEXAS & NEW MEXICO: A Pictorial History of the Permian Basin 1982, 1st edition, College Station. Early day photos and history of the petroleum industry in southeast Oklahoma and West Texas. 183pp w/photos, bibliography, index. Folio HB/DJ [back of dust jacket wrinkled, otherwise a very good copy] inscribed/SIGNED....55.00


105) Rundell, Walter, Jr. EARLY TEXAS OIL: A Photographic History, 1866-1936 1977, reprint, College Station. The author’s text and 328 contemporary photographs give a dramatic portrayal of life in Texas’ oil fields and boom towns in the early days. 260pp w/map, bibliography, index. Folio HB/DJ….35.00


106) Sage, Lee THE LAST RUSTLER: The Autobiography of Lee Sage 1930, 1st edition, Boston. Illustrations by Paul S. Clowes. Adams, SIXGUNS: “The autobiography of a man born among the outlaws of Robbers’ Roost.” 303pp w/ill. HB…..40.00 SOLD


107) [SAN SABA COUNTY] THE CALL OF THE SAN SABA: A History of San Saba County by Alma Ward Hamrick.

1941, 1st edition, Naylor Co., San Antonio. Includes prehistory, establishment of forts and Indian fights; cattle ranching and trail driving; mob and vigilante problems; community, church and social histories; some pioneer biographical sketches, much more. 331pp w/photos, index. HB maroon cloth, inscribed/SIGNED, very scarce……325.00 SOLD


108) Schumacher, Ryan R. [editor] THE GREAT HANGING AT GAINESVILLE, 1862: The Accounts of Thomas Barrett and George Washington Diamond 2012, 1st edition, TSHA, Denton. Introduction by Richard B. McCaslin; Afterward by L.D. Clark, a descendant of one of the men hanged. These two strikingly different accounts of the tragedy that occurred in Gainesville, Texas, during the Civil War, are the only known narratives written of that controversial incident. 174pp. HB/DJ, as new…34.95 SOLD


109) Scifres, Charles J. BRUSH MANAGEMENT: Principles and Practices for Texas and the Southwest 1980, 1st edition, College Station. An identification guide to 523 species of Texas grasses. 360pp w/photos, tables, appendices, bibliography, index. HB/DJ, very good copy…..45.00 SOLD


110) Shackelford, Bruce M. THE WESTS OF TEXAS: Cattle Ranching Entrepreneurs 2015, 1st edition, Texas State Historical Association, Denton. Foreword by Marise McDermott. The remarkable story of the West’s who settled in Lavaca County in the 1850s, and throughout the late nineteenth and early twentieth centuries three brothers trailed herds across the Great Plains, amassed huge ranches in South Texas, built imposing homes in San Antonio, and founded the town of George West in Live Oak County. Includes West family genealogical chart.166pp w/photos, map, notes, biblio, appendix, index. Folio HB/DJ, as new………39.95


111) Sheffy, Lester Fields THE FRANCKLYN LAND & CATTLE COMPANY: A Panhandle Enterprise, 1882-1957 1963,

1st edition, Austin. Jenkins, BASIC TEXAS BOOKS: “…one of the best accounts of international corporate development of Texas lands. [The Francklyn Company] was organized in 1882 and began operations with the purchase of a little over a half million acres of Texas land.” 402pp w/photos, maps, appendix, index. HB tan decorated cloth……….35.00 SOLD


112) Shields, G.O. [editor] THE BIG GAME OF NORTH AMERICA: Its Habits, Habitat, Haunts, and Characteristics: How, When, and Where to Hunt it 1890, 1st edition, Rand, McNally & Co., Publishers, Chicago. Twenty-six contributors, experts in their fields of endeavor, have provided detailed studies of the many big game species available at that time in North America. Includes a chapter on “Ethics of Field Sport” and an interesting section of hunting related ads—guns, books, railroad trips, and more. 581pp w/illus. HB brown leather with gold decorations, a very good copy………..125.00


113) Sims, Judge Orland L. GUN-TOTERS I HAVE KNOWN 1967, 1st limited edition of 750 copies, Austin. Foreword by Joe B. Frantz. Stories of some of the old west’s gun-toters who may or may not have rode through the Concho Country, including the Kilpatrick and Ketchum gangs, Butch Cassidy’s Wild Bunch, Texas Rangers Frank Hamer and Capt. Bill McDonald. He adds some interesting yarns about some preachers who carried their guns to the pulpits. 57pp w/photos. HB/no dj as issued, SIGNED ….75.00


114) Sims, Judge Orland L. COWPOKES, NESTERS, & So Forth 1970, 1st edition, Encino Press, Austin. This autobiography, by one of West Texas’ most colorful and outspoken inhabitants, is a good history of Concho County from the end of the trail driving days through the oil boom to modern times. 297pp w/photos. HB/DJ, very good copy…….45.00


115) Smith, F. Todd THE WICHITA INDIANS: Traders of Texas and the Southern Plains, 1540-1845 2000, 1st edition, College Station. This study presents a thorough narrative of the Wichita Indians and their constituent bands from first contact with Europeans in the 16th century until 1845. 206pp w/maps, notes, bibliography, index. HB/DJ, as new…….32.95


116) Sonnichsen, C.L. THE MESCALERO APACHES 1958, 1st edition, Norman. A complete history of the eastern Apache tribe presented from the Indian’s point of view. 303pp with photos, footnote, bibliography, index. HB/DJ, very good copy….55.00


117) Stanley, F. SATANTA AND THE KIOWAS 1968, 1st edition, np. An extensive biography of Satanta and his Kiowa tribe, with chapters on both battles of Adobe Walls, General Hancock’s campaign, Mackenzie, Satanta’s life in prison, and much more. 391pp w/index. HB/DJ, near fine copy, SIGNED scarce….185.00


118) Stoecklein, David R.[photography] COWBOY GEAR: A Photographic Portrayal of the Early Cowboys and their Equipment 1993, 1st edition, Ketchum. A guide to cowboy gear that shows how it looks, how it was used, and why certain craftsmen’s gear was preferred over others. It covers everything from branding irons to ropes. 228pp w/photos, endpaper map, glossary, bibliography, technical notes. Oblong folio softcover, fine copy, SIGNED…….90.00 SOLD


119) [STONEWALL COUNTY] A HISTORY OF STONEWALL COUNTY 1979, 1st edition, Aspermont. 440pp w/map, photos, historical articles, many family biographies. Folio HB leather with gold decorations, top of spine is split ½ inch, otherwise a near fine copy, very scarce…..175.00 SOLD


120) Sweeney, Edwin R. MANGAS COLORADAS: Chief of the Chiracahua Apaches 1998, 1st edition, Norman. (Volume 231, The Civilization of the American Indian Series) “In this first full-length biography of the legendary chief, Ed Sweeney vividly portrays the Apache culture in which Mangas rose to power and the conflict with Americans that led to his brutal death.” 578pp w/maps, illustrations, bibliography, index. HB/DJ, fine copy……50.00


121) Sullivan, Sergeant W.J.L. TWELVE YEARS in the SADDLE FOR LAW and ORDER on the FRONTIERS OF TEXAS 1966, 2nd edition, NY. Jenkins, BASIC TEXAS BOOKS: “The author served under Bill McDonald and others between 1888 and 1900, a period for which there are few surviving ranger recollections... Provides us with a first-hand account of Texas Ranger activities in West Texas during the 1890s, particularly at Amarillo, Quanah, and El Paso. [He] chased and captured bank robbers, cattle thieves, murderers, and train robbers, and had his share of gunfights.” Included are some excellent photographs of rangers on duty and several outlaws. 284pp. HB/no dust jacket as issued…….45.00


122) [SUTTON COUNTY] SUTTON COUNTY, 1877-1977 1979, 1st edition, Sonora. 375pp w/photos, map, historical articles, many family biographies. Folio HB bound in leather with gold embossed decorations, a very scarce Texas County History….275.00


123) [TAYLOR COUNTY] GUNFIRE ON FRONT STREET: History of the Abilene Police Department by David Fuller. 252pp w/many photos, index. Folio HB w/embossed cover, fine copy…..60.00


124) Tijerina, Andres TEJANO EMPIRE: Life on the South Texas Ranchos 1998, 1st edition, College Station. Illustrations by Ricardo M. Beasley & Servando G. Hinojosa. “Tijerina has mined both traditional and nontraditional sources to portray the daily lives of the Texans of Mexican descent who peopled the Nueces Strip and surrounding areas in the period following the Texas Revolution.” History, culture and daily life skills. 159pp w/illus, notes, bib, index. HB/DJ, fine copy…..45.00


125) Tinkler, Estelle ARCHIBALD JOHN WRITES THE ROCKING CHAIR RANCHE LETTERS 1979, 1st edition, Burnet. The Rocking Chair Ranch was located in Collingsworth County in the Texas Panhandle. Tinkler transcribed ten years of letters by the co-manager, Archibald John Marjoribanks, that give a detailed account of life on the Plains during the big ranch era of the 1890s. 169pp w/illustrations, map, chapter notes. HB/DJ….35.00 SOLD


126) Venter, Bruce M. KILL JEFF DAVIS: The Union Raid on Richmond, 1864 2016, 1st edition, Norman. The author reconstructs the ill-fated raid to free Union POWs in Richmond, and “convincingly attributes the failure of the raid mainly to Dahlgren’s mistakes and finds the young colonel responsible for the notorious orders to assassinate Jeff Davis and his cabinet.” 356pp w/maps, illus, bibliography, index. HB/DJ, as new…………29.95 SOLD


127) Walker, Dale L. DEATH WAS THE BLACK HORSE: The Story Of Rough Rider Buckey O’Neill 1975, 1st limited edition of 200 copies, Madrona Press, Austin. Designed by Carl Hertzog; frontispiece by Jose Cisneros; foreword by Barry Goldwater. This special edition includes two original short stories by O’Neill that were not published in the trade edition. Traces the career of O’Neill, a peace officer and politician in Arizona Territory before joining Teddy Roosevelt’s Rough Riders. He was killed at San Juan Hill during the war with Spain. 218pp w/photos, sources, index. HB leather spine and blue cloth in tan marbled slipcase, numbered and SIGNED by Walker, Hertzog, and publisher, Robert S. Weddle, fine condition…..150.00 SOLD


128) Weaver, Bobby D. [editor] PANHANDLE PETROLEUM 1982, 1st edition, Panhandle-Plains Historical Society, Canyon. Offerings on the history of the discovery and development of the petroleum industry in the Texas Panhandle by several contributors. 132pp w/photo section. Trade paperback w/pictorial cover, fine copy….35.00


129) Wharton, Clarence SATANTA: The Great Chief of the Kiowas and His People 1935, 1st edition, Dallas. Deals mostly with the Kiowa tribe under Satanta’s leadership in the 1860s and ‘70s. Covers Custer’s winter campaign on the Washita. Satanta was one of the chiefs taken prisoner by Custer and Sheridan and held hostage in an attempt to force the tribe to return to the reservation. Includes legends of the Kiowas, their raids into Texas and Mexico, General Leavenworth’s Expedition, more. 246pp w/illustrations, index. HB/DJ near fine copy, inscribed/SIGNED, very scarce….225.00


130) Wilson, Maurine T. & Jack Jackson PHILIP NOLAN AND TEXAS: Expeditions to the Unknown Land, 1791-1901 1987, 1st edition, Waco. Philip Nolan was among the first Americans to push westward into Spanish Texas to trade illegally in horses. This book explores Nolan’s background, and his reasons for coming to Texas and the Spanish borderlands. This edition is an expanded version of Ms. Wilson’s unpublished Master’s Thesis she did in 1932 at the University of Texas. 189pp w/maps, illustrations, map appendix, index. HB/DJ, as new………35.00


131) Wittliff, Bill VAQUERO: Genesis of the Texas Cowboy 2004, 1st edition, Austin. Introduction by John Graves. In the early 1970s Wittliff went to a ranch in northern Mexico to photograph vaqueros who still worked cattle in the old traditional ways. He captured a way of life that no longer exists, and with 95 photographs and text he relates that dramatic experience. 175pp. Oblong folio HB/DJ, as new…….39.95


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